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Friday Faves!


Once upon a time, I actually used to post more than once every few weeks. But then, back in my blogging heyday, I also didn’t have a full-time job, a strict 9:30pm bedtime, and a Netflix addiction. Life sure is tough ;) 


  • 3 weeks today I will be landing in Sydney!! I am SO EXCITED as anyone who has been around me recently weeks can attest to because I just can’t stop talking about it. Packing for Sydney might be a problem though, since I still haven’t unpacked my suitcase from New York…or the one I used when I went to Poland back in November…woops. I’ve also been doing some light reading in my spare time so I know where to find all the coffee shops within a two block radius of where I’ll be staying. Priorities.


Clearly excited…and you’re welcome for the uncomfortably close selfie.


  • Running has been really great  this week. We had a great track session on Tuesday of 400m differentials (run the last 200m four seconds faster than the first…practising that finishing kick!), and it’s good to be getting some speed back in the legs :) This morning I had a hill session on the cards: 20 min w/u, 6×90 second hill reps @ 5k effort (jog back down recovery), 20 min c/d for 7 miles total with a 6.53 avg pace on the hills. And the cooldown on the trails afterwards was beauuutiful!



  • My running family are always a Friday Fave. These speedsters are the most wonderful, supportive, and motivating girls you will ever meet and they make even the most gruelling training sessions fun! After training recently we drove to Nandos to devour our bodyweight in food and chat for hours. It was the best time. And you haven’t seen nothin’ until you see a bunch of hungry athletes devour their food! We sure can EAT!








  • Disney movies solve everything. After hard sessions on a Tuesday evening, I usually struggle to muster any enthusiasm to hop on the treadmill the next morning for my recovery run. It is definitely my least favourite run of the week, because my legs usually feel like crap and it’s early in the morning and all I can think about it having coffee and some breakfast. BUT I’ve found the solution to my problem…


Watching Frozen on my iPad worked like a charm. Best movie EVER. The run flew by!


  • This book is awesome. If you are remotely interested in sport/genetics/science/running, give it a go! It’s mostly made up of fascinating anecdotes, so it’s super easy to read. I gave it to my dad to read, and even as a non-sporty guy, he loved it! I can’t recommend it highly enough!



  • Last week I had the best pancakes of my life. I went for breakfast at L’Eto before work with my friend Silvia, and the food was so mind-blowingly good that I swear I almost cried with happiness. If I could afford it (my breakfast alone cost over £20/$35…!!) I would eat there for every meal.


Apple pancakes with fresh berries and apple sorbet and a non-alcoholic strawberry mimosa :)


  • I took my first ever TRX class at Heartcore a few days ago, and it still hurts to move. It was a lunchtime class (to my colleagues, if you are reading this, again I apologise for choosing to eat my lunch afterwards instead of showering or changing my clothes) and it kicked my BUTT. If you want a killer strength workout, try out TRX! It’s especially tough when your instructor makes you do a gazillion burpees between each move!


We did all these exercises during the class. They hurt. Source


  • I am OBSESSED with Vega Sport at the moment, especially their Recovery Accelerator. I just empty a sachet of the stuff into my water as soon as I finish a track session or long run and shake it all up and it is perfect. It’s just like drinking flavoured water (none of that horrible chalky taste you sometimes get with powders) and I have noticed a total difference in how well I recover after a hard session! I’m also loving the Pre-Workout Energiser before morning runs. I don’t usually have anything before an early run, but if I wake up feeling like I need something or if I’m running more than 10 miles, then I’ll have this beforehand. (P.S. This is not sponsored or anything, just a genuine product recommendation!!)



I <3 Vega! Refuelling on the train to work after a long run


  • Warmer weather = bringing back the iced coffee addiction. Double fisting the goodness on a sunny Friday. Because why not Sun



Tell me one of your Friday Faves!


Anyone who has been to or lives in Sydney, any recommendations for me?! I’m there for a month, so I’d love any suggestions!


What are you currently reading? I’ve just finished The Sports Gene, and am about a quarter of the way through Gone Girl. I have to say, so far I’m not totally convinced…


Have an amazing weekend!! <3

8 Responses to Friday Faves!

  1. I am reading some old Swedish detective books (from the 60′s I think) at the moment. That book sounds interesting though. Have fun in Australia :)
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted..Birthday carrot cake

  2. HA-I love it, back in your blogging hayday…I wish it was still now! Anyways, it looks like you are truly enjoying life and I could not be happier for you.
    Hollie recently posted..Cherry Hill Diner

    • Haha thanks Hollie! I do miss regular blogging to be honest! But thanks so much, I am really loving life (cheeseball alert!), and I’m so glad you are too, especially after taking all those risks! You deserve everything you are achieving and more :) <3

  3. I have always wanted to try a TRX class, but I don’t think I’m in enough shape for it yet! I’m moving to London in a few months (at least that’s the plan!) so hopefully I can be in shape to take a class at Heartcore then

    In terms of books, I’m currently reading Anna Karenina… will probably be a longgg time before I finish it hahaha
    Music for Miles recently posted..Sub-7 Mile!!

    • You’re moving to London?! That’s so exciting!! You’ll love it and you absolutely have to try a TRX class!! Haha it took me a solid month to make it through Anna Karenina…good luck with it! :P Have a great weekend! <3

  4. Hey Emma! Literally cannot believe you are going to Sydney!! SO unbelievably jealous!! I went to QLD last year and am dead set on going there for my year abroad for 3rd year of uni. I have been following your blog for years now and I simply cannot believe how much everything has changed!! The world is your oyster!! Enjoy the anticipation because that’s half of the excitement and once it’s gone…it’s gone!! :D <3 <3 Tash x
    Tashiana recently posted..Maple-ized: Creamy peanut crumpets (Crump-cakes)

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