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Run Monkey Run!


HEY friends! How has the start of your week been? Mine has been tiring, but good! Time for a lil’ weekend recap!


My weekend began with my last cross country race of the season! I counted last week’s as my last proper race though, because this was just a fun, informal club one! It was a 5 mile handicap (worked out based on 5k PBs), so I started almost ten minutes after the first lady went. It was a hot day, so I dressed up ready for the weather, but I wasn’t prepared for a midday race and a course that had almost no shade! All of us girls also decided to make it our annual Sports Bra Run since the weather was so nice, which do every year and each donate £5 to Breast Cancer Care:)




I WON the handicap! To be fair, my 5k time was from last year, so it probably wasn’t entirely fair, but I’m not complaining! ;) I also realised that handicaps are my new favourite race! Chasing down the people in front of you whilst trying not to be caught by the fast people behind you is so fun!


I finished up with four super slow cool down miles on the trails with a teammate (plus 1 warm up) to give me my long run of the week:


My race miles were 6 min/miles, and my cooldown was 9min/miles! I’m finally learning how to run easy!


After that fun morning, it was time for shopping and The Hunger Games!



I LOVED it! My only complaints were that the choppy camera action (esp. at the beginning!) made me feel dizzy, and also that it was too long. But then I have the attention span of an gnat and hate sitting still so the fact that I still loved a movie that wasn’t Disney and was 2+ hours long is saying something! They definitely did justice to the book:)


Following the movie I made a beeline for Nandos and dragged my friends with me. Have I ever mentioned how much I love that place? ;) Portuguese food that is cheap, spicy, and yummy is definitely my thing!


Veggie burger + slow cooked luso beans. I also had another plate with ratatouille and a side salad on it…ordering two plates of food is totally normal by the way;)


Obviously my Sunday began with a big stack of pancakes. And lots of maple syrup:)



I was relaxing at the dining table, munching on my pancakes, thinking it was 8.45am. I was taking part in a 6 mile run for Sport Relief at 10am, so I thought had plenty of time. And then about a minute later, it hit me. The clocks had gone forward. Cue panic, frantic running around trying to get dressed, and Tweeting my distress.


Note: I also thought the starting time was 10.30am. It was actually 10am. Double fail!


Nevertheless, I got there, albeit 10 minutes late! I was told that I could still join in, but that I would have to cut it short so that I wouldn’t finish after everyone else. I decided to take a different option: run as fast I could and finish it.


FYI, the fastest you can run in a too-big monkey onesie is 7 min/miles. I finished in 42 minutes! It felt good to lap people dressed like that though haha!


It was SO FUN! Everyone gets very enthusiastic when someone runs around in a monkey suit! Although some people got confused and I was called a rabbit or bear on numerous occasions. Those people received a banana in the face.


It was an uncomfortable run though, with a belly full of pankcaes and with a FLEECE onesie on. Man it got toasty in there!


My friend, who is INSANELY fast, won in 31 minutes!! He was so fast that there was no-one at the finish line, because the officials didn’t expect anyone to finish that soon haha! And he was disappointed because he wanted to run 29 minutes. Crazy.


To make matters even better, my brother had to take the car, so I had to use public transport to get home. And guess who was in too much of a hurry to think to bring a change of clothes?


Monkey on the bus. Standard.


So, tell me, what was the best thing about YOUR weekend? I can’t pick one thing! My runs probably:)


Have you ever done a race in fancy dress? It gave me a whole new respect for people who do! It sure ain’t easy! But it is so fun, and you get so much more crowd support!


Have a GREAT week! <3

A New Best Friend


Wow what a weekend this has been! Things have been so crazy lately that I’ve been slightly AWOL on the posting front! I was supposed to be joining my team to race at the South of England Championships this weekend, but sadly ended up not being able to go at the last minute. I was frustrated at first, and sad to let down my teammates, but next week’s race is more important, so I’m excited for that!!


Friday’s are my busiest days. I’m typically out of the house from 8am-10.30pm. I basically subsist on a TON of packed food, and this is where my bar addiction comes in!


I ordered more Luna bars a few days ago…soooo good!


I also took Oats in a Jar with me. Best portable meal ever!! P.S. I know the below photo just looks like a full jar of PB, but I promise you that there are some oats in it. I just like the ratio 1:10 of oats to nut butter.


I so almost forgot to take the lid…that would have been messy!


Friday evenings are made up of music rehearsals, and then I help at my church’s outreach youth group. I love the kids! One of them bought me a candy bracelet! She clearly knows that sugar is the way to my heart Winking smile


I needed that after a long day! Dealing with 100+ hyperactive kids is seriously crazy!


