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Life Updates


Update 1:

I am officially so confused!! Basically, yesterday someone left a comment for me on Formspring to let me know they had found a website with my race result from Saturday, and it’s COMPLETELY different from what I had heard! Time, placing, EVERYTHING was different!! Has anyone ever had this with races before with different sets of results? I’m going to ask my coach when I see him  next week (he wasn’t at practice today), but I don’t understand at all!! It really upset me at first, cos these results are much worse!! But I’ll wait to see what Coach says about it all Smile (P.S. If the person who Formspringed me reading this, thank you for letting me know!)


All I know is that next race (two weeks on Saturday) I will be wearing Garmy so there will be no confusion! Smile with tongue outDSCF1833

Looking good post-run Winking smile


Update 2:

I went back to see the sports doctor about my tibial bone stress.


He said that it is healing, and that I definitely should not do any more than I am doing (I’m only running twice a week during team training) and he said that I should not really be racing. I explained to him that if possible I need to run the next few races to be in with a chance of qualifying for Nationals and stuff, so he said that it should be fine as long as I treat them more like tempo runs than actual races, and hopefully it should be totally healed within the next two months! I’ll take it! Open-mouthed smile


Now onto slightly more trivial updates…


Update 3:

I have been LOVING autumnal (yes ‘autumn’ not ‘fall’ cos I’m a Brit thank you anonymous commenter! Smile with tongue out) oatmeal lately…


Apple-cinnamon oatmeal, with cashew butter stirred in Smile



Caramel-Pumpkin oatmeal! Pumpkin oatmeal with caramel pudding and a pumpkin scuffin. Baked goods as an oatmeal topping is the best thing ever!!


The scuffins by the way are from Oh She Glows (recipe found here), and I make a few minor changes (e.g. no chia seeds) but they are my all-time FAVOURITE pumpkin recipe, and one of my general favourites too!!


Update 4:

I am having the best time training with my team! I’m so glad that for the time being at least, I can still run with them twice a week! And NEWS FLASH I am no longer the slowest person yaay! Open-mouthed smile 




3 miles of warm-up/cooldown+drills, and then repeats and stuff! I was pretty frustrated by my 5.01 min/mile split! I was trying so hard to break 5 min/mile!!


NEXT TIME I will for sure!


I refuelled afterwards by crumbling a pumpkin scuffin (obsessed!) into a half empty soy yoghurt pot:


Keeping it cool and classy as always Winking smile


Update 5:

I have early morning spin class tomorrow, with my fave instructor (super-hardcore ex-military, ultra-marathoner man- he ‘mentions’ that every time haha!). And if I’m going to be able to crawl out of bed at some crazy hour, I need to get some sleep! I am NOT a super-early morning person normally! Smile with tongue out


So I’m off to get some shut-eye! And yes I will be wearing my workout clothes to bed…always classy Winking smile


Help me out here runners: have you ever had any confusion over race times? I’ve never had this before! Obviously your Garmin always says something different to the actual results, but I’ve never seen two completely different sets of official results before!


What is one thing you are aiming for in your next few workouts/runs? To break the 5 min/mile in my next set of repeats! Although next session is hills…hmmm! Smile with tongue out


How much sleep do you get on average? Ok, I’ll admit it now…currently about 6 hours. I know I know, it’s bad!! I’m working on it haha!


Have a great end to the week friends! <3

Some Things Never Change

HELLO friends!! How’s your week going? Good I hope! Mine is so busy but I’m LOVING it!!


I am a list person. I’m sure you hadn’t figured that out from the fact that half my posts are in list form…but anyway, here is a few NEW things in my life!!


1. Being chocolated out. I thought this could never happen, but I was DEFINITELY chocolated-out this morning after yesterday! For the first time since I can remember, breakfast did NOT involve chocolate!!


Banana oatbran pudding with bloobs and TJ’s crunchy PB. I forgot how awesome this was!! So creamy and delicious…it’s been too long- never again!!


