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2014 Goals!


HAPPY NEW YEAR friends! Only five days late with that…and with this post! Better late than never as I always say;)


As those of you who have been following my blog for a while will know, every year I make some goals for the year ahead. I’m very much a goal-orientated person, so making my goals for the coming year is a big deal, not something I decide spur-of-the-moment on NYE after a few glasses of champagne. I usually sit down with a vat of coffee, look over my training diary and reflect on the past year, discuss it with my coach/family/friends, and think about what I want to achieve over the next 12 months. My motto: dream big, but plan right.


I have many goals for 2014, but for now, I’ll just share my “big picture” ones:


1. My biggest running goal this year is to work on CONSISTENCY. I’ve gone through a lot of changes in my life  and routine this year, and the same will be happening again in 2014. As my coach has drilled into me many times, consistency is the key to successful training. Consistency encompasses all the aspects of running, from getting in base mileage to regular strength training and stretching. Thanks to the unpredictable working hours of my job, being sent a 2 month training plan (which was what my coach used to do) no longer works for me, as I’m constantly having to change around workouts to fit in with my work, and often end up missing one or two important sessions a week as a result. So this year, we’re trialling making training plans on a fortnightly basis, so that I know exactly when I’m working and therefore when I can fit in runs. More consistency=better training=watch out PRs.

Kent Schools 1

Standard post-race “I LOVE RUNNING” photo. I’ve got big PR chasing plans this year!!


2. Strength, strength, strength. 2014 will be the year I focus on getting strong! Meet my new personal trainer:


Karyn was too busy demonstrating what I call the Devils Pushup to stop for a photo op. Also maybe I should make improving my photography a goal for this year…


One of my closest friends, Karyn, is a PT, and after she witnessed my pathetic attempt at a push-up (she didn’t believe that I couldn’t do a single full push-up…I proved her wrong haha), she took me on as an urgent charity case ;) I’ve had two sessions with her so far (one this morning!) and I have never known such pain. No exaggeration. I think I have permanent DOMS. I’ll do a post soon about my experiences of training with a personal trainer, but so far, I am loving it!! Well, loving it after the session is over anyway haha.


3. Working on balance. I’ve never been good at finding a work-life-run balance, and 2013 was the worst that balance has ever been! But I’ve now got a plan in place (planning is my fave) to help fix that imbalance. This year, I’m taking more time for my running, travelling, and friends/family, and fewer 50+ hour work weeks. I’m especially looking forward to the travelling I’ve got planned for this year! There’s nothing I enjoy more than exploring new places through running:)


Dear Hawaii, I will be back this year. See ya soon.


I’m excited for 2014. It’s gonna be a good year. 


What are your goals/resolutions for 2014? I read that telling a friend about your goals increases your chance of achieving it by 72%, so get sharing!!


What are you most looking forward to this year? Running lots and travelling lots!


Have an amazing week friends! <3

7 Responses to 2014 Goals!

  1. These are awesome resolutions, and so achievable! I agree on all of them; in fact, strength was one of my resolutions as well! You’re going to have an awesome 2014. :)
    Jess @ Story of a Girl recently posted..Fitness Friday!!!!!

  2. Good luck with you goals! :)
    Ffion recently posted..From 2013 To 2014

  3. My goal this year is to work on consistency as well. I think consistency can help with any single race or goal and the ability to achieve it. On another random note, I love that you are blogging more frequently now. I’ve missed your blog posts!
    Hollie recently posted..Lake Effect Series: Ednos

  4. Great goals, good luck with them. I might be planning a Hawaii trip this year too!
    Lauren (@PoweredbyPB) recently posted..Running “Recovery” Week

  5. i think finding balance is such a good goal to work towards. i often find myself not working on ME as much and working to please others–thats by big one for 2014.

    hawaii…. i will daydream.

  6. I just registered for the Honolulu Marathon! It’s not until December, so I have a full year to prepare. I also just had a baby (and an almost four-year old in the house, yikes!) so I haven’t made any real resolutions this year, but my goal for the marathon is to finish 25k running, and after that, a walk-run (or just walk?) to the finish! :) Yay!

  7. Oh my word you are so lucky to be going back to Hawaii. It really was the best place I have ever been, so beautiful and relaxed. I am saving up for us to have another trip but think it will be a few years away for us!
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted..How Cycling Can Improve Your Running- Guest post

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