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Two Weeks Countdown!


Hey guys! Hope you had a great weekend! Mine was..eventful! I’m really looking forward to this coming week, because it’s full of friends and carols and running and Christmas!


It’s LESS THAN TWO WEEKS now till the big day!! Can you believe it?! And I need your honest opinion here: is my Christmas outfit too much?


Maybe I should have worn it without the Santa hat… Winking smile


So a lil’ recap of my weekend for you, in 12 5 Days of Christmas-style…


5 hours of solid Christmas shopping…


I’ve now got almost all my presents, and the rest I’m just ordering online! Win!


4 hours spent busking in a shopping centre to raise money for charity…











£814 raised! Now that kind of generosity is true Christmas spirit Smile


3 soy gingerbread lattes to keep me going…


Most expensive addiction ever!!


2 times I cried whilst watching Elf. And that’s not including the happy tears that were shed when I saw that it was on tv! Smile with tongue out


Don’t laugh at me, it’s a very emotional film!!


1 amazing pain-free run in my new shoes! Open-mouthed smile It was an early morning one, so I am still sleepy here…


The usual early morning run thang: slept in running clothes, no brushed hair, brain still asleep. Which is why I left dressed like this when it was 5 degrees outside. Smart.


Honestly, I cannot even express how excited I am for Christmas!  The best part for me (cliché alert!) truly is family. The whole gang are flying in on Christmas Eve, so I’m praying there’s no snow to hold them up! And not to sound materialistic or anything, but I’m pretty jazzed about how many presents we have under our tree right now…


Uh…yeah! We have a huge family by the way, these aren’t just for a few of us! Smile with tongue out


What was the best part of your weekend? Probably raising that much money…we usually raise a lot less than that, so it was a great surprise! Smile


Have you done all your Christmas shopping yet? YES I have been organised this year! I usually leave it till the day or so before, but now I’ve got all of them ordered or bought already, which is a first!


Is Christmas a big deal in your family? Some of my friends don’t celebrate it at all (different religions), and some are pretty apathetic to it, but it is the highlight of the year for us!

Oh Woe a Broken Toe!

HAHA sorry that title made me crack up!! I was going to  make it less cheesy but that’s just too funny!! HEY friends, and sorry for the lack of postage yesterday! I got back late in the evening and then my blog was down, so I just went to bed! I hope you’re all having a good week!!


I broke my toe. My poor middle toe. Do you wanna see it? Nah, I wouldn’t do that to you! But you can see how doctor-esque I am…


Yeah, I wrapped it in tissue. I’m sure that helped…! Smile with tongue out (P.S. That’s a cool sandal tan line stripe right there ha!)


I did it running to the kitchen. Obviously. I heard the microwave timer go, and ran towards it, hitting my toes on a table leg in the process. It was ALMOST worth it for this…020 

Afternoon snack: protein oats in a not-very-empty PB jar, topped with strawberry preserves! That cheered me up!  Food and peanut butter especially fix EVERYTHING Smile


Because walking was painful, I knew I couldn’t do my planned workout which was something that I was SO excited about (I didn’t tell you guys cos it was gonna be a surprise)!!


MY FIRST EVER (RUNNING) TEAM PRACTISE!! If you are a newer reader or you have a memory like mine, you can read about me being asked to join the club here. Anyway, my first practise was going to be today! But I don’t mind because now I can just look forward to going next week hopefully eeeee!! I can just build up even MORE excitement, and it will be GREAT!! Open-mouthed smile


I just Googled my toe thing, and apparently I can try taping it to my other toes and then running on it. If there’s no pain, then I can run on it! I’m going to check it with the doctor just in case, but *hopefully* it should be fine! It’s my middle toe, so it’s not as bad!


You know what also cheered me up? Retail therapy!! 024

All workout stuff! Smile with tongue out Workout top with a PROPER built-in bra (most ones are rubbish), a dri-fit zip hoody thingy, a sports bra (I LOVED this design!!), Clif Shot Blocks, and Nuun hydration tablets (they are AWESOME!!).


