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Winter Running


It has snowed a LOT here over the past week! London usually gets snow a couple of times a year, but this week has been worse than usual! I love snow, but it has definitely made for some interesting runs…




I’m trying to remember the last run I went on when I didn’t fall over or slip a dozen times…but honestly I love running in the snow! Sure it makes my runs at least a minute per mile slower, but it’s fun and at least its not ice! As soon as it turns icy though I hit the treadmill!


Winter running is undoubtedly tough, both physically and mentally, but I believe completely that training through the elements makes you a stronger runner.

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“When winter plays you a tune to stay in bed or by a warm fire, embrace the cold, wet and dark. You’ll become a stronger and better runner because of it.” ~ Scott Jurek


And having friends who will battle through the snow with you on a run helps too :)



Unfortunately the snow has meant that both my race last week and the South of England XC Championships on Saturday have been cancelled! I’m really sad about the cancellation of Saturday’s race, because it would have been at my favourite course in Parliament Hill! It’s a tough course but it has amazing views and is so pretty:



The snow didn’t manage to hold off an 8 hour rehearsal followed by a 3 hour performance yesterday though. I love my music, but after 11 straight hours of playing my shoulders and back are killing me! Massage needed badly. Thankfully my deskie is awesome and we laugh our way through the pain ;)



I am so fortunate to be able to tour with my orchestra every year, and I’ve been so blessed to have been able to perform in so many amazing places around the world. This year our music tour is to this beautiful place:


Lake Garda in Italy! I CAN’T WAIT!

Words cannot describe how excited I am for July to come. This will be my seventh music tour, but I’ll be performing a concerto with the orchestra for the first time, so that’s exciting (and scary…!) As much as I love the snow, I still say BRING ON SUMMER already!!


Running in the snow, or running on the treadmill? Running in the snow all the way! I always get so hot and bored running on the treadmill.


Have you got any trips/holidays/vacations planned for this year? Italy on tour and hopefully New York too with a friend, and possibly Maui with the family.


Have a great weekend friends! <3

20 Responses to Winter Running

  1. Thank you so much for the inspiration I needed to sign up for my running club’s long run on the trails this weekend. It’s been SO COLD and I’ve been hitting the treadmill like everyday. (In my defense, I just moved about 800 miles north, so I’m definitely not used to the weather at all!) My running club was organizing a trail run outside the city this weekend, and I was really hesitant on going because of the cold… but I just signed up!

  2. I’m never going to run in the winter :O I live in canada…
    Picky Nicky recently posted..You Can’t Be Skinny and Strong

  3. Emma you’re such a sweet, beautiful person and such a hard worker! :) may God bless you and keep you safe always! have a fantabulous day!!

  4. You must be an amazing musician, girl!! Those tours sound amazing and the places you go are beautiful! All places I hope to visit some day. BTW, are you ever going to a do a vlog?! lol
    Kaila @healthyhelperblog! recently posted..2 for 1

  5. Hold up-you’re the soloist?! Congrats! Might I ask what you’re playing? I entered a few concerto competitions before I sort of let music fall by the wayside (oboe), but I never won. Probably for the best because I probably would have fainted from nervousness!

    • I am indeed! :) I’m playing Weber’s and Telemann’s viola concertos and Bruch’s Romanze with orchestras this year, and I’m really looking forward to it!

      Oh that’s great, I love the oboe!! I used to get unbearably nervous too before performing solo, but thankfully I’ve become more used to dealing with the nerves so it doesn’t affect me as much :)

  6. I don’t mind the snow (to run in)- I went out last Sunday as it was falling and it was fine. But once it turns to ice it is so dangerous and slippery. But I have no access to a treadmill (and they are so boring not sure I would use one anyway..) so it is that or nothing!
    Enjoy Lake Garda- I went there a couple of years ago for a wedding- was very pretty.
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted..Snowy weekend, and less than 100%

  7. I love to see you updating! I would run in the snow if it wasn’t so darn cold as well down here. When it’s -10 and windy…treadmill for me. I’ve fallen plenty of times but it makes for nice cushioning LOL.
    Hollie@lolzthatswim recently posted..PMB’s of New Life

  8. I think I’ve been outdoor running only once a week for the last few weeks, been sticking to the treadmill, it’s just too icy.
    Lauren (@poweredbypb) recently posted..Quinoa Controversy

  9. Yep, running in snow is definetly hard. But the views are worth it :)! Frozen fingertips…not so much :D Here in Czech, I don’t dare to go out to run, it is freezing- like -20 celsius freezing and we are not really recommended to go out because of air pollution and smog. Lovely.
    You will love it at Garda Lake! I went there 3 years ago and enjoyed it so much! It really is as beautiful as on the picture ;)

    • woah it’s -20C in the Czech Republic?! haha I should really stop complaining about our weather here then! you Czech runners must be so tough! :)

      aaah that’s great to hear, I can’t wait to go! incidentally I went on a music tour o Prague a couple of years back…such a beautiful city! :)

  10. The cold puts