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Weekend Recap!


On Friday I had a fun speed session on the track with my running team, and I went straight from that freezing cold snowy run to a meal out with friends. It was definitely one of my coldest runs yet, I was completely numb, even under layers! After the first set most of us ran back inside to grab gloves and hats before continuing. Dinner was eaten at my favourite local Mexican restaurant…their guacamole is to DIE for!! It was a fun evening! You can’t beat a night of running and Mexican food ;)



Not only has it been FREEZING cold outside, but our boiler broke a few days ago so we have had no hot water or heating in the house! It has been SO cold that I’ve been carrying a space heater around with me from room to room…it never leaves my side! :P Also try not to be too jealous of my super cool slippers…



Because of the lack of heating, I spent the weekend staying at a friend’s apartment in Central London. We spent our evenings watching Friends episodes (I used to be completely obsessed with Friends when I was about 15…I would watch hours of it every day!) whilst eating cereal for dinner…truly living the student life!



Once we had our fill of Friends, we hit the town! I was so excited when I found some Bansky street art…obviously I had to obnoxiously pose with it ;)















For those of you who have been asking, yes I do go out most weekend nights, but I fit it around my running! I have no worries on Friday nights because Saturday is usually my rest day (unless I have a race on Saturday, in which case I hit the sack at approx 7pm;), and on Saturday nights I keep it fairly PG before Long Run Sundays! I try to get at least 7 hours sleep even after a late night out and that way I am certain that my long run won’t be affected!


Long Run Sunday was a beautifully sunny but chilly 8 miles on the trails. For fun, I threw in some mile repeats that averaged a 6.30min/mile pace, and finished the run feeling refreshed and happy :) There is nothing better than a relaxing run on trails on a sunny morning!



Over the 2.5 years I have been running I have become the master of the quick change. I was hired to play at two weddings on Sunday, and I had to get to the first one straight after my run, so I had to change and sort out my run-hair on the way to the first hotel. Both weddings were BEAUTIFUL though, and I love playing at them, even if I do start to reconsider my life after the millionth rendition of Pachelbel’s Canon ;)




It’s on days like these that snack bars are an absolute LIFESAVER! I have some stashed in my bag and in my viola case too for emergencies! :P



After the weddings I ran home to make a quick dinner before heading back out to give a short recital at a care home, which I do once a month. I love the residents of the home- they are always so excited to see me and are the best audience ever!!


making a dinner from random leftovers that I found in the freezer! leftovers are a lifesaver.


The lovely residents surprised me with flowers after the performance! It was so sweet of them, and it totally made my day :) One of the women also invited me to join them for bingo later, but I decided to pass up on that one;)



Anyway, I need to step away from my laptop now and turn off New Girl (obsessed) and start the work that I avoided doing all weekend!


Where was the last wedding you went to at? I’ve only actually attended one wedding before, and that was in India when I was younger! I’ve been hired to play at a number though, the coolest being a military wedding at the Ritz, which included a sword parade down the Thames!!


What is your go-to snack? Almost all my snacks are energy bars…I love Clif and Luna bars!! I’m going through a Clif Z bar phase right now…they’re soooo good!!


Where is the best place you have ever travelled? I know this is a random question but I am trying to decide a place to holiday this year, and I’m stuck! I definitely want to go somewhere new to me, and I was thinking Canada, Mexico, Dubai or the US somewhere? And the best place I’ve ever travelled to is Hawaii!


Have a great week friends! <3

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  1. So, because I work in the beauty industry, I feel the need to compliment you on how gorgeous you are. Seriously, I’ve followed your blog for quite a while now and you are one of those girls who is becoming more and more beautiful every day. Also, I would love an update on your running progress, as far as distance/speed. I am quite curious.


  2. London confused me – sometimes it seems like you’re in a big city and other times it seems like you’re in the country! Is this just a park in the city, or is it on the outskirts or something? Whatever the case, it’s beautiful!

    I’ve only been legitimately invited to one wedding (going along with my parents as a kid doesn’t count!), but it was such a good time. I can’t wait until my friends start getting married so I can go to some more.

    You won’t be excited about my best place I’ve traveled since you’ve likely been there, but so far Edinburgh’s been my favorite (I was there for Hogmanay and it was SO much fun). Also on the list: Puerto Natales, Chile, Banff, Canada, and pretty much anywhere in the Eastern Sierras (California). Kauai’s pretty nice too. Wow, I didn’t realize I’ve been so many cool places!
    Jean recently posted..I’ve Done a Bad, Bad Thing

  3. Looks like you’ve been having such a fun time – I used to be obsessed with Friends as well ; I could literally watch it for hours its such a good show!
    Would you believe I’ve never been to a wedding before!! :O
    Lift, Sleep, Eat recently posted..Manic Monday Marvelousness

  4. New Zealand!!!!

  5. Eeveryone has to love friends right? I met someone once who had never seen an episode: weirdo! It is where all of my life quotes some from! :) Your run looks pretty! I hope you get your water and heating sorted soon, I’ve been without it myself before, such a pain!
    Ffion @ Chocolate and Raspberries recently posted..CrossFit Fundamentals Week 4

  6. I’ve only ever been to one wedding, it was my aunt’s and I was like 11! I love z-bars, but fruit is probably my favourite grab and go snack! Best place I have been is Bolivia, most stunningly varied and beautiful country.
    Lauren (@PoweredbyPB) recently posted..Best Body Bootcamp Week 7

  7. BEAUTIFUL trail!! JEALOUS! The view from my treadmill is currently a wall with The Beatles staring at me. The band, not the bugs :)
    The chocolate brownie zbar is my FAVORITE,especially when warmed up. GAH! SO GOOEY!
    The last wedding I went to was 4 years ago and all I can tell you about it was that there was the most amazing ambrosia with marshmallows that I still dream about.
    My go-to snack would have to be a jar of p.b. and a spoon (no shame).
    The best place I’ve traveled to would have to be a tie between Provincetown, MA an Outer Banks, NC. (In the U.S.)
    Hope you’re having a wonderful week!!! :)
    Alex recently posted..Too much exercise & dessert (<–I know, NOT POSSIBLE;))

  8. Your slippers look so cute! I absolutely love z bars. Chocolate chip is awesome but my favorite would have to be iced oatmeal :)!

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