I also would LOVE these:


Newton’s just sound SO awesome!! Sadly the £130 price tag is a bit much for me! Smile with tongue out 


Also, there’s nothing endorphins can’t fix!025

I look cool I know Winking smile I spent an hour and a half switching between the bike and the elliptical (it’s a week off weights), doing various things to keep myself entertained, like hills and HIITs, and People Watching. I’m a creep.


And then guess what I had for dinner? Ultimate Comfort Food/Bone Healing food:


Buried under all the chocolate pudding, the vanilla pudding, and peanut butter, is STEEL CUT oatmeal!! I LOVE the texture of it!! I definitely have to work on different ways of making it though, but I seriously loved it!!


Now I’m off to eat my late night snack…


…so I’ll see you guys tomorrow!! Open-mouthed smile


Have you ever broken a bone? Not till today!!


Have you ever been part of a sports team? No actually! I wasn’t a sporty child at all!! Actually I remember being in a hockey club for a bit and being AWFUL at it!!


What is your fave thing to shop for? Food, and then workout clothes! I love Nike too much, and my bank balance hates me for it! Smile with tongue out


ALMOST the weekend now!! Hope you all have a great end to the week!! *HUGS!*


P.S. I put a new album up on my Facebook page of some photos of my summer if you wanna check it out! More to come!

Leaving again!

HELLO friends!! I was going to do a tour post today, but I’ve got so much to catch you up on since I’ve been back that I thought I’d save my tour shenanigans for another time Winking smile


Although I’ve just come back, I’m actually leaving again tomorrow! At the painful time of 5.30am I should add. I am going to San Francisco for a few days, and then on to Hawaii! I am SO excited!! I’m not taking a laptop, but I’ll try to post when I can nab a computer somewhere to keep y’all up to date Smile


So the last two days have been crazy, with unpacking, laundry (which is still in the machine aaah!!!!) and packing again! And obviously lots of good food too.


Yesterday’s breakfast: banana oatmeal topped with caramel and chocolate puddings and crunchy PB.



Strawberry oatmeal (I whipped in some ripe strawberries) topped with puddings, White Chocolate Wonderful, and more strawberries Smile



Sweet tater fries, broccoli with nooch, and leftover pasta with courgette.



Borlotti beans cooked in Napolitana-nooch sauce, wholewheat giant couscous (my new fave grain!!) and half a cucumber.



Banana with WCW peanut butter and dark choc chips Smile


There have also been some AMAZING workouts! Yesterday I ran 2 miles before stopping (I had brought my gym shoes and not my running shoes by accident!) and spent 45 mins of ‘tempo’ ellipticalling. Basically, I did a warm-up mile, then 3 miles of around 85% max heart rate, before cooling down. Oh, and I threw in 5 mins of Tabata intervals. If you want a killer workout, try that. It’s 20 secs hard, 10 secs easy, and it is KILLER!! I definitely wouldn’t be able to maintain that for very long!!





There was NO pain before or after, so I was very happy!!DSC02581


I was also happy because I ran into a friend of mine at the gym, and we were treadmill buddies!DSC02580


She’s a bit camera shy Smile with tongue out Anyway, she was awesome cos I told her that I was only allowed to do 3 miles of speedwork so she stopped me after that even though I wanted to go on. I think she may need to be a permanent gym buddy of mine! After the short run, I did a NROLFW workout:



LOVING how much stronger I am getting!! It is AWESOME!!


Of course, I’ve also been super-busy avoiding packing/cleaning and all other necessary chores. I’ve busied myself with a lot of shopping (sales are my life) and most importantly…Harry_Potter_And_The_Deathly_Hallows_Part2_Release_Date_15_July_2011-529x792

…going to watch Harry Potter!! I busted out an off-the-shoulder top I bought in the sales to wear to the cinema:DSC02554


And then I added facial decoration. My friends and I take this very seriously:DSC02564


Mine was the same, but the glasses were even more wonky! Smile with tongue out It. Was. Awesome. I will definitely be seeing it again when I get back!


