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  2. Hi!
    I’ve come across your blog several times + I have to say I find you very inspiring.
    I am 24 years old (…almost 25! Eeek!) vegan woman living with an eating disorder + have been for seven years.
    I want to live a healthy lifestyle and have dreamed for years of becoming a runner. But my illness and low weight have inhibited me for so long.
    I just want to say that reading your positive, happy and optimistic blog helps me believe that there is life after my eating disorder and that if I really want something, then I’ll do it. And your 2012 goals (as a goal oriented person myself) are pushing me to make my own.
    I’m going to start a gentle Couch to 5k as I’ve never made it past day two before!
    Thank you so much + I am going to continue to read your blog about all your running adventures in 2012! x

  3. Heeey :)
    I just randomly came across your blogs , I think they’re brilliant :D I’m national champion at 400m :D how do I subscribe ?? I think I may be being a little bit thick

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