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Christmas Traditions


MERRY {belated} Christmas friends!! I hope you are all having a wonderful holiday season! In-between working non-stop and trying to spend as much time with my family as possible, it’s been harder than usual to sit down and write a post, but I’ve had a lovely past couple of weeks spent having fun with all my favourite people, and I hope you have too!



It was only looking back on some of my Christmas posts from past years (one of my favourite things about having a blog!) that I realised just how many Christmas traditions I have! Cheesy as it sounds, these traditions make me thankful and appreciate more than anything just how fortunate and blessed I am. Christmas is a BIG deal to me and my family, and these are just of the many traditions…


Tradition #1: Christmas Dinner with friends. Every year a few days before Christmas, my friends and I sit down to eat a Christmas meal together and swap presents. Good food and good company…what could be better?



Tradition #2: Christmas Eve training. My absolute favourite training session of the whole year! Our session is made up of sprint relays around the track involving Santa hats and crackers instead of batons. It’s still a hard workout, but it’s so fun! And training with these awesome speedy girls is always the best thing ever.IMG_0821[4]

My wonderful running family <3

After cool down and stretches, we all exchanged presents and presented our coach with a joint present from all of us. Our coach is the most selfless and supportive man I’ve ever met, putting in countless hours every week towards our training, completely voluntarily. He comes to every race to support us, regardless of how far away it is, and his tireless efforts led our training group to 2nd place at Nationals! So we clubbed together and got him a tablet so he can read running articles and receive our training logs via email whilst he’s travelling to our races ;)



Tradition #3: Wrapping presents on Christmas Eve whilst watching Elf and Love Actually. I must’ve seen those movies a thousand times, but they never. get. old.



Tradition #4: Christmas morning run! Some people think that’s crazy, but what’s so crazy about doing your favourite thing on your favourite day?! I always do my Christmas Day run just as a relaxed fun run, with no pace/mileage goals, just a Santa hat and a smile! Aaaand to make this run even better, Santa was kind enough to treat me to a new Garmin(!!), so I got to take that on a test run!



LOVE MY NEW GARMIN I’ll do a proper write-up on it soon once I’ve tested it out a bit more thoroughly! I’ve used it every day since though and so far, there is nothing but pure love for it :)


Tradition #5: Christmas Day church service with all the family. Never forgetting what it’s all really about <3



Tradition #6: Burning off that Christmas day dinner with the running club’s annual fancy dress Boxing Day paperchase! 7 hilly miles on the trails chasing the “hares” whilst wearing a puffy elf costume is pretty hard, but so fun!! Seeing everyone else’s costumes is always a laugh, and it’s definitely one of my favourite runs of the year!


The “hares” setting off before we give chase

And thanks to the torrential rain we’d had over the previous few days, the trails were one big mud swamp. All the more fun! :P



Tradition #7: Long evenings of competitive board games. My American family come over from Christmas Eve until New Year every year, and every evening we all get together and play hours of board games. It gets VERY competitive, which is really all the fun ;)



It was the perfect week to end my favourite time of the year.


What’s your favourite Christmas tradition?


What was your favourite gift that you gave/received this year?


Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, and have a lovely New Year! See you in 2014!! (<—- Can’t believe that’s just a day away…time flies!) <3

8 Responses to Christmas Traditions

  1. I love the sound of all those traditions! I had a Christmas Eve run this year which was great.
    Lucky you with the new Garmin too- looking forward to seeing how you get on with it.
    Happy new year!
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted..Hello from Nice!

  2. Christmas traditions are the best, me and my brother always go out for a run on Christmas day, that’s my favourite tradition of ours. Have a great new year!
    Lauren (@PoweredbyPB) recently posted..2013 Recap

  3. I love seeing others traditions. I always find them so interesting. It looks like you had a great time!
    Hollie recently posted..Tis the Season to Detox

  4. Other than christmas dinner & opening presents with my grandparents we don’t really have any traditions.

    My favourite presents were a spiraliser (have made beetroot and butternut squash ‘spaghetti’ so fav :) ) and i have also treated myself to a tablet to help with revision and reading ebooks for Uni – well when i work out how to sort them it will!

    Happy New Year xx

    • You got a spiraliser?! That’s so awesome!! Wish I had one!! Hope you had an amazing Christmas, and Happy New Year to you too Jenny!! <3

      • when my parents asked me what i wanted i couldn’t really think of anything big or exciting, but i knew it would be something i would use at uni. They aren’t too expensive on amazon :)

  5. Glad that you had a lovely Christmas! We got Sequence as our Christmas board game this Christmas… I know what you mean about it getting competitive! Great game though!
    Charlotte recently posted..Christmas Handicap 10km Run 47:54 and Christmas Day Run

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