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Random Thoughts


HEY friends!! Hope you’ve had a good weekend!


I just want to take a moment to recognise September 11th. I remember this day so vividly, and the panic that came with the fact that we had family living right near Ground Zero, and we couldn’t get hold of them. Thank God, they were safe, but what happened that day was something that irrevocably changed the world and the lives of so many. Those lost heroes and their loved ones are in my thoughts and prayers <3





Sorry for the lack of postage yesterday friends! I had a concert to play in and then a party afterwards. After getting home at 2am, I didn’t really feel like posting haha! Since I am still tired and running on sugar (as usual!), this post will be completely random and pretty much just whatever comes into my head…


I am a total creep. This is definitely one of the creepiest photos of me ever. Keep your children away.DSCF1101

Also my head looks HUGE here! I think my body must look small in comparison to my giant head! Smile with tongue out


I have a Pancake Dance. Basically, when I’m making my pancakes on Pancake Sunday, there’s a song and a dance that I do whilst they’re cooking. My brother stole my camera and got this flattering shot of me before I knew what he was doing:


I never realised how awesome my dance skills were until I saw this photo. Definitely a future career right there.


I have been TOTALLY addicted to my peanut roasted chickpeas recently.


With tomato+cucumber quinoa Smile


What I am even MORE addicted to right now is PB&J rice cake sandwiches. Well, AB&J here:



So. Freakin. Good.


There is currently no water in the house, so I’ve been going down to the gym every day to use theirs.


If you ever need motivation to go to the gym, just break your hot water system. Trust me on this one.


I have spent the last 20 minutes scouring the Internet for a Cuddle Jumper after seeing it here:

Sadly I haven’t had any luck…yet. But I don’t give up that easily Winking smile


And excitingly for YOU I have a big giveaway coming up!!


Get excited people!!


Tell me something about YOUR weekend!


What is your current fave snack? Definitely PB&J rice cake sandwiches! Followed by a muffin-yoghurt mess mmmm…


Have a GREAT week friends!! <3

More Facts About ME!

Hi friends!! Hope you’ve all had a good start to the week! I had a relaxed rest day, but with my (second) favourite form of cardio thrown in- shopping!!


A number of lovely blog friends (Amanda, Tara, and Kate just to name a few!) tagged me in this award, which means I have to share 7 facts about myself!


I have already shared 7 random facts before (here and here), but hey I might as well share more random/embarrassing/weird facts about myself…


1. I am a hair styling talent. I can make my hair into a ‘hair turban’.



Other people try to copy my style, but they just can’t pull it off hehe Winking smile


2. I have a totally MONSTER appetite, especially within the last month or so! 1 or 2 snacks a day? Um, no, about 1 or 2 an HOUR more like! Smile with tongue out



Banana with cake batter cashew butter! So. Freakin. Good!!


3. I look exactly the same as when I was a kid. I found a photo of my nine-year-old self yesterday hanging in my grandparent’s house, and apparently I have the exact same hairstyle as I did back then.




Long hair, full fringe…WHY?! I did totally change it (bob!) inbetween those years, but somehow accidentally reverted back…


4.  I am a very VERY fast eater. I know you’re ‘supposed’ to eat slowly or whatever, but I’ve always been one for wolfing down my food!



PB choc chip oatmeal muffin yoghurt mess. Chowed down in less than a minute.


5. I force others to partake in my weird impulses. Like making my friends join me for some yoga in the airport. They didn’t appreciate it.



Apparently she found upward-facing dog painful! Smile with tongue out


6. I am really bad with security people. I make stupid jokes, and they take it seriously.



I saw that sign only AFTER my joke about my viola case doubling as a machine gun, which led to what was pretty much a strip search. I’ve learned my lesson.


7. I can’t cuss. I mean, can YOU imagine this dork effing and blinding?!



Nope, I can’t either! Smile with tongue out


Share a random fact about you! I’ve given you 21 in three posts, so now it’s your turn haha!


