I. Love. Running.

It makes me feel ALIVE. It is time that I spend with myself- time that I use to think, pray, push myself, and just ENJOY life! :)


My biggest race in 2011 is going to be the Royal Parks Half Marathon in London in October.

I am running it as part of Christian Aid‘s Team Poverty to help raise money for those suffering in the world.

AND I’m shooting for a sub 1.35 time (see my time on the treadmill). I believe I can do it, because I believe in the power of God, in the importance of good training…

…and in the rocket fuel that is chocolate

Happy Running!!


And don’t forget my favourite running quote: ‘When your legs get tired, run with your heart’. :D

12 Responses to Running

  1. Yay well done! What a super speedy time, especially for your first ever 10k! :)

  2. Thank you! I was pleasantly surprised too! I think it was partly because of the spectators- there were SO many cheering everyone on! There's nothing like a bit of encouragement to make you speed up! :)

  3. I like the quote “Anybody can be a runner. We were meant to move. We were meant to run.”
    Bravo on your first 10 K, after that you will have your first 15K, then come half marathon and full marathon :-P
    I had my same remarks as you were when my hubby asked me to try long distance run when I couldn't even finish a merely 2km run.
    I started off 5k, then 7k, then 10k, then 15k and then into triathlon and now still have not really fulfill my resolution of making the half marathon but I believe I will :-P

  4. I know, it's a great quotation! I love quotes- I have a whole list of motivational running ones that get me out the door when I'm not in the mood! :)
    Thanks! I hope so- can't wait to enter more races next year! Unfortunately there are very few races till after February-ish, so I have a while to wait! And I'm very impatient! :P
    Hahaha yep I know exactly what you mean! Wow a triathlon- that's tough! Well done! And you will- believe in yourself! :D

  5. very inspiring!

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  7. [...] So basically, I started running last year to raise money for Cancer Research UK. I went from being someone who couldn’t run for 2 minutes to someone who ran 10k, and I couldn’t believe it! You can read more about my story here. [...]

  8. You’re running this race in october? Can I come see you????

  9. Hey! I just found your blog. Girl-you are FAST! I just recently started running (at the beginning of July) and I have fallen in love with it! Good luck at the half marathon! (I apologize if you’ve already run it and I haven’t realized it. haha) You’re an inspiration! :)

  10. You just started running last August and you’re already onto a half marathon? Wow! I’ve been running since I was 8 and I’ve never done more than about 7 miles. :(

  11. Hey!! So i know you do a lot of running and was wondering if you have one of those Garmin watches. I’ve been looking into buying one but I don’t know which one to get! So if you have any suggestions I would love to hear them! You could either comment hear or email me at Thanks!!

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