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Flashback Friday: NYC Recap!


Happy Friday everyone! I’ve had a busy week, but a fun one! Lots of breakfast dates, coffee dates, and run dates. Again, it’s a tough life ;) I’m working the weekend though which means 6am starts to get my runs in…I need a coffee IV.


A couple of months ago, I hit up NYC for a few days to visit family and I never got around to recapping my trip! As always though, my motto is “better late than never”, so here goes nothin’! A quick run-down of my fave things from the trip…


1. Snowy Central Park runs. This is one of my favourite places to run in the world :) Miles of perfect paths and trails, beautiful scenery, and gazillions of other runners to keep you company. What’s not to love?!


















My first run there last week was on a bitterly cold morning (I have never been so cold in my life…that is no exaggeration) and I genuinely was panicking for 99% of the run about getting frostbite, but the other runs were great! Also a quick PSA for fellow morons: don’t wear shorts in this weather. And no Emma, your calf compression sleeves will not keep you warm.


















2. Brunch and dinner at Blossom Cafe. Everything in this amazing restaurant is organic, vegan, and INCREDIBLY delicious. I went to the Upper West Side location with my (omnivorous) family who live in NYC, and we were all blown away by how good the food was! We went there for brunch, and loved the amazing food and service so much we made reservations for dinner that evening! I could not recommend this place more.


Brunch of Stuffed French Toast and lots of coffee



Mushroom ravioli appetizer, smoked BBQ tempeh entree, and chocolate cake for dessert. Delicious!!


3. Too. Much. Shopping. I needed an intervention and more specifically, someone to stop me from buying all of the crack cookie butter in Trader Joe’s.



And can we just admire my new track spikes for a second?! These bad boys are going to help me to crush my PRs this season :)



4. Seeing an incredible concert at the Juillard school. The Juillard is one of the best music schools in the world, and they often put on free concerts (highly recommended!!), so I dragged my unwilling family along to one. They sure were glad to have me over to visit after sitting through a three hour long concert ;)



5. Peanut Butter Puffins. Boy have I missed these! Also I am not showing you how many jars of PB I brought back with me because you will judge me. But just know that my suitcase was 8kg heavier on the way home and that will give you a good idea.



6. Airport manicures. Whilst sitting snoozing in a massage chair. Don’t mind if I do…



7. Red-eye flights and jetlag. Getting off a sleepless red-eye home from NYC and heading straight into an early morning work meeting was just as much of a party as it sounds. Jetlag is not my friend.



8. My family and friends. They waved me off at the airport and I FaceTimed them about two minutes after we said our goodbyes because I have abandonment issues. I can’t wait to see them this summer when they come to visit, and later this year when I go back to NYC. Until next time JFK.




Ever been to NYC? What are your favourite bits? My new NYC obsession…Blossom Cafe. I still dream about that stuffed French toast. When I return later this year, we’ll all have to have a big meet up for a run in Central Park and refuel with lots of French toast:)


Do you suffer from bad jetlag when you travel? SO BADLY. I recently read an article that showed that the more regular your sleep routine, the worse you suffer from jetlag, Darn my strict self-imposed 9:30pm bedtime!!


Any plans for the weekend? I’m working both days, so nothing exciting,  but I’m  looking forward to the usual Sunday long run (my fave!) and the pancake breakfast that follows mmmmm!


Have a great weekend friends! <3

5 Responses to Flashback Friday: NYC Recap!

  1. Looks like a great trip! I would love to do all the shopping you took part in! And I am totally the same with buying fun foodie items when I’m on vacation! My suitcase is always stuffed by the end of a trip!

  2. I dare you to post a pick of your peanut butters, I reckon you bought 8!!! We don’t judge, I’d only do the same!! I got bought peanut butter from my cousin for Christmas!!

  3. I wish I hadn’t been in Seattle while you came over! Hopefully I won’t be this next time. It looks like you had a great time. :-)
    Hollie recently posted..Random Friday

  4. Love New York, can’t wait to visit again sometime. That food looks incredible! I can’t believe you wore shorts in -11, that is hardcore.
    Lauren (@PoweredbyPB) recently posted..Ultra Training Week 18

  5. you can totally buy cookie butter in the UK now!! it’s called caramelised biscuit spread and the brand is “lotus” – available at a waitrose near you: http://www.waitrose.com/shop/HeaderSearchCmd?searchTerm=lotus&defaultSearch=None&search=

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