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I am the world’s biggest tech fail. Last week I recorded a vlog to post but had some major issues uploading it:



So I waited the 900+ minutes for it to upload, only for it to to then be stuck in the “processing” stage since then. And it’s been five days. So if by some miracle YouTube manages to finish processing my vlog by Christmas, then I’ll finally post the video I’ve been promising for a year now! :P Hopefully I’ll figure out a better way to do it ASAP!


In the meantime, I borrowed this “currently” survey from the lovely Julianna’s blog…


Current book(s): I just finished Tender is the Night by Scott Fitzgerald, which I got on my Kindle for 77p! I am a HUGE Gatsby fan, but this book just blew me away.



Current music: The Les Miserables album, non-stop. I actually have four different recordings of it (loser alert…;), but this version is my fave:


Current guilty pleasure: Friday night cocktails with friends



Current nail colour: Essie’s Mojito Madness, see the next photo ;)


Current drink: Naked Green Machine juice. At first I was really put off by the colour (murky green…) but it tastes AMAZING and I love having it especially after runs:)



Current food: I quite fancy a cupcake right now.


Current favourite show: Grey’s Anatomy! Not that I haven’t professed my love for the show enough times on the blog already…


Current wish list: Saucony have just brought out a new natural running shoe: the Virrata. I am currently on my fourth pair of the Saucony Kinvaras, and these seem similar, but lighter and even more “natural”.



Current indulgence: Buying expensive running magazines that I can read on the elliptical when I cross-train so I don’t die of boredom. This habit is burning a serious hole in my purse.


Incidentally, I went on about how much I loved the Parliament Hill cross country course in my last post, and this magazine agrees with me!! :)




Current blessing: Having amazing people to work and train with that help make me better. My training group are a crazily speedy bunch, which constantly challenges me and pushes me to become faster. Ran a fab hill session today with this lot, and we made up the best hill sprint relay team in the world!



It’s the same story with my music too- I’m so fortunate to be surrounded by so many fantastic musicians! I’ve been playing in orchestras since I was six years old, and without others around me to inspire me to make myself better, I wouldn’t be where I am today.


after a concert last week!


Current slang: I don’t know if it’s slang, but I do say “blimey” a lot. When I was in the US last year people laughed whenever I said it, saying that I was “so British”! :P


Current outfit: It’s been three hours since I got back from training, and I’m still in my running clothes with muddy legs. Standard.


Current excitement: Being invited to be a member of Sweaty Betty’s “Fit Crowd”! I love Sweaty Betty and everything the company stands for. I’ll post more about this soon :)



Current mood: Sleeeeeepy! I am always more tired after having a running workout in the evening!


Current link: I know I’ve already talked about Saucony running shoes in this post but I just saw a sneek-peak at the newest Kinvaras!! To say I’m excited is an understatement. I have my eye on those purple ones, because let’s be honest, it’s all about the colour ;)



P.S. I’m not sponsored or affiliated with Saucony, I just really love their shoes!!


And CURRENTLY I’m off to shower and wash my hair. Who am I kidding I’m about 0.001 seconds away from falling asleep. Hygiene is overrated.


What is on your wish list right now? I would kill for my own treadmill. Or a cupcake.


Tell me one of your current blessings!


Have a great week friends! <3

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  1. Haha, good luck with the video!! I can’t wait to see it:) I have never seen Les Miserables–either the play or the movie–but I REALLY want to! I started reading the book, but had to return it before I was finished because someone had a hold on it–which was too bad, because I truly was enjoying it. I will have to check it out again soon…I have had that Naked juice once before, and it definitely was amazing:)

  2. Okay so I’m stealing this so you’ll see my currents on my post :) totally love green machine. That stuff is delicious. Don’t even get me started on my love for Les Mis!! Soooo good!! I don’t go a day without listening to it!!
    Tara recently posted..And we danced… in Colorado!

  3. [...] should be studying for Sports Psych, I just wanted to blog again. So I took this survey thing from Emma because it’s kinda fun and takes the thinking out of my life since I’ve already done [...]