Do you eat slowly or not? I definitely don’t, but I guess I’m used to wolfing down my food and dashing off somewhere or eating quickly on the go, so even when I have the time, it’s just a habit!


Do you swear a lot? My best friend swears every other word haha!


Have a GREAT week friends! <3

Ice Bath Woes


I learned an important lesson today:


When your coach says “Make sure you take an ice bath tonight, because this was your toughest workout in a long time”, listen to him.248774_156778294387512_156551541076854_351582_7088973_n


Only I went out and ate as much Indian food as I could instead. And boy did I pay for it today! Getting up in the  morning was pretty tough. My legs would not move. The only thing that got me down the stairs (1 step=10 mins) was the lure of breakfast…


Banana oatmeal, caramel pudding, dark choc pudding, peanut butter, and fresh strawbs Smile


It meant that my run was less than stellar. Almost as painful as the journey TO the gym!



I had a good upper body lifting sesh afterwards though. My legs didn’t mind that at all! Smile with tongue out


So this evening, I paid my penance. And yes, there are some bathroom shots coming up. The word “boundaries” isn’t in my vocabulary apparently.


Getting in…DSC02924



“Mother FUDGE this is cold!! Must not cry, must not cry…”DSC02925


“Why am I doing this again? Why do I run? WHY AM I ALIVE?!”DSC02928


Momma: “YOU are always the one who says everything is better if you smile”

“Clearly I wasn’t in an ice bath when I said that…”


More grimace than smile, but it’ll do! And you don’t have to tell me, I know I am a huge wimp, and that I look lovely when taking ice baths at midnight…! Smile with tongue out 


Anyway, it was nothing snuggling up in my dressing gown with a bag of choc chips couldn’t make better Winking smile



After all that, if I have to roll out of bed again with legs as stiff as tree trunks, I will need more than one bag of chocolate chips for sure!


Have you ever taken an ice bath? Or do you take them often? How do you find them? For the firs few minutes, BAD! Then not so bad after that!


Are you an emotional eater? Yes! But chocolate cures all Smile


Random Q: Chocolate bar, chocolate chips, or chocolate cake? Right now, CHOC CHIPS!!


Have a GREAT weekend friends!! <3

Doing an Emma

HEY friends!! Happy Wednesday!! Hope ya had a good one!


Sorry for the lack of comment replies/blog commenting etc friends! I have spent most of the day battling a computer virus. It sure ain’t pretty.DSC00582

So I’m currently blogging from my brother’s laptop! I’ve had to install WLW and set things up, and I’m slowly going insane. But it’s all good, because I have some Super Charge-Me cookies that I baked today to keep me happy Smile DSC00557

These are my FAVE cookies! I made them this time with all my favourite things: White Chocolate Wonderful PB, chocolate chips and chopped dates. I’m in love! Open-mouthed smile


That’s called ‘Doing an Emma’. Having a technical meltdown and comforting self with cookies. Well, I’ve already given ya one, and here are a couple more examples of ‘Doing an Emma’…


‘Doing an Emma’ is waking up, and spending 10 minutes lying there mulling over what to have for breakfast…


Hello bedhead.

Decided eventually on Blackberry Oatmeal!DSC00547

Purple oats!! Found a punnet of blackberries in ma fridge, so just threw a ton in whilst cooking the oats, and topped with more blackberries and Morello Cherry conserve.


‘Doing an Emma’ is being really cool and using a Banana Guard to prevent your banana getting bruised in your bag.


I know I’m cool, you don’t have to tell me.


