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Life Updates


Update 1:

I am officially so confused!! Basically, yesterday someone left a comment for me on Formspring to let me know they had found a website with my race result from Saturday, and it’s COMPLETELY different from what I had heard! Time, placing, EVERYTHING was different!! Has anyone ever had this with races before with different sets of results? I’m going to ask my coach when I see him  next week (he wasn’t at practice today), but I don’t understand at all!! It really upset me at first, cos these results are much worse!! But I’ll wait to see what Coach says about it all Smile (P.S. If the person who Formspringed me reading this, thank you for letting me know!)


All I know is that next race (two weeks on Saturday) I will be wearing Garmy so there will be no confusion! Smile with tongue outDSCF1833

Looking good post-run Winking smile


Update 2:

I went back to see the sports doctor about my tibial bone stress.


He said that it is healing, and that I definitely should not do any more than I am doing (I’m only running twice a week during team training) and he said that I should not really be racing. I explained to him that if possible I need to run the next few races to be in with a chance of qualifying for Nationals and stuff, so he said that it should be fine as long as I treat them more like tempo runs than actual races, and hopefully it should be totally healed within the next two months! I’ll take it! Open-mouthed smile


Now onto slightly more trivial updates…


Update 3:

I have been LOVING autumnal (yes ‘autumn’ not ‘fall’ cos I’m a Brit thank you anonymous commenter! Smile with tongue out) oatmeal lately…


Apple-cinnamon oatmeal, with cashew butter stirred in Smile



Caramel-Pumpkin oatmeal! Pumpkin oatmeal with caramel pudding and a pumpkin scuffin. Baked goods as an oatmeal topping is the best thing ever!!


The scuffins by the way are from Oh She Glows (recipe found here), and I make a few minor changes (e.g. no chia seeds) but they are my all-time FAVOURITE pumpkin recipe, and one of my general favourites too!!


Update 4:

I am having the best time training with my team! I’m so glad that for the time being at least, I can still run with them twice a week! And NEWS FLASH I am no longer the slowest person yaay! Open-mouthed smile 




3 miles of warm-up/cooldown+drills, and then repeats and stuff! I was pretty frustrated by my 5.01 min/mile split! I was trying so hard to break 5 min/mile!!


NEXT TIME I will for sure!


I refuelled afterwards by crumbling a pumpkin scuffin (obsessed!) into a half empty soy yoghurt pot:


Keeping it cool and classy as always Winking smile


Update 5:

I have early morning spin class tomorrow, with my fave instructor (super-hardcore ex-military, ultra-marathoner man- he ‘mentions’ that every time haha!). And if I’m going to be able to crawl out of bed at some crazy hour, I need to get some sleep! I am NOT a super-early morning person normally! Smile with tongue out


So I’m off to get some shut-eye! And yes I will be wearing my workout clothes to bed…always classy Winking smile


Help me out here runners: have you ever had any confusion over race times? I’ve never had this before! Obviously your Garmin always says something different to the actual results, but I’ve never seen two completely different sets of official results before!


What is one thing you are aiming for in your next few workouts/runs? To break the 5 min/mile in my next set of repeats! Although next session is hills…hmmm! Smile with tongue out


How much sleep do you get on average? Ok, I’ll admit it now…currently about 6 hours. I know I know, it’s bad!! I’m working on it haha!


Have a great end to the week friends! <3

Super Exciting Running News!


HEY friends!! So happy you guys liked my recipe link post! There is SO MUCH amazing stuff out there, and I had such fun going through my bookmarked recipes!


I had an amazing breakfast to start my day:


Banana oatmeal topped with caramel pudding, chocolate pudding, and TJ’s crunchy PB. Not quite sure why but my pudding was super melty today and made a pudding puddle on my oatmeal! Smile with tongue out


For lunch I had a PB&J sammie and a MASSIVE hummus topped salad


Broccoli, romaine, cuke, tomatoes, spinach, and Sabra hummus


And one of my afternoon snacks was pretty awesome! A cereal yoghurt mess:


Vogel’s Ultra Bran cereal, soy yoghurt, unsweetened applesauce, and crunchy PB. This really hit the spot!