In the meantime, I have to pack. It’s 11pm, and there are about five things in my suitcase right now. I feel like this is the story of my life recently…! Smile with tongue out And what I want to know friends is what are YOUR recommendations? Anywhere I should go in San Fran, Honolulu or Big Island? AND what are your foodie recommendations? I am definitely looking forward to heading to the Whole Foods Nut Butter Wall! Open-mouthed smileDSC01896


What has been your fave workout recently? Definitely my speed run! I’m also LOVING my New Rules workouts, because they are so challenging and the results ROCK!!


Are you a Harry Potter fan? Have you seen the latest movie? I’ve been a huge fan ever since I was a kid. I remember pretending I was Hermione Smile


What are your recommendations? What are your favourite foodie items you think I should buy? I think I will need an extra suitcase to bring it all home in! Smile with tongue out


Sorry I’ve been a terrible blog commenter+replier lately, and I will be for the next 2 weeks! But after that I’ll be back as usual! LOVE YOU ALL have a great day!!

Dream List

HEY friends!! N’aww I love you guys so much, y’know that?! Just feeling a bit emotional right now- I guess Aunt Flo must be visiting Winking smile


ANYWAYS I’m still sick (doctor on Monday!) so basically I had THE most interesting day of watching endless Gilmore Girls, Criminal Minds and Friends…y’know, the usual! Sooo instead of documenting my riveting day which involved far too much toast and NO nut butter (I almost died), I decided to nick Tara’s idea and do a Wish List post! With my birthday coming up (90 DAYS TO GO!! Not that I’ve been counting or anything…) I thought I’d give you some stuff on my Wish List!! Well, Dream List to be more accurate…! Smile with tongue out



An endless supply of Justin’s Nut Butters!


OBVIOUSLY nut butter was gonna be on the list (especially since I couldn’t have any today and am now hallucinating about an oasis of it) and at least 10 readers have told me that I’d LOVE this stuff, so I can’t wait to try! Open-mouthed smile I’m saving up already for my trip to the States in a month and a bit because obviously I am going to blow my life’s savings on 10,000 jars of nut butter and have to smuggle it all past customs




I’ve tried a sample of this before in WF, but honestly don’t really remember…anyway everyone raves about it!! Not gonna lie though, the bacterial stuff scares me a bit…don’t Google Image it or you will have nightmares! Not even kidding.


A waffle iron

I have never had a waffle in my life, and I think this needs to change.




Tempo shorts in EVERY COLOUR.


Especially in red…


…to match my shoes! Open-mouthed smile



And talking of shoes…Nike Frees!


After reading Born To Run, I wanna try this ‘barefoot’ thing! Plus these just LOOK cool right?! Smile with tongue out


A treadmill…

Much as I love running outside, I can’t pound the roads all the time to save my poor joints. Plus, I can watch TV while I run! Win win Smile


Some leg muscles.

Shall we just compare…


Hmmm…tough choice there! Smile with tongue out




The ability to not get food around my face every time I eat.DSC00639

Baby Emma with chocolate mousse all over her. Nothing has changed. Just be thankful there was no after-shot of this moment:



To lose my secret obsession for big hats:DSC00641

Some things never change.



What things are on your Wish/Dream List? My Wish List on Amazon is seriously INSANELY long. And yes there is a treadmill on it in the hope that I someday find a thousand pounds on the street or something.


 Do you have a ‘secret’ obsession for something? I can’t say nut butter collecting, cos y’all know about that one… Well I have a shameless obsession for going into newsagents and reading all the running magazines off the racks because I can’t afford to spend £5 on each running magazine there is. So I just read it there instead! Smile with tongue out


Thoughts on barefoot running? Do you have any barefoot/minimalist shoes? I love the theory behind it! I don’t have any but I WANT some badly!! I’m a bad heel-striker too, so hopefully they would help with that! Plus I already have bought 4 pairs of running shoes in the last 9 months so I might as well make it five hehe!


Have a GREAT rest of the weekend friends!! <3

The Face.

I have something to admit. You know we talked about the Crazy-Excited Face yesterday?


Yeah, that’s my normal face.  I’m sure you knew that really because it is featured in every post- I was just in denial. The wide-eyed, creepy-grin look is one I wear a lot. Its why when I’m walking down the street, mothers hide their children’s eyes. Can you blame them?!


