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How to celebrate Pancake Day

HAPPY PANCAKE DAY!! Just in case you’ve been living in a hole, or you are normal and your whole year doesn’t actually revolve entirely around this day like mine does, then you should know that today is Shrove Tuesday, aka, Pancake Day!! Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think this is more of a British tradition…? It’s one of the best days of the year in my book, hands down!

You should all know that this day is no joke to me. It involves pancakes at every single meal.

Breakfast. Woke up not as early as planned. So had to make pancakes in-between throwing on clothes and trying to find my bag. Hence, kinda odd pancakes…DSC07402

Still tasted divine. I’ve yet to find pancakes that beat Katie’s chocolate ones. Especially when you top them with nut butters and jam…


One with almond butter, one with smooth PB, and one with raspberry jam :)


…and then turn them into a Triple Decker PB+J Pancake Sandwich. Quite a mouthful. Literally.DSC07416

Oooooh yes…! Smile

Lunch. Realised whilst eating my Triple Decker PB+J Pancake Sandwich that my dreams of having pancakes with every meal would never come true if I didn’t make some form of pancakes to take with me for lunch. And I had left myself just a few minutes to do that. Enter…the result of a 2 minute socca pancake:DSC07418

Yeah, bit of a fail. Note to self: you can’t make a perfect pancake in 2 minutes. BUT it was still a pancake, and it tasted like one, so it STILL COUNTED. Topped that with my couscous thang,+noochDSC07419

…and then a broccoli mountain of course!! DSC07316

Clearly I’m into the food layering thing today! Smile with tongue out

Dinner: Well I actually had a ‘normal’ dinner, but for dessert…two CREPE style pancakes!DSC07434

Filled with Morello Cherry jam and peanut butter…DSC07435

This pancake fest wouldn’t have been half as enjoyable without these amazing Meridian products that I received yesterday:DSC07427

I did some official ‘taste-testing’ before the pancake pandemonium ensued. It was a serious business.


1 girl. 1 spoon. 5 jars.DSC07421

You can see my thoughts and check out my GIVEAWAY tomorrow! Open-mouthed smile


Did you celebrate Pancake Day today? Did you even know it WAS Pancake Day? I’m already looking forward to Shrove Tuesday/Pancake Day 2012! Winking smile

Are you a pancake lover? What is your favourite pancake flavour or topping? Chocolate pancakes topped with PB+J. Can’t beat it!!

Are you giving up anything for Lent? I don’t know what to do! Last year I DID something instead (read my Bible every day for 10 minutes) and I loved DOING something rather than NOT doing something…but maybe I’ll switch this year! I only have a few hours left to decide now anyway! Smile with tongue out

Have an amazing week lovelies!!

P.S. I love hearing your feedback on the blog! Keep it coming! Do tell me if something’s not working or whatever and I’ll try to sort it out! Smile