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A New Best Friend


Wow what a weekend this has been! Things have been so crazy lately that I’ve been slightly AWOL on the posting front! I was supposed to be joining my team to race at the South of England Championships this weekend, but sadly ended up not being able to go at the last minute. I was frustrated at first, and sad to let down my teammates, but next week’s race is more important, so I’m excited for that!!


Friday’s are my busiest days. I’m typically out of the house from 8am-10.30pm. I basically subsist on a TON of packed food, and this is where my bar addiction comes in!


I ordered more Luna bars a few days ago…soooo good!


I also took Oats in a Jar with me. Best portable meal ever!! P.S. I know the below photo just looks like a full jar of PB, but I promise you that there are some oats in it. I just like the ratio 1:10 of oats to nut butter.


I so almost forgot to take the lid…that would have been messy!


Friday evenings are made up of music rehearsals, and then I help at my church’s outreach youth group. I love the kids! One of them bought me a candy bracelet! She clearly knows that sugar is the way to my heart Winking smile


I needed that after a long day! Dealing with 100+ hyperactive kids is seriously crazy!


I got a blissful 8 hours of sleep (and 9 hours last night…who am I?!) and started my Saturday with toasted cinnamon raisin bread, Justin’s Maple Almond Butter, and a Pink Lady apple:



I spent the rest of the day camped out in the library for a marathon study session. Which obviously, was fuelled with the good stuff…


These sweets are my favourite! Definitely a study necessity.


I may have spent a little too much time not actually studying, but eating sweets and making signs to cheer on some of my friends who were competing in a music competition in the evening. She liked this one the best:


My friend is Welsh, in case you didn’t get that Winking smile


It was so great to be watching instead of performing for once! My friends were absolutely amazing, and one of them WON despite the crazily high standard of competition! Doesn’t she look beautiful too?!



I think my heart stopped when they read the results! I think it’s just as nerve-wracking watching as it is performing!


I was sitting next to a blind man, and his guide dog is my new best friend. Meet John:


I had a nice chat with the man during the interval, and apparently John is named after John Cleese, because he is a huge Fawlty Towers fan haha!


I woke up this morning CRAVING pancakes. Gotta love Pancake Sundays! Open-mouthed smile I had my current favourite: gingerbread pancakes!

gingerbread pancakes


Gingerbread pancakes+ lots of maple syrup + watching athletics before church = perfect Sunday morning


I taped the UK Indoor Championships which were shown live on Saturday, and watched it today! AAAH Mo Farah’s race was so exciting, and he’s just plain unbelievable! I can’t wait to see what he can do at the Olympics!


My long run today was so awesome. I think I was spurred on after watching my inspirations kill it on the track, and I was feeling great after getting so much more sleep recently! Sundays are my favourite day because you really can’t beat the combo of pancakes, church, and long runs.



Definitely one of my favourite long runs ever! I LOVED it! It was so cold though; the wind chill was the worst!



As soon as I walked through the door, I threw on a few more layers and took Buddy out to join me on my cool-down walk.


That is my best I-am-high-on-endorphins-and-have-gone-numb-with-the-cold face


I am really looking forward to this week of running, because I have an important race on Saturday where I’m representing my county (note county, which is like a state, not country haha!) for the first time, and also because it will be the first week in my injury comeback where I’ll be running 6 days a week again! Obviously that depends on how I’m feeling, but fingers crossed! Everything’s feeling great right now, so I’m positive  that this will be a great running week!


What was the best part of your weekend?


What is your favourite snack or meal to take on the go? Energy bars  my go-to option!


Runners: How many days a week do you run normally? Six now. Weird to think that this time last year I was only running two or three days a week, and had never usually ran more than 5 miles!



Have a great week friends! <3

A Very Lucky Monkey


I was a very lucky monkey today.



I slept in my monkey onesie (it is the most warm and comfy thing on the PLANET!), so when the postman rang early in the morning to drop off two packages for me, he got a nice surprise Winking smile



The BEST package was from my running buddy Tara at XC Foodie! I swear she’s my sister from another mister, and some day we will meet up and be real life running buddies. Anyway, our birthdays are exactly one month apart, so we sent each other (belated!) birthday packages! She sent me SO MANY AMAZING THINGS!!


