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WIAW: Race Day!

*ETA* This is yesterday’s post, but my internet connection was badb last night so it didn’t post!


HEY friends! How is your week going? I thought it’d be fun to do a “What I Ate” post on an evening race day like today!

To catch up anyone who doesn’t know what WIAW is, it’s like a weekly bloggy event started by Jenn in which people post their day’s eats…you check out Peas and Crayons blog for all the details!


Before the race, I tend to keep things lighter than normal to try to avoid stomach issues that I have had in 90% of my races! This is different for everyone, but after a lot of different trials I’ve found that eating less and consuming mostly carbs works best for me on race day.


I started my morning with a big bowl of Shreddies, soy milk, sliced banana, and peanut butter.



I forgot to snap a picture of lunch, but it was leftover noodles from yesterday’s dinner! Followed by my favourite fruit…


mmmmm mango :)


Afternoon snack and coffee:




Followed by a lovely shakeout run in the sun with my dog! Before evening track races, I do a 10 minute VERY SLOW jog three hours before the gun goes off. The idea I think is to get your blood flowing, and it works well for me!



Also, I found a grass track on the way! I am going to have fun with this this summer :)



Then Buddy and I had a good ol’ nap. It’s a hard life for us ;)


He looks cute when he’s sleeping. I do not. Fun fact: I sleep with my eyes half open. I had no idea until my friends told me, and it freaks everyone out apparently haha!


My race was due to start at 8.45pm, but it was delayed by over an hour! Not cool when you’re warmed up and ready! I had a bit of pasta two hours before, but didn’t want to risk anything else, which worked out well in the end as I felt good and had no stomach problems :) Today I raced the mile again, which is short for me, but we are trying to work on my speed!



My coach was there, and we made a race plan. This race was more of a workout than a big PB effort. I usually race so often that it can be much more useful to work on race tactics/speed instead of just going for a PR every time. So this race my aim was to start really FAST and hold it for as long as possible. Because I consider myself more of a longer distance runner, I am used to starting out slower and then picking up the pace. I have gotten so used to doing this, and I do it in everything from races to workouts, and my coach is always nagging me about it! For the shorter distances, it is important to start fast, so my goal for today was to get out of my comfort zone and go out hard!


stepping up


I took the first lap out in 74 (4.58 min/mile pace), and then managed to hold that pace for the next couple of laps, but then COMPLETELY ran out of gas (as expected!) in the last lap, which ended up being a LOT slower! :P I don’t have the results yet, but I think from what I saw on the clock that it may have been a new PB…we’ll see! But it taught me an important lesson in getting out of my comfort zone, and I carried out the race plan exactly. I knew that I would bomb out at the end, but it was a matter of lasting as long as I could at a faster-than-race-pace speed, and I held out longer than expected, so coach and I were pleased :)


Also, I now totally understand why runners strength train! My arms were seriously ACHING running into the wind at speed…definitely need to hit those weights again soon! Smile


And now I’m hungry again (I had choc soy milk+ a PB sandwich after the race!), so it’s late-night snack-time…my favourite :)


banana with Dark Chocolate Dreams PB= heaven


What is your staple pre-race food? I don’t have a “staple”, but right now cereal and milk seems to be working well!


What is the best thing you’ve eaten recently? A  vegan cupcake yesterday that had BUTTERSCOTCH FROSTING. It was divine.


Are you a napper? How often do you take naps? I have gotten into the habit now of taking a nap before workouts or races and I am loving them!


Have a great day friends!! <3

WIAW: Caffeine and Sugar Overload!

Happy Wednesday! I have had four exams so far this week…five more to go before I’m FREE! Anyway, I haven’t joined in with Jenn’s WIAW for too long, so it’s about time that changed!


I started my morning with my favourite hilly 7 mile route. Much as I am now loving running in the morning, I am not liking being hungry on my run!! I hope I get used to it, because I REFUSE to get up at 5am to eat first! THIS IS WHY I NEED YOU RYAN GOSLING!


via HeyRunnerGirl


So as soon as I ran through the door, I inhaled some chocolate soy milk and breakfast!



wholewheat english muffin with crunchy PB and banana x2, and a punnet of blueberries


Mid-morning snack of my new favourite cereal! I love anything bran and this new one is so good!!