But don’t worry, the chocolate returned later…like I could go a day without it! Smile with tongue outDSCF1410

Cherry dark chocolate is my current fave chocolate! I could eat that whole bar quite happily! Smile


2. My obsession with cucumber+hummus has reached new heights. I now carry around a tub of Sabra and a baggie of cucumber sticks for random dippage throughout the day.DSCF1419


3. Buying my first pair of spikes! My coach gave me a few names  of good XC spikes, and I ended up narrowing it down, and then picking these Nike ones based on the fact that they have ‘waffle’ in the name:

Nike Zoom XC Waffle! They’re actually men’s but apparently they work well for us women too Smile


I am trying to heal ASAP so that I can compete in the XC regional championships in a few weeks!! I am very sure I’ll be allowed to do this, because it’s on grass and a short race, so it should be all good! My half mary is looking VERY doubtful, but I’m getting more tests done tomorrow to find out more, so fingers crossed!!


4. Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Butter withdrawals. Since I finished my jar a few days ago, I have actually DREAMED about it!! That is how obsessed I am! So of course, I got straight down to ordering more…


Expensive, but oh so worth it Smile


5. Missing spin!! I realised the other day that I haven’t taken a spin class in over two months!! I used to take two a week! Since I’ve started running again, I haven’t really had time! But now I have booked myself in for the HARDEST spin class on earth, which is early Friday morning! Preparing myself for a butt-kicking!! Open-mouthed smile



6. Cookie Dough Balls! I FINALLY got round to making Mama Pea’s infamous PB Cookie Dough Balls for a lil’ house party I’m going to tomorrow night!


From the copious dough tasting I did, I can tell they will be a HIT!!


7. And as a surprise and to amuse y’all, here is my outfit for tomorrow night’s party…


That is a monkey onesie. I know you’re jealous. You haven’t even seen the tail yet! Winking smile 


The best part? Its not even a costume party. I used to do the same as a kid, going in my favourite fairy costume when everyone else was in normal clothes:


Some things never change. I even look the same….awkward.


Have you changed much since you were younger? Nope! Look the same (well, taller!) and act like even more of a dork.


Do you enjoy spinning? I find it depends a LOT on the instructor, but a good one can gives me SUCH a hard workout!


Are you a list person? Yes, I make them for EVERYTHING! Even when buying shoes and stuff, I make pros and cons lists haha!

Confession Time

Howdy guys!! Hope you’re having a good day!! Thank you all so much for the comments on yesterday’s post!! I loved hearing what you are thankful for, and your kind words meant a lot!! It’s taking a lot of patience and self-discipline not to go straight back into in but I know I have to go slow. I’m just going to be thankful for every moment Smile


A couple of weeks ago (fashionably late?), the beautiful Chelsey tagged me in this award!



YAAAY thank you Chelsey! I’m sposed to give you 7 things about myself, but since I’ve already done that (on my Fave Posts page!), I’ll give you 7 Confessions from today…


1. I had pudding for breakfast. And I probably will now every day until I die.DSC01052

I seriously cannot thank Amanda enough for introducing me to this amazing idea. Caramel pudding as an oatmeal topping= best idea EVER!! I made more of Julie’s peanut butter granola specially for the occasion Winking smileDSC01051


2. I am addicted to stuffed dates. I had such strong stuffed-date cravings this morning that I went out and bought Medjool dates specially. I had run out and it had been WAY too long (like, 3 days!! Surprised smile)


Stuffed with crunchy PB mmmmm….


3. Whenever a killer upbeat TUNE comes on I can’t help but dance. Wherever I am, I just break into it. RAISE YOUR GLASS!DSC01056


4. I am seriously starting to LOVE the weights!! Even though it can leave me in pain…


…it really kicks my butt and I LOVE seeing results!! I CAN SEE MUSCLES WOOOO! Open-mouthed smile My morning date with the weights was AWESOME! And an amazing weight training book that has been raved about recently by everyone (any guesses?!) is winging its way to me as I type…


5. I sweat more than anyone else in the universe. Thank goodness I had my Bondi Band for evening spin is all I can say!DSC00782

BUT as my spin instructor always says, more sweat is a GOOD thing and means you’re fitter! Thanks, but I’d still take the non-sweaty look any day! Smile with tongue out


6. My ‘snacks’ are basically meals. Tropical Protein Oatmeal was one of my afternooon snacks:


1/2 cup oats, soy milk and 1/2 scoop tropical protein powder, topped with the last of my PB&Co Crunch Time! BUT guess what tomorrow’s breakfast will be in…? Open-mouthed smile


7. I sneak into newsagents and read their running magazines without buying them. I DO always buy Runner’s World, but otherwise it just gets too expensive. So I do it my (illegal?) way!DSC01054

They’ll never see me if I hide behind it…right? Winking smile


‘Fess up people! Give me a confession please!