The weird thing was that today was SO FREAKIN HOT in England!! I went out with some friends during the day, and it was strange having to raid my summer clothes again! I’m not complaining though Winking smile



I loved it, but I think Buddy found it a little bit too hot! Smile with tongue out



It was so great after a crazy busy week just to lie back in the sun and relax.



In the evening, it was time for some run/walking again!! My friend made sure I didn’t overdo it, which I definitely would have done if she hadn’t stopped me! Smile with tongue out I love my running team so much. They are so supportive and awesome! Today’s workout (posted from my Dailymile):



I am only allowed to run/walk on grass a couple of times a week for the time being cos of the injury, so I am treasuring every moment! I LOVE RUNNING!! I’m sure you didn’t know that already or anything Winking smile


Sweaty and endorphined is so attractive Winking smile


And I’m not sure if I’ve told you my super exciting running news yet, but if I have, pretend you haven’t heard it, k? If I run fast times this coming year and qualify, I will get the chance to represent Great Britain in ITALY in a European Championship thingy!!! AAAAAH how awesome would that be?! I am going to work my butt off to give myself the best chance I can of qualifying! Open-mouthed smile


Got any exciting news you want to share with me?


What is your current fave snack? Today, it was a cereal yoghurt mess! I’m also loving protein oatmeal as a snack too!


Share with me one of your BIGGEST dreams! Qualifying and representing GB in the coming year! That would be a dream come true for sure!


Hugs and Love! <3


Happy WIAW friends! My fave time of the week! Thanks as always to the lovely Jenn for hosting!!

What I Ate

For the first time in TOO LONG, my day featured pudding oats! Open-mouthed smile Oatmeal, peanut butter (buried under the pudding!) and caramel and dark choc puddings:


(P.S. I got a comment from someone who was overweight and trying to lose a few pounds, about my pudding oats. For those of you who are interested, they CAN have as little as 250 calories, with 1/2 cup oats+water+pudding, but I personally need more than this, so I add milk and nut butter Smile )


And for the first time in a looong time, I was craving oats again for lunch! So I had banana oatbran pudding with nut butter and bloobs:



With a side of…



Mushrooms stuffed with Sabra hummus and tofu and grilled Smile


Yesterday, I shared one of my current fave snacks, which I had again today:DSCF1466

PB&J rice cake sandwich, but with homemade cinnamon raisin PB!


The thing is, I love PB&Co’s Cinnamon Raisin Swirl PB…



…but I DON’T love the price, and all the sugar it contains! So once I ran out, I decided to make my OWN version. And I LOVE it!!



Cinnamon Raisin Peanut Butter
You would never guess this delicious, drippy peanut butter was sugar free, and that would take less than 10 minutes to make! Quick, simple, and totally addictive.

  • 1.5 cups roasted peanuts (I used lightly salted, but unsalted would probably work best)
  • ~2 tsp ground cinnamon
  • 1/8-1/4 tsp salt, if using unsalted peanuts
  • Stevia, to taste*
  • 1/4 cup raisins
  • *Everyone’s taste buds are different, so adjust to taste! I used quite a lot of stevia to balance out my salty peanuts, so I used 2 packets of NuNaturals stevia and about 15 drops of vanilla stevia, and this made it perfectly sweet

  1. Grind peanuts into peanut butter in a food processor. This should only take around 5 minutes or less to make a smooth, shiny PB.
  2. Add in cinnamon, salt (if using), and Stevia, and process until fully combined. Taste-test to see if more stevia is needed, and add more if desired.
  3. Stir in raisins, or give them a quick whizz in the processer until incorporated. Can be stored at room temperature.
  4. ENJOY!!


This is my favourite nut butter I’ve ever made! It’s so drippy and DELICIOUS!