At lunchtime, I hit up Starbucks. Since I currently spend 90% of my awake time in the library which is conveniently situated right next to a Starbies, I have been going through a bazillion soy lattes a day. I will be taking full credit for the dramatic increase in Starbuck’s profits this month.



Part of my afternoon snackage included a toasted seeded WW pitta bread and cucumber sticks with red pepper hummus for dippage :)


Also I am in LOVE with mini Lunabars!! Although I completely defeat the point of the mini size by having two or three at a time, but they are so CUTE!!



And for dinner…my favourite bean enchiladas!!



Of course, copious amounts of fig rolls/newtons and Starbursts were consumed. During exam time my diet consists almost entirely of sugar and caffeine…totally healthy and balanced I know ;)


p.s. I got that giant Powerade water bottle free today, and I love it!!


What was the best thing you’ve eaten recently? Mini Lunabars. I am obsessed.


What is your favourite time to run/work out? Really, mid-morning! In summer when I am free, that is usually when I get my run in, but right now it has to be early morning or late evening!


Tea or coffee? Both is not an acceptable answer ;) It’s all about COFFEE!


Have an amazing day!! <3

WIAW: Day in the Life


Happy WEDNESDAY everyone! I have some pretty exciting things happening this week, so I’m literally counting down to Friday and the weekend! :)

I missed WIAW last week, so hopefully I’ll make up for it now with my Tuesday recap of eats and workouts! :)


I started my morning with a short easy run (in the rain…), and then quickly showered whilst my breakfast was microwaving away.


oatmeal with soy milk and banana, topped with almond butter and natural strawberry jam


Lunchtime involved a grilled vegetable and hummus sandwich



…followed by a fruit salad and lots of veg :)



I always get hungriest in the afternoon, and since I train in the evening and eat dinner after that, I have a LOT of snacks! My current fave snacks include my favourite carrot cake loaf (getting my veggies in ;) ) with PB…



…dry roasted peanuts (I am addicted)…



…and bowls of cereal with milk. I have become a cereal addict, and usually have about three bowls at a time! :P



Shreddies or Bran Flakes with soy milk, and Shredded Wheat or Weetabix with almond milk


My evening session began with a half-mile sprint through the park in an attempt to not be too late for training:


In case you fellow TBBT fans are interested, it was this episode that I blame for making me late:

So so funny!!


Monday’s session was on the track, with 10 laps fartlek with fast+short recoveries, and yesterday’s session was a mix of longer reps and shorter reps in the trails in the park and woods, which was so fun! We did it relay-style which always makes us faster because we’re all so competitive! Even the warm-up is competitive and fast…a 7.03 mile is not my kind of warm-up! :P


After the session, a couple of us older athletes did this running-specific endurance circuit, which was killer! With sections for arms, core, and legs, it was a great all-round workout, and so tiring!

Fullscreen capture 18042012 113411.bmp

Seriously, after that day’s training I was done!


After collapsing on the couch with a huge glass of chocolate soy milk, I managed to drag myself into the kitchen to make dinner. Tofu stir-fry was on the table in <10 minutes. Gotta love quick+healthy meals!



Followed by a whole punnet of blueberries and half a dark chocolate Easter egg:)



After two hard workouts in a row and then an intense strength session for the first time in too long, I woke up unbelievably sore! I am moving like the people in this video today:

I know a lot of you ran marathons last weekend, or are running one this week, so you can relate to that I’m sure haha!


Is anyone racing this weekend? Anyone doing the London Marathon?! I am racing the 5k Mini Marathon, which is my favourite race ever! I am so excited for it!


What was the last workout/run that left you sore? Yesterday’s circuits…getting back into a regular strength routine is definitely going to make me sore for a while! :P


What is your favourite cereal? Currently, it’s Shreddies!


Have a great day friends!! <3

WIAW: Snacks and Double-Runs


Helloooo, and happy Wednesday! I’ve missed joining Jenn’s WIAW party for the last couple of weeks, so I think it’s time to remedy that!