Homemade Chocolate Walnut Butter(!!), Kashi  chocolate coconut bar, cinnamon roast almonds, chocolate PB Odowalla bar, Organic Food Bar in chocolatey choc chip flavour, Kashi Heart to Heart, Food Should Taste Good multigrain snacks, Justin’s Maple Almond Butter, trail mix, Annie’s Bunny Grahams in chocolate and chocolate chip, Bear Naked granola, and Clif bars in Carrot Cake and Peanut Toffee Buzz flavours!!


There were immediately some casualties whilst I was waiting for my breakfast:


My latest addiction.


The BEST bit of Tara’s package was actually the non-foodie items! She sent this book, as it is one that has inspired her so much:DSCF1661

Her awesome idea is that we share the love by passing this book around to other bloggers! So I’ll read it, then write my name in the cover under hers, and send it off to somebody! So expect this book SOON runner friends! Smile


Tara also made me a RUNNER’S SHIRT!! How cool is THAT?!


I am never taking it off. Ever. I love it too much. LOVE YOU TARA!!


The other package was some essentials I ordered from iHerb. And by essentials, I obviously mean this:


My fave nut butter. I almost cried when I finished my last jar! Smile with tongue out


Basically, this morning was just the best ever! Packages and my favourite breakfast…OIAJ!!


Vanilla Protein Oatmeal (1/2 cup oats, 1 scoop vanilla protein powder, 1 cup soy milk, 1 cup water) in a PB&Co jar topped with raspberry jam Smile


After breakfast, I headed out to enjoy the last of the sunshine (apparently regular October weather starts tomorrow here haha!)…



…and then hit the gym for a quick strength training and plyometric workout. My coach recommended plyometrics to help with running economy (you can read about it and see the workout I did here) and they are sure not easy, but they are FUN! I refuelled with some banana milk:


They were all out of chocolate milk at the health store. I would have thrown a tantrum normally but I like banana milk too and the lady promised to give me a free choc one to make up for it next time because she knows it’s my fave! WIN! Open-mouthed smile


Oh, and guess what lunch was?


Happy *belated* Pancake Sunday! Open-mouthed smile Banana pancakes with extra banana and maple syrup. Definitely glad I made it a Pancake Monday!! And thanks guys for the get well wishes- I was feeling 100% yesterday night and today wahoo!!


Do you have a book that has inspired you a lot? I’m only a few pages into Going Long, and it is already!


What are your foodie ‘essentials’? Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut, dark chocolate chips, and snack bars!


What is your favourite breakfast? OIAJ! To be specific, pudding oats in a Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Butter jar. No I do not work for Justin’s, I just love them! Smile with tongue out


Love you all! <3

WIAW: Chocolate Overload


Happy What I Ate Wednesday Tuesday friends!! Man I love this party and it’s awesome host Jenn!


Peas and Crayons


What I Ate


Finishing my Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut butter jar was a bittersweet moment. So sad it was gone, but the OIAJ was AMAZING!!!!


Katie’s Voluminous Overnight Oatmeal with raspberry jam on top. In the morning, I put the oats in and then microwaved the jar so the nut butter went all melty mmmm Smile


My current FAVOURITE snack is this:


A wholewheat flatbread topped with Sabra hummus and tofu chunks, grilled for a few minutes. It is SO freakin good!!


Another fave snack is a Blueberry Oatmeal Smoothie! And before you all wonder what happened to my usual pool of PB in the photo below, it was the last of a squeeze pack of Justin’s Honey PB, ok?! Smile with tongue out


Blueberry Oatmeal Smoothie

  • 1/2 cup frozen blueberries
  • 1 small banana
  • 1/4 cup oats
  • 1 cup soy milk (or milk of choice)
  • (optional) sweetener. I used a few drops of vanilla stevia
  • (optional) ~1tsp xanthan gum for thickening

Blend away! And top with nut butter of course! That bit is not optional Winking smile


I redeemed myself PB-wise with my usual pool of it on this morning’s breakfast:


Banana bread in a bowl with TJ’s crunchy PB Smile


Contrary to what it tends to look like on the bloggie, most of my meals AREN’T actually sweet and covered in nut butter! Shocking, I know! Smile with tongue out They are actually more like this:


Roasted vegetable couscous, cheezy scrambled tofu, and cucumber. I have been having a LOT of cucumber recently because it is now my fave veggie (it changes weekly) so I’ve been eating my bodyweight in it recently Smile


One of my favourite quick, easy meals and sources of protein is scrambled tofu! This is my favourite way to prepare it:


Easy Scrambled Tofu

Vegan, Gluten Free, Serves 1

  • 1/2 block firm-silken tofu (I use Mori-Nu)
  • 3 tbsp nutritional yeast
  • Cooking spray
  • Spices and seasoning! (I used approx 1/4 tsp salt, and 1/4 tsp each of garam masala, turmeric and chilli powder for a curried tofu, but feel free to use whatever floats your boat)
  1. Place the tofu in a small pan, and chop roughly into small-ish pieces. Spray with your cooking spray and turn up to a medium-low heat.
  2. Add the nutritional yeast, spices and seasoning, and stir in until well combined.
  3. After a few minutes, with occasional stirring, your scrambled tofu should be done! (It should look like and have roughly the consistency of scrambled egg). ENJOY!!