Of course, it’s AWESOME stuffed in dates too!



I ran out of dates yesterday night, so I dashed out to the supermarket at 10pm to get more. Desperate times call for desperate measures! Smile with tongue out


What I Worked


I GOT TO RUN/WALK TODAY!! And there was NO PAIN!! Open-mouthed smile (From my Dailymile account):



I love running so much and I felt SO HAPPY to be back out there doing what I love!



I get to do it all over again on Thursday hopefully, and I can’t WAIT already!! Open-mouthed smile


Best thing you’ve eaten recently? Cinnamon Raisin PB! Smile


What was your last workout? Tomorrow I’m lifting! I love feeling strong!


Tell me one thing you LOVE and couldn’t live without! Running and the people I love. Ok, so that’s two haha!


HUGS and LOVE! <3


P.S. Thank y’all so much for the amazing comments on yesterday’s post! Honestly, I was expecting some negative comments/emails about having an eating disorder or something, but I got so much support and positive feedback!! THANK you friends, it means a lot!


Words cannot express how totally grateful and touched I am right now! The comments, emails, Tweets amd Facebook messages about yesterday’s post just blew me away! I am so BLESSED to have such amazing and wonderful people as you friends in my life.  This is why I love blogging <3
Just after I published my post yesterday, I calmed down with another of my passions…
There’s nothing like focusing on some difficult music to take my mind off things and relax me (geek alert! Winking smile)
I felt RENEWED after that! I can never feel gloomy for long! And reading what you guys had to say made me so happy! Open-mouthed smile
And today, I spoke to my physio on the phone (I have an appointment booked for Thursday). She said from the sound of it, it is a stress SOMETHING, but it might not be a fracture! Hopefully it’s just a stress reaction or something, which is slightly less severe. She also is making sure I get a bone density test.
Anyway, as per usual, time for my What I Ate Wednesday Tuesday thanks to Jenn at Peas and Crayons!!



Eats I am LOVING!

Today I’m just going to post some foodie highlights!


Baked oatmeal covered in Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut butter:


That was Katie’s Cinnamon Roll baked oatmeal. Deeeelicious!!


Pudding oats! I am SO HAPPY because so many people have let me know that they have tried this too and LOVED IT!! Yaaay!!


With vanilla pudding, caramel pudding, and TJ’s crunchy PB


This was the best pudding oats EVER!! DSCF1197

As before, but with half a crumbled chocolate chip oatmeal muffin on top! (The other half was eaten while the oatmeal was cooking Winking smile ) When the muffin was all stirred in it went all soft and gooey and it was AMAZING!!


I have actually become a total muffin addict! I blame Tara for this!! I was definitely purely a cookie/brownie girl before, but I love muffins too now because they make SUCH good snacks!! Perfect pre-workout fuel Smile The muffins above are Happy Herbivore’s recipe but with a few changes, like added choc chips and no sugar (VERY ripe banana!). They are SO YUMMY!!



I’ve been loving Averie’s microwave banana oat cake:


Quickest and simplest snack EVER!! And topped with crunchy almond butter Smile


As much produce as I can fit in my belly…


…interspersed with handfuls of dry roasted peanuts…DSCF1220

I’ve just discovered these and they are like CRACK to me!! Seriously addictive and SO GOOD!!


What I Worked!

I have been getting in more early workouts, which is SUCH an achievement for me! I am definitely not someone who wakes up easily at 5.30am! I was NOT keeping an eye on the time though this morning, and ended up having to get out of the gym in five minutes to be on time for classes. That means baby wipes and dry shampoo to the rescue! Smile with tongue out


Eyes shut…clearly still asleep! Smile with tongue out


I thought I’d share my elliptical workout from yesterday. It is KILLER and can be done on any cardio machine really.


Killer Elliptical Workout

The hill intervals really work your legs, and the Tabata intervals will set your lungs on fire!