Creeping on the Banana Guard, as you do…


‘Doing an Emma’ means always forgetting something when you go to the gym. ALWAYS. Like this memorable time when I did a 5 mile speed-endurance run on the tread without socks on…


No kidding, that was months ago and I still have the blister scars! Smile with tongue out


Anyway, this time it was my top! (From my DailyMile account):


Yes, for the first time ever, I went shirtless. There was no WAY I could wear a long sleeved cotton top in a spin class! I was very freaked out about just wearing a sports bra…DSC00572

After spin, when I was too sweaty to care any more, I did 30 mins of the Fitnessista’s circuits that I did yesterday. It included a total of 36 incline pushups, and I almost died. ‘Twas awesome! Open-mouthed smile


‘Doing an Emma’ is believing that nut butter can solve all problems. When the virus first hit, I knew exactly what to do. Leave the house and restock on nut butter. That’ll solve it, right?!DSC00585

Er, wrong. But it DID solve my dilemma that I had run out of PB and AB, which is almost as serious as the virus in my book Winking smile


‘Doing an Emma’ is taking a perfectly normal and awesome recipe like Katie’s Single Lady Cupcake and adding lots and lots of nut butter to it. Made with White Chocolate Wonderful PB…DSC00577

Let’s not forget the WCW frosting and chocolate chips. 2 minutes prep+80 secs microwaving= pure bliss Smile


Do you put a lot of thought into your meals? Breakfast, YES always!! I love breakfast too much to not think about it every morning beforehand!


Are you a forgetful person? Very. I forget everything and am not so good with organisation either…! Smile with tongue out


(Girls!) What’s your opinion on just wearing a sports bra and no top? I’ve thought about doing it on runs before when it’s really hot, but to be honest I wouldn’t feel comfortable or safe. I get enough honks and catcalls where I live wearing a tank top and shorts! I think I live in a dodgy area haha!


Have a GREAT day you guys!! Eat lots of nut butter and chocolate for me! Open-mouthed smile

I am a moron and a party animal.

HOWDY guys!! Having a good weekend I hope, and looking forward to Pancake Sunday, right?!


I started my weekend off with basically the same as yesterday, but with chocolate soy milk instead to make DOUBLE chocolate version! Open-mouthed smileDSC00418

Topped with the last of my PB&Co Crunch Time…sad, but that just means I *have* to go back to WF to get more! What a shame… Winking smile


Then I headed off to a rehearsal. 4.5 hours of fun on a Saturday morning. I know you’re jealous of my crazy musician’s life. Actually, you should be really because in about 40 days, I am leaving to go on tour again!


This time to FINLAND for 9 days!! And for those who asked last time, I’ve been to Paris, Croatia, Slovenia, Spain, Hungary and Germany before on tour, and loved all of those places! Well actually performing in 100F+ temps in Spain, Croatia and Hungary was not much fun! Smile with tongue out


Anyway, after rehearsals and lunch, I hit the gym whilst chowing down a Clif bar.DSC00427

First up, I did a 15 minute shoulder workout. DSC00435Now anyone that says that weight stuff is boring/isn’t challenging/doesn’t get your heart rate up, is WRONG I tell you! Try this workout and you will be dripping sweat and want to collapse and it will be awesome.


Sweaty Shoulder Workout

You will need dumbbells and a towel to mop up that sweat. The trick is to NOT rest in-between each move- go straight from one to the next!

  1. Squat- Lateral Raises- 1 minute
  2. Reverse Fly- 1  minute
  3. Up-Down Plank- 1 minute
  4. Rotational Lunge And Shoulder Press- 1 minute
  5. Push-ups- 30 seconds
  6. Recover- 30 seconds
    REPEAT as many times as you can! 

I repeated twice more for a 15 minute workout. I’m smiling below because I hadn’t started yet. Trust me, I wasn’t after the 3rd time through! Smile with tongue out


I then did an hour on the bike of High Cadence Intervals and HIITS, with a warm-up and cooldown.DSC00432

Today’s entertainment was a book, and this:DSC00437

The Moron Test app on my iPod. So mature I know! Smile with tongue out The embarrassing thing is that no matter how many times I do these tests, I always get this:DSC00431

I am a moron apparently. Hey I knew that anyway. Especially since I’d forgotten something to clip back my bangs at the gym. So my fringe went from this:


…to this…DSC00442

Hello sweaty mess. What a moron. All I can say is thank goodness I had my trusty dry shampoo! Winking smile


I did my refuelling thang after, with chocolate milk on the way home, and then more food as soon as I got back:DSC00356


What can I say, I get hungry after workouts! Winking smile


And then I did what all cool young people do on Saturday nights. I cooked myself a nice dinner…



Peppers stuffed with lentils+WW couscous in a hummus-nooch sauce, and roasted sprouts with vegan butter, with fresh fruit and chocolate for dessert…DSC00461


…whilst watching Friends…


…and reading about running.