I LOVE it on toast as a quick, protein-rich snack or meal:



Best eat of the last couple of days has been CHOCOLATE CAKE. Yesterday, I made CCK’s Ultimate Fudge Pie and ohmygosh it is AMAZING!!


The picture does it no justice. I was too busy trying to eat it to take a pretty photo but trust me when I say it is to DIE for!!


And today was one of my best friend’s birthdays, and guess who was up till 12.30am making her cake? Smile with tongue out Worth it though:DSCF1407


This is CCK’s chocolate cake, and it was a HUGE hit!! (I doubled it to serve a lot of people). If you ever need someone to decorate a cake, ask me! I have WAY too much fun with chocolate chips, sugar stars, and sugar balls Smile




So over the past two days I have had at least a thousand slices of chocolate cake!! I am officially CHOCOLATED-OUT! Until tomorrow at least Winking smile


What I Worked


I have been ellipticalling my HEART out!! I just pretend I am running and read about running when I am doing it Smile


I spend WAY too much money on running magazines!! Oh, and just so you know, ‘tempo runs’ on the elliptical are HARD!! (P.S. I am finding out on Thursday more about my injury, fingers crossed for some good news!!) I’ve also been using the time to get back to lifting again! I love feeling strong! Open-mouthed smile


I am still not used to getting back to early workouts yet!! Half asleep at 6am:DSC03211

Too sleepy even to pull a stupid face! Smile with tongue out


Don’t worry though, the goofiness comes back when I’ve woken up a bit and I force my dog to waltz with me to Disney music.


I don’t think Buddy looks quite as enthusiastic as I do here. In my defence, he had not had four slices of chocolate cake. Just sayin Winking smile


Best thing you ate recently? Chocolate cake slice x 1000


What is your ideal time to workout? 8am. After breakfast and not TOO early for me!


What would be your DREAM birthday cake? Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Brownie Batter Cake Smile


HUGS and LOVE! <3


P.S. My NuNaturals Stevia giveaway ends soon!! FOUR people can win, so enter now for your chance!!

Exciting Running News!

Hellooo friends!! Happy almost Friday! This has been a crazy busy week for me, and it has flown by! I’m gonna make this a quick post because I am planning on getting up early to hit the gym before classes and I know I won’t be up if I get to bed at 1am like I did yesterday…I am so bad at getting to bed early!!


So I started my day with another OIAJ!! I will NEVER get sick of it!! The trick to getting the best OIAJ? Leave as much nut butter in there as poss. Seriously, at the end it was 90% nut butter and it was AWESOME! Open-mouthed smile


Oat bran topped with raspberry jam


Lunch was equally as yummy!


Sweet tater filled with my Magic Trio (Sabra hummus+beetroot+tofu) with more beets and mushroom on the side. Beets are one of my FAVE veggies and I eat so much of them I swear I am going slightly purple.


I also ate a LOT of PB&J rice cake sandwiches today. To say they are an addiction is a bit of an understatement.


You have to try this. And thank me later.


In the evening it was time for a team workout!! This time we did our workout in the park for a change instead of on the track, and I LOVED it!!



This was definitely the most fun workout I’ve done, and things got really competitive! My team won the 600’s and lost the 300’s, which was my fault really cos I was running the first leg and slid down into a ditch and by the time I’d gotten out we were a LONG way behind! Ooops! Smile with tongue out


I got home late (practise ends at 8.30pm!!) and refuelled:DSCF1029

Soy yoghurt and raspberry jam. Straight from the tub…classy.


