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When Not Running…


I absolutely loved this weekend. Much as I love my usually hectic running-around-like-a-headless-Tofurkey lifestyle, having a free calendar for a couple of days is just perfect. For the first weekend this month, I had no races!!


My body has definitely needed a break. Adjusting to running hard three days a week (Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturday race), and sometimes more, has not been easy! I definitely felt this during Thursday’s workout…



Like I said, I’m not worried about it, but I am being cautious, especially given my previous injuries! I’ve had Friday-Sunday keeping everything totally easy on my legs, doing lots of yoga, like Yoga for Runners from YogaDownload.



I needed these days off, because this week is going to kill my legs. Track training with my coach and the sprint group on Monday to work on my awful race starts…


…then usual training with my distance group on Tuesday and Thursday, and race on Saturday. Uh, sorry in advance legs! I am going to be icing them every night and being super-careful to watch out for any problems.


Actually, the whole staying-off-my-legs plan totally went out of the window during my shopping trips this weekend! I was attempting to tackle my Christmas shopping early, but failed miserably…


NONE of these bags are presents! I got some new boots in the sale which I am in love with (£50 down to £18!) and a new black lace concert dress that is so so beautiful! I’ve got a concert this Saturday so I’ll show it to you guys then Smile


It’s also perfectly normal to use your non-running time to bake muffins instead. Happy Herbivore’s maple pumpkin muffins are my new favourite thing in the world, and I’ve almost finished the whole batch already! Smile with tongue out


Warmed up and topped with lots of cashew butter Smile



Crumbled on oatmeal


On Saturday night, I headed out to Nando’s, a Portuguese restaurant, with my church group. Even though Nando’s is primarily a chicken restaurant, their veggie options are awesome!


Veggie burger wrap with a side of Luso beans (slow cooked black beans and cherry tomatoes), which was delicious!


I LOVE being able to go out and eat lots and stay out late on Friday or Saturday nights for once, because most of the time I have to run or race early the next morning so I have to skip out early. Or maybe it’s because I don’t get invited out because I am too embarrassing to be around in public. Who knows…



And of course, no weekend is complete without PANCAKES! Pancake Sunday is one of the highlights of my week! Smile with tongue out


Same as last week- my favourite gingerbread pancakes! Next week I am thinking Christmassy themes…maybe mince pie pancakes? Or candy cane pancakes sounds pretty darn good to me too Smile


Was your weekend a busy one, or relaxed? Relaxed, but next week’s is seriously crazy to make up for it! Smile with tongue out


Did you get anything good in the sales? I’ve ordered few people’s xmas presents in sales online which I’m  happy about! Usually I leave everything till the week before, but I’m determined not to this year!


Random Q: Are you a fan of mince pies? I’ve never actually had a mince pie before! When I was younger I thought it was real mince in it, so I steered well clear haha!


Have a great week friends! <3