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So after over a month(!!) of not blogging, a catch-up post is long overdue. This past month has been crazy busy, but a FUN one. Lots of training, working, consuming vast quantities of sugar and caffeine…the usual!



Despite 50+ hour work weeks for the past fortnight(!), I managed to hit my highest weekly mileage and best training weeks since 2012, which I am super excited about!! I’m not sure if I’ve ever done a weekly training recap on the blog before, but here is last weeks…

Monday: AM 60min easy run
                      PM Team circuit training session
Tuesday: PM 60 min team workout (25 min hill Parloff session +warmup and cooldown)
Wednesday: AM 45 min recovery run+60 min session with Karyn
Thursday: AM 60 min easy run w/last 10 min progressive
Friday: Rest day
Saturday: AM 4 mile run to work
                        PM 4 mile run home from work
Sunday: AM 90 min hilly long run (half on trails)


All in all, a great week of training! I was ridiculously tired and sore for most of the week (serious DOMS from strength training with Karyn…I struggled to walk for three days afterwards so thanks for that Kaz;) so I spent lots of time with my BFF the foam roller and kept my easy and recovery runs slow and relaxed.


Standard pre-work routine…run, foam rolling, and a soy latte that’s bigger than my head


Tuesday’s workout was super awesome. I tried to write out an explanation of what a Parloff relay is but it was so convoluted and made no sense. So to simplify, you are partnered with another person or two and you take in turns sprinting and jogging up and down a hill continuously for ~25 minutes. It’s a great hill workout because you have to sprint the downhills too, so you get the benefits from that as well. We met at the track, then ran 1.5 miles to the hill (the warm-up was also uphill…), then ran the session (about 4 miles), then the cooldown back to the track. My blurry dark picture does this hill no justice, but it’s killer! Our team does most of our hill workouts here, so we’ve gotten very familiar with it over the years.



My partner and I “won” the session so our coach rewarded us with Mars bars and chocolate cupcakes. Refuelling after those workouts in the best way Thumbs up



And all that sugar consumption is clearly paying off because our training group WON at the South of England championships a few weeks back!! It’s incredible what a difference training partners can make to your running. I love mine. So weird and wonderful <3



And because I love lists, here’s some other random things from the past month…


1. Three dinner dates at Ping Pong in the past month. This place is the best. And thanks to this I am now poor.



2. I did my first ever run commute last week! I bought a running backpack (I chose this one because it is super light…and also because it’s pretty and pink. We all know that aesthetics are just as important as functionality). The weather was perfect and the route took in all the best parts of London, so it was perfect:) It’s proving a great way to get in some easy mileage, so I am definitely making this a weekly thing!



My co-workers all make fun of me for this, but I keep the most ridiculous amount of food in our work kitchen. So refuelling after my run to work was super easy. I know it’s been way too long since you’ve seen one of my beautiful photos of my AB&J topped oatmeal on this blog, so you’re welcome for this;)



3. I went to see The Lion King with Karyn (it was SO AWESOME!), and I cried when Mufasa died. It was inevitable.



4. In 9 days time I am off to New York!! I. Am. Pumped. On that note, does anyone else choose their hotels based on the gym facilities and the proximity to a Starbucks? You can’t ever say I don’t have my priorities straight ;) My brother sent me this photo of Central Park recently…it had better still look like this when I get there.



5. I have managed to take my relationship with the baristas at the Starbucks next door to my work to the next level. I now have a free soy latte waiting for me every morning. Barista BFFs are my faves <3




So I’ve just finished an awesome and killer track session (5x600s) and I’m more than ready for bed. Especially since I have a session with Karyn tomorrow morning before work. Heaven help me. (P.S. Karyn I know you’re reading this so please be nice tomorrow and can we not do 10000 burpees, thanks)


Tell me one highlight from the past month!


How is your training going? Training for any upcoming races? Track season is fast approaching, and I’m excited to tackle my PRs this year!


Hope you’re all having a great week so far! <3




10 Responses to Backtracking

  1. Sounds like everything is going well for you, and you are rocking training! Jealous of your New York trip. I love the Lion King, I’ve seen it twice now and never cease to be amazed.
    Lauren (@PoweredbyPB) recently posted..Ultra Training Week 6: Easing back into it

  2. I’m glad to see you back. It sounds like you are having a great time! I only live 90 minutes from NY. That would be so awesome to see you if it would work out? Let me know!
    Hollie recently posted..Lake Effect Series: You can’t “not eat” and train for a marathon.

  3. WOW! You are literally THE most inspiring person EVER!!! you accomplish so much–working, running, maintaining friendships and general awesomeness! I had a randomish question about injuries. Right now my hip has been hurting again (I’ve had issues with it in the past) so i’ve taken a few days off to rest it before track season officially starts tomorrow! Should I run today to “get ready” for tomorrow, or just wait for tomorrow to start running on it again? Also, do you think the elliptical helps or hinders training when you’re injured and can’t run? If you ever use the ellipical, how do you use it?
    Andrea recently posted..Planet Automattic: February 2014

    • Haha thanks Andrea!! I would advise you see a physiotherapist, because they’ve helped me and continue to help me with all my injuries and niggles! They’ll help you get through track season strong and injury free :) Personally, I’ve used the elliptical in the past a lot when injured, and it really helped me maintain some fitness and sanity! I used it as I planned to run. So if I had a 60 min run planned, I would do 60 mins on the elliptical. Or if I had an interval run, I would do elliptical intervals instead. Hope that helps and that your hip is feeling better!! <3

  4. Glad you are back blogging. :) Hope you have a great time in New York!

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