An extra cup of veggies? Well I love all veg so that sounds good to me, but an extra cupcake sounds even better, so that’s my suggestion for next month Jenn! ;)


I enjoyed those cupcakes (Golden Syrup and Triple Choc) after my race on Sunday. Ms Cupcake’s stuff is the best in the world. If you didn’t know, I have been observing Lent, but Sundays are an “off” day…just another reason why Sundays are my favourite day! Smile with tongue out


Talking of that race, I know I still owe you a recap, but the photos and all the details still aren’t up online yet! But this is where I raced:

In a HUGE stadium ! This stuff is so new to me, and my teammates found my awe at it’s size really funny! Some of them have been running track since they were kids, so they’re used to it, unlike me who finds it all so new and scary! But I LOVED it, and can’t wait till my next track race! Which is less than a week away incidentally!


Post-race eats that I picked up with the cupcakes:













Yummy vegan-friendly sandwich and one of my fave flavours of Luna bar! I was so happy to find it!


Snack-wise I am loving mini snack plates. I have been stuck at home studying for the last few days, so I literally have a plate like this every hour to munch on.


I’m not kidding when I say every hour. Snacking is the love of my life.


A million coffees have been consumed. It is most definitely a full-blown addiction now. I need help.


P.S. Those are my new Kinvaras in the background! I love Saucony, and I <3 the Kinvaras! Normally I’m a bright colour shoe kinda gal but those were on sale for only £30, so I snatched them up!


My fave dinner recently is tofu stir-fry! !t only takes 5 minutes to make, gives you three portions of veg, and is perfect for a quick post-training meal!



And my extra veg for the day? I’ll take a cup of these please.


Because they have veggie in the name, that means they’re made from veggies, right?


After a week of pretty much PERFECT weather, yesterday I got caught out on my run in a sudden windy-rain downpour whilst wearing shorts and a tee. It made me feel like this:


Somehow people always manage capture my best moments on camera


My workout was done on the trails. 4×5 minutes at tempo pace with 2 min jog between each, plus a few miles warm-up and cool down. After racing just two days before, it was a shorter workout than normal so my legs didn’t hate me too much;) But trying to run fast on the trails with the wind and rain driving at you was not easy! So my tempo pace was slower than I would’ve expected it to be, but the effort was there, and my legs sure met that lactic in the last interval!


Busted out my fire shoes because I’ve been missing them! Have I mentioned yet that I love Saucony?


Oh, and I had my first ever DOUBLE-RUN day on Monday! So excited to make this a regular part of my training a couple of days a week! My legs definitely felt more tired by the end of my second run (didn’t help that I raced the day before!), and running first thing in the morning will take some getting used to for me, but getting to run twice= double the endorphins=twice as happy Emma:)


Anyway, I’ve just rented this movie, since I missed seeing it when it was out at the cinema, and my evening is going to be spent watching it and munching my way through as much popcorn I can.



Has anyone else seen the Help? I loved the book, so I hope the movie’s just as good!


Have you ever included double runs in your training? Not before Monday I didn’t! But I loved it!


How do you get in your veggies? Other than in sweet form, I usually include at least one portion at every meal, and for snacks too.


Have a great day! <3

WIAW: No Sweets?!


Happy Wednesday! Halfway through the week already?! I feel like time is flying!


This month Jenn’s WIAW is green themed! While I love to eat my greens (and I eat a LOT of them!), I rarely photograph them. I guess snapping photos of peanut butter/chocolate/cupcakes is more my thing ;) However, I do have one of these pretty much every day with my lunch:


A giant hummus-topped salad with romaine, cucumber, tomatoes, broccoli and spinach


It’s been a while since I last posted my eats, and I have built up a few new obsessions:

5th- Mon

I discovered Popchips yesterday. It is love. Well I’ve only tried this flavour but it is GOOD! The carob spread is kinda like a rich chocolate spread but without the sugar! I’m a huge fan! The bottom two are from Tesco’s new vegan-friendly range, which is great! The cheese is much better than most (and the ingredients are pretty good too…coconut oil is the second one!) and is awesome in grilled sandwiches, and the spread is good for dippage:)


The thing I am MOST obsessed with right now is this Whole Grain Carrot Cake Loaf from Oh She Glows (I made without the glaze). Angela is one of very few food bloggers whose recipes have never failed me. They are always delicious, and this was no exception!


That hasty iPhone shot does it no justice. It is the best thing in the world, and the entire loaf was demolished in less than two days. I will be making this again ASAP!