I got a blissful 8 hours of sleep (and 9 hours last night…who am I?!) and started my Saturday with toasted cinnamon raisin bread, Justin’s Maple Almond Butter, and a Pink Lady apple:



I spent the rest of the day camped out in the library for a marathon study session. Which obviously, was fuelled with the good stuff…


These sweets are my favourite! Definitely a study necessity.


I may have spent a little too much time not actually studying, but eating sweets and making signs to cheer on some of my friends who were competing in a music competition in the evening. She liked this one the best:


My friend is Welsh, in case you didn’t get that Winking smile


It was so great to be watching instead of performing for once! My friends were absolutely amazing, and one of them WON despite the crazily high standard of competition! Doesn’t she look beautiful too?!



I think my heart stopped when they read the results! I think it’s just as nerve-wracking watching as it is performing!


I was sitting next to a blind man, and his guide dog is my new best friend. Meet John:


I had a nice chat with the man during the interval, and apparently John is named after John Cleese, because he is a huge Fawlty Towers fan haha!


I woke up this morning CRAVING pancakes. Gotta love Pancake Sundays! Open-mouthed smile I had my current favourite: gingerbread pancakes!

gingerbread pancakes


Gingerbread pancakes+ lots of maple syrup + watching athletics before church = perfect Sunday morning


I taped the UK Indoor Championships which were shown live on Saturday, and watched it today! AAAH Mo Farah’s race was so exciting, and he’s just plain unbelievable! I can’t wait to see what he can do at the Olympics!


My long run today was so awesome. I think I was spurred on after watching my inspirations kill it on the track, and I was feeling great after getting so much more sleep recently! Sundays are my favourite day because you really can’t beat the combo of pancakes, church, and long runs.



Definitely one of my favourite long runs ever! I LOVED it! It was so cold though; the wind chill was the worst!



As soon as I walked through the door, I threw on a few more layers and took Buddy out to join me on my cool-down walk.


That is my best I-am-high-on-endorphins-and-have-gone-numb-with-the-cold face


I am really looking forward to this week of running, because I have an important race on Saturday where I’m representing my county (note county, which is like a state, not country haha!) for the first time, and also because it will be the first week in my injury comeback where I’ll be running 6 days a week again! Obviously that depends on how I’m feeling, but fingers crossed! Everything’s feeling great right now, so I’m positive  that this will be a great running week!


What was the best part of your weekend?


What is your favourite snack or meal to take on the go? Energy bars  my go-to option!


Runners: How many days a week do you run normally? Six now. Weird to think that this time last year I was only running two or three days a week, and had never usually ran more than 5 miles!



Have a great week friends! <3

When Not Running…


I absolutely loved this weekend. Much as I love my usually hectic running-around-like-a-headless-Tofurkey lifestyle, having a free calendar for a couple of days is just perfect. For the first weekend this month, I had no races!!


My body has definitely needed a break. Adjusting to running hard three days a week (Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturday race), and sometimes more, has not been easy! I definitely felt this during Thursday’s workout…



Like I said, I’m not worried about it, but I am being cautious, especially given my previous injuries! I’ve had Friday-Sunday keeping everything totally easy on my legs, doing lots of yoga, like Yoga for Runners from YogaDownload.



I needed these days off, because this week is going to kill my legs. Track training with my coach and the sprint group on Monday to work on my awful race starts…


…then usual training with my distance group on Tuesday and Thursday, and race on Saturday. Uh, sorry in advance legs! I am going to be icing them every night and being super-careful to watch out for any problems.


Actually, the whole staying-off-my-legs plan totally went out of the window during my shopping trips this weekend! I was attempting to tackle my Christmas shopping early, but failed miserably…


NONE of these bags are presents! I got some new boots in the sale which I am in love with (£50 down to £18!) and a new black lace concert dress that is so so beautiful! I’ve got a concert this Saturday so I’ll show it to you guys then Smile


It’s also perfectly normal to use your non-running time to bake muffins instead. Happy Herbivore’s maple pumpkin muffins are my new favourite thing in the world, and I’ve almost finished the whole batch already! Smile with tongue out


Warmed up and topped with lots of cashew butter Smile



Crumbled on oatmeal


On Saturday night, I headed out to Nando’s, a Portuguese restaurant, with my church group. Even though Nando’s is primarily a chicken restaurant, their veggie options are awesome!


Veggie burger wrap with a side of Luso beans (slow cooked black beans and cherry tomatoes), which was delicious!


