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33 Hours Later…


…and I am finally here in Sydney!! This is now my second full day here in Australia and I am LOVING it!



I’m going to be blogging pretty regularly while I’m here, not least because I have been coerced into it by family and friends back home, but also because since I’m not working while I’m here, my #1 excuse is null and void ;)


Before I left I had a farewell dinner with my BFF at our fave Pizza Express. Lucky Gabby has been on the receiving end of my excited Australia natters for months now so I’m pretty sure this Instagram post is a lie and she’s actually super relieved that she won’t have to hear me go on about it every other day any more.


Carbo-loading before a long flight is obviously very important, so we just had to order the sharer portion of doughballs and I unashamedly encroached on Gabs’ half too. No shame, too delicious.



So the journey. I’m not a great flier at the best of times (I am Figety McGee and hate sitting still for more than a couple of hours at a time, let alone 10 hours in a cramped confined space) but a few things spiced up the otherwise mind-numbing journey. Some of the highlights:

  • When Chinese officials refused to believe that the person in my passport photo was me. Who even properly looks at the photo anyway?! British border officials barely ever give it a cursory glance, but I had to spend a good 20 minutes trying to persuade the customs officers that yes, that was in fact what I looked like when that photo was taken at the age of twelve.
  • Attempting to clamber over a sleeping lady to get to the airplane bathrooms without waking her only to end up losing my balance and falling in her lap. Awkward.
  • Getting caught by the same woman taking sad plane Snapchat selfies. Still awkward.


  • Experiencing what Starbucks coffee in China tastes like (read: avoid at all costs)
  • Getting a run in during my 10 hour layover in Beijing. I booked a day room at the hotel airport just so that I could use the fitness facilities and have a few hours of shut eye in a comfy bed before heading back onto a plane. Totally worth the stress of trying to cram my massive running shoes (courtesy of my gargantuan feet, thanks parents for the stellar genes) into my carry on.
  • Blending right in to said hotel (a fancy Hilton full of very important-looking businessmen) in my sweatpants and flip flops.
  • Meeting Bradley Cooper’s Australian doppelganger at Sydney airport customs. I told him as much (in my state of sleep-deprived delirium) and he told me that he thought I was “weird but charming”. I’ll take that as a compliment.


After landing in Sydney, I hung out in the airport for a bit, mooching off their free Wifi, and then hopped on a train to the city centre and sat in Starbucks for a few hours doing some serious caffeinating. Like, three coffees in a row kind of caffeinating.



In the evening, I met up with Karyn for a healthy balanced dinner of pancakes. Man have I missed this gal!! We had a lot of catching up to do whilst devouring a years worth of carbs.



We then went for a stroll around Darlington Harbour and checked out the amazing Vivid Sydney, which opened just the day before I arrived. It’s an incredible winter festival of lights and music spread across the city. We joined what seemed like half the city’s population in looking around…it’s so incredible!! My Aussie friends back home thought it was hilarious that I decided to visit Sydney for the first time in winter, but I’m so glad I did because otherwise I would’ve missed this!



This morning I had the most amazing Sunday long run ever. As usual, I had my standard wild Saturday night of putting my feet up, watching quality TV, and a 9:30pm bedtime. This time featured Harry Potter which was on tv and instant noodles from the carton…classy as ever ;) Incidentally I’m obsessed with these noodles. Only a dollar and vegan+organic and ready in a few minutes= my dinner for the next 25 days.



The run was around Centennial Parklands, which is the most beautiful and also the most humungous city park ever. I would have got totally lost in it if it weren’t for my amazing training group who gave me the guided run tour. This training group is partnered with my running club back home in London and everyone has been super welcoming and lovely to me:) Looking forward to doing some quality sessions with them over the coming weeks! We ran a couple of loops for a total of 90 minutes (12 miles) in the sunshine. Also I love how Australia’s winter is still warmer and sunnier than London’s summer, crazy!!



I also saw a sign for this and I’m excited to check it out next week! Mainly for the food trucks of course…the music is just a nice bonus ;)



Came back and refuelled in my apartment with my beloved Vega recovery accelerator that I brought from home and oatmeal with vanilla almond milk <—- my latest obsession, why don’t we have this back home?! Australia 1, UK 0.



Also I made the mistake of forgetting to bring any PB with me and Australia doesn’t seem to be as big on it…I honestly don’t know how I am going to make it through the next few weeks without my hourly  daily fix. Oh and while I’m on the subject I just remembered that a couple of you commented on my last post wanting to see the damage I did to the stock levels of NYC’s nut butters…


I have a problem.


Right now I’m off to do some more touristy sightseeing stuff and more importantly, to hunt down a foam roller cos mine wouldn’t fit in my suitcase and I can’t live without one.


What’s your favourite city to run in? London aside (I’m biased), Sydney is definitely my favourite that I’ve been to. I’ve never seen so many people out running before! Love it!


Do you enjoy flying? I know a lot of people do but I am definitely not one of them! However I do love airports and especially the duty free ;)


Any tips for getting over jetlag?! I keep waking up every couple of hours and eventually just gave up trying to sleep at 3am and just read a book until it was run time! It’s driving me BATTY.


Enjoy the rest of your weekend friends! <3

8 Responses to 33 Hours Later…

  1. So awesome that you are in Aussie. I’m a New Zealander but I live in melbourne. Wish I could make it to sydney! Ps if you like US style peanut butter you’ll find it at a shop called Aldi (also has other foreign foods for low prices) but health food shops in general have more nut butters than the supermarkets

    • Aaah we’re so close!! I have to say I’ve heard a few scathing remarks about Melbourne from Sydney locals haha ;)

      Thanks so much for the tip!! I am having serious withdrawals cos I can only seem to find the Kraft stuff and I HATE that! I’ll definitely check it out :) Have a lovely day <3

      • Haha yup that sounds right. I’m obviously biased but I think melbourne is better although sydney wins weather wise! If you have time then you should fly here although you are probably too busy. Flights can be as low as $35. You can definitely find better than Kraft! Happy hunting :) even cookie butter if you know where to look :p

  2. Sounds so amazing. Have an awesome time!
    Lauren (@PoweredbyPB) recently posted..London 2 Brighton 56k

  3. Have a wonderful time!
    I don’t really like flying- I don’t mind a short flight and watching a film, but when it starts to creep over 6 hours I get fed up with breathing the same air and stuff.
    I think the key with jet lag is to get daylight in when you can- so an early morning and late evening walk outside to help re-set your body clock.
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted..Greek yoghurt pancakes

  4. Hi Emma! I love your blog! I was just wondering–why is carb loading before flights important? Does it give you more energy to stay awake/avoid jet lag?

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