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Hello from Krakow!


HELLO from Krakow, Poland!! In my last post I briefly explained how I’d decided to make a spontaneous trip to Europe with a couple of friends. After two days of booking flights, transport and accommodation on my phone en route to work (thank heavens for travel apps!) and a late night packing session, I touched down at Krakow airport on Tuesday morning! I’ve been lucky enough to visit quite a few European countries over the years, but Poland hasn’t been one of them! 


Airports at 5am = ultimate comfortable attire necessary, aka jeggings and Uggs. P.S. Leaving the house and getting on a train at 4am was the most painful experience ever and only made easier by vast amounts of coffee.


 I then spent so long relaxing/napping in the airport Starbucks that I very nearly missed my flight! I looked up just in time to see “Final Call” flashing and was then forced to do an epic sprint to my gate. Incidentally it was Gate 42 which put all that long distance running training into good use.


I entertained myself on the flight with the help of Women’s Health mag and the movie Australia. Thankfully the flight was short because I had what felt like 2 millimeters of leg room…gotta love flying with Ryanair ;)


And after a flight and an eventful bus journey from the airport to the centre of Krakow (I may have managed to empty my suitcase contents all over the floor…only me), before long I was in our apartment in Krakow, reunited with my BFFs! Becky (on the left) got to Krakow the day before me and left a day earlier and Lucy (on the right) has been backpacking around Europe for the past few weeks, and is off to Budapest tomorrow! I’m super jealous because I LOVE that city, but we have big travel plans for next year when I can take more time off :) 


We decided to stay in Crystal Suites Self Catering Apartments, not least because of the cheap prices and the 5* rave reviews on TripAdvisor. And when we got there, we realised why! The apartments are AMAZING and if they were in London, they would cost a small fortune!! Plus the service was incredible. Oh, and did I mention that there’s a cupcake shop right next door? Heaven.

 You see that balcony above the door? THAT WAS OUR BALCONY. Loved that.

Oooh my flight is now boarding! I’ll post Part 2 of this post soon, but now I’m off to board my plane home! Hope you’re all having a great week!! <3


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  1. You’re in Poland?! EEEE! That’s my home land! Well, sorta… I was born here in Canada, but all my family is in Poland and I visit every couple of years. Hope you have the best time!
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted... thinking out loud #55 .

  2. I am soo jealous!! My ultimate dream is to go to Europe some day (I’m from the US). Can’t wait to hear about your Poland experience!
    Also, this is random, but since you’re an experienced runner I thought id ask: what tips do you have for running in cold weather and cross training (ellipticals, etc?) thanks!!

  3. Nice! And you got to stay above a cupcake shop?? Lucky! ;) So how do you overcome language barriers when you visit different countries? Do most people speak English?

    • I KNOW they did awesome cupcakes, some of which were vegan!!! :D Most of the time, especially in Europe, they speak very good English! But I always try to learn a few words/phrases before I go, because I feel rude just conversing in my own language! I’m pretty useless with languages though haha

  4. […] finally posting the remainder of my impromptu trip to Poland last week (you can see the first part here) after what has been a pretty manic few days at work. I’ll catch y’all up on what’s been […]

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