What is your favourite bit about strength training? So much!! The results (obviously!), the way it works me REALLY hard when I lift heavy, and the way my appetite increases a TON! And that’s seriously saying something! Smile with tongue out


Favourite magazine/s? Runner’s World all the way! *Almost* worth the fiver it costs… I also like Running Fitness!


P.S. I’ll tag some commenters in tomorrows post to  get this award!


Have an AMAZING rest of the week friends!! <3


HEY friends, and Happy Friday/Weekend!! Had a good Friday?


It’s Friday Faves time!! Open-mouthed smile


1. Special Friday Breakfast! Katie’s (Chocolate) Banana Bread in a Bowl!DSC00389

I looove it!! I used Ultra-Bran cereal and added cocoa powder, and topped with crunchy sunflower seed butter. Can’t beat that on a Friday morning!!


2. Friday Sweat!! Spin with my FAVE spin teacher was AWESOME!


LOVED every second, even though I was the gimp who couldn’t do any of the standing stuff! Smile with tongue out It is really paying off though!! I haven’t done ANYTHING that might put stress on my shin, and today I was down to a 1/10 on the pain!! YESSS!! Anyway, I also did 15 mins of upper body weights before, and as soon as I left the spin room, I saw Friends was on TV, so obviously I glued my butt to a bike until it finished!


It will NEVER get old. Ever.


3. Recovery smoothies!DSC00409

My usual tropical one, topped with muesli and PB&Co Crunch Time. Tofu in smoothies is just amazing trust me, and makes them so much higher in protein! Tofu love Smile


4. The SUN!! It was out today in London, and it was actually quite hot!!! So I took Buddy out on a nice long walk in a country park.



Hello runner’s feet. I need a pedicure and BADLY, but I don’t want to put any poor beautician through that torture! Smile with tongue out


5. Hummus Obsession. Spicy Sabra hummus to be precise. My lunch involved half a tub of it:DSC00401

Roasted courgette/zucchini, sweet tater with hummus, and a hummus+nooch stuffed mushroom. I may have gone back to top the veggies with hummus…not obsessed at all…


6. Blog work! The BLOGROLL is up friends!!Untitled

I hope I spelt everything right and got the right URLs! Please tell me if there are any mistakes!


I also updated my Emma’s Eats page! I’m loving the Pancakes section personally Winking smile


Bring on Pancake Sunday I say! Open-mouthed smile


6. Dry shampoo. I stopped buying it for a while in an effort to get myself to wash my hair more, but I saw it on sale and caved.DSC00390

Sorry guys but I may never wash my hair again. And dry shampoo I will never again forsake you for the real thing. You are so much better.


What was one of your Friday Faves? Share with me pleeease!


Favourite hummus flavour? Roasted red pepper, and this spicy Piquant one!


Random Q: What is your favourite colour? Green I think! Haha I guess you can tell by my blog colour! Smile with tongue out


Have an AMAZING weekend!! Love you friends!!

The Face.

I have something to admit. You know we talked about the Crazy-Excited Face yesterday?


Yeah, that’s my normal face.  I’m sure you knew that really because it is featured in every post- I was just in denial. The wide-eyed, creepy-grin look is one I wear a lot. Its why when I’m walking down the street, mothers hide their children’s eyes. Can you blame them?!


Clearly I am going to die young of a heart attack because as Kaila rightly put it I am “like the Energizer Bunny”. This is what sugar does to me, so you are definitely lucky you haven’t met me with caffeine in my system. Because then I make faces like this…DSC00322

Apparently endorphins have the same effect on me that caffeine does…yeah that’s what I look like after/during spin, so my fellow spinees are lucky people! I know you’re secretly jealous that they get to see that face in real life Winking smile


You know what also brings on The Face? Breakfast of course! Especially when there’s chocolate and ‘cookie dough’ involved…DSC00305

Best breakfast EVER!! Chocolate oatmeal topped with Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cashew Butter. Heaven in a bowl Smile


What momentarily wiped the manic expression off my face was a new class to me- Total Torso/Ab Attack.bilde


Um, ouch. 45 minutes of every imaginable type of crunch and plank first thing in the morning. It seriously hurts to breathe right now. New move I love (to hate) called The Spiderman:spidy


You basically start in high plank position, go into a push-up bring your knee to your elbow and then back to plank, and repeat on the other side. It hurts. A lot.


