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Biting The Bullet


It’s time I bit the bullet and wrote that awkward first post back after what has been a loooooong break from the blog. I’ve been seriously contemplating starting back up over the last couple of weeks, but actually sitting down to write out this post has proved more difficult than I thought! So after I finished work today, I sat down in Starbucks armed with a grande soy PSL to write this out.


Starbucks selfie. Gotta get back into the blogger ways ;)


I’m sorry I’ve been inconsistent and flaky and truth is, I’ve really missed it. I’ve missed you guys. I’ve missed writing about my day. I miss being able to look back on posts to find out what I was doing last week because I’ve already forgotten (yes, I really did do that…my memory is shockingly bad). And most of all I’ve missed posting ridiculous pictures of myself on the internet for the world (and all future employers…) to see ;)

DSCF1864 (1)

Classy refuelling right there


So there have been some pretty major changes in my life in the last six months since I last posted so to quickly catch you up…


I finished school and my A-Levels. I stopped posting in the first place so that I could study more, and thankfully the two months in which I lived in the library really paid off!



I travelled to Italy in the summer with some of my closest friends and had an AMAZING time. Italy definitely has to be one of my favourite countries I’ve visited! We stayed in the Lake Garda region and visited Venice and Verona (my favourite!) amongst others. I’ll do a full recap of this trip soon :)


Try not to be too jealous of my cool hat and sunnies


I got a real life job (I’m on a gap year) and now work full time in Central London. I work for Sweaty Betty, and I really really love my job. The location is perfect, my colleagues are all fabulously hilarious people, and I basically get paid to talk to people about running all day long. Oh, and did I mention the awesome “uniform”? Wearing leggings and running shoes all day is such a hardship.


Plus there’s a Starbucks right next door. And I wonder where all my money goes.


I spent much of the spring/summer off running due to illness, but I’m on the comeback train. I always seem to forget how hard it is to come back to running after time off, and the first few weeks of running were pretty tough. But I’m feeling much more like my old self again, and am currently building my base back up. I’m counting down the days before I’m allowed to hit the track again in six weeks time! Until then, most of my runs are done at the gym before work at 5am (this has been a major adjustment for this evening runner…I’ll be doing a post on that soon), but I always look forward to my days off, because those are the days when I can hit the trails.


Trail running in Big Island, Hawaii two years ago. Best trails EVER. Also, I miss my tan.


And last but not least, I turned 19, and ran 19 miles 9 miles to celebrate. Birthday runs fuelled by birthday cake are the best kind of runs :)



I’m pretty sure that covers most of the missed six months. See you in six months for another catch-up post! I kid, I kid. The blog will also soon be undergoing a bit of a makeover so get ready to see a much nicer looking Sweet Tooth Runner within the next month or so! As refreshing as it was to step back from the blog for a little while after three years of blogging, I can’t deny that I’ve been dying to get back to it! I’m glad that I took a break and existed outside of the “blogging world” for a bit. To be honest, I needed that time to grow up a bit and adjust into moving into the “real world”. So I’m back, with a slightly altered life perspective, but entirely the same addiction to chocolate and dry shampooing my hair.




28 Responses to Biting The Bullet

  1. Girl! I’ve missed you and your blog!! So happy you’re back :D

  2. Welcome back! I missed your posts and wondered how you were doing but felt it’d have been awkward to ask via mail or Twitter.
    Wow, you’ve been up to a lot. Congrats on acing your finals, turning 19 and getting an awesome job!
    I’m sorry to hear about your injury and feel you on having a hard time to get back into it. Fingers crossed though a seasoned runner like you probably won’t even need them. Looking forward to the post on how to adjust from evening to morning runner as that’s one of my goals, too.
    See you in six months :D.
    Miss Polkadot recently posted..Good good links #11

    • Thank you!! Yeah it’s never easy getting back to running after illness/injury but I’m about six weeks in now and it’s going well so far *touchwood*!

      That post is coming up later this week:) It’s been a huge adjustment for me, so I thought I’d pass on some things that have helped me to switch my routine!

      Haha see you in May ;)

  3. so glad you’re back! Are you planning to update on your longer term plans? Are you still going to Australia?

  4. Holy.snap. I may have squeee’d a little when I saw your post pop up in my reader. Welcome back, girlie :) Definitely looking forward to seeing your face around the blog world more often.
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted... link love 11/3 .

  5. Congratulations on results and your job! Is the travelling re. Aus/Kenya/whatever still happening? Hope that you’re up and running in full flow soon.
    Charlotte recently posted..Update

  6. Ahh its good to see your funny pics back in the blogosphere! you ALWAYS make me smile with your hilarious antics :)
    Good work getting the job, london is a fab place to be… and is that the kings road sweaty betty?!?!? i recognise the corner from the starbucks shot. hehe.
    Hope the illness is all gone and you are back to your good self again… looking forwards to reading more!
    clemmy recently posted..picture update

  7. So glad to see you’re back! If you don’t mind me saying so, you look so grown-up, beautiful and happy.
    The Vegan Cookie Fairy recently posted..No-Bake Gianduja Chocolate Mousse Cake. Happy Birthday Mum!

  8. Glad to see you back and that you are doing well!
    Lauren (@PoweredbyPB) recently posted..I Love Running

  9. I’m so glad you’re back! And it sounds like things are going really well for you so that’s awesome!

  10. SOOOO happy you’re back Emma! I’ve missed your blog so much! One of my faves! Congrats on passing your exams! The gap year sounds like it’ll be fun! Working at Sweaty Betty is SO IDEAL! I would love a job like that! Any thoughts on where you think you’ll go to school???

    • Aaah thanks so much Kaila!! I’ve sure missed it! Your blog is a fave of mine too and has been a fixture on my Feedly for ages:) Yes I’m so lucky, it’s such a great job!! Haha it’s all up in the air right now to be honest, so I’ve got some big decisions to make over the next few months! I’ll blog about it as soon as things are final and let y’all know :)

  11. Glad you are back to blogging! :)

    • Thanks LB!! :) By the way, my response to your last email bounced back? Not sure if that was a fault with my email or yours (probably mine, I’m so technologically inept haha), but just wanted you to know! Hope you’re well <3

  12. Wooo great to see you back!! Looks like you’ve had an eventful time & Italy looks so beautiful! I went to Rome over the summer but would love to see more!
    Natalie @ Lift,Sleep, Eat recently posted..Strange but Good Sweet Pasta & “Meat(Cake)balls”

    • Thanks Natalie! :) I’m jealous, I’ve never actually been to Rome! We visited quite a few places in Italy, but not there! Planning on going there sometime soon though, it looks like an amazing city!

  13. I have no idea why none of your last few posts have been showing up for me but I’m glad I decided to check in and find out you are posting again!! I’ve missed your updates!

  14. I am so glad you are back too! I have so enjoyed following your blog over the years, you are the one who inspired me to start running! (still am, thank you!)

    When were you in Venice & Verona?! My husband and I were there in early September, it was beautiful!

    Have a Happy Christmas from Canada!
    Sherisse recently posted..Euro Trip Packing Reflections – Backpack

    • Oh that’s amazing to hear Sherisse!! It was reading blogs that really inspired me to start running too, so it’s so great to hear that :)

      I was there in July/August, so just missed you! It was so incredible, and I can’t wait to return ASAP! I’m going to do a recap of it at some point.

      Hope your running is going well, and have a great Christmas!! <3

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