Ok, so my exciting running news I mentioned in the Dailymile thingy? For those of you who don’t know, I only joined this running team a few weeks ago, and so I didn’t expect to race with them until next season, which is the start of next year for us! HOWEVER after seeing me run in the relays my coach asked me if I’d like to do a CROSS COUNTRY RELAY RACE NEXT WEEK!! I am so excited I could cry. I LOVE relays, and this will be the first race I’ve actually raced!! I know I’ll be the slowest leg of my team, seeing as everyone’s warm-up pace is my tempo pace (they are craaazy fast!), but I will do my best and have FUN and cheer my teammates which is definitely a talent of mine (I get VERY enthusiastic Winking smile ).


I am too excited. I’m going to have some chocolate chips to calm myself down now.


There is NOTHING that chocolate can’t do Smile


Do you have a favourite food combo? It has to be PB&J, or PB and chocolate!


What/when was your first race? I’ve done a couple of 10k charity runs before. I did a big 5k race back in March, but sadly wasn’t allowed to ‘race’ it, just run it because of my shin splints! I was bummed because I had trained SO hard for that race, but there’s always next year, and I will have redemption in this race hehe!


What are you excited about RIGHT NOW? Race aside, I’m excited for the weekend!! Especially Pancake Sunday Winking smile


Have an AMAZING rest of the week! <3



Running with da TEAM!

HEY friends!! Sorry for the lack of postage yesterday night! I had written my post but there was a powercut so it was lost, but I posted a GIVEAWAY one this morning that you should really check out if you haven’t already!


I limped out of bed this morning (first NROLFW Stage 2 yesterday!), broke my new camera (don’t ask), and consoled myself with this…


Banana oatmeal with dark chocolate and caramel puddings, crunchy PB and PB granola Smile 


I was definitely channelling my breakfast loving side today, with breakfast for lunch too…007

OIAJ!! In my Cinnamon Raisin Swirl jar topped with jam and more granola!


In preparation for my birthday (ONE WEEK!!!!!! Open-mouthed smile), I thought I’d make myself cake batter cashew butter!!


As soon as I saw this yesterday on Ashley’s blog (she has the BEST nut butters by the way!!), I knew I had to make it. And seriously, it tastes like cake batter. AMAZING!!


The BEST bit of today involved putting on my Fire Shoes for what was the first time in AGES!!DSC02913

Looking good there with the jeans too Winking smile I’ve missed these shoes!!


And THIS was why!



I. Loved. It. Being coached was awesome. Being told I had nice shoes was awesome. Being on the track again was awesome. Running with a TEAM was awesome!


Since I started running, it has pretty much always been a solitary thing for me (no nearby general running clubs- this is a serious running team that came THIRD in the European Club Championships!!), so being with other runners who are better than me is GREAT and so motivating!! Soon I’m gonna be kicking THEIR butts hehe Winking smile Also, it was a mixed training group, and running with GUYS means the pace is a gazillion times faster!! Man they were speedy! But seriously I had the BEST time and I can’t wait to keep going back!!


Classy post-run bathroom shot Winking smile I wanted to take one of the team, but since it’s my first time and all I thought that might be crossing a line or something…not next time though haha!


Straight after practise I went with all the family to a nice Indian restaurant. Wearing my running clothes and bright orange shoes. Cool. I’m pretty sure I shouldn’t be allowed in establishments like this.DSC02916

“Look, the poppadum is as big as my HEAD!” That’s clearly one of those photos that is just so bad it has to be in black and white.


We were celebrating!DSC02918


Both my brother and I recently got our exam results and what better way to celebrate than by eating your bodyweight in Indian food?! And raspberry sorbet for dessert of course:

024My dad tried to take some and got a spoon bashing for that. Really, he should know better.


I doubt after today’s workout I’ll be able to move. I haven’t done that kind of speedwork or that intensity for MONTHS. If there’s no post tomorrow, you’ll know it’s because I’m lying comatose somewhere.


And yet somehow I’m sposed to get 6 miles in and some lifting…hmmm we’ll see! Smile with tongue out


Do you normally run/exercise alone? Yes, until now! I didn’t have a running buddy or anything! Which is why I’m so happy to be part of a team!!


What are YOU celebrating right now? Most of all, I’m celebrating the fact that I didn’t eat all the cake batter cashew butter. Seriously, that took some self-control!!


Any fun plans for the weekend? Gluing myself to the TV to watch the World Athletics Championships! Also going out with friends. But only when Mo Farah’s not racing. Priorities! Winking smile


Have a GREAT day friends!! <3


P.S. Don’t forget to enter my GIVEAWAY!!

Oh Woe a Broken Toe!

HAHA sorry that title made me crack up!! I was going to  make it less cheesy but that’s just too funny!! HEY friends, and sorry for the lack of postage yesterday! I got back late in the evening and then my blog was down, so I just went to bed! I hope you’re all having a good week!!