The Face gets brought on when I find new workout clothes in a sale!DSC00337

Nike shorts reduced from £20 to £5!! Open-mouthed smile Also got some cute grey/pink capris reduced from £35 to £12…WIN!! Enter: The Face:DSC00098

Of course, it was the post-spin evening class endorphins that brought on The Face the most.


You guys all HAVE to come to this spin class with me!! You will LOVE the instructor as much as I do!! And then we can feast on Medjool dates stuffed with cookie dough nut butter afterwards…DSC00335

…and soon you’ll all be doing this:DSC00326

Do you have a signature move/expression? I went through a loooong phase of sticking my tongue out as a kid, and since then have clearly progressed to Thumbs-Up-Crazy-Eyes-Creepy-Grin. Much better.


What was your best breakfast ever? This was definitely my best oatmeal ever! I think best breakfast ever was probably cookie dough pancakes…are you sensing a theme here…? Winking smile


Random Q: Fave ab/core move? The Spiderman, and the around-the-world plank, which I STILL can’t do properly in the Pump track!!


Have a great rest of the week friends!! Do lots of Crazy Faces for me!!


P.S. If you want to be on the Blogroll and haven’t commented yet, leave your blog URL on this post please! I’m writing it tomorrow/Friday!


P.P.S. Sorry for the lack of replies, etc today! I’ve had some technical issues but they’re all sorted now so I’ll be spamming your inboxes again soon! Open-mouthed smile

What I…Wednesday


Howdy chicas!! I LOVED hearing your workout accomplishments and upcoming race plans yesterday! Y’all ROCK! Interesting thoughts on the whole bagel/bagel thin thing too…and I’ve got an email about it actually that I want to share with you guys! I’ll have to check first if the sender doesn’t mind, but prepare for a slightly controversial post coming up…!


Anyway, it’s What I…Wednesday! I LOVE seeing everyone’s posts on this!! Jen you are a genius Smile


What I Worked:


25 mins upper body weights *cue recycled scary Emma photo*:DSC08117

…then an hour long spin class. I love spin SO MUCH!! Open-mouthed smile


And today’s instructor was the BEST!! She’s psychic I swear. Whenever I started to die and let up (SUPER-LONG HILL SPRINTS) she would sense it and yell at me to push harder! Love. Her.


What I Ate:


Just a few highlights for ya!


Breakfast #1 (pre-workout):DSC09247

Sweet Tater-Raisin oatmeal, with tons of cinnamon Smile


Breakfast #2 (post-workout):DSC09270

Tropical Banana Bread in a Bowl. 1 cup cereal, 1 frozen banana, 1 cup banana soy milk, 1/2 scoop Tropical protein powder, xanthan gum, 1 tbsp coconut butter + shredded coconut. No kidding people you HAVE to try this recipe of Katie’s!! It is SO YUMMY! Open-mouthed smile



Polenta cooked with vegan butter and nooch, leftover vegan shepherd’s pie (yesterday’s dinner), broccoli and red pepper. This was my first ever time trying polenta…I like!! Especially all buttery and noochey…mmm…



Stuffed peppers (stuffed with brown rice in a spicy sauce+ chopped veggies) served with baked tofu and Brussels sprouts Smile


Foodie highlight:DSC09187

Finished my dark chocolate Easter Egg! Best way to eat it I discovered is by breaking off bits and dipping it in PB. How normal…! Smile with tongue out


What I Got So Excited About I Wanted To Cry:DSC09292


That isn’t just any copy of Runner’s World my friends. That is the special Paula Radcliffe issue!! (If you don’t know, I am obsessed with her and she is my idol!)DSC09293

The woman who saw me taking this photo had the FUNNIEST look on her face!! I wanted to take a photo of HER but I think that would’ve pushed her to call the crazy institute to take me away, because judging from her expression she was clearly considering it already.


Anyways, I’m off to spend some quality time with Paula. Well, I’ve already read it (of course!) but I haven’t finished memorising it word-for-word yet, so I’d better get back to it! Smile with tongue out


Best thing you ate today? Dark chocolate egg dipped in PB…heaven!


What was your Wednesday Workout? Or was it a glorious rest day? Tellll me please!!


What was the most exciting thing to happen to you today/this week? Der, Paula Radcliffe issue of RW!! Open-mouthed smile


Have an AMAZING rest of the week friends!! Love you guys SO much!!


