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Heartbreak and Don’t Tell Coach… {Confession Time #5}


I am in a world of sadness. My BFF and world’s-best-PT Karyn has moved back to Sydney. I’m trying to be strong about it and not succumb to the urge to spend all day on the couch eating Ben and Jerry’s and listening to Sad FM. In our last few days together we had a final training session (which did in fact consist of 10000 burpees like I said it would…Karyn you need to stop reading my blog and using it against me) as well as lots of coffee/cupcake/breakfast dates. We will be reunited in a few months when I go to Australia, but until then, pass the sugary comfort food please.


Post-training breakfast at Le Pain Quotidien


Not only that but two of my other BFFs Lucy and Becky (who I went to Poland with a couple of months ago) are also leaving on a five month backpacking trip around south-east Asia and Australia. I miss them already Broken heart

Fullscreen capture 25022014 002934.bmp


I’ve decided to take my mind off of all the heartbreak by confessing some of my running sins to you all. Since I laid my cards on the table in terms of my running goals in my New Years post and committed myself to a year of solid training, it was time I ‘fessed up to last years transgressions. So to my wonderful running coach, I apologise in advance and here are my 2013 running confessions that I sincerely hope you never read…


  • When I said I’d stretch and do core work when I got home, I lied. Instead I sat my foam roller next to me as I watched The Big Bang Theory and ate ice cream from the tub (Tuesdays) or watch whatever movie is on and drink hot chocolate (Thursdays). Consistency is key after all.



  • I counted strides and drills in my weekly mileage.  


Strides adding a good 15% to my weekly mileage ;)


  • Every time you schedule in a cross-training session of pool running, I opt for a spin class instead. Mostly because people don’t (usually) comment when I don’t wash my hair after spin, but they never fail to do so if I skip a shower after swimming. Hygiene is so overrated.



  • I get tired on our warm-ups. Incidentally, whenever I “stop to do up my shoelace”, it’s really just because I’m tired and want a break.


  • I sometimes do the odd crunch whilst I’m watching House of Cards, and count that as my daily core work done.


  • When I’m late for training (which is 99% of the time), it’s not because the traffic was bad. It’s because I stopped off at Starbucks for a latte.



  • Every time you left the room during our circuit training sessions, I would flop onto the floor for a quick but totally necessary rest. And encourage everyone else to join me.



  • I took that list of “healthy running refuelling foods” and promised to look into them. But then still continued to opt for hot chocolate. Or my teammate Abi’s incredible rainbow cake in the locker rooms.



  • When you said to focus on hydrating throughout the day, I really took it to heart. I’m sure you were talking about coffee when you said that….


Double fisting the caffeine


Obviously all of these things are in the past and absolutely none of them have continued into 2014…


Tell me one of your running/life confessions!


Have an amazing week friends! <3

6 Responses to Heartbreak and Don’t Tell Coach… {Confession Time #5}

  1. Ha I miss your posts so much and I’m glad to see you out and about here! After runs I promise myself I will foam roll and stretch but it honestly doesn’t happen until the PM LOL.
    Hollie recently posted..Virginia is For Lovers 14k (56:00)

  2. Oh girl, you’re too cute. My life confession right now would be that yes, I’m working on my laptop ‘doing research’ – only it’s blog reading material research. And my running confession is interpreting the gym trainer’s advice of refuelling properly by having leftover vegan cheese-topped casserole. I figure the added chickpeas can count as my protein, right ;) ?!
    I’m sorry you had to say goodbye to your bestie and will have to say bye two more times. Can I just say I -really- despise goodbyes? No shame in letting Ben & Jerry keep you company instead. Any flavour favourites?
    Miss Polkadot recently posted..Breakfast experiments [Vanilla Pear Protein Bread Pudding]

  3. Hygiene is definetly over rated ;) And so are regular clothing…sometimes after I workout (crossfit) I stay in my workout clothes so if I get the urge to go running later I’m all ready :D

  4. Yay, I’m so happy that you’re back to blogging! I’ve been following your blog for more than 2½ years now, and it is by far my favorite. I hope you don’t ever feel any pressure for your posts to be *perfect*, because even the smallest update from you is nice :)
    And I relate to all of this so much – especially the one of saying that I’ll do core Work and stretch when I get home, but really ending up on the couch eating cookies and watching How I Met Your Mother. I do that far too often :-P
    Also, I was wondering how come you’re going to Australia? I remember you once talked a bit about running with a team there? And how long will you be gone?
    Sorry about this ridiculously long comment, I’m just really excited that you’re back :)
    Love from Denmark!

  5. Hey! When and where abouts in Aussie are you coming to? If its Sydney then you need to come for a few runs with my squad :) I also opt for a spin class over water running…for similar hair related reasons :P

    • Hey Erin! Sorry for the late reply! I found your comment lurking in my spam :( I’m coming to Sydney yay! What group do you train with, if you don’t mind me asking?

      Enjoy your weekend love! <3

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