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Sunday Runday and Pepe!


In case you don’t follow me on Twitter or Instagram and so haven’t seen the 10000 photos of this little face that I’ve spammed everyone with, then…MEET PEPE!



One of my aunts adopts a puppy for a year and trains it up to be a future Guide Dog, and this is her latest addition to the family! This is Pepe, an 8 week old Labrador-Golden Retriever puppy, and the new love of my life <3 We are BFFs already, and apparently he feels comfortable enough with me to pee on my lap already, so that’s great ;)




Serious kudos to my aunt for adopting little Pepe (and she’s the third one!) because I totally couldn’t raise a puppy for a year and then give it back, even if it is for an amazing cause like this! I might just dognap her…although maybe after she’s been housetrained haha!


Sunday long runs are my absolute favourite of the week. Not least because they don’t take place on a treadmill at 6am, but because I can hit the trails! And man was it a beautiful (and chilly) morning to run! Although a tad swampy too…


I now do my runs to time rather than for miles, so this one was an easy 75 minutes plus 6x100m striders at the end. I’ve also been doing my long runs Garmin-less recently, which was a bit strange at first, but really makes a difference in that I find myself focusing more on myself and on the run than on my pace. It’s a lot more relaxing! I’m sure eventually I’ll get back to using my Garmin on every run, but for now, it’s nice to not feel any pace pressure on my long runs and just enjoy them :)


Speaking of Garmins, I am SO tempted by the new Garmin 220! The new features look amazing, and the purple one is super cute, so I’m eyeing it up as a possible Christmas present… Has anyone else seen the video for it? I love it, but then I’m such a sucker for advertising :P


Remember in my last post how I was talking about how festive the area I work has become? Well that was really taken up a notch on Saturday night when all the Christmas lights went up in the square and along the road. SO pretty!!



My friend Karolina and I did a bit of shopping after work (we spent WAY too much time and money in Lush…love that place!), then grabbed Starbucks hot chocolates before heading over to check out the lights.



I’m off to bed now ready for that lovely early Monday start ;) I’m also avoiding Twitter because the season finale of Downton Abbey airs tonight, and I can’t watch it till my day off on Tuesday, so I’ve just got to avoid all spoilers for another 24 hours or so…


Any other Downton Abbey fans out there? I miss Matthew and Sybil. That is all.

What was the highlight of your weekend? Meeting puppy Pepe for the first time for sure:)


Hope you all had a great weekend! <3

7 Responses to Sunday Runday and Pepe!

  1. Oh my Pepe is such a sweet heart!!! Totally gives me puppy fever!!!

    I am eying the garmin 220 too! So nice. But I think I’ll definitely have to wait a while as I just got my 110 earlier this year!
    Kaila @healthyhelperblog! recently posted..Thoughts and Things

  2. Aw the puppy is so cute!! I only ever wear my garmin for really long runs and races now, it is much nicer to just run on feel, I used to get so distracted by it that it totally sucked all the fun out of running.
    Lauren (@PoweredbyPB) recently posted..Start/Stop Marathon Training

    • I KNOW RIGHT?! Cutest thing ever!! And I agree! I do miss it, but I did start getting too obsessed with checking my pace every other second. So we’re on a break for now;)

      P.S. I don’t know if my comment went through on your last post because I couldn’t see it(?) but I watched the fireworks on Primrose Hill too!! I do every year…best views in London! :)

  3. That puppy is the cutest thing ever! I’m surprised you didn’t dognap him!

    I haven’t yet commented since you returned to blogging, but I just wanted to say that I’m so glad your back! I missed your posts!

    P.S. Your so pretty!

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