Just two days after I had lunch there, I headed back to my favourite noodle bar with a few friends. Cheap food, giant portions and EXTREMELY quick service (just two minutes after ordering!!) makes it now officially my second home. I had a tofu and vegetable stir fry noodle dish:


Gotta love that runner’s appetite when you can easily scrape your plate clean and everyone else struggles to make it halfway through their portions ;)



Running has been feeling so great lately! I am so in love with it!! Running definitely has its ups and downs though, so I’ve learned to really embrace the good times.



The day after my trials, I had another hard run on the cards:


I have never run in such wind before! It was insane! My 4k split was only 16 minutes, which was way off the time that I ran it a few weeks before! But I do love a good challenge, and this certainly was!!


After that chilling run, all I wanted was a nice warming bowl of oatmeal:


With banana Spirutein powder (got a free sample from a Health Store) and topped with crunchy PB


Later in the evening I had part two of dinner, which was enchiladas!


I am definitely buying this again, because it was delicious! I also had a side of stuffed Portabella mushrooms on the side


As I briefly mentioned a few posts ago, part of my Lenten sacrifice is that I am not eating desserts/sweets, which is why this WIAW isn’t full of the usual sugary goodness! A few of us in my church group are doing it, and the others are fasting (which is obviously not doable for me with my training!), so we’re all supporting each other. It hasn’t always been easy, because for me at least, dessert is something that I had usually more than once a DAY. I’ve been challenged on a few occasions, like when I was randomly handed cake when studying in the library…


…but it has shown me a lot of things nutrition-wise! It has shown me that I don’t have to ‘rely’ on desserts to help me get my calories in, but that I can (and should!) have a healthier, more substantial snack instead. I’m loving bowls of grain cereal as late night snacks instead of my usual sweet treats!


It has also shown me how a sweet tooth can change! I am now eating most things unsweetened, and enjoying it! I no longer feel the need to sweeten everything. Saying that, obviously my love of desserts and all things sweet is not gone, and every Sunday I look forward to being able to chow down cookies or cupcakes:)


Ms Cupcake does the best vegan  baked goods in the world!


Random side-note of the day: don’t ever ask me to boil you an egg. I had a friend around for breakfast and that is what she requested. She didn’t want it though after I offered her this:


In my defence, I’m a vegan. I don’t do eggs.


Tell me about your last awesome run/workout! I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s workout, which is a tempo run on grass! I <3 tempos!!


What is your latest food obsession? Random, but the answer is barbeque Popchips. I can see this becoming an expensive love!


What is your favourite sweet treat? Chocolate chip cookies or cupcakes with a lot of frosting:)


Have an amazing day!! <3

WIAW: Pizza and Pringles


Hey guys! As usual, I am posting my WIAW a little early, because I’m out Wednesday night, so these are my Tuesday eats!

If you don’t know what What I Ate Wednesday is, check out Jenn’s blog to find out more!


For the first time in ages, my weekday morning did not begin with my usual PB+banana on a wholewheat muffin and a chopped apple, but instead, with this:


Almost the exact same thing. PB banana bread with almond butter and chopped apple with cinnamon. I had another plate of this to follow, but with a pear instead of the apple:)


Lunch was polenta and scrambled tofu (both sprinkled with chilli powder because I like things spicy!) and tomatoes on the side.


I used to have polenta so much…I’ve missed it! And now, as usual, I’m sure I’ll become obsessed with it again and eat nothing but it for the next month.


Afternoon snackage included a ton of fruit, some cereal, and many PB&J rice cake sandwiches.


They are so so good. I even tried a triple-decker one, but that was a little too big! Smile with tongue out


One of my friends from church is going away to volunteer in Ecuador for four months, so we threw a little going away party for her. I’m going to miss her like crazy, but I know that four months will fly by! So we had a really healthy dinner to celebrate:


Cheeseless vegetable supreme pizza for moi! And lots of Pringles to follow:) We all gave up dessert as part of our Lent sacrifice, so it was all about the Pringles and pretzels tonight!


The host’s dad is a runner, which I quickly discovered upon entering their bathroom!


This was only half of the medals…there must have been well over 100! They were all over the wall, mainly marathon and ULTRA-marathon ones! Amazing!! This is what my wall is going to look like in the future I hope!