I know, I am SUCH a party animal! Winking smile


Actually, just for the record, I am a total party animal. I am the girl who went to a pizza-making party (best party EVER btw!) all sweaty from doing a tempo run, and with her own vegan cheese…


MORON alert! Thank goodness I have awesome friends who accept me for the crazy runner-vegan-hugger that I am.167859_1822669049071_1310552062_2065457_8380652_n

I know she’s enjoying the hug just as much as I am Winking smile


Are you a party animal? Yes and no! I love parties filled with people I love, but not big impersonal ones, if that makes sense!


How did you/are you spending your Saturday night? In a wild manner like I did I hope! Smile with tongue out


Random Q: What was your favourite TV program as a kid? I was addicted to Scooby-Doo!! I still have all the episodes on video somewhere…


Have a GREAT rest of the weekend friends!! HUGS for you all!!

The Face.

I have something to admit. You know we talked about the Crazy-Excited Face yesterday?


Yeah, that’s my normal face.  I’m sure you knew that really because it is featured in every post- I was just in denial. The wide-eyed, creepy-grin look is one I wear a lot. Its why when I’m walking down the street, mothers hide their children’s eyes. Can you blame them?!


Clearly I am going to die young of a heart attack because as Kaila rightly put it I am “like the Energizer Bunny”. This is what sugar does to me, so you are definitely lucky you haven’t met me with caffeine in my system. Because then I make faces like this…DSC00322

Apparently endorphins have the same effect on me that caffeine does…yeah that’s what I look like after/during spin, so my fellow spinees are lucky people! I know you’re secretly jealous that they get to see that face in real life Winking smile


You know what also brings on The Face? Breakfast of course! Especially when there’s chocolate and ‘cookie dough’ involved…DSC00305

Best breakfast EVER!! Chocolate oatmeal topped with Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cashew Butter. Heaven in a bowl Smile


What momentarily wiped the manic expression off my face was a new class to me- Total Torso/Ab Attack.bilde


Um, ouch. 45 minutes of every imaginable type of crunch and plank first thing in the morning. It seriously hurts to breathe right now. New move I love (to hate) called The Spiderman:spidy


You basically start in high plank position, go into a push-up bring your knee to your elbow and then back to plank, and repeat on the other side. It hurts. A lot.


The Face gets brought on when I find new workout clothes in a sale!DSC00337

Nike shorts reduced from £20 to £5!! Open-mouthed smile Also got some cute grey/pink capris reduced from £35 to £12…WIN!! Enter: The Face:DSC00098

Of course, it was the post-spin evening class endorphins that brought on The Face the most.


You guys all HAVE to come to this spin class with me!! You will LOVE the instructor as much as I do!! And then we can feast on Medjool dates stuffed with cookie dough nut butter afterwards…DSC00335

…and soon you’ll all be doing this:DSC00326

Do you have a signature move/expression? I went through a loooong phase of sticking my tongue out as a kid, and since then have clearly progressed to Thumbs-Up-Crazy-Eyes-Creepy-Grin. Much better.


What was your best breakfast ever? This was definitely my best oatmeal ever! I think best breakfast ever was probably cookie dough pancakes…are you sensing a theme here…? Winking smile


Random Q: Fave ab/core move? The Spiderman, and the around-the-world plank, which I STILL can’t do properly in the Pump track!!


Have a great rest of the week friends!! Do lots of Crazy Faces for me!!


P.S. If you want to be on the Blogroll and haven’t commented yet, leave your blog URL on this post please! I’m writing it tomorrow/Friday!


