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Thinking Out Loud #1


Today I’m joining in for the first time with my good friend Amanda’s Thinking Out Loud posts! I love her, and I love these posts.




1. I’ve seen a lot of talk about a December running streak on Twitter recently, and I briefly considered joining in. Then I decided on doing a Christmas jumper streak instead. Far more festive.


Day 19 and still going strong!


2. Talking of running and streaking…


This moment was pretty much the highlight of my entire existence. Only in London.


3. I was reunited with my running family this week, and what a beautiful reunion it was! Two circuit training sessions, two runs, and a huge Christmas dinner. Perfection.


Straight from training to a Christmas dinner! And oh look, a Christmas jumper…


4. I’m guessing most people’s work Christmas parties don’t include a runway show, lentil salad canapes, and a Santa that comes round and hands out little healthy gifts? Only at Sweaty Betty…! :P



5. I can’t stop listening to Christmas music, all day every day, and my Christmas music playlist is 138 songs long. I think I have a problem. And my desktop background is a Christmas countdown. To say I love this time of year is a slight understatment I think.



6. You know those days when you’ve got a hard workout scheduled but you just aren’t feeling it? Well we had a 8x400m on the cards today and during the warm-up I was trying to stamp out my negative attitude, but my prayers were answered as the heavens opened and a hailstorm began! So we did an impromptu circuit training session in the changing rooms instead:) Although I still had a three mile run home after the session in the pouring rain which was great fun ;)


Incidentally I’ve done well on the strength front this week, with two circuit training sessions and a BodyPump class on top of my runs. My muscles are sure feeling it though, gotta love those DOMS!


7. I’m drinking a hot chocolate (P.S. vegan pals I use this stuff and it is the bomb) whilst writing this post. There is nothing better than a steaming hot cocoa after a cold wet run :)



Tell me a random thought or something fun you’ve done this week?


Have you ever done a run streak, or would you ever do one? I’ve never done one, because it doesn’t fit in with my training plan, and I’m probably too injury prone for it to work for me anyway! But I think the motivational side of it must be pretty awesome, and I have great admiration for those who can stick it out!


How do you prepare for a hard run/workout? I try to really get myself in the right frame of mind before a workout. If I go in with a positive mental attitude, then more often than not, the workout will be a success!


Have a great day friends, and thanks Amanda for hosting! <3

10 Responses to Thinking Out Loud #1

  1. You have a Krakow mug! SO jealous! Can you believe that I forgot to pick up a Warsaw one the last time I was there?! All the more reason to visit STAT. And I seriously love your enthusiasm for this time of the year. 138 songs on your playlist? Holy.snap that’s impressive, lady.

    PS – Have I told you that you have the most gorgeously infectious smile?!? :D

  2. I did a run streak in December 2011, where I ran at least 5k every day in December, I clocked up tonnes of miles, and I did get quite into it after a while. I just try not to think too much about a tough workout beforehand.
    Lauren (@PoweredbyPB) recently posted..Cafod Nativity Run 2013

  3. The link for the Sainsbury’s hot chocolate isn’t working – can you tell us what the product is? I’m always interested if it’s about hot chocolate ;)
    The Vegan Cookie Fairy recently posted..Jewelled Pomegranate & Shaved Almonds Baked Porridge

  4. I saw that picture of all the men on twitter and was somewhat jealous of that lady for real LOL. That is awesome though.

    As far as running streaks go, I know I would get injured so I keep with the #coffeeaday streaks.
    Hollie recently posted..After College Changes…

  5. I am so jealous of your work ethic!! I always TRY to have a positive attitude before hard workouts, but always end up terrified/overcome with dread right before I begin:/

    • Aaah don’t worry, everyone dreads or gets afraid of their hard workouts sometimes! I really have had to work (and still continue to work) on beginning workouts with a positive mental outlook, and on maintaining that through the session. You can do it too, it just takes time and belief in your own abilities. You’ve got this Andrea!! <3

  6. I reckon for me I could run for 5 days in a row, but any more and I just get really slow and there isn’t much point. I would rather rest and then put my all into my next run.
    What is the deal with that second picture?? Not sure what to google to find the news story!!
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted..Treats and Eats

  7. What do you wear to stay warm, dry and comfortable during all those indoor/outdoor winter workouts? I’m in need of proper vegan workout wear for just such a purpose. And I’d also like that hot chocolate link, when you get it updated.
    Belinda Y. Hughes (Cafe Belinda) recently posted..Dairy Free Vegan New Year Recipes

    • Hi Belinda! I work for a sportswear clothing company called Sweaty Betty, so most of my workout clothing is from there. Their clothes aren’t certified vegan however (as I’ve mentioned on the blog before, I am only a vegan as far as my diet goes), so I’m afraid I can’t recommend you anything particular on that front. Good luck finding something suitable though!

      The hot chocolate is called “Sweet Freedom Choc Shot Liquid Chocolate” so if you search that on the Sainsbury’s website, it should come up :)

      Happy New Year! <3

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