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Confession Time


Confession: Turns out yesterday there was a Buy 1 Get 1 Free offer on ‘Festive Drinks’ at Starbucks. I’m pretty sure the idea was to “spread the festive cheer” by giving one to a friend, but in case you didn’t know I really really love coffee and may have had them both…


…but trust me, after two sugary lattes, I was definitely spreading some craziness cheer ;)


Confession: I hadn’t done strength training in so long that when I did it again for the first time last week, I literally crawled up the stairs on all fours after the workout. No shame. Okay, maybe I’m a little embarrassed to admit that, but in my defence my gym is in an old Victorian style house and so is spread over three floors which equals a LOT of stairs…so that makes it understandable, right? Yeah…


Evil flight #3 of gym staircase.


Confession: I forgot to pack my trainer liners in my gym bag yesterday, and I happened to be wearing Christmas socks to the gym. So I rocked the long socks and shorts look with pride. Incidentally, for anyone who’s interested in trying this look themselves, you will get lots of funny looks. Just a heads up.


Letting my freak flag fly with my fave green shorts + reindeers in love socks

I didn’t take a photo of the full look, given that I looked strange enough already without taking a selfie of my bizarre outfit, but it was the shorts in this photo below. I’ll just let your imagination do the rest…


Go green or go hone, I say


Confession: I am a laugher. Aka one of those people who not only laughs all the time, but also has a really loud, obnoxious laugh. And yesterday I made the mistake of watching my favourite comedy shows (The Big Bang Theory and New Girl) whilst cross training in the gym, and I just could not stop laughing. People kept turning round to stare at me, and I’m not sure whether that was because of the laughing or the reindeer socks. Probably both.


Oh Nick Miller you are just TOO FUNNY. New Girl is the best thing ever.


Confession: In the last week, my most listened to album on Spotify was this:



Apparently I’m a seven year old girl deep down. And while we’re on the subject of my currently dodgy taste in music, I may or may not listen to the Mamma Mia soundtrack whilst I’m getting ready for work in the gym locker rooms. There’s nothing like jamming to Dancing Queen while you’re drying your hair.


Wet hair don’t care, cos I’m a dancing queeeen


Confession: When my days off coincide with a rest day (today was one of these magical days), my butt literally does not leave the couch. Well, except to make the frequent trips to and from the fridge. Oh the strife.


Catching up on Downton Abbey with hot chocolate and a blanket. It’s a tough life;)


Confession time! Fess up people, what’s one of your confessions?

What’s your current favourite TV programme? I’m currently loving Downton Abbey, The Big Bang Theory, New Girl, Criminal Minds, Greys Anatomy…have I mentioned that I commute a lot? That’s my excuse for watching all these shows anyway ;)


Hope you’re all having a great start to the week! <3

15 Responses to Confession Time

  1. Maybe you should be fueled by lolz with your laughter then. ;) I am just now getting back into strength training and boy is it kicking my butt.
    Hollie recently posted..Setting Goals

  2. hi emma! it’s so good to have you back to blogging regularly! you’re a great writer and always so entertaining/fun!

  3. :lol: I’m in love with the fact that you spread the Christmas cheer to yourself ;) Can you believe that I still haven’t enjoyed anything out of a red cup? I went on the first day that they started popping up on IG and my Bux didn’t have them… so apparently I’m on strike now ;)

    Aaaand I love you even more for listening to Disney songs. Best music ever, if you ask me.
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted... as we speak, I’m… .

  4. I have too many confessions i could make although gym wise i will make sure i get my front row spot in class even if the instructors mother want the same spot (like saturday morning, Probably an even bigger confession from that class was when a lady tripped and twisted her ankle at the back, the instructor send her mum to find the first aider whic meant as the instructor was helping the lady at the back i basically lead the class – good job i learn my Combat routines within 2 weeks(I’m luckily with a memory like that) – But I LOVED IT!!! and everyone was then following me. It is the one and only time i will happily be in the spot light, and OMG the pressure makes you work so much harder!

    Thank you for reminding me i need to catch up on this weeks DOwntown. Sadly being a student with no tv licence its all about the catch up. Iplayer currently has Masterchef the professionals and will have casualty after next saturday. There’s been an interesting series by cherry healey on health and factors affecting it (drugs, alcohol and obesity) and my final catch up is 999 what’s you’re emergency where i pick out all the things i must remember not to do – Did i mention I’m studying as a student paramedic – lol i guess some of my choices make a little more sense now :)

    So glad you are back blogging, you’re posts always make me smile :)

    • Oh hey, front row is the place to BE! Whenever I’m not running late (which is rarely haha) I try to get a spot at the front! And that’s awesome!! You should become an instructor!! I think you’d be great at it :)

      I didn’t know you were training to be a paramedic! That’s awesome!! And thanks so much! <3

      • I was tempted to get my ETM and then a Les Mills but i just could afford the cost – £1000 to train for something that is really hard to manage as a full time career wasn’t something i could do, especially with my injury track record!

        I do get very stressed if i don’t get my front row spot – but its all good because at the gym i’ve moved to for Uni they don’t seem to like to be at the front :)

        Can’t wait for tuesday morning combat with Katie, it’s been a very long and very bad weekend so i know i can count on her to egg me on a bit and get that frustration out of me again like i did saturday morning.

  5. I totally would have drank those 2 lattes too! The whole sock thing is something that would happen to me…I have a wide array of Christmas socks including some with santa with a “furry” beard..knowing my luck it would be those ones!
    I love all of the programs you’ve just said – especially big bang theory, LOVE Sheldon. I recently got obsessed with Breaking Bad too..I managed to finish all 5 seasons in the space of a week and a half..its so good!
    Natalie @ Lift,Sleep, Eat recently posted..Strange but Good Sweet Pasta & “Meat(Cake)balls”

    • Omg I need your socks. Santa with a furry beard?! Coolest socks EVER!! I’m obsessed with Christmas jumpers too so I’d love a jumper like that haha!

      Aaah Breaking Bad is AMAZING!! I marathoned it too in two weeks…it’s definitely the way to do it ;)

  6. Ok don’t laugh ;) my confession is I like watching Wonder Woman. Ok you can laugh now. Maybe i’m a 7 yr old at heart too! ;) hahaha :D

  7. Hi Emma! I’m a big fan of your blog and glad to see you’re back–you are a HUGE inspiration! are you still doing daily mile?

    • Hey Andrea! Thanks so much, that’s so lovely to hear! :)

      I’m not I’m afraid! I do miss the DM community but I have to update a private online training log that my coach uses to monitor my running, and it just became too much to update both every day. But I’ll continue to post about most of my runs on here anyway :)

      Have a great weekend! <3

  8. Aw, you’re cute :). People laughing and rocking Christmas socks would be such a nice change from the either concentrated, smug or blasé folks that usually frequented the gyms I trained at so far.
    Also: staircases are evil. True fact. And now I want to listen to that Spotify playlist, too. Maybe it’ll help me become a faster runner ;)?
    Miss Polkadot recently posted..WIAW: The Use-up and Mug Cake Edition

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