Training-wise, I ran yesterday with no pain!! I am a huge believer now in trying to be pro-active with injuries, and to me this just proves that it works! Resting, foam-rolling, PT, massages, and RICE all in the last few days = happy legs!


My PT (and sports masseuse!) told me not to run today though after yesterday’s massage to allow for full recovery. I also wasn’t allowed to drink caffeine today which was almost as tough as not running!! BUT tomorrow I have a good session planned, so I’m excited for that!


I’ll be back tomorrow night with a fun post about one of my favourite things…and no it’s not running! ;)


What was the best thing you’ve eaten recently? Delivery pizza. I love pizza.


Do you have a large medal collection? Where do you keep them? I’ve hung up all my medals and race numbers on my bedroom wall, and the collection is slowly growing!


Random Q: When is your next race? I have a trial this weekend to get into a race, but my next big race is the Nationals one down in Somerset! That’s a couple of weeks away yet, so the small break is nice! :)


Have an amazing day friends! <3

WIAW: Pancake Day!


One of the best days of my year, every year…PANCAKE DAY!! I learned from Ellen on Twitter yesterday that in America you call today “Fat Tuesday” instead, and that sounds pretty darn good to me too;)

I don’t do anything by halves, and Pancake Day is no exception. That means pancakes at every meal….oh yes!


Raspberry-almond pancakes for breakfast with banana and maple syrup


I love raspberries. I love almonds. I love pancakes. Clearly I had a stroke of genius when I decided to put those three things together;)

Raspberry-Almond Pancakes

Ingredients (4/5 pancakes, serves 1)

  • 1/3 cup flour (I use WW spelt)
  • 2T oats
  • 3/4t baking powder
  • pinch salt
  • 1 packet stevia/1T sugar
  • 2T chopped flaked almonds (optional)
  • 1T non-dairy spread, melted (or oil)
  • 3/4 t almond extract
  • 1/2 cup frozen raspberries



1. Mix together flour, oats, baking powder, salt, sweetener, and almonds (if using).

2. Add the milk and extract and stir until combined.

3. Partially defrost the raspberries (I blasted in the microwave for ~30 secs), then fold gently into the pancake batter until just combined.

4. Make your pancakes over a medium-low heat, and enjoy!

Powered by Recipage

P.S. You should totally do what I did and warm some almond butter and mix it with maple syrup and then drizzle away. Best pancake topper ever!!


Lunch involved banana pancakes with a generous drizzle of maple syrup…


And an pictured salad on the side to get in my veggies!


I had a proper dinner after training of brown rice, lentils and veggies…



…but followed it with four crepe-style pancakes with lemon+sugar:) I am the worst at flipping, so I’ll just pretend that my pancakes turned out looking like these:



They tasted AMAZING and it was a good thing that Pancake Day fell on a day when I have a session, because I am always super-hungry after speedwork! It meant I could fit more pancakes in my belly than usual haha!


After a week off, I finally got to run again yesterday! I thank God for every step He grants me, and being able to run today truly made me so grateful for that gift!



Looks like this flu virus is hitting us runners hard though, because this was Liz Yelling (GB Olympic marathon runner)’s Facebook status yesterday:


Yup, rest and sofa time is where it’s at Liz! She knows we’re twins ;)


Yesterday’s session was a short and easy one: 4 miles, with 4x300s (~51 secs each) and 500m recovery jog between each. Because yesterday’s workout was so short and felt great, I did my last workout before the race today:



It took some mental strength to not give up in that HOT gym! It was like a sauna in there!! I miss the treadmills at the nice gym I went to last week that each had their own built in air-con to fan you whilst you ran. That was perfect! This running mag got me through because it had ‘mind over matter’ written on the cover, and when things got tough I just looked at that and it helped:)



There’s nothing like thinking of your planned post-run coffee date to make you run faster! I met up with a few friends after my workout and we stayed there chatting away until we were chucked out at closing time.



My major achievement of the week has been that I have done core work every day since Sunday! Don’t laugh, I know it’s only been three days, but I have joined the #plankaday thing on Twitter, so I’m being held accountable now! I am always told off by my physio for not doing enough core work, so I’m going to make her proud of me, and I know that it will help me stay injury-free, so it’s definitely worth it! And with that, I’m off to get my core on before bed!