I broke my toe. My poor middle toe. Do you wanna see it? Nah, I wouldn’t do that to you! But you can see how doctor-esque I am…


Yeah, I wrapped it in tissue. I’m sure that helped…! Smile with tongue out (P.S. That’s a cool sandal tan line stripe right there ha!)


I did it running to the kitchen. Obviously. I heard the microwave timer go, and ran towards it, hitting my toes on a table leg in the process. It was ALMOST worth it for this…020 

Afternoon snack: protein oats in a not-very-empty PB jar, topped with strawberry preserves! That cheered me up!  Food and peanut butter especially fix EVERYTHING Smile


Because walking was painful, I knew I couldn’t do my planned workout which was something that I was SO excited about (I didn’t tell you guys cos it was gonna be a surprise)!!


MY FIRST EVER (RUNNING) TEAM PRACTISE!! If you are a newer reader or you have a memory like mine, you can read about me being asked to join the club here. Anyway, my first practise was going to be today! But I don’t mind because now I can just look forward to going next week hopefully eeeee!! I can just build up even MORE excitement, and it will be GREAT!! Open-mouthed smile


I just Googled my toe thing, and apparently I can try taping it to my other toes and then running on it. If there’s no pain, then I can run on it! I’m going to check it with the doctor just in case, but *hopefully* it should be fine! It’s my middle toe, so it’s not as bad!


You know what also cheered me up? Retail therapy!! 024

All workout stuff! Smile with tongue out Workout top with a PROPER built-in bra (most ones are rubbish), a dri-fit zip hoody thingy, a sports bra (I LOVED this design!!), Clif Shot Blocks, and Nuun hydration tablets (they are AWESOME!!).


I also would LOVE these:


Newton’s just sound SO awesome!! Sadly the £130 price tag is a bit much for me! Smile with tongue out 


Also, there’s nothing endorphins can’t fix!025

I look cool I know Winking smile I spent an hour and a half switching between the bike and the elliptical (it’s a week off weights), doing various things to keep myself entertained, like hills and HIITs, and People Watching. I’m a creep.


And then guess what I had for dinner? Ultimate Comfort Food/Bone Healing food:


Buried under all the chocolate pudding, the vanilla pudding, and peanut butter, is STEEL CUT oatmeal!! I LOVE the texture of it!! I definitely have to work on different ways of making it though, but I seriously loved it!!


Now I’m off to eat my late night snack…


…so I’ll see you guys tomorrow!! Open-mouthed smile


Have you ever broken a bone? Not till today!!


Have you ever been part of a sports team? No actually! I wasn’t a sporty child at all!! Actually I remember being in a hockey club for a bit and being AWFUL at it!!


What is your fave thing to shop for? Food, and then workout clothes! I love Nike too much, and my bank balance hates me for it! Smile with tongue out


ALMOST the weekend now!! Hope you all have a great end to the week!! *HUGS!*


P.S. I put a new album up on my Facebook page of some photos of my summer if you wanna check it out! More to come!

The Perfect Sunday

HEY friends!! Hope you’ve had a great weekend!! If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ll know how much I LOVE Sundays, for my typical Sunday Trio: Pancakes, Church, Long Run! After missing this for about a month now thanks to trips abroad, it is SO GOOD to get back to my favourite routine!


It all started with the pancakes. I should learn my lesson about waking up early enough to not have to sprint to church, which is very uncomfortable with a belly full of pancakes…


Double Chocolate Brownie Batter Pancakes. Tasted like heaven. Especially with added PB (instead of applesauce) and drizzled with maple syrup. Make. These. NOW!! I also had a PB&J sandwich on the side!


And then it was CHURCH time!! The sermon was GREAT (about making God your best friend <3 ), and thankfully the pastor is used to me eating during the sermon Winking smile



That was my pre-run fuel! My run today was SO AMAZING!!! You know those runs that you just want to go on forever? (But you know they can’t because your physio will hunt you down and use her awesome arm muscles to put you in a unbreakable headlock). It was one of those runs Smile



This was the first run I’ve had since my injury that I’ve felt like myself again when running! It was the best feeling! I just spent the hour chatting with God and smiling like a loon the whole time! Open-mouthed smile



In the afternoon, I also did my last New Rules Of Lifting For Women Stage 1 workout!