  • 5 minutes warm-up
  • 5 minutes moderate resistance
  • 10 minutes hill intervals, keeping speed the same (1 minute high resistance, 1 minute easy)
  • 5 minutes Tabata intervals (20 secs ALL OUT, 10 secs easy, repeat)
  • 5 minutes cooldown


I repeated this twice for an hour elliptical workout, and then followed with weights, core and stretching.


Embarrassing moment of the day: I thought I was alone in the gym, so I was just dancing away (and I mean DANCING- hands in the air and everything!) on the elliptical in my easy minutes to some quality music…DSC03207

…but then turned around when I heard applause. Turns out a spin class had just finished and they were ALL standing watching me get my groove on and deemed it worthy of a round of applause and cheering. Wasn’t awkward at all…! Smile with tongue out


And we all know how good I look when I dance Winking smile


Do you get embarrassed easily? I don’t really. I’m kinda used to it, and so the people I’m with end up getting more embarrassed by my stupidity than I do haha!


What was the best thing you ate recently? Pudding oats with a crumbled muffin on top, definitely!!


What is your go-to thing to do when you need to calm down and chill out? Play the viola, run on Betty (wasn’t an option yesterday though! Smile with tongue out) and eat lots of chocolate. I did that too of course!


THANKS AGAIN for all the advice/love/support yesterday!! LOVE YOU ALL and I hope you have the BEST day! <3

Ice Bath Woes


I learned an important lesson today:


When your coach says “Make sure you take an ice bath tonight, because this was your toughest workout in a long time”, listen to him.248774_156778294387512_156551541076854_351582_7088973_n


Only I went out and ate as much Indian food as I could instead. And boy did I pay for it today! Getting up in the  morning was pretty tough. My legs would not move. The only thing that got me down the stairs (1 step=10 mins) was the lure of breakfast…


Banana oatmeal, caramel pudding, dark choc pudding, peanut butter, and fresh strawbs Smile


It meant that my run was less than stellar. Almost as painful as the journey TO the gym!



I had a good upper body lifting sesh afterwards though. My legs didn’t mind that at all! Smile with tongue out


So this evening, I paid my penance. And yes, there are some bathroom shots coming up. The word “boundaries” isn’t in my vocabulary apparently.


Getting in…DSC02924



“Mother FUDGE this is cold!! Must not cry, must not cry…”DSC02925


“Why am I doing this again? Why do I run? WHY AM I ALIVE?!”DSC02928


Momma: “YOU are always the one who says everything is better if you smile”

“Clearly I wasn’t in an ice bath when I said that…”


More grimace than smile, but it’ll do! And you don’t have to tell me, I know I am a huge wimp, and that I look lovely when taking ice baths at midnight…! Smile with tongue out 


Anyway, it was nothing snuggling up in my dressing gown with a bag of choc chips couldn’t make better Winking smile



After all that, if I have to roll out of bed again with legs as stiff as tree trunks, I will need more than one bag of chocolate chips for sure!


Have you ever taken an ice bath? Or do you take them often? How do you find them? For the firs few minutes, BAD! Then not so bad after that!


Are you an emotional eater? Yes! But chocolate cures all Smile


Random Q: Chocolate bar, chocolate chips, or chocolate cake? Right now, CHOC CHIPS!!


Have a GREAT weekend friends!! <3

Running with da TEAM!

HEY friends!! Sorry for the lack of postage yesterday night! I had written my post but there was a powercut so it was lost, but I posted a GIVEAWAY one this morning that you should really check out if you haven’t already!


I limped out of bed this morning (first NROLFW Stage 2 yesterday!), broke my new camera (don’t ask), and consoled myself with this…


Banana oatmeal with dark chocolate and caramel puddings, crunchy PB and PB granola Smile 


I was definitely channelling my breakfast loving side today, with breakfast for lunch too…007

OIAJ!! In my Cinnamon Raisin Swirl jar topped with jam and more granola!