Clearly I am going to die young of a heart attack because as Kaila rightly put it I am “like the Energizer Bunny”. This is what sugar does to me, so you are definitely lucky you haven’t met me with caffeine in my system. Because then I make faces like this…DSC00322

Apparently endorphins have the same effect on me that caffeine does…yeah that’s what I look like after/during spin, so my fellow spinees are lucky people! I know you’re secretly jealous that they get to see that face in real life Winking smile


You know what also brings on The Face? Breakfast of course! Especially when there’s chocolate and ‘cookie dough’ involved…DSC00305

Best breakfast EVER!! Chocolate oatmeal topped with Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cashew Butter. Heaven in a bowl Smile


What momentarily wiped the manic expression off my face was a new class to me- Total Torso/Ab Attack.bilde


Um, ouch. 45 minutes of every imaginable type of crunch and plank first thing in the morning. It seriously hurts to breathe right now. New move I love (to hate) called The Spiderman:spidy


You basically start in high plank position, go into a push-up bring your knee to your elbow and then back to plank, and repeat on the other side. It hurts. A lot.


The Face gets brought on when I find new workout clothes in a sale!DSC00337

Nike shorts reduced from £20 to £5!! Open-mouthed smile Also got some cute grey/pink capris reduced from £35 to £12…WIN!! Enter: The Face:DSC00098

Of course, it was the post-spin evening class endorphins that brought on The Face the most.


You guys all HAVE to come to this spin class with me!! You will LOVE the instructor as much as I do!! And then we can feast on Medjool dates stuffed with cookie dough nut butter afterwards…DSC00335

…and soon you’ll all be doing this:DSC00326

Do you have a signature move/expression? I went through a loooong phase of sticking my tongue out as a kid, and since then have clearly progressed to Thumbs-Up-Crazy-Eyes-Creepy-Grin. Much better.


What was your best breakfast ever? This was definitely my best oatmeal ever! I think best breakfast ever was probably cookie dough pancakes…are you sensing a theme here…? Winking smile


Random Q: Fave ab/core move? The Spiderman, and the around-the-world plank, which I STILL can’t do properly in the Pump track!!


Have a great rest of the week friends!! Do lots of Crazy Faces for me!!


P.S. If you want to be on the Blogroll and haven’t commented yet, leave your blog URL on this post please! I’m writing it tomorrow/Friday!


P.P.S. Sorry for the lack of replies, etc today! I’ve had some technical issues but they’re all sorted now so I’ll be spamming your inboxes again soon! Open-mouthed smile

Straight in, Straight out

Hey friends!!

Haha I’ve just reread the post title, and I realise it may sound a little gross, but trust me, I don’t mean it like that! Smile with tongue out It’ll all be explained!!

And thanks lovelies for your kind comments and your FAQ requests! I’m writing them up over the weekend, so feel free to keep your questions coming! Smile

Breakfast was some lovely choco-banana oatmeal:


And some unpictured granola for post-brekkie munchies! Smile with tongue out

My good deed for the day was writing an Operation Beautiful note in the gym! For some unknown reason there is a whiteboard in there, so when no-one was looking, I left a little love for everyone.


YOU are beautiful: weight does NOT measure worth

It feels so good to do that! Smile

So the post title? Well today I was handed this ominous looking envelope…DSC05708…but it was a cheque! I finally got paid for a quartet job (I’m a musician) I did at the Foreign Office back in September! A little late I know, but I got paid extra because of it! Open-mouthed smileI am not a saver. Well, I do try, but fail quite spectacularly.

So with this money I am probably purchasing these bad boys:


Saucony Fastwitch 4 Performance/Race shoes!! They’re supposed to be awesome! Open-mouthed smile


I think the idea behind these ultra-vivid colours is to blind your race competitors, thereby allowing you to overtake and win. Smart thinking Saucony, but ya can’t fool me! Smile with tongue out

Honest opinion on the shoes? Do you prefer the orange or green, or do you think they’re both equally vile? I personally quite like the brightness, and am leaning towards the orange… To runners, do you have race/other shoes, or do you just use your normal ones?  I know some runners have a thousand different pairs of shoes for different things, but at the mo I just have my beloved Asics that I use for everything!