My thoughts on that and on some other stuff coming at ya tomorrow! Smile


Oh, and I tried this protein powder afterwards that I bought in Whole Foods in the States:034


It has pretty much the BEST nutritional profile I have ever seen!! 20g protein, all of your B12 and SO much iron!! Unfortunately, I tried it and gagged. It tasted like compost. No kidding on the greens! Smile with tongue out


So some GOOD eats for you from the last few days!!

Yesterday’s breakfast was pretty much the best in the WORLDOats In A Jar, with White Chocolate Wonderful!! Open-mouthed smile


I made sure to leave at LEAST 10000 servings in the jar Winking smile


I get worse every time. I think next time I’ll just skip the empty bit altogether and just stuff my oats right in there with the PB.




Sweet tater stuffed with beets, Sabra hummus and marinated tofu cubes (AMAZING combo btw, which I’ve been having non-stop in sandwiches recently!!) with more beets and mushrooms on the side.



Apple chunks dipped in my New Favourite Nut Butter!! Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut is the best EVER!! And made with real chocolate!! Sadly it’s $12 a jar…worth every penny though Smile


Pre-lifting snack:028

Warm WW pita strips double/triple/quadruple dipped in hummus and guacamole Smile


Post lifting:013

Banana Protein Oats! (1/2 cup oats, banana protein powder, banana, soy milk and lots of PB&Co Cinnamon Raisin Swirl nut butter Smile )


And my late night snack every night whilst blogging:


PB Puffins straight from the box. Cos I’m classy like that Winking smile


And Fun Fact of the Day: I have been home a week now pretty much, and I still haven’t started finished unpacking yet. Instead, I sit in my suitcase and hug my peanut butter.DSC01953

Don’t think I’m kidding (well, except for the last bit! Smile with tongue out). Will someone please come and unpack for me?! I’ll pay you in hugs and PB spoons! Smile


What was the highlight of your Sunday? Pancakes, Church, Run!!


Do you use protein powders? If so, what brand? I don’t THAT often (only usually after lifting), and usually use Spiru-tein, cos I love all the flavours!!


Fave cereal? Currently, PEANUT BUTTER PUFFINS!! They are addictive!!


Hope you all have an AWESOME week!! <3

Rest Days the Sweet Tooth Runner way

HELLOOO lovelies!! Haha reading your confessions from yesterday made me crack up so much!! You guys are too funny! Open-mouthed smile


Ok, so today was a rest day for me. I used to HATE them/never do them, but now I love and EMBRACE them! They are proven to make you a better and stronger athlete with less chance of developing injury, and even the elites take them, so they must be good for ya! Smile

Sweet Tooth Runner’s definition of a rest day: A day when you just chill, let your body relax, and eat lots.


So putting this into practise…



There was a lot of this today:


Lying down and just chilling. The sun came out for a few minutes when I was walking Buddy and I took full advantage. The sun makes me so HAPPY! Smile


There was a few thousand episodes of Criminal Minds…


…which I have clearly watched too much of, because now I even have dreams about it! And they are SCARY!!


And much reading and drooling over the recipes in this book! I have a lot of parties this weekend, so I’ll be taking stuff from here…


I am The Cupcake Girl. Whenever I go to a party, I bring cupcakes. So there’ll be a lot of cupcake baking over the next few days, including a lot of frosting consumption, and I’m definitely not complaining Winking smile




I went to a relaxing evening BodyBalance class. Well, it was relaxing up until the point where I lost my balance doing this pose…warrior3


…and fell into the random guy next to me. It was awkward enough,  but somehow managed to make it even MORE awkward by joking about us ‘skipping first base’. He didn’t look amused.


Eating lots

OATS IN A not-very-empty JAR!!DSC01077

That is my FAVOURITE non-flavoured peanut butter!! Even better though when enjoyed like this…DSC01080

I’ll have to get a big jar next time cos my oats never all fit in the jars! And I highly recommend leaving a REALLY thick layer at the bottom. Best thing EVER!! Open-mouthed smile


Still enjoying being reunited with my stuffed dates!DSC01088

Reader Glenda emailed me today to tell me that I should microwave my stuffed dates for 30 seconds. And I did. AMAZING!! I am never going back to the normal way!! THANKS Glenda!!


Lunch was a HUGE salad!


Avocado, broccoli, peppers and sweetcorn topped with Sabra hummus and with a multigrain wrap on the side Smile


There was a SECOND round of OIAJ in the afternoon! I just can’t get enough! Smile with tongue out


Oats in a not-very-empty cashew buttah jar!


