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Base Training Week #1 and Travel Running Essentials


I’m currently writing this blog from the airport. I don’t want to talk about the fact that I’m leaving Sydney, so instead this post is going to be avoiding that issue and focusing entirely on a running. At some point over the next couple of days I’ll do a recap of my amazing last few days here, but until then, this is denial at its finest;)


Summer is here which means base training is a go! Every year over the summer we aim to as many miles as we can handle in preparation for cross country season in the autumn. Two weeks into base training last summer I tripped over my own giant feet and fractured my ankle, so here’s to hoping that this summer is more successful than last! And also to hoping that someone will invent foot size reduction surgery.


MASSIVE MAN FEET. Also laundry day = ninja running outfit Ninja


My primary goal for base training is to remain injury-free whilst building my mileage. To help facilitate this, my physio suggested I do a weekly Pilates class to help with core strength/alignment etc., as well as two running-specific strength training sessions a week (more on that later!) and general strength exercises (can be found here) after every easy run.


This past week was a great first week of base training! One less strength session than planned but apart from that, a great and enjoyable week of training! Last weeks summary:

Monday: 50 min easy run
Tuesday: 60 min XT (elliptical)
Wednesday: 60 min run, including 4x5mins @ threshold pace PM 60 min Pilates class
Thursday: OFF
Friday: AM 90 min long run + strides PM 60 min BodyPump class
Saturday: 40 min recovery run
Sunday: 55 min easy run

Totals for Week 1: 4hr 55 mins running, 3 hours cross training


In case I haven’t mentioned it enough times already, I am so in love with running in Sydney. I have amazing friends to run with, miles of glorious trails to explore, and every run is guaranteed to give beautiful views.


Evening run along the harbour #nofilter


My last run of the week was done in the delightful company of these two. I sure wish my dog was as fit as Ruby here! 7 miles @ 7:51 min/mile pace on a warm sunny Sunday morning was perfection. I also found it hilarious how my friend Andrea was wearing long sleeves and tights for our run and complaining about the cold whilst I was sweating in shorts and a tee…you can sure tell who is the Aussie and who is the Brit here! :P



I’m currently on a serious overnight oats kick. Mainly because this kitchen doesn’t have a microwave and since it’s warm out and I’m always hot after a run, I love having a nice cold breakfast waiting for me! It’s just rolled oats with soy yoghurt, almond milk and chia seeds stirred in and left overnight. I think I’ve had this every day for breakfast for the past fortnight when I haven’t eaten out!


Topped with blueberries, almond butter and honey, and a side of  Nuun to drink!


A couple of you guys have asked me about giving tips/advice on running whilst travelling and I think I’ll write a full post on this later, but for now I’ll just list a few of my current running travel essentials which have been lifesavers on this trip!


The Grid mini foam roller is probably my #1 for the travelling runner. I swear by foam rolling and try to do it every day now, even if it’s just for a few minutes whilst watching TV. Everyone has their own “problem areas”, and mine are most definitely my calves. They are perpetually tight and have caused many injuries over the years for me, from shin splints to torn muscles. While I still have problems with it occasionally, foam rolling has helped immensely. So I recently bought this travel sized foam roller which fits nicely in a suitcase or even in your hand luggage if, like me, you don’t mind looking like a complete loon rolling out your legs in the departure lounge. Well, what else is there to do on a 10 hour layover?! ;)



A runner’s wrist key pocket. As a disclaimer, I did get this from my work, but just as part of a goody bag thing and not to review on the blog. I’ve actually had this for months but never had use for it back home, since I normally only take a small house key when I run with me (which fits into the pocket on my shorts) and nothing else. But it has been invaluable for running whilst abroad! When running in a new place, I like to take the apartment keys/fob, some cash, my phone, and possibly a card as well with me, which unfortunately doesn’t all fit securely in a shorts pocket! But I found it all fit nicely in my wrist pocket, and I ended up wearing it on every run here in Australia.



2XU compression recovery socks. I’ve probably mentioned these on the blog before but I ended up buying a second pair of these in Sydney (for 30% off in Rebel Sports wahoo!) because I love them so much! They are super easy to pack, double up as flight socks, and help you recover between your runs/workouts. These are such an essential item for me whether I’m home or away, and having tried a couple of brands of compression socks (Nike, Skins, and ProCompression), I personally think these are the best and well worth the money.



So those are my top three travel running essentials! By the way there’s no affiliations there or anything, just my own tried-and-tested opinions! Aaaand now I’m off to hit up Duty Free to spend the last of my Australian dollars on some completely necessary touristy paraphernalia.


Tell me about your running! Are you training for anything?


Do you enjoy running whilst on holiday/vacation or do you take a break from it? Exploring new places through running is one of my absolute favourite things to do. There’s no better way to see the sights if you ask me! I can’t imagine not running on a holiday!


Have a great day friends! <3












5 Responses to Base Training Week #1 and Travel Running Essentials

  1. I have a belt thing with a little pouch in it (spi-belt I think it is called) and I find that really good as it fits my phone in it, so if something happens I can call home.
    I have run on holiday, but only if I am training for something imminent, or if we have a weekend away and have a run on the Saturday morning. Usually our holidays are jam packed and I quite like having a rest, as then when I come home I am looking forward to it. I agree it is a good way to see the sights although I am awful at navigating so always worry I will get lost.
    I can’t believe your friend running in long tights! It looks too hot for that!
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted..Stuff and bits

  2. We sell spibelts at work that carry everything when you run.

    I always look forward to your updates and I’m glad to hear everything is going well. I’m just plugging away at marathon training!
    Hollie recently posted..It Seems Like Just Yesterday…

  3. Love the wrist key holder thing! I have been looking for something like that forever!
    Jamie recently posted..What’s The Best Face Wash For Acne?

  4. I love running when on holiday, great way to explore and see places. I’m training for the Berlin marathon at the moment.
    Lauren (@PoweredbyPB) recently posted..Run Hackney 5k

  5. I am so insanely jealous that you got to go to Sydney! I guess you just have to commit to training whatever works best for you!
    Tash recently posted..Thai style sticky Mango & Apricot Chicken

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