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Taking It All In


*ETA* I wrote this post last week, but I haven’t had internet since then to post it! I’ve now moved apartments and have working WiFi yaay so I can finally post this! I’ll post a more up-to-date post very soon cos I’ve got lots to catch you all up on!


Yesterday I had my first “I can’t believe I’m really here” moment. Super cheesy I know, but up until now, I guess I was so busy running around trying to see and do everything that I never really stopped to take it all in. But as I was sitting in the Royal Botanical Gardens with friends gazing out over the harbour, it really hit me. I’m in AUSTRALIA!! It must’ve been the sunshine that brought all this on…after months of being deprived of it during the English winter/spring, it’s probably a bit of a shock to the system;)

















Blocking the lovely view of the Sydney Opera House with my giant head, and a full view sans giant head.


We had a picnic on the grass (I provided the drinks but forgot to bring glasses…woopsie) then took our time strolling around the gardens and harbour. I am now officially obsessed with this city. Sorry family, but I’m never coming home.




On Tuesday I had my first proper session with the running team here! Our sessions are Tuesdays and Thursdays (same as at home) with long run on Sunday. It was definitely my first time ever doing a hard session at 6am unfuelled! Our hard workouts back home are always in the evening, so I only ever do easy runs in the morning normally. Despite feeling like I had a little less energy in my legs than usual (probably more due to jetlag than anything else), the session went really well. It was 12x1min at 3k pace with 1min jog recovery (for 7 miles total, avg pace of faster minutes was 5:57min/mile). The short recoveries off a fairly fast pace was the hardest part, but during the fast minutes we had a pacer on a bike to follow which was a fun experience! Plus with the view running around this lake, it wasn’t hard to enjoy it at all :)



After beauuuutiful weather the last couple of days, today was grey and rainy, which, being a Londoner, I am more than used to ;) So we spent most of the day indoors. Breakfast at the restaurant in Dymock’s, followed by Bad Neighbours at the cinema (so funny!) and then to the gym where Karyn kicked my butt in the weight room. She’s a saint for putting up with my death glares (during burpees) and whining (throughout).


Kaz being badass. I, on the other hand, used 1/1000th of the weight and also fell on my butt


As I’m a Virgin Active gym member back home, I get free use of the one here in Sydney for a month. It is by far the best gym I have ever been in, and a gazillion times better than the VA gyms in London! It is HUGE, has an amazing healthy cafe, more group ex classes than I have ever seen in any gym before, and even has a nap room(?!). If they had this back home, I genuinely would never leave the gym. Love a good nap. I tried to take a photo in there but (understandably) got some dirty looks from fellow nappers, so I stole one from the website so you can see the cool sleep pods!

Relax in Sleep Pods at Virgin Active Pitt Street

(photo source)


I am off to spend the night in bed resting my majorly DOMSy legs/butt whilst watching Frozen for the thousandth time and eating this stuff from the jar. Thank you to my Aussie blog readers for the tip offs for my nut butter problems in my last post because thanks to you I found this deliciousness and I am in heaven.


Dark chocolate peanut/cashew butter with chia and sesame seeds…this is true love <3 


Tell me about your last run/workout! I think I have permanent DOMS after todays and my apartment building’s lift is broken…help.


Do you ever take naps? I love naps and take them whenever I can! I remember reading once that US marathoner Ryan Hall naps religiously (pun intended if you’re familiar with the guy ;) ) and actually schedules in his daily nap as a “business meeting” so that it doesn’t get skipped. I wonder if my boss will let me do that…


Back tomorrow with another update! Have a great day friends! <3 














9 Responses to Taking It All In

  1. Wow it looks beautiful there- that view of the lake is gorgeous, glad you are enjoying it.
    I just got back from pump so my arms are having trouble typing!
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted..Things I wonder when I watch Gogglebox

  2. Sounds amazing! A nap room in the gym, that is insane, but also kind of cool ha!
    Lauren (@PoweredbyPB) recently posted..Om Yoga Magazine June

  3. Hey girl! So excited that you are here in OZ and loving Sydney, its amazing right? i could happily move out here for real, england?! See ya laterrrrr :p
    Im glad you got to run in centennial park, its the best.. i used to live right next to the park so i got to walk through it to get to my work. i swear it was the nicest commute ive ever had to do! im in melbourne now, which is lovely… in fact i might even be swayed to chose it over sydney (apart from their stellar beaches) but winter is kicking in and im feeling the chill… Roll on summer and hot christmasses!!! how long are you out here for?

    • Hey Clemmy! Thanks, I’m loving it so far! Haha absolutely, who needs England?! :P

      Centennial Park is the best! It’s where most of my training is based and I’m pretty much obsessed with it. I wish I had time to visit Melbourne too, but I’m only here for another week and a half. I’ll be back in Aus for sure though soon, either at the end of this year or next year definitely for my BFF’s wedding :)

  4. haha that’s hilarious. I only discovered that spread the week before i left Aus so on Wednesday night (the day before i left to come back to NZ) I was frantically stuffing the last half of the jar down my throat because i didn’t want to waste it haha. I’n hoping they’ll start selling it here soon! (although the chia seeds do get stuck in my retainer on my bottom teeth :p)

  5. I need to try that spread!! yum!!! :)

    I did some interval training this AM and I can never nap :/ I wish I could!

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