In preparation for my birthday (ONE WEEK!!!!!! Open-mouthed smile), I thought I’d make myself cake batter cashew butter!!


As soon as I saw this yesterday on Ashley’s blog (she has the BEST nut butters by the way!!), I knew I had to make it. And seriously, it tastes like cake batter. AMAZING!!


The BEST bit of today involved putting on my Fire Shoes for what was the first time in AGES!!DSC02913

Looking good there with the jeans too Winking smile I’ve missed these shoes!!


And THIS was why!



I. Loved. It. Being coached was awesome. Being told I had nice shoes was awesome. Being on the track again was awesome. Running with a TEAM was awesome!


Since I started running, it has pretty much always been a solitary thing for me (no nearby general running clubs- this is a serious running team that came THIRD in the European Club Championships!!), so being with other runners who are better than me is GREAT and so motivating!! Soon I’m gonna be kicking THEIR butts hehe Winking smile Also, it was a mixed training group, and running with GUYS means the pace is a gazillion times faster!! Man they were speedy! But seriously I had the BEST time and I can’t wait to keep going back!!


Classy post-run bathroom shot Winking smile I wanted to take one of the team, but since it’s my first time and all I thought that might be crossing a line or something…not next time though haha!


Straight after practise I went with all the family to a nice Indian restaurant. Wearing my running clothes and bright orange shoes. Cool. I’m pretty sure I shouldn’t be allowed in establishments like this.DSC02916

“Look, the poppadum is as big as my HEAD!” That’s clearly one of those photos that is just so bad it has to be in black and white.


We were celebrating!DSC02918


Both my brother and I recently got our exam results and what better way to celebrate than by eating your bodyweight in Indian food?! And raspberry sorbet for dessert of course:

024My dad tried to take some and got a spoon bashing for that. Really, he should know better.


I doubt after today’s workout I’ll be able to move. I haven’t done that kind of speedwork or that intensity for MONTHS. If there’s no post tomorrow, you’ll know it’s because I’m lying comatose somewhere.


And yet somehow I’m sposed to get 6 miles in and some lifting…hmmm we’ll see! Smile with tongue out


Do you normally run/exercise alone? Yes, until now! I didn’t have a running buddy or anything! Which is why I’m so happy to be part of a team!!


What are YOU celebrating right now? Most of all, I’m celebrating the fact that I didn’t eat all the cake batter cashew butter. Seriously, that took some self-control!!


Any fun plans for the weekend? Gluing myself to the TV to watch the World Athletics Championships! Also going out with friends. But only when Mo Farah’s not racing. Priorities! Winking smile


Have a GREAT day friends!! <3


P.S. Don’t forget to enter my GIVEAWAY!!

WIAW- Muffin Style!

Happy WEDNESDAY friends! Unless of course with those crazy time differences you are reading this on Tuesday…! But ANYWAY it’s time for the usual…

…WIAW party, hosted by the lovely Jenn at Peas and Crayons!! Open-mouthed smile



Banana oatmeal topped with caramel pudding and Julie’s peanut butter granola! You HAVE to make the granola if you haven’t already- so quick+simple and DELICIOUS!!!



An open faced sandwich (because that was the last slice! Smile with tongue out) of hummus, tofu and beetroot, with a PB&J rice cake sandwich on the side



Banana with PB&Co cinnamon raisin PB and more granola (CRACK)!



Lentil stew, brown rice and veggies!


When I was in the States a few weeks ago, I became a LITTLE obsessed with these:



Chocolate chip cookie dough….mmmm… But I have RUN OUT now!! So it was time to make my own…


Using the ingredients list (cashews, dates, chocolate chips and salt!), I simply made my own version based on previous bars I’ve made:


Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Larabar (GF, vegan, makes 2 large bars)

Tastes just like the real thing. Only it won’t cost $2 a bar.