P.P.S. Sorry for the lack of replies, etc today! I’ve had some technical issues but they’re all sorted now so I’ll be spamming your inboxes again soon! Open-mouthed smile

I am ‘special’.

HEY friends!! Having a good weekend? OH and I forgot to mention yesterday how GRATEFUL I am to all your awesome responses to my Q+A post!! You’re all the BEST and if you have any more questions feel free to ask here! Smile


I like to think of myself as ‘special’. I prefer that 1000x to ‘weird’ which I know is what people mean when they say I’m special in that patronising loving tone. Trust me, I get it a lot,  but I just EMBRACE it!!


I am ‘special’ because I get up early on Saturday mornings to make myself the perfect breakfast. Chocolate PB cup baked oatmeal:DSC09558

(Based on Katie’s cookie dough version, which I LOVE and made last week!) I basically followed her recipe but added 1 heaped tbsp cocoa powder plus put lots of nut butter (I used cashew) in the middle, so after baking, the middle looked like this deliciousness:DSC09560

Mmmmm so delicious and so filling!! Open-mouthed smile


I am ‘special’ because I get embarrassingly excited over deliveries, especially packages that are bigger than my head…DSC09582 …and trust me, that’s saying something! Smile with tongue out


It was the goodies I won in Jemma’s giveaway!! A whole box of energy bars plus hemp protein powder:DSC09584


DSC09590Thank you so much Jemma- you’re the BEST!! Open-mouthed smile


I am ‘special’ because I always forget something. Like when I got to the gym today, only to realise I hadn’t packed any shorts/capris/sweat pants…DSC09594

So I ended up doing my workout in what I was wearing there- skinny jeans.DSC09595

Not comfy, very hot, and many many funny looks. Worth it though- had a great workout, and of course I had my fave chocolate milk waiting for me afterwards…DSC09441

I’m telling ya, my muscles love me for it! Winking smile


I’m ‘special’ because I think it’s normal to have a big bowl of banana oatbran with nut butter and jam as an afternoon snack/post-workout munchie…DSC09518

I was hungry, and I wanted food, and this was deeeelish!!


Of course, I still ate a big lunch and dinner too…DSC09577

Creamy-cheezy polenta (cooked with vegan butter+nooch) topped with half a tub of red pepper hummus, and kabocha squash+brussels roasted in lots of coconut oil (<—HEAVENLY).


Lentil-potato stew with chopped kale, topped with tons of nooch. I added more nooch afterwards cos I’m addicted to the stuff! Smile with tongue out


I’m ‘special’ because I’m a cookie dough addict, and today I made a simple protein single-serving chocolate chip cookie dough!! Open-mouthed smilecookie_021

Single Serving Protein Cookie Dough: 2 tbsp natural protein powder, 1 tbsp maple syrup/agave, 1 tbsp PB, vanilla extract, chocolate chips. (You can adjust quantities to make it as wet/dry as you like). Stir all together and stick in your freezer for a few mins if you like, or just eat straight up! Honestly, this is total bliss Smile


I am special because I despite the fact that I am going to Hawaii…big-island


…and San Francisco in a few months time…sanfrancisco3

…and I’m going to see those beautiful sights and do so many awesome things, I am almost just as excited at the prospect of hitting this place:trader_joes_exterior

And Whole Foods. And the awesome vegan bakeries in San Fran. I know, I’m ashamed of myself. But I seriously am SO EXCITED about this summer, and I’ll tell you guys all about my plans in a later post so you can stalk me there, k? Winking smile


Are you crazy ‘special’? What are your ‘special’ qualities? Special quality= not being to tell my left from my right straight away. I have to make the L sign with my hands, or just guess and hope I’m right! Smile with tongue out


What are your summer plans? Tell me so I can get jealous, and stalk YOU!!


Where would be your dream place to go in the world? If you say London to meet me, you get bonus brownie points, and real brownies when you come to visit Smile


Have an AMAZING rest of the weekend, and I LOVE YOU ALL!!