I LOVE being able to go out and eat lots and stay out late on Friday or Saturday nights for once, because most of the time I have to run or race early the next morning so I have to skip out early. Or maybe it’s because I don’t get invited out because I am too embarrassing to be around in public. Who knows…



And of course, no weekend is complete without PANCAKES! Pancake Sunday is one of the highlights of my week! Smile with tongue out


Same as last week- my favourite gingerbread pancakes! Next week I am thinking Christmassy themes…maybe mince pie pancakes? Or candy cane pancakes sounds pretty darn good to me too Smile


Was your weekend a busy one, or relaxed? Relaxed, but next week’s is seriously crazy to make up for it! Smile with tongue out


Did you get anything good in the sales? I’ve ordered few people’s xmas presents in sales online which I’m  happy about! Usually I leave everything till the week before, but I’m determined not to this year!


Random Q: Are you a fan of mince pies? I’ve never actually had a mince pie before! When I was younger I thought it was real mince in it, so I steered well clear haha!


Have a great week friends! <3

Recovery and Gingerbread Pancakes


Hey friends! Had a good weekend? I’ve loved this weekend! After a crazy Saturday, a chilled Sunday was just what I needed!


Despite all the stretching, foam-rolling and ice-bathing yesterday, sadly nothing could prevent the onset of DOMS today! Lesson learned: always always ALWAYS do a cooldown after an intense, hilly race!


But it’s fine, I have recovery sorted. I got nine hours of sleep last night (I get less than seven normally, so this was blissful!), and after limping out of bed, started recovery part II. Pancakes.



Pancakes are the recovery food of champions. Especially gingerbread pancakes drizzled in maple syrup…



Gingerbread Pancakes (based lightly on CCK’s pancake recipes)

These are hands-down the best pancakes I have ever made. They have a light, fluffy texture, and a deep gingerbread flavour. Goes perfectly with maple syrup.

Vegan, serves 1 hungry person

  • 1/2 cup wholewheat flour (I used WW spelt)
  • 1/2 t baking powder
  • 1/4 t baking soda
  • 1/2 t cinnamon
  • 1/2 t ginger
  • 1/4 t ground mixed spice
  • 1 t egg replacer
  • 1 T molasses/muscovado sugar (or other brown sugar)
  • 1 T non-dairy spread, melted
  • ~1/3 cup non-dairy milk
  1. Combine dry ingredients and mix well.
  2. Stir in wet ingredients, then make your pancakes over a medium-low heat, and ENJOY!


I think I will be having these pancakes every Pancake Sunday until I die.



The sprint to church (I was pretty late!) was made very uncomfortable with a belly full of pancakes! Worth it though Smile


Recovery part III came in the form of an easy elliptical workout. I just pedalled away at a steady pace on low resistance for an hour to get the legs moving. I was sweating like crazy though, because my gym is being completely renovated, so the air-con was off today. I felt like I was working out in a sauna!


Red and sweaty…attractive! Smile with tongue out


Straight afterwards, I hit up Starbucks with a friend. The falafel panini was calling my name…



Ordered a gingerbread latte to-go as well. Clearly I was in a gingerbread mood today! Smile with tongue out

Starbucks Cup - 1st Gingerbread Latte


This evening was all about the recovery foods.


Wholewheat giant couscous, lentils, and red pepper


But obviously, nothing speeds recovery like the magic combo of peanut butter and chocolate!


It’s perfectly normal to dip chocolate chips in PB, right…? Winking smile


Have you ever had serious muscle soreness before? Yes, I remember the first time I did BodyPump, I couldn’t move for a few days afterwards haha!


Are you a gingerbread fan? I love love love gingerbread! Cake, cookies, pancakes, lattes, ANYTHING gingerbread flavoured is awesome!


What are you looking forward to this week? Thanksgiving! (My family is half American, so we do celebrate!)


Have an AMAZING week! <3

My Weekend Is Not Complete Without…


…a race. Well, for the moment at least, EVERY weekend involves a race!


This photo demonstrates how awful I am at starting races (I’m the one in last!). Literally, the gun goes off, and I realise about a year later, and have to spend the first minute or so catching up. My coach was yelling “what are you doing in last place?! MOVE!” to me when he saw! Haha we’ll be working on that one this week! Smile with tongue out The race itself was fun (results aren’t up yet, so I can’t share them)! My LAST “tempo” race, because I’ve been given the go-ahead to run at faster speeds again now because my injury is healing well! So this Saturday’s race (a major one!) will be all-out, and I can’t WAIT! Open-mouthed smile


…a Costa gingerbread latte. I think I’ve had them every Saturday and Sunday since they’ve been selling them again!