  • 1/2 cup cashews
  • 1/3 cup dates, chopped
  • 1.5 T dark/semisweet chocolate chips
  • 1/8 t sea salt
  1. Pulse the cashews in a food processor until finely ground. Remove from the bowl and place aside.
  2. Put the dates in the processor and whizz until a paste is formed. Then add in the ground cashews and the salt until well incorporated and a ball is formed.
  3. Add the chocolate chips and pulse a couple of times.
  4. Wrap tightly in cling film and place in the fridge for about an hour. Then form into bars, and ENJOY!!


Those two bars didn’t even last a day around me sadly.


And neither did those chocolate chips Winking smile


I’ve also been on a bit of a muffin kick recently. I blame Tara. I’m talking about three of these bad boys a day…041

…and now it’s time to get you addicted too! Smile with tongue out


Healthy Chocolate Chip Muffins (adapted from the Happy Herbivore cookbook)

High protein, full of a secret vegetable, fat free, and more moist than their Starbucks counterpart, these moreish muffins won’t be around for long!

Vegan, makes 12 muffins

  • 3/4 cup wholewheat flour (I use wholegrain spelt flour) + 1/2 cup peanut flour (optional for more protein, or use all WW)
  • 1/4 cup cocoa powder
  • 1 1/4 t baking powder + 3/4 t baking soda
  • 1/2 t sea salt
  • 1 t cinnamon
  • 1/3 block silken tofu
  • 1/2 cup unsweetened applesauce
  • 1 cup sugar or substitute (or less, for a less sweet muffin)
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1/4 cup non dairy milk
  • 1 cup shredded zucchini/courgette
  • 1/3 cup chocolate chips
  1. Preheat oven to 350F/175C and line/grease a muffin tin.
  2. Whisk the flours, cocoa, baking powder, soda, salt and cinnamon together.
  3. With a handheld electric whisk, cream the tofu, applesauce , sugar, and vanilla together. Then add the milk, zucchini and choc chips, stirring until combined.
  4. Add the dry mixture to the wet, stirring until just combined.
  5. Spoon into the muffin cups until they are 3/4 full, then bake for 18-23 mins. Let cool on a rack for at least 15 mins, then ENJOY!! (Can be stored in an airtight container for a couple of days, or can be frozen)


Despite the long looking ingredients list, they’re all pretty much staples, and the whole process took me less than half an hour! And trust me, it has been SO worth it…043

Since they’re fat free, I just HAD to add back in that fat with some peanut butter Winking smile


They also make the BEST post-workout snack with lots of soy yoghurt…



During my run today I was actually DREAMING of that post-workout treat! Smile with tongue out It was a GREAT run!!


I then did an hour BodyBalance class, and then lay down on the couch to eat muffins and watch Friends. Perfect night Smile


MIDNIGHT SNACK time now!! I have about 10 bananas going spotty, so there’s only one way to go…



Best thing you’ve eaten today/yesterday? Muffins and Larabars and lots of chocolate chips Smile


What was your workout, or was it a chill day? Tomorrow, I start Stage 2 of NROLFW!! I’m dying to get back to lifting after last week’s break!!


Nut butter and _____? Chocolate. Obviously Winking smile And then bananas!



Rest Days are the Best Days

10 DAYS yaaaayyy!!!!!


Are you getting sick of my Birthday Countdown? Yeah, so are my family and friends…but if you don’t complain, you can all come round for a birthday slumber party like I used to have!36184_1671704756287_1347423739_31724938_6393186_n

I can’t believe I have the same hair still. Not much has changed apparently! Smile with tongue out


Today was a rest day.


Now back in the day (can’t believe I’m using that phrase…) I used to HATE rest days. I used to hate them so much that I wouldn’t actually have them. It didn’t matter if I was tired, injured, or just didn’t feel like it. I still had to exercise. I mean, eating all those CALORIES without burning at least SOME of it off?!


Banana oatmeal with caramel pudding, chocolate pudding, and TJ’s crunchy almond butter


My hatred of rest days wasn’t driven by logic. It wasn’t because I thought I didn’t need them. It was because I was AFRAID.