And are you a saver or a spender? Have you got any saving tips for spendaholics like me? I try and save at least 10% of my earnings, but that usually ends up being spent at Whole Foods on food in general…!

Off now to bake some chocolate chip cookies from this amazing cookbook:

Vegan with a Vengeance

 It’s certainly gonna be a wild Friday night for me! Winking smile

 Have a great weekend y’all! And stay tuned for my abs post coming up soon! Open-mouthed smile

Tackling the 2011 goals

Hello lovelies! How’s 2011 treating ya?

I woke up behind schedule today after another late night (bad habit!) and was slightly late for church! Whilst throwing on clothes, I threw a slice of bread in the toaster and the ingredients for a breakfast smoothie in the blender. BLEND.DSC05298

Just had enough time to gulp it down and slather PB on my toast before dashing out the door and running down the road to church. Whilst eating my toast. And wearing this hat:untitled

Okay, I don’t have that ultra-cool hat (yet), or this equally cool shirt…untitled 2

…but my birthday’s only 9 months away…got the subtle hint guys? Winking smileAnd yes, I do look like that person on the shirt when eating PB. Foodgasm alert.

Anyway, moving swiftly on! I had a quick lunch before going shopping (yes, again!).DSC05318

Houmous and sautéed courgette on toast, with more courgette and smoked almond+sesame seed tofu on the side. Followed by…DSC05324

Dark choccie x3. Obviously.

Shopping mission today? To get hand weights to help accomplish 2011 goal #7! Mission accomplished. 2 x 2.5kg hand weights which were half price! Open-mouthed smileDSC05328

DSC05308But it wasn’t easy, I can tell ya that! Getting them home involved 5 plastic bags, which subsequently broke, and so I had to stuff them in my handbag.DSC05302

Poor handbag. It wasn’t designed for carrying >5kg, and neither was my shoulder! Smile with tongue outBut hopefully I’ll do a weight training post this week, so keep your eyes peeled!

I also used up the last of my book shop gift card on this book which totally caught my eye:DSC05311

DSC05310Babycakes: Vegan, (Mostly) Gluten-Free, and (Mostly) Sugar-Free Recipes from New York’s Most Talked-about Bakery

This book is the bomb. Yes, that good. Looking through the recipes, I loved everything!

And with ingredients lists like this…


Ingredients for raspberry scones

…and with pictures like this…


Double chocolate crumb cake

can ya blame me? I can’t wait to bake some stuff from here! Open-mouthed smile

So I’m off to spend an hour all night looking through this book.

Do you get excited over recipe books, or is it just me? Seriously, I could happily spend  whole day perusing one! And have any of you started making headway on your New Years Resolutions/Goals? I’ve stuck to doing some yoga everyday so far (well it has only been 2 days to be fair!) and am getting moving on the weight training. Also, I’m planning to go to some new exercise classes over the next few days which is exciting! SmileSo numbers 5, 6 and 7 on their way!

Have a great evening! I know I sure will! Winking smile

Running, Shopping, Eating

Today was a busy busy day! I began the morning with a tempo run, with my fastest mile at 7.50 min/mile. I’m slowly getting faster! Open-mouthed smile But this little *something* screwed up my run a bit!DSC05113

The heart-rate monitor that comes with the Garmin. It was too big, even on the smallest adjustment, so I tried tucking it in to the band of my sports bra, but that failed too! So a lot of my run was spend hitching it back up until I gave up, stopped, took it off, and ran holding it! Smile with tongue out I’ve tied a knot in it now, so hopefully it’ll be okay next time!DSC05114

I also did 30mins on the elliptical/cross-trainer at the gym, and wore my new top that I bought yesterday in the sales:


I bought the white version a while back, and I love it, so when I saw this blue one on sale I snapped it up! Smile 

Pre-exercise brekkie was my usual PB on toast, and post-workout breakfast was choco-banana oatmeal:DSC05100