P.S. Almost your last chance to email your Friday Fave ( if you want to be featured this Friday! See here for details if you’re interested!! And I’ve been asked this twice and just to let everyone know that you DON’T have to be a blogger! If you’re a reader and want to be featured then I’d love to hear from you too!!

What I…Wednesday

YO friends!!


Today I’m joining Jen from Peas and Crayons as well as tons of other bloggers, and I present to you, my ‘What I…Wednesday’!



What I Ate Wednesday


Okay, a prize to whoever is first to spot the theme in these foods:


Apple-cinnamon-raisin oatmeal:DSC08995

Apple-cinnamon-raisin microwave cake +apple+cinnamon+raisins on the side:DSC09005

Apple(sauce)-cinnamon-raisin yoghurt:DSC09023

Hmmm….anyone?! Winking smile


Yeah I was on a bit of a roll with that combo today! But lets be honest, that is an AWESOME combo, only just behind PB+J.


A couple of other eats:DSC08944

Sweet potato and chickpeas covered in cinnamon and coconut oil and roasted. The coconut oil MADE this- DELISH!!


And a lot of these delicious double chocolate chip cookies I received from the vegan bake sale win yesterday! These are SO yummy- you are a GENIUS Eleanor!! Smile


What I Read Wednesday


Do you remember last Saturday my excitement about finding Paula Radcliffe’s new book?DSC08848

And then getting it SIGNED by her at the VLM expo?DSC08870

Well I finished it today! The book is BRILLIANT- highly recommended! It has practical running advice for everyone, from beginners to experienced marathoners, and includes lots of training plans for races too. Anyway, I collaborated with a running coach today to create my own training plan for my first half in July! I am shooting for a sub 1.35 half in my main race in October (and whatever time I can get in July!), so bring on the training! Open-mouthed smile


I’m going to do a Training Tuesday post next week to show you the plan and talk it, my injury, etc. The plan looks GREAT but so hard in parts!! I’m definitely looking forward to those 8 mile tempo runs at a 7 min/mile pace…! Winking smile


What I Worked Wednesday


Early morning spin class!Spinning


There’s nothing like an hour full of sprints and hill climbs in a tiny hot room packed full of other sweaty crazies to wake you up in the morning! Open-mouthed smile


Then I hit the weights and finally the mat for some ab+core work. I tried using a Swiss ball for the first time!DSC08669

I think I spent more time bouncing up and down on it than anything else to be honest, and thankfully, since it was early, there was only one old man to watch me fall off again and again…


So a MOVE for ya! According to Runner’s World, this is proven to be THE best core move. DSC09024 And Runner’s World are never wrong.


Here’s how to do it:DSC09025 tumblr_lih4wrLq8e1qd45ayo1_400I think I managed it once on the thousandth time of trying- SCORE!! Smile with tongue out I’ll keep trying though until I can do it like the woman above without falling into the mirror like I did today!! The old man was tres jealous of my skills.


What I Dreamed Of Wednesday


The holidays…..


In August I am hitting HAWAII baby!! I can’t wait…BRING ON SUMMER!! Open-mouthed smile


Your turn: Tell me what you worked/read/ate/dreamed of! Share time pretty please!


Do you always follow race training plans, or do you just wing it? I’ve tried it both ways now, and I think I prefer having a plan- it means I definitely incorporate all the different workouts that’ll make me a stronger runner, including those easy/recovery runs!! Some people work well without one though, so I guess it just depends on you!


Where are you going on holiday/vacation this year? Make me jealous!! Smile


Enjoy the rest of your week friends!! Have a great day!!

There’s a first for everything

HEY friends!! Hope you’re having a great week!! Open-mouthed smile 


My life is generally pretty routine. Eat, sleep, run, as shown by an old photo of me modelling my favourite hoodie:dsc04589

BUT I had a number of ‘firsts’ today!