And do know what that lead to?


Obsessiveness. Unhappiness. Feeling like no matter WHAT I did, it wasn’t enough. I wasn’t enough.



I swear I had about a thousand PB&J rice cake sandwiches today. My newest obsession.


But you know what? Now I seriously LOVE rest days!! Why the change of heart though?


I realised that it lets my muscles recover. This means I perform better, get injured less, and my muscles become bigger and stronger so I’ll have less trouble getting myself out of awkward situations…



I realised that rest days mean I am RARING TO GO for my next workout! My run after a rest day is always the BEST!DSC09906


My favourite athletes have rest days, so why shouldn’t I?


Both Paula and Kara take regular rest days to make them better runners Smile


It means that I have more time to make and EAT yummy food! I actually eat (way!) MORE on rest days because I am always SO MUCH HUNGRIER! I guess it all just catches up! I ate three of my muffins today:040

Thanks for all the requests btw- recipe tomorrow I promise!! Smile


Best of all rest days mean I have more time to spend with friends and family, and that I don’t have to worry about whether a popsicle makes good pre-run fuel…270554_2193598363627_1357227372_2554119_4134830_n

…or force them to put up with my sweaty bangs that I can’t be bothered to wash EVERY DAY. Sorry guys, but that just isn’t ever going to happen. It’s all about the dry shampoo.


The biggest reason for the change of heart though was a change of attitude. For me, having no rest days was because I was insecure and felt I NEEDED to exercise every day. The moment I realised that I AM enough, the mindset of striving for perfection fell away, and none of it mattered to me any more. Exercise and food no longer ‘define’ me, nor control my life.


So now I can take a rest day every day of the week if I like, and NOT FEEL GUILTY ABOUT IT! I truly love and embrace rest days now, and I wouldn’t have it any other way Smile


What are your thoughts on rest days? Do you have a set number? I have at LEAST one a week, and more if I need! I also never lift/strength-train two days in a row because that’s bad too!


What is your favourite thing to do on rest days? Spending time with friends/family, baking, eating and watching a gazillion episodes of Friends.


Do you have a current food obsession? Those muffins and PB&J rice cake sandwiches!


HUGS and LOVE! <3

Happiness with a Side of Chocolate


Guess what guys?! I RAN TODAY!!!DSC09332

Oh, and I washed my hair!! There can be miracles!! Smile with tongue out


If you don’t know, yesterday I broke my middle toe (thanks for all the lovely comments by the way friends!!) and I wasn’t sure when I’d be able to run again. BUT:



YAAAAAAY!! Open-mouthed smile


Last night, I was thinking over the broken toe thing, and I started thinking negative thoughts about why this had happened to me so soon after ‘coming back’ from injury. But I decided to put my trust in God because He has a plan, and it’s an AWESOME one!!  Also just read this from the Purpose Driven Life, which really spoke to me:

003 (2)


I was SO HAPPY after that!! But I had a MUCH BIGGER cause for celebration!!DSC084991

This is one of my best friends, and today was her LAST DAY OF REMISSION!! She is officially CANCER FREE today!! Open-mouthed smile I am so proud, and delighted and INSPIRED by her and the way she’s dealt with her leukaemia over the past 7 years. She is truly an inspiration Smile


Of course, we partied big time Winking smile And guess who brought the (vegan) cake?


Sure it’s not a birthday (yet…13 days!!!!), but any excuse for a chocolate cake is a good one! Winking smile This was Katie’s Healthier Chocolate Cake, which I slightly de-healthified with the 10 inches of chocolate buttercream hehe!


But don’t worry, I made up for it by eating plenty MORE chocolate!! You know, to prep my stomach for the chocolate overload later. Makes perfect sense…!


Breakfast: Oatmeal with chocolate pudding (my last pudding!!) and peanut butter.


Breakfast for lunch is also highly recommended…


Katie’s pizzert!! Made with banana and chocolate chips, and drizzled with Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut butter…PERFECTION!