And then my family hit Bluewater shopping centre…again! Although thankfully we got in and out easily, unlike yesterday! And I got some awesome purchases today! Open-mouthed smile

These boots were reduced to £20:DSC05123

Nike tempo shorts were half price! They came in tons of different colours (I have a black/green/white pair already) but I ended up going with simple black+white, because it’ll go with anything on top!DSC05137

And the most exciting purchase? Of the year/decade?DSC05127




Asics Gel Cumulus 2 reduced to £30! Open-mouthed smile After trying on thousands of pairs of running shoes, I fell in love with these! Although I don’t need a new pair quite yet, I’m buying them in advance to save some money. But I don’t know if I’ll be able to resist the temptation of wearing them! They’re much better than my current Asics, and are cheaper than they were too!DSC05130

After all that bargain-hunting, dinner was consumed at Nando’s restaurant. I had a ‘portobello mushroom and grilled halloumi cheese burger’ without the halloumi and with a mixed leaf salad on the side.DSC05125


The side salad was huge! It was perfect- I was really craving greens after eating so much junk recently!

So tell me, have you bought any sale bargains? And do you crave certain foods after eating a lot of junk?

Tomorrow I’m going to an early BodyPump class (I haven’t been in a couple of weeks, so it’s going to hurt!), and my post will be a recap of my 2010, which has certainly been a very eventful year!

Hope you’ve had a great day too! Smile

Vegan double gingerbread cookies

So yesterday, I made a ton of delicious gingerbread cookies! And guess what? There isn’t a single one left this evening! Surprised smile That’s 39 cookies eaten in less than 24 hours, for your information! My family and I decimate all baked goods. Fact. I’ll get to the recipe in a moment. The rest of my day first! Smile

Today I didn’t have oatmeal for breakfast! I can hear your incredulous gasps of disbelief, but it is true! I opted for a apple-cinnamon yoghurt parfait  instead!DSC04726

Simply a chopped apple, sprinkled with cinnamon, covered with soya yoghurt which was topped with my yummy Bodymatter granola.DSC04727


While this was delicious, it wasn’t as filling as my oatmeal, so a mid-morning snack of this followed:DSC04734

A Bounce almond protein ball! The 12g of protein kept me satisfied for ages while I hit the shops for yet more Christmas shopping! I had lunch whilst rushing round the shops, which was a houmous and falafel wrap:DSC04116

All I’ve got left to get now is my brother’s Christmas card, and that’s it! Just have to keep my fingers crossed for that Amazon delivery now! Smile

Before I left for my shopping trip, I remembered that I’d seen a gym attached to the shopping centre last time, so I packed some clothes and took some time out from my shopping to hit the gym for a quick 45 min workout! And I was super excited when I got there to find that this gym was so posh! Well actually it was probably quite average, but my local gym has very ‘vintage’ (circa 19th Century probably!) machines, so these seemed amazing to me! A treadmill with a TV?!DSC04730

Wow. I loved it! Must do this whole shopping+working out thing again! Open-mouthed smile In my post-workout shopping I picked up this Trek bar and munched happily away…DSC04736

So how is your Christmas shopping going? Got everything yet? Oh, and have you regulars noticed the blog theme change? Like it? I do! I think it’s much more ‘me’ than the last one! On that note, there are going to be a more few minor blog changes coming up soon, just so ya know! Smile

Anyway, back to the cookies!

Vegan double gingerbread cookies (adapted from here)

  • 140g vegan spread (or unsalted butter)
  • 100g molasses sugar (or dark brown sugar)
  • 3 tbsp maple syrup (or molasses, golden syrup etc.)
  • 350g plain flour
  • 1 tsp bicarbonate of soda/baking soda 
  • 2 tsp ground ginger and 1 tsp ground cinnamon
  • 2 balls stem ginger from a jar, chopped finely <—-hence the double gingerness of the cookies, for Maria who asked! Smile
  1. Heat oven to 200C/180C fan/gas 6. Line 2 baking sheets with baking parchment. Melt spread, sugar and syrup in a pan until a smooth liquid forms. Mix the flour, soda and spices together in a bowl. Stir in the liquid and chopped ginger to make a stiff-ish dough.
  2. If necessary, wait until cool enough to handle, then roll out dough to about 5mm thick. Stamp out shapes using cookie cutters, re-rolling and pressing the trimmings back together and rolling again. Lift onto baking sheets. Bake for approx 8-12 mins (depending on the size of your cookies and on your oven) until golden. Cool 10 mins on the sheets, then lift onto cooling racks. Once fully cooled, ice/decorate if desired. Enjoy! Open-mouthed smile

