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Feeling Festive


Yesterday felt like the longest day of my life. I left the house at 5:30am, and got back at midnight, so I am super tired today! This is just a pre-warning that this post will probably be more rambly, non-sensical, and even more full of typos and grammatical errors than usual ;)


I began my day yesterday with an early morning BodyPump class followed by an easy 30 minute run. It was my first Pump class in months, and my first ever early morning one! I forgot how much I love that class. It kicks my butt like nothing else. This is definitely becoming a weekly thing.



I got a whole new understanding of the phrase “jelly-legs” at the start of my run, but after about five minutes my legs warmed up and the run felt pretty effortless and enjoyable and was one of those “THIS IS WHY I  LOVE RUNNING” runs :)


Black and white hides the too-early-so-tired-pre-workout look better, right? Yeah…


I refuelled when I got to work with a breakfast of instant oatmeal and a Vega shake, and of course the mandatory coffee. Starbucks had put up their Christmas decorations, with baubles on the counters and a wreath on the door. It looked so cheery and festive!

















The Trafalgar, which is a great pub nearby, tweeted this message yesterday, so obviously before our work teams evening meeting  we all headed over to enjoy free mulled wine and cider. Free definitely tastes better ;) It felt ridiculously like Christmas for the first week of November, sitting by a fire drinking mulled wine, but it was awesome!


Best. Tweet. EVER.


With our bellies full of mulled wine, our team then sat down to our meeting, whilst managing to find room for delivery pizza, Starbucks hot chocolates, and mince pies. Man are work meetings a chore ;)



Also the highlight of my day/year/life happened in the evening when I popped next door to Starbucks to pick up our drinks for the meeting. As usual, I was chatting away to the baristas when one of them came out with a Starbucks bag and told me that inside was my Christmas present from all of them, which was a cute Christmas mug!  LOVE IT AND LOVE THEM.


















I’m currently writing this post whilst listening to my Christmas playlist. I know that’s shameful, but apparently in Chelsea, the festive period begins in the second week of November, so I’m fully embracing that;)


When do you start feeling Christmassy? Our family would wait to put up the decorations and tree until the first week of November, but I’m more than okay with starting as early as possible haha!


Any BodyPump fans out there? What do you think of this release? I think the triceps track is killer, but then I think that every time because I’m convinced these muscles aren’t part of my anatomy.


Hope you’re all having a great week! <3

8 Responses to Feeling Festive

  1. I have been feeling festive as I had to choose the Christmas song for my class to sing.
    I think the lunges track is the most evil one of all the pump- you keep thinking it will end and then it carries on.
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted..Christmas teapot!

    • Aaah that’s so sweet! My mum is a primary school teacher so she’s probably doing the same :) The lunge track was definitely SO much harder than I remembered! It was days ago and I’m still in pain haha

  2. I love Body Pump. The one I go to the gym instructor basically picks people at random to say a body part and then we do a routine for the part. Quite fun as you never know what’s coming.
    Anna @AnnaTheApple recently posted..Snack Monster

  3. I love Christmas time, but I don’t really start feeling festive until after Thanksgiving. Gotta get through one holiday before I start thinking about the other!

    I love body pump. It’s such a good workout! The core series are what kills me!
    Laura @ RunningJunkie recently posted..Are You Afraid of the Dark? & Pumpkin Protein Pancakes

    • Haha well I guess we start super early here in the UK to make up for the lack of a Thanksgiving! :P

      BodyPump is definitely awesome! My gym actually does a 15 minute extra core workout straight after the class, so today it actually hurts to breathe. Always the sign of a killer core workout! ;)

  4. I can’t even begin to think about Christmas yet, I feel like it shouldn’t start until the beginning of December. Free mulled wine sounds like a win!
    Lauren (@PoweredbyPB) recently posted..Tibits Vegan Days

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