There’s a first for getting up at 5.30am to workout, and being IN the gym at 6.30 in the morning…DSC07849

Well actually I was there at 6.15, but had to wait outside in the cold with a group of over 65’s (who, by the way, have THE most explicit conversations EVER!!)  waiting for their early-morning line dancing class…woke me up a bit! Smile with tongue out


There’s a first for breaking a spin bike in the middle of spin. Only me…sigh. I blame the bike. Everything was going swimmingly sweatingly…Spinning


…until my seat fell off in the middle of sprints. I almost went with it. Embarrassing times. I switched bikes but everyone was looking at me- not such a good thing when you have serious Bed Head! Smile with tongue out


I LOVED the early morning spin!! I thought I would be super-tired afterwards, but I was actually more energised!! A lot of you said the same thing in the comments yesterday! I am definitely going back next week! Open-mouthed smile


There’s a first for overnight oats! I had never had this before! Had to have an on-the-go packed breakfast because of spin. (Details on these oats tomorrow)DSC07853

That’s the kind of quality photography you get when you have less than 1 minute to leave or serious lateness will occur. And that’s the kind of quality ‘Tupperware’ you use when you are penniless…DSC07854

Old marg tub. Classy.


There’s a first for getting this average pace on a run…especially when it’s a recovery runDSC07834

5.42 min/mile- I was SO excited. Until I remembered I was on the Treadmill Of Lies. It has tricked me before. This treadmill once told me I’d run a 3 minute mile. Sweet Tooth Runner broke the world record for the mile by 43 seconds yahooo!!  Open-mouthed smile


There’s a first for pecan pie in bar form:DSC07856

It’s alright. Not a fave Nakd bar (erm, cocoa delight?!), and definitely not as good as real pecan pie! Smile with tongue out Mmm note to self: make vegan pecan pie asap!!


There’s a first for healthy raw cookie dough that tastes pretty much EXACTLY like cookie dough…DSC07867

Warning: highly addictive. I had over half the batch today- oops! Winking smile


And coming up tomorrow is my GIVEAWAY!! YAAAAAAY!!  Open-mouthed smile


Have you done anything new recently? I also tried washing my hair for once, with pleasing results.


Have you had overnight oats? Are you a fan? I like them, but not as much as normal oatmeal I don’t think.


What’s your favourite kind of pie? Chocolate. Obviously! Smile with tongue out


Enjoy the rest of your week lovely friends!!


P.S. A few of you asked about my cookie dough baked oatmeal yesterday. I followed Katie’s recipe (I linked to it in the post) pretty much exactly, except I used 1/2 banana instead of applesauce and added nut butter for some more cals Smile

10 happy things

HOWDY friends!! Open-mouthed smile


I am just SO happy right now, and on a bit of a HIGH!! This is probably mostly due to the amount of sugar I have just consumed (date addiction…), but also because there has been SO MUCH to be happy about!! So here are 10 things that have made me happy in the last two days…


1. Special Breakfast Monday. I didn’t post it yesterday because of the Featured Athlete post, but it deserves to be drooled over. Cookie dough baked oatmeal:DSC07778

Well, it’s actually a cross between that and Katie’s baked banana oatmeal that she posted today! Great minds think alike Winking smile


2.  Snack bar lovin’.DSC07790

Pre-workout snackage. Convenient + tasty = WIN.


3. Double excitement: I am officially a gym member again (of the cheapo gym not the posh one- cheap gym is MUCH closer to home…and cheap) AND on my way to the gym I bought a BUCKET of peanut butter.DSC07792

I am hiding behind the bucket a) to show that it is nearly the size of my head, and that really says a lot about how big the bucket is, and b) because my face is the same colour as my hoodie (cheapo gym=rubbish air con).

A little size comparisonDSC07823

Love it!! Still won’t last long though around me! Winking smile


4. Having a killer running-day-off workout. Monday was a running day off, so I spent some time resting my shins by staying away from the treadmill, elliptical, summit trainer, etc. and instead spent some quality time bonding with the bike whilst geeking up…DSC07822

…on Sports Nutrition!!

Monday workout: 35 mins speed intervals on bike + BodyPump. My Monday instructor (who I LOVE) has changed pretty much the whole routine to ‘challenge’ us more. My muscles today are telling me her challenging routine worked. Ouchie.


5. Discovering my new fave snack/dessert/general munchie…DSC07824

Medjool dates stuffed with nut butter (one PB, one almond) and chocolate chips. SO yummy. If only Medjool dates weren’t so darn expensive, I would probably eat this all day, every day! Smile with tongue out


6. Tempo Run Tuesday.

Took it a bit easier than normal so I didn’t overdo it on my shins, but still it still rocked!