And my current FAVOURITE sandwich!!


Crunchy peanut butter, apple, banana and jam sandwich. It. Rocks.


And MOST EXCITINGLY there was a Sweet Tooth package!! (Quality photography skills below…)DSC01084

THAT is a special package containing Sweet Tooth giveaway thingies for you guys! Woop! Open-mouthed smile I’ll post the review+giveaway soon so stay tuned!!


Do you take rest days? What do you do on them? I always make sure I have at least one a week, and more if I’m feeling it!


What is your fave sandwich? Mine changes on a weekly basis, but it’s definitely the crunchy PB, apple, banana and jam at the mo!


Got any plans for Friday or the weekend? MORE RUNNING WOOOOOOO!!! Ok, so just a few slow miles, but running is running and I can’t WAIT!! Open-mouthed smile


LOVE y’all, enjoy the rest of your week!!

What I…Wednesday!!

HAPPY WEDNESDAY FRIENDS!! Ok, yes, half of you are probably reading this on Tuesday, because for the sake of WIAW, I have swapped the two days around. I’ve managed to convince one of my friends that the world has actually swapped the two days. Gullible people are fun! Open-mouthed smile


Anyway, it’s time for my weekly contribution to Jenn @ Peas and Crayons’ party!!

What I Got So Happy About I Wanted To Cry Wednesday

This (from my Dailymile):


I KNOW you’re probably all thinking “big deal”,  but I am obsessed, and last week I couldn’t even take a step without pain, so this is PROGRESS people!! Open-mouthed smile Seeing ma physio on Monday, and I’m really really really hoping for good news!!


What I Ate Wednesday (nut butter edition)

Best. Breakfast Ever. OIAJ. But not just ANY OIAJ. We’re talking DOUBLE OIAJ!!DSC00491

Involving two not-very-empty nut butter jars Winking smile And I tried Katie’s Voluminous Oatmeal trick (but with 1/2 cup oats) for the first time!! Um, can you say voluminous again?

DSC00495Filled both jars AND another bowl! LOVE this trick!! Open-mouthed smile


I was definitely digging the volume today. Check out my huuuuge post-workout Chocolate-PB-Banana Recovery Smoothie!DSC00499

1 large frozen banana, 1 scoop protein powder, 1.25 cups chocolate soy milk, PB, ice cubes, xanthan gum and topped with oats and more crunchy PB.DSC00500

I also am slightly obsessed with nut butter making. DSC00512

Apricot-Cashew Butter

  • 1.5 cups (about 200g) roasted unsalted cashew nuts
  • 5 large dried apricots, chopped
  1. Process your nuts until creamy. And I mean creamy. When it looks done, keep processing for another few minutes!
  2. Soak your dried apricots in boiling water for about 5 mins for easy chopping and softness, then chop into small pieces.
  3. Add to the blender and give a quick whizz. (I like there to be chunky bits, so I only processed for about 5 more seconds, but it’s up to you). ENJOY!!


Obviously, I eat it straight off the spoon. Mmmmmm…DSC00520
Or inside a date of course! Winking smileDSC00523

So  basically, everything I’ve eaten has involved nut butter. Two more cases in point:DSC00497

Nanner with Dark Chocolate Dreams


Medjool dates stuffed with PB&Co Crunchy and WCW and chocolate chips.


I really think I need to increase my fat intake, because clearly I don’t get enough.



What I Worked Wednesday

30 mins HITTs+High Cadence Intervals on the bike, and a 45 min circuit workout from the Fitnessista! (found here) It was seriously awesome!! Hello tricep dips and face of pain…


It was such a good workout! Try it you guys!! Oh, and I’ve had a lot of requests to share my High Cadence Interval Workout, so here it is:


Runner’s High Cadence Interval Workout (for indoor bike)
Recommended by my physio (who is a runner and triathlete), this is great cross-training to help increase running turnover/cadence and endurance.

  • 3 mins @ moderate resistance, 80-90 rpm
  • 1 min @ moderate+1 resistance, 95-100 rpm
  • 30 secs @ moderate+2 resistance (should be quite heavy), 100-110 rpm
  • 30 secs @ same resistance, 110+ rpm
  • Repeat at least 4 times.

It’s so simple, but trust me, it really gets you, especially after a couple of times! The trick is to get the right resistance- not too easy or too hard, and then you’ll get a better turnover and all those craaaazy endorphins after!