First, assemble your ingredients for melting (spread, sugar and syrup):DSC04689

Melt away!DSC04700

Panic because you realise you didn’t check first to see if you had any ground ginger. Toss everything out of your cupboards until you finally find some, and try not to faint with relief.DSC04690

Or you can just be organised and check beforehand. Up to you really!

Mix together your dry ingredients:DSC04691

I actually just threw in the spices (couldn’t find a teaspoon measurer- can you tell I’m slightly disorganised? Smile with tongue out), so I’m not sure exactly of the amounts I used, but it turned out fine anyway!

Finely chop your ginger (I used two stem ginger balls that were in syrup, drained well).DSC04694

Mix everything together until a dough is formed. Warning: this dough, like most cookie doughs, is highly addictive. Now, if you gorge yourself like I did, you can’t say I didn’t warn you! Winking smileDSC04701

And then comes the fun bit…rolling and cutting! As its Christmas, I used small angel and star cookie cutters…DSC04703

…and a few other random cutters for the scraps:DSC04705

I then added a bit of green icing (green=Xmas!) to some of them. I would have iced them completely, but I had less than 50g of icing sugar in the house, so I made do with what little I had! Smile with tongue out


That’s for all you wonderful readers, who are all stars to me! Smile

Eat, Sleep, Run

Hello lovelies!
Sorry for the lack of posting yesterday- was getting paid £80 an hour at a last minute quartet job! Open-mouthed smile Also managed to get in a slow (avg 8.40) 4 mile run, but the ankle was feeling a bit tight afterwards, so I’m resting it today. Saying that, I did do aerobics…does that count? Smile with tongue out

Dinner was homemade shepherd’s pie (made with soya mince) with a side salad and beetroot:DSC04547

Ooh and breakfast was a good-un! Yesterday I’d used up the can of pumpkin I had been slowly working my way through every morning, so this morning I had something different: choco-banana-coconut oatmeal! And it was made on the stovetop! SmileDSC04565

Made exactly the same as before, but with shredded coconut stirred in and sprinkled on top. SO delicious! Open-mouthed smile

I also did a bit more shopping (story of my life! Smile with tongue out) and found some really cool running hoodies that were on sale! They had slogans like ‘Live to run’, ‘Born to run’, ‘Just been running’,etc and were in a ton of colours. (By the way, rubbish camera-phone photos alert!)DSC04571

This was my favourite slogan:DSC04574

Add ‘bake’ in there somewhere and you have my life in four words! So of course, I bought it! I thought I’d take the opportunity to show you my kick-ass modelling skills:DSC04588


Haha- the attempted pout! Actually it just looks like I’m sucking a lemon, but I’ll work on it! Winking smile

I also started on my cupcake-making!DSC04578


They are not yet frosted, so I will share the finished products with you tomorrow! But I highly doubt they are going to look quite as perfect as the picture above from the book…! Smile with tongue out

Much as I love baking, I hate the mess at the end!DSC04579


I never clear up as I go; I pile it up into a mountain of dirty dishes to wash at the end! Are you organised and clean up as you go along, or are you messy like me?

And I’ll leave you all with the reminder that, as I write this, it is just 10 DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS!

Does that make you excited/happy or make you panic? I’m experiencing both right now, as I still have all my family’s presents to get, so a bit panicky! But on the other hand, I know exactly what Santa is bringing me (he let slip by accident! Smile with tongue out) and I can’t wait! You’ll see 10 days from now! Open-mouthed smile

Enjoy the rest of your week!

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