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The Fit Crowd!


Hey friends! My blog has been down for a while due to maintenance, but thankfully it came back up an hour ago so I could finally post this!!


A couple of posts back, I wrote about my invitation to join Sweaty Betty’s The Fit Crowd. At the time, I didn’t really know much about the whole thing, but the invite was cool and I was excited to have been approached by one of my favourite fitness brands!



For those of you who haven’t heard of Sweaty Betty, or don’t know much about the brand, let me give you a brief introduction…


Sweaty Betty are first and foremost a women’s activewear brand, but the company is so much more than that. They are all about empowering women through fitness- something I endorse whole-heartedly! Their core beliefs are listed here on their website, and I couldn’t agree with these more!! I mean, “passionate, bordering on obsessive” is probably what will be written on my epitaph ;) They offer free weekly fitness and running classes at their stores to the local community, which is one of my favourite things about the company:)


On Wednesday night, fitness bloggers from around the UK were invited to come to the first ever Fit Crowd event. I’d been waiting to post about this event until the photographer’s photos went up online, and they finally did yesterday, so most of these photos are borrowed from Sweaty Betty. I’ve been dying to tell you guys all about it!! :)


The Fit Crowd at Barrecore studios in London

I arrived at the Sweaty Betty boutique in Kings Road and was greeted by the organisers of the event. I was shown around the store and talked through the clothes by the lovely Erin, who is not only a style advisor for Sweaty Betty but also a professional ballet dancer(!!)




Their run collection was especially amazing, and Erin kindly focused mostly on that for my benefit. She was fab and showed me all of her personal favourite items too, most of which I ended up getting and loving too! The lovely people at Sweaty Betty gave all of us bloggers some gift vouchers to spend, which was so generous of them!



The best thing about Sweaty Betty clothes is that they make all their clothes stylish, but geared towards optimal performance, and boy do they get this right!! They make the most perfect workout clothes in the world (in my completely unbiased opinion;) Having the right running and workout clothes is so important to me, since I spend so much of my time in them! The right running gear can make or break a workout, so performance and comfort in my gear is a top priority for me, and thankfully Sweaty Betty understand this:)


I ended up choosing the above clothes, which are:

Rhythm Workout Pant: The Rhythm Workout Pants are my new favourite thing on the planet. I have worn them every single day since I got them, and my friends will tell you how obsessed with them I am! I wear them during the day because they are SO soft and comfortable, and have worn them to yoga and in running workouts and they are perfect!

Athlete Workout Vest in Coastline Blue: I already have this vest in two other colours, and I love it! I wear them for running and other workouts. The colours are awesome, and the length is long enough for us tall people too:)

Sirsha 2-in-1 Yoga Vest in Lagoon: This was just so pretty I had to get it, and it is so comfortable and stretchy and perfect for yoga.

Body Map Thermal Run Tight (unpictured): Up until I bought these tights, I was not a running tight fan. They never fit me right, I got too hot or cold in them, etc. But these are amazing. They fit fantastically and keep you warm but without overheating. I am never going back to any other running tights!! The five star reviews across the board on the website should convince you that I’m not exaggerating my love for these;)


The only downside to Sweaty Betty clothes is that they are pricey. However, as I said, quality running and workout clothes are so important to me that I am willing to spend a little extra for them. In fact, in my last running season I went through four different pairs of running tights, two of which fell apart and the other two fit awfully and kept falling down. So a more expensive but lasting pair is so worth it for me!


The Sweaty Betty team then took us bloggers down the road to the Barrecore studios for a group workout. Barrecore is “a one-hour series of movements designed to stretch every muscle group in the body, using a ballet barre, your own body weight and isometric exercises”.



I’m not sure why I thought this class would be easy, but it was literally the hardest exercise class I have ever taken, and it totally kicked my butt!! Walking up stairs after the class was a real struggle! :P



Meeting other running/fitness bloggers at the event was awesome. I chatted to Dawn for ages (who had come all the way down to London from Wales!!) after she saw me huddled in my athletics sweater, and it turns out that she is an ex-international 400m runner! It was so inspirational talking to her…and humbling that she can run a 400m in the same time that I run my 300m repeats…! :P



My fellow Fit Crowd members are so inspirational, and I feel so honoured to have met them all! It was such an amazing evening, and I can’t thank Sweaty Betty enough for it!



Plus, swag bags too, what more could a girl want?! ;)



Disclaimer: Although I was given gift vouchers to spend at Sweaty Betty and an invitation to this event, I wasn’t asked to review anything or post about it. I chose to do so though because I love this brand and everything they stand for!


Are you passionate about any particular fitness brands? Saucony are my running shoe loves, and Sweaty Betty for everything else!


Have you ever taken a barre/Barrecore class? Man they are tough!! My respect for ballet dancers is off the charts after that workout!!


What are your thoughts on blogger reviews/endorsements? To be perfectly honest, unless they are to do with running stuff, I usually skim over them on my Google Reader. I have a one-track mind ;)


Hope you are all having a fab week! <3