What I Read Wednesday

I may have sneaked back into the bookstore to finish reading Run Less Run Faster. I swear the guy behind the counter saw me come in and gave me the evils. He knows me too well. I hid brilliantly behind my book though and blended right in…DSC00139

I may have to actually use my earnings to buy something other than nut butter and my gym membership and invest in this book. IN LOVE.DSC00134

I know I’m glowing again. Clearly what eating a lot of nut butter does to you Winking smile


What was the best thing you ate today/yesterday? I’m just gonna say nut butter for this one cos that encompasses all my eats really.


Are you someone who likes voluminous foods? YES. My bowl/plate has to be brimming always haha! Smile with tongue out


Do you have a favourite running/fitness/health/food/recipe book? This is definitely a good’un! My favourite though has to be Paula Radcliffe’s How To Run obviously, purely because I love her.


Have a happy day friends!! Love you guys!!

Blogger slumber party anyone?

HAPPY WEEKEND!! Hope you’re having an AMAZING one, and how awesome are long weekends?!


The best days always involve multiple breakfasts. Today was no exception. Breakfast #1: A banana with almond buttah!


And a Clif bar!DSC09430

And then it was workout time! Sunday is normally my long run day, but since I’m injured I did a long cycle instead!


Yep, today’s ride was AWESOME because I had great entertainment! Two episodes of Friends were on the TVs and I couldn’t stop laughing the whole time! Open-mouthed smileDSC00174

That program will NEVER fail to make me laugh! Seriously, I have seen each episode SO many times, but it still gets me!!


I left one sweaty mess!DSC00179

I know- my photography rocks. Interested in a How To Take Quality Photos post anyone?DSC00178

But if you zoom in a lot on the photo and squint really hard to look past the blur, you MIGHT be able to see that I actually showered and washed my hair! Well I had to be fair to my fellow churchees because going in the state I was would just have been plain inconsiderate! Smile with tongue out


So I dashed home to make my pancakes before church! Guess what this is:DSC00182

Sweet Tater and Pecan pancakes

(Serves 1- vegan and can be made GF)

  • 1/2 cup flour (I used spelt)
  • 1/2 t baking powder
  • 1/4 cup mashed sweet potato (about 1/2 medium sized sweet tater)
  • Around 1/2 cup milk (add more/less until desired consistency)
  • Handful pecans broken up
  • Cinnamon, Vanilla extract, pinch of salt
  1. Microwave your sweet potato until well done (the skin should peel off easily, which was 5 mins for me)
  2. Combine all the ingredients.
  3. Make your pancakes, and ENJOY!!

Of course, I made mine Emma-style. Aka super thick…DSC00181

…and drenched in maple syrup! Open-mouthed smile


I then walked to church in the beautiful weather…DSC00185

…whilst downing a Powerade:DSC09219

And church was perfect! I love how every time I walk out of it I feel refreshed and ready to start the week with a fresh perspective and outlook! Also, the vegan brownies my friends brought helped with that Winking smile


So fudgy…


Oh, and best snack ever? It involves a not-very-empty nut butter jar (cashew-date butter):DSC00128


Plus oats=OIAJ!


Best snack EVER! I used 1/3 cup oat bran and topped it with apricot preserves…mmm… Smile


And dinner was a repeat of last night’s, involving these delish ingredients…DSC00165

…in two multigrain wraps, with sweetcorn and pepper on the side:



The rest of my night was spent watching Criminal Minds…DSC00195

…and bonding with my favourite foods:DSC09543

I am seriously hoping that someday you guys will come and join me when I organise a giant slumber party. It will involve a Disney movie marathon, lots of nut butter and chocolate, and hitting the trails in the morning armed with chocolate chips. Who’s in?!


Tell me about your Sunday! Or plans for the rest of the long weekend? I’m spending all day tomorrow with the fam, woo!


Are you a sports drink fan? Not really, but I need them so I use them! I haven’t tried many though…is there a cookie dough flavour out there? I’m sure I’d like that one! Winking smile


Random Q: Fave type of brownies? Fudgy or cakey? Choc Chip Peanut Butter brownies (remind me to make a vegan version of that!), and fudgy all the way!!


P.S. I’ve been asked to do another Q+A post (you can see the last one here), so if you have any more questions, you can ask away on my Formspring!


P.P.S. I made a Facebook page a few days ago, so please Like me if you haven’t already! I’m going to be having a Facebook giveaway soon, so watch out for it!


Enjoy the rest of the weekend friends!! LOVE YOU!!

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