Yes, straight after the race I did hit up the nearest Costa. Still in my shorts and muddy spikes. Coffee takes priority.


…party time! Nothing like cake to refuel after a race with  Winking smile


The highlight for me was a chocolate fountain with fruit. I was challenged to try and down this kebab I made in one:


I not only epically failed, but almost impaled myself on the end of the stick.


…food shopping. Saturday is my weekly shop day, but this week I just needed some essentials. And by that I mean broccoli and chocolate chips…


x4 packets! Smile with tongue out


…early morning Sunday hill training! Only this week my legs were telling me that the hills from Saturday were quite enough for one lifetime weekend, so I gave them a rest instead Smile


I know, I know, my form is shocking, but that was probably the last thing on my mind at that point haha!


…church. I washed my hair beforehand which was a first, and people (including the pastor!) asked me what I’d done with it, which was a little embarrassing! Smile with tongue out


“Yeah I actually just washed it for once…”


…and obviously, it’s not complete without PANCAKES!


Recycled photo, same pancakes! CCK’s Cookie Dough Pancakes (my favourite!) with the obligatory maple syrup drizzle


I’ve barely touched my computer all weekend, so I’ve got a lot to catch up on! I hope you’ve all had a great weekend!


What is your weekend not complete without?

What was the best part of your weekend?


What is your favourite pancake/oatmeal/cereal/etc topping? Nut butter generally, but for pancakes maple syrup is my fave Smile


Have a great week friends! <3

Why I am not a Fashion Blogger


Happy Halloween! Having a good start to the week guys? Mine was good, but my legs aren’t feeling so great! Nothing serious, but I guess Saturday’s race effort took it out of them a bit, because after a very tough, hilly mile I had to stop immediately (throw up) and sit down, so I didn’t cool down or stretch! My illotibial band is a bit tight, so I’ve been resting it (just doing yoga) and stretching it gently. The foam roller has been my best friend.



It is definitely a proven fact that pancakes help with recovery.


Especially thick, pumpkin-caramel pancakes drizzled with syrup Smile


Caramel-Pumpkin Pancakes (adapted from my pumpkin spelt pancakes)

Vegan, can be gluten-free, serves 1

  • 1/2 cup flour (I used wholegrain spelt)
  • ~1/2 pot caramel soya pudding (1/4 cup)
    • 1/4 cup canned pumpkin
    • 1/2 tsp cinnamon
    • 1/2 tsp pumpkin pie spice (or mixed spice)
    • 1 tsp baking powder
  1. Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl. The batter will be very thick (this makes thicker pancakes- if you want thinner ones just add milk).
  2. Make your pancakes over a medium-low heat, and ENJOY!!


These are so yummy, and totally worth being left with only 2 minutes to get ready for church. They’re used to me turning up with unbrushed hair or or once straight from XC training covered in mud! Yesterday’s episode involved me turning up with my PJ top under my coat cos I ran out of time…but we all know pancakes are more important anyway Winking smile



Later in the day, I went to the shops again, and this time not only did I get a latte…Gingerbread-Latte-15_09_10-448x600

Gingerbread soy latte…sooo good!


…I got some NON-RUNNING clothes and shoes! Surprised smile Don’t tell me that these aren’t the coolest boots ever:


They have REINDEER in the lining!! Open-mouthed smile 


I also bought these leggings, which I love and have pretty much been wearing day and night since purchase.



Ok, so now the mystery of why I am not a fashion blogger is solved, I can get back to my regular outfit of choice…


I want them all. And this was only half of them! Smile with tongue out


I also found these shoes on Pinterest, and I want them so badly!!


I know, I’ve got a great fashion sense Winking smile



What is your current favourite item of clothing? Those boots, and leggings because they are so warm and comfy! And Nike Tempos always!


What is your favourite colour? Green!


Random Q: Did you get any trick-or-treaters? Nope! None at all! I had a bowl of treats all ready, so I guess I’ll have to eat them all instead…shame really! Smile with tongue out


Have a great day!

A Very Lucky Monkey


I was a very lucky monkey today.



I slept in my monkey onesie (it is the most warm and comfy thing on the PLANET!), so when the postman rang early in the morning to drop off two packages for me, he got a nice surprise Winking smile



The BEST package was from my running buddy Tara at XC Foodie! I swear she’s my sister from another mister, and some day we will meet up and be real life running buddies. Anyway, our birthdays are exactly one month apart, so we sent each other (belated!) birthday packages! She sent me SO MANY AMAZING THINGS!!