I did have some veggies too inbetween all that chocolate, I promise Winking smile


But I think I’m in a bit of a sugar coma right now.


A very very HAPPY sugar coma Smile


Tell me something that’s making YOU happy right now! It can be ANYTHING!


Have you ever had to overcome any medical problems? I had some sort of kidney failure when I was younger which means I now only have one kidney!


Favourite type of CAKE? Chocolate, covered in a LOT of frosting/buttercream. The ratio of frosting to cake has to be about 10:1 to be perfect for me. Can you tell I’m a frosting person? Smile with tongue out


Have an AMAZING weekend friends!! <3

Oh Woe a Broken Toe!

HAHA sorry that title made me crack up!! I was going to  make it less cheesy but that’s just too funny!! HEY friends, and sorry for the lack of postage yesterday! I got back late in the evening and then my blog was down, so I just went to bed! I hope you’re all having a good week!!


I broke my toe. My poor middle toe. Do you wanna see it? Nah, I wouldn’t do that to you! But you can see how doctor-esque I am…


Yeah, I wrapped it in tissue. I’m sure that helped…! Smile with tongue out (P.S. That’s a cool sandal tan line stripe right there ha!)


I did it running to the kitchen. Obviously. I heard the microwave timer go, and ran towards it, hitting my toes on a table leg in the process. It was ALMOST worth it for this…020 

Afternoon snack: protein oats in a not-very-empty PB jar, topped with strawberry preserves! That cheered me up!  Food and peanut butter especially fix EVERYTHING Smile


Because walking was painful, I knew I couldn’t do my planned workout which was something that I was SO excited about (I didn’t tell you guys cos it was gonna be a surprise)!!


MY FIRST EVER (RUNNING) TEAM PRACTISE!! If you are a newer reader or you have a memory like mine, you can read about me being asked to join the club here. Anyway, my first practise was going to be today! But I don’t mind because now I can just look forward to going next week hopefully eeeee!! I can just build up even MORE excitement, and it will be GREAT!! Open-mouthed smile


I just Googled my toe thing, and apparently I can try taping it to my other toes and then running on it. If there’s no pain, then I can run on it! I’m going to check it with the doctor just in case, but *hopefully* it should be fine! It’s my middle toe, so it’s not as bad!


You know what also cheered me up? Retail therapy!! 024

All workout stuff! Smile with tongue out Workout top with a PROPER built-in bra (most ones are rubbish), a dri-fit zip hoody thingy, a sports bra (I LOVED this design!!), Clif Shot Blocks, and Nuun hydration tablets (they are AWESOME!!).


I also would LOVE these:


Newton’s just sound SO awesome!! Sadly the £130 price tag is a bit much for me! Smile with tongue out 


Also, there’s nothing endorphins can’t fix!025

I look cool I know Winking smile I spent an hour and a half switching between the bike and the elliptical (it’s a week off weights), doing various things to keep myself entertained, like hills and HIITs, and People Watching. I’m a creep.


And then guess what I had for dinner? Ultimate Comfort Food/Bone Healing food:


Buried under all the chocolate pudding, the vanilla pudding, and peanut butter, is STEEL CUT oatmeal!! I LOVE the texture of it!! I definitely have to work on different ways of making it though, but I seriously loved it!!


Now I’m off to eat my late night snack…


…so I’ll see you guys tomorrow!! Open-mouthed smile


Have you ever broken a bone? Not till today!!


Have you ever been part of a sports team? No actually! I wasn’t a sporty child at all!! Actually I remember being in a hockey club for a bit and being AWFUL at it!!


What is your fave thing to shop for? Food, and then workout clothes! I love Nike too much, and my bank balance hates me for it! Smile with tongue out


ALMOST the weekend now!! Hope you all have a great end to the week!! *HUGS!*


P.S. I put a new album up on my Facebook page of some photos of my summer if you wanna check it out! More to come!

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