Did you celebrate Pancake Day or Fat Tuesday? Clearly I did;) I am so happy that Lent has started…I love it!


Do you like treadmill running? Not really. I can stick it out now and again, and it did help with my injury comeback, but give me outdoors any day!


Do you do regular core work? What is your favourite core move? I do core work every day now, but it used to be about once a year;)  I love doing pikes on a stability ball!


Have a great day! <3

WIAW: Crazy for Cake


HEY friends! It’s Wednesday, which means one thing…What I Ate Wednesday courtesy of Jenn @ Peas and Crayons!

It’s AMAZING how much WIAW has grown recently! At this moment, there are 165 other bloggers who have submitted their WIAW posts…and I’m betting there’ll be at least ten more by the time I post this! Major kudos to Jenn for this!!


Since this is a special WIAW ‘Love your veggies’ month, I should tell you that I really do love my veggies. My preferred (and recommended) method of getting in veg is in cake form:


This was my first EVER slice of carrot cake! I have been deprived my whole life!! It is my new favourite cake. And it totally counts as healthy because of the veggie thing Winking smile


It was from the wonderful Inspiral vegan cafe in London. They do THE BEST vegan cakes and desserts I have ever had! Seriously. They also do delicious mains:


(From right to left) Raw tart with cashew cheese and sundried tomatoes, quinoa, roasted root vegetables, and roasted greens.


I had a vegan choc chip cookie there too, because it was half price and calling my name…


I also may have bought a brownie. In my defence, it was also half price Winking smile


They also had taster tables, and I may or may not have stood by them for five minutes munching away whilst pretending that I was mulling over the menu.



Kale chips and raw chocolate granola. Their deliciousness astounded me! I really wasn’t expecting them to taste that good!


I was in central London that day because I was playing in a concert with the London Philharmonic Orchestra in one of my favourite venues:



The Royal Festival Hall looks out over the Thames, which looked quite pretty in the early hours of the morning!




I was a bit too sleepy to appreciate it fully though. Before breakfast, my brain just doesn’t function. I ate it (two slices of homemade blueberry-banana bread with almond butter, fruit, and coffee) whilst walking across the bridge, which was surprisingly quiet!



It was a really great concert, and the auditorium was completely packed!



After I had finished and had hit up Inspiral for lunch, I headed to Whole Foods quickly, and then once more to Ms Cupcake. I blame her tweeting about having chocolate peanut butter cupcakes. Seriously, how could I resist that?!


And somehow I ended up ordering a lemon-blueberry one too. Don’t ask me how that happened! Winking smile


I swear cupcakes make awesome running fuel, because I felt GREAT during yesterday’s workout!


(from my Dailymile account)


Apart from the fact that it was freakin’ FREEZING, it was one of the most enjoyable workouts I’ve had! I loved it! I’m really looking forward to my eight/nine mile trail tempo run on Saturday! Trails + tempo = my heaven!!


Oh, and I totally had the best pancakes EVER on Sunday! Recipe to come soon!



Anyway, I’m off to have a quick late night snack before bed. My fruit (and cinnamon!) addiction continues…

















How many portions of fruit and veg do you get a day? Usually around eight or nine portions. If we’re including in cake form, I’m guessing around fifty.


What kind of cake would you have right now? Carrot cake. It was so divine. I can’ t believe I’m saying that…usually I’m a chocolate cake girl through and through!


What are you looking forward to in the rest of this week? Saturday’s trail tempo run, Sunday’s pancakes, and seeing family at the weekend!


Have an amazing day! <3

WIAW: It’s Cold!!


HEY friends!! This past week I’ve had a TON of exams so studying has kinda taken priority over blogging recently. I’ve missed blogging regularly and I’ve got so much to catch you guys up on! In the meantime…it’s time for a WIAW!


Recently I’ve been having WW English muffins with PB and fruit for breakfast, but it was a chilly morning, so oatmeal it was!


Blackberry and raspberry oatmeal and Morello cherry conserve. And an unpictured banana with almond butter on the side.


It has been SO COLD here recently! I am not a fan of the cold. I am literally counting down the days until my Greece holiday! Less than 150 days to go!