Homemade Chocolate Walnut Butter(!!), Kashi  chocolate coconut bar, cinnamon roast almonds, chocolate PB Odowalla bar, Organic Food Bar in chocolatey choc chip flavour, Kashi Heart to Heart, Food Should Taste Good multigrain snacks, Justin’s Maple Almond Butter, trail mix, Annie’s Bunny Grahams in chocolate and chocolate chip, Bear Naked granola, and Clif bars in Carrot Cake and Peanut Toffee Buzz flavours!!


There were immediately some casualties whilst I was waiting for my breakfast:


My latest addiction.


The BEST bit of Tara’s package was actually the non-foodie items! She sent this book, as it is one that has inspired her so much:DSCF1661

Her awesome idea is that we share the love by passing this book around to other bloggers! So I’ll read it, then write my name in the cover under hers, and send it off to somebody! So expect this book SOON runner friends! Smile


Tara also made me a RUNNER’S SHIRT!! How cool is THAT?!


I am never taking it off. Ever. I love it too much. LOVE YOU TARA!!


The other package was some essentials I ordered from iHerb. And by essentials, I obviously mean this:


My fave nut butter. I almost cried when I finished my last jar! Smile with tongue out


Basically, this morning was just the best ever! Packages and my favourite breakfast…OIAJ!!


Vanilla Protein Oatmeal (1/2 cup oats, 1 scoop vanilla protein powder, 1 cup soy milk, 1 cup water) in a PB&Co jar topped with raspberry jam Smile


After breakfast, I headed out to enjoy the last of the sunshine (apparently regular October weather starts tomorrow here haha!)…



…and then hit the gym for a quick strength training and plyometric workout. My coach recommended plyometrics to help with running economy (you can read about it and see the workout I did here) and they are sure not easy, but they are FUN! I refuelled with some banana milk:


They were all out of chocolate milk at the health store. I would have thrown a tantrum normally but I like banana milk too and the lady promised to give me a free choc one to make up for it next time because she knows it’s my fave! WIN! Open-mouthed smile


Oh, and guess what lunch was?


Happy *belated* Pancake Sunday! Open-mouthed smile Banana pancakes with extra banana and maple syrup. Definitely glad I made it a Pancake Monday!! And thanks guys for the get well wishes- I was feeling 100% yesterday night and today wahoo!!


Do you have a book that has inspired you a lot? I’m only a few pages into Going Long, and it is already!


What are your foodie ‘essentials’? Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut, dark chocolate chips, and snack bars!


What is your favourite breakfast? OIAJ! To be specific, pudding oats in a Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Butter jar. No I do not work for Justin’s, I just love them! Smile with tongue out


Love you all! <3

I love Pancake Sundays.


Long time no see!! Haha sorry friends, my computer got attacked AGAIN this weekend by a virus, which meant that I lost my planned Running Chat post for Saturday waah!! But I’ll either post it tomorrow or just wait till next Saturday…I’ll see what I’m feeling!


Anyway, I had an AMAZING weekend!! I spent my Saturday chilling with some friends…


Maturity at its finest


We went out for dinner at an Indian restaurant which had the best food in the WORLD!DSCF1473


Chana Masala, Tarka Daal, and Stuffed Vegetable Paratha. I ate every bite and had food triplets afterwards Smile with tongue out


We spent the rest of the evening chatting, watching movies and eating Outback Animals:DSCF1483

They are SO FREAKIN GOOD! I’ve gotten my friends addicted to these cookies too Smile


I started my Sunday in the best way with a great early morning workout:



I KILLED it in this workout, and it was sweat+endorphins city by the end!!


I actually showered after this (and washed my hair!!). Miracles can happen if you believe.


Of course, following that it was PANCAKE TIME!! Man I love Pancake Sunday!!


CCK’s cookie dough pancakes drizzled with maple syrup. Heaven!! I had to eat some on the go cos I was late for church already! Smile with tongue out


Oh, and I made the most AMAZING (sugar-free!) Cinnamon Raisin PB which I have been having non-stop for the past few days…


My fave PB&J rice cake sandwiches! Open-mouthed smile


And now I’m off to chow down my midnight snack…



What was the highlight of your weekend? Spending my Saturday with the best people and eating great food!


What is your favourite cuisine? Indian, then Italian and Mexican!


Are you a pancake person? Yes yes yes! Pancake Sunday is one of the highlights of my WEEK!!



Hope y’all have an AMAZING week!! <3