  4. Oh no! Have you tried just re-uploading the vlog? I had to figure out the youtube thing for work (I sound so old-I just mean I had to figure out creating a video on an iPad and sending it to the website) and the first time I tried it, I was told I’d be waiting forever. I re-did it, though, and it worked great! But I don’t know anything about technology, maybe you Brits just have slower internet ;).
    Jean recently posted..R-S-T!

    • No I haven’t tried uploading it again yet (the thought of another 900+ minutes is putting me off haha!) but I will try again soon, so thanks for the advice! :) Also probably true about our slower Internet, so don’t rub it in ;)

      Hope you’re having a great weekend! <3

  5. love the survey ;) also youtube has definitely done that to me before – so annoying since i’m not tech savvy whatsoever! my wish list right now definitely includes a day of sleep. i’ve been staying up late to get studying and work done a lot lately and am perpetually tired!
    Julianna @ Julianna Bananna recently posted..{Survey}: Currently.

    • haha thanks ;) oh you’ve had this before too?! aaah fab, I thought it was just me and my uselessness with all things techy! :P aww well I hope you’ve caught up on all your sleep this weekend, and all that studying will be paying off I’m sure! <3

  6. I wonder what is going on with your vlog. Heck no would I wait that long. I get mad if I have to wait more then 5 minutes. LOL. I must tell you though, I absolutely love your twitter avi. So gorgeous!
    Hollie@lolzthatswim recently posted..Running Q&A Part 1

    • I think YouTube just hates me. I mean, 5 minutes for you and 900+ for me?! WHY YOUTUBE WHY?! aww thank you! but omg I have been so jealous of your gorgeous model photos THEY ARE SO BEAUTIFUL. and you have amazing legs, just sayin ;)

  7. You are absolutely gorgeous Emma!! Your such an inspiration, so full of love and thankfulness!! Never change!
    I think your vlog is jinxed! :(
    Tash recently posted..Prezzo, Mayfair

  8. You should try uploading the video on Vimeo instead of youtube… i really like their UI and haven’t had problems with upload stalling.

    Wishlist: camera charger for my Canon (lost it!), dinner reservations at all the nice restaurants in San Francisco, an indoor bicycle trainer, and -as always- a treadmill!

    Blessings: more than ever, my sister. She’s always there for me!

    p.s. hygiene is definitely overrated :)
    Lauren @ Sugar Coated Sisters recently posted..WIAW 2/6: Spoiled. With Tiramisu.

    • Ooooh thanks for the advice, I will try that!! And I’ll totally pretend I know what UI is… ;)

      I LOVED all the places I dined at in San Fran…the food there is so awesome! That sucks about your charger, I hope it turns up!

      You and Nicole are MY blessings, you are awesome people and your blog is one of my faves!! <3

  9. Ha ha, I always take SOOOO LONG to shower after I run because I keep getting distracted by the T.V., blogs, pets, food, etc.

    On my Wishlist: NEW RUNNING SHOES!!! And peanut flour. GAH! SO GOOD! AND my very own rowing machine. Sigh. key word: WISH

    One of my blessings right now would be my foam roller. No joke. If I didn’t have that thing, right now I wouldn’t be able to walk ;) (no seriously)
    Alex recently posted..Random Things Tuesday

    • Oh YES well I’m glad I’m not the only one haha! Food > showering for sure!! :P

      I am so with you on that wish list! Peanut flour is SO good, and I love rowing machines!! They kick my butt!! And I totally feel ya on the foam roller!! Lifesaver.

      Hope you’ve had a great weekend! <3

  10. I have totally been listening to les mis non-stop since the film too, ha!
    Lauren (@poweredbypb) recently posted..Best Body Bootcamp Week 4

  11. I haven’t checked in with you for way too long – you still make me smile in a big way!

    Glad you’re loving life (mojito shot right there) :-D
    Kate recently posted..Colourful Vodka

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