It was snowing, so I busted out my ski coat. I’ve never actually been skiing, but my dislike of the cold made me buy one, and it was seriously the best purchase ever!!


Lunch was Mexican sweet potato chilli. Chilli is definitely one of my favourite warming foods!


Love this chilli! Way too expensive to get normally, but when it’s on sale like it was today, it’s winning!


I then headed to the library for more study time. I cannot study without my caffeine fix Winking smile


I love that they are still using the Christmas cups!


Yesterday’s run was actually awful:


Yup, that was not a good session! I was only running 3.50’s for the few 1000s I did, and that was a real struggle! No bueno. I was also totally FREEZING throughout. Short sleeves are a no-go when it is snowing haha!


But the hospital tests went well which is the main thing, and when I got home in the evening, I was STARVING at ate about four dinners! Plus a LOT of these:


Peanut butter blondies! Reader Andy left me the recipe on my Facebook page, and I knew I HAD to make them! I made a few small changes to the recipe, and made a different frosting, but they are so so good! The original recipe is here.


One of the highlights of my day recently has been the daily Starbucks date with friends or teammates. Yesterday the barista treated me to a free latte! Love him!IMG_0345

Vanilla soy lattes are my current favourite!


What is your go-to warming meal? I love oatmeal, chilli, or mac&cheese if the weather gets cold! Hmmmm maybe I’ll make some macaroni tonight!


What do you have when you go to Starbucks? My best friend loves their Tazo teas, and I love their lattes!


What are you most looking forward to this week? I have something pretty exciting planned for Friday which I can’t wait to share! And Saturday I’ve got a big race which I’m excited and nervous for!


I’m off now on a 6/7 mile easy run, so enjoy the rest of your Wednesday! <3

WIAW: Insatiable Appetite

It’s What I Ate Wednesday Tuesday time! I’m out tomorrow night so I’m posting a day early instead!

Thanks as always to Jenn for hosting!


Today was one of those days when NOTHING keeps me full. I have this pretty much every day after a long run. And that’s cool- I just listen to my body and eat more!


Breakfast was a continuation of my wholewheat English muffin obsession.


Two WW English muffins, one with peanut butter and banana (above) and one with cashew butter and blueberries (unpictured), and an apple on the side.


*Insert a mid-morning snack of two satsumas, raisins and almonds*


My lunches are usually very boring, and are almost always some sort of sandwich/wrap/bagel, but today I went with something better!


Giant wholewheat couscous, haricot bean mash (SO GOOD I’ll have to recipe-it soon!) and baby carrots


For my afternoon/pre-run snack, I had instant oatmeal in a not-very-empty jar of cashew butter:


Recently I’ve been going with Ready Brek (a brand of quick oatmeal) as part of my afternoon snacking. It sits well with me before runs, is ready in >2 mins, and is well fortified with vitamins, iron and calcium, so I’m loving it!


Just before my run, I had a few Medjool dates (they are my rocket fuel) and then did my run in the freezing cold weather! I soon warmed up though, because it was a tough workout today!



I’m all out of chocolate milk (holding back the tears here) so I had one of my huge stash of gingerbread Clif bars and my favourite sports drink instead:
















I’m not a huge sports drink fan generally, but the Cherry Lucozade Lite is really nice! I am a rehydration machine right now, drinking this or Nuun after every workout!


As soon as I got back home, I ate my favourite post-workout meal! I love it because I make & bake it before I leave for training, and then just reheat it when I come back so it’s ready to eat! Perfect Smile


Sweet Potato Shepherd’s Pie with green beans


Finished off my day’s eats by snacking on pumpkin bread with nut butter throughout the rest of the evening. Don’t tell me pumpkin was ‘so last season’,  because I have stockpiled it and therefore it will be a year-round food for me. Just the way I like it:)


Sorry, awful photo, but it tastes amazing! It’s Happy Herbivore’s pumpkin bread, and I am addicted.


Do you find that long runs throw your appetite out of whack? I am never so hungry on the day of my long run, but the hunger hits me like a mallet the day afterwards!


What’s your current favourite breakfast? English muffin+nut butter. The cashew butter and blueberries was a winning combo on my muffin this morning. I’m definitely having that again tomorrow!


What was your last workout? Hill sprints! My butt hurts. Hello glutes!


Have a great day! <3

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