Tempo run:
1 mile warm-up
1 mile @ ‘comfortably hard’ pace- 6.44 min/mile
1 mile @ ‘easy run’ pace- 7.35 min/mile
1 mile @ cool down/chill pace- 8.20 min/mile


Wasn’t as hard as a normal tempo run, and my shins felt fine mostly. They twinged a bit during the fast mile…DSC07830

…but were mostly okay. And I iced them up afterwards Smile


7. Yummy post-workout food. YIAJ (soy Yoghurt In A Jar) topped with natural strawberry jam:DSC07836

I have been saving that almond butter jar for SO long, and it finally got put to good use! Open-mouthed smile My first YIAJ- AMAZING stuff!!


8. Chocolate Chip Date Cookie Dough Balls…DSC07842

I ate so much ‘cookie dough’ straight from the food processor and it was GOOOD! Smile Adapted from Averie’s recipe. I subbed mango for chopped dates and white chocolate for dark chocolate chips, because if you don’t know by now how addicted I am to these things, then you never will! Smile with tongue out Anyway, these balls are the most DELISH thing ever, and taste almost EXACTLY like cookie dough!! WIN!! Open-mouthed smile Averie is a genius!


9. Early morning spin tomorrow. And I mean early. I don’t think I have EVER gotten up at 5.45am before to workout. So this’ll be a first! I’m slightly freaked out by the time, but since I looked like this last time after spin…DSC05353

…I can’t wait to get my early-morning sweat on! Open-mouthed smile BRING ON THE SPINNER’S HIGH!!


10. My upcoming giveaway, which I will be announcing TOMORROW. Or Thursday…but anyway, SOON!! This is an AWESOME one, so stay tuned!! Open-mouthed smile


Aaah I love life Smile


Tell me one thing (or more than one!) that has made YOU happy!


Are you a spin fan? I love it! It’s SUCH a killer workout, and turns me into a sweaty beast!!


Are you an early workout person? What time do you work out? I do the majority of my workouts in the afternoon/evening, but on a Sunday I have an early one. Even that though is only a 7.30am start, so not that bad! Smile with tongue out


Enjoy the rest of your week friends!!

I’m not ashamed to admit…

Hello friends! Open-mouthed smile

Firstly, a huge congratulations to one of my blogging inspirations Tina @ Faith, Fitness, Fun who gave birth to baby Braedon last night, AND blogged about it! Love this girl, and her baby is beautiful! I want him!!

This morning’s sweat fest was truly awesome. Seriously. I had a great spin class, (although the music wasn’t as good today) with an amazing instructor, who had already taught BodyPump and Aerobics by that point! And still fresh as a daisy…sickening really! Smile with tongue out I followed this up with 35 mins on the elliptical whilst reading Runner’s World to pass the time.

Sadly, a big feature (see here for the discussion on this topic) in Runner’s World today…


49 greatest weight-loss tips.

Other than that though, it has some very useful stuff, including the Ultimate Race Guide 2011!DSC05643                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

It featured quite a few of the races I’m looking at doing this year. However, I’ve decided to limit the number that I would otherwise do, because entry fees aren’t cheap! This is my definite race though (other than the trial in March):royalparkslogo

The Royal Parks half! It’s supposed to be a good one, is close to me, and is a mostly flat course so a speedy time potential! Open-mouthed smile It’s very popular though, so I’ll have to sign up fast when it opens!!

Today at lunchtime my head+stomach were telling me “Green Monster, Green Monster, GREEN MONSTER!!”. So of course, I gladly obliged.DSC05623

It had been way too long. Today’s GM: 3 handfuls spinach, 1 big banana, 1 cup milk, cereal, ice, protein powder, xanthan gum and soya yoghurt, topped with some Wild Berry granola that made up yesterday’s haul. DSC05618

This stuff is so so good! Granola is my love…

I am not ashamed to admit that later I dove straight back into that packet and munched away happily until I was satisfied.DSC05624

I am not ashamed to admit that I am a cookie dough monster, and that this is my refuel food of choice.DSC05630

I am not ashamed to admit that I do have baking failures, especially with my tendency for blindness that lead to adding a ton more agave nectar than the recipe called for, and ending up with chocolate chip scuffins rather than cookies.


Tasted darn good anyway!

I am not ashamed to admit that I now keep a spoon by this jar for emergencies:DSC05572

Make me feel better by telling me one thing you’re not ashamed of. And are you signing up for any races this year? If so, do you have any specific ones/distances in mind? I’m definitely doing that half, as well as the 5k trial in March, and there are tons of other possibles on my list! Exciting times! Open-mouthed smile

Hope you are having great week! Smile

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