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My One True Love


I feel ashamed that I have never talked about Mystic Brew on the blog yet. Going there again for lunch yesterday just reminded me of that sad fact.


all decorated for Valentine’s Day!


It is my local coffee shop and it is my favourite place in the WORLD. Their coffee is amazing, their food is all freshly made to order (the falafel wrap is to die for!) and the people who run the place are the nicest people ever:) My friends and I are obsessed and we practically live there.


their soy cappuccinos are DIVINE


I seriously needed that coffee after having a packed Friday evening! I did 6 miles on the treadmill whilst rereading an old running magazine and blasting out my Les Miserables album (one of the many benefits of having the gym all to myself! :P) I can’t stand running at the same pace on a treadmill for an entire run, so I made the run a relatively easy progression run, upping the speed every o.25 miles until I reached a 7 min/mile pace.



I followed the run with a half hour strength circuit from the Nike Training Club app that nearly killed me. I find burpees tough normally but adding a plank row to that…!


I am so achey today, but I LOVE that feeling because it reminds me that I’ve worked hard!!


After that I headed off to a quartet job, and that hour flew by! I seriously have the best part-time job in the world! It’s well-paid, fun, I get to play at amazing venues, and almost always at weddings and other functions we are told to help ourselves to the food, which I take full advantage of ;)



I then headed to a friend’s house for an evening of girliness and wine. There’s nothing better after a busy and stressful week! :)



I spent the following evening with my bestie, snuggled up in dressing gowns watching quality Saturday night tv shows and eating Chinese. I am so in love with her new kitten that I genuinely contemplated stuffing her into my bag and making a run for it.

IMG_6072 true love <3


On a random side-note, I just watched this amazing documentary on the story behind the Kenyan domination in distance running, called Man on a Mission. The video follows Eamonn Coghlan, an Irish distance runner, as he travels to Iten and follows the story of Brother Colm and David Rudisha, amongst others. It is the best running film I’ve seen, and can’t recommend it enough! You can watch the hour-long programme online here for free.



What was the highlight of your weekend? My long run this morning in the sleet…that was a real test of fortitude, but I really enjoyed it!


What is your favourite coffee shop or hang-out spot? It used to be Starbucks or Costa until Mystic Brew came along! Now I’ve seen the light!


Do you have, or did you used to have a part-time job? I used to babysit a lot, and I did waitressing one summer, but doing paid music gigs is way more fun ;)


Have a great week friends! <3


P.S. Thanks for all your advice on my video problem in my last post! I will sort it ASAP :)

17 Responses to My One True Love

  1. I don’t know how you can read and run haha!! Oh and the free food makes me want to be a musician too :) I babysit and am sometimes invited to watch over the kids when they have their birthday party so the parents don’t get overwhelmed and I love getting pizza and cake each time :)
    Picky Nicky recently posted..You Don’t Eat Enough Salt

  2. With lunch at your favourite café – which sounds like a great place -, a girls’ night and running you seem to have had a fantastic weekend!

    It’s awesome you’re able to make money doing what you love! How often do you have gigs? I imagine it being a great feeling playing at such special events like weddings.

    I’m working at Subway as a part-time job which isn’t exactly something I’m passionate about. But hey, as long as it helps me pay for nice things like chocolate there’s no need to complain, right ;)?
    Miss Polkadot recently posted..Let’s get goal-ing [February]

  3. My first money came from music too! I got to play the oboe in a couple of operas/the Nutcracker (which the symphony does every year) and it was good money, especially for a high schooler! And of course it was nice that I actually enjoyed the work ;).

    Thanks for the movie suggestion, I’ll be sure to watch! Love stuff like that.
    Jean recently posted..In Which an Uneducated Person Attempts to Teach You Something (and Alaska!)

  4. I have been debating trying that Nike app actually. I’ve tried the core, back and some of the other workouts but have been wanting to try that one…glad to know it’s intense. Great miles on the treadmill. Are you planning to come back to dailymile ever?
    Hollie@lolzthatswim recently posted..Treadmill Training (71M)

    • Aah you DEFINITELY have to try this one Hollie, it kicked my butt!! Although I have very little strength and athleticism so that’s not saying much ;) I do the core and back workouts too! I’m not sure about DailyMile, I kept getting strangers inbox me with the weirdest messages…! That put me off, but I do miss the DM community!!

  5. I adore local, independent coffee shops! In fact I avoid big-name coffee shop chains at any chance I get, because the little ones have nicer atmospheres, not to mention much better coffee.

    Speaking of coffee, my part-time job is at a coffee place. And aside from having to wake up at the crack of dawn on weekends to work, it’s pretty awesome. Unlimited free coffee included.
    Rachel @ Eat, Learn, Discover! recently posted..WIAW &#8211; Chicago Eats (Again!)

    • I couldn’t agree more!! This is the first independent coffee shop to open in my area (the others are all big names!), and the atmosphere and coffee is SO much better!! I have seen the light!!

      Oh my gosh, that sounds like a DREAM job!! Unlimited free coffee?! What more could a girl want haha! Have a fab weekend! <3

  6. I googled that cafe, it’s a little too far for me but its literally like one road away from my grannys house!! Hopefully we’ll be going there next time instead of the garden centre for lunch!! ;)
    When I went to the UCL open day some of the guys there were telling us about some of the coffee shops around the area, that are ”like literally 34839 times better than starbucks or costa” – Store street espresso – if you’re ever in Euston square!! They swear by it!! :) Have an amazing week!
    Tash recently posted..The wondrous health benefits of Black Pepper

    • Oooh yeah I definitely recommend Mystic Brew over a garden centre! Seriously, it’s the best place ever!! And I’m in that area a lot (one of my friends lives near there) so I will definitely check it out, thanks!! :)

  7. I think you have one of the best jobs ever too! If I could play an instrument I would do it in a hearbeat! You seem to really enjoy it and the opportunities you get from it are awesome…all that travel you do?! I’m jealous! LOL

    That kitten is adorable! I would totally be trying to steal it too! :)
    Kaila @healthyhelperblog! recently posted..Run, Rehydrate, Refuel!

    • Aaah thanks Kaila! Honestly I love it so much, and I’m so grateful for the opportunities it has given me! Plus yeah the travelling is pretty darn awesome ;)

      Oh god I am so in love with it. If I didn’t have a dog, it would be MINE haha!

      Hope you’re good Kaila! <3

  8. HI!!
    The highlight of my weekend was probably going to Costco and eating free samples for 2 hours straight. *Heaven*
    My current favorite hang-out spot would have to be by my heater, currently, with my cat :)
    My part-time job is a slide attendant at a local indoor/outdoor pool. Basically, I sit at the top of a water slide and tell people “GO”.
    Highlight of my life.
    Alex recently posted..Random Things Tuesday

  9. Sounds like such a fun and great workout that you’ve gotten in! Core workouts are always the hardest for me – to think that you did the run AND the burpees… girl, you’re rocking it!

    I’m glad you enjoy Chinese food :)

  10. I bought music from Les Mis for my middle school orchestra and they really like it :)
    Holly @ Pink-Runner.com recently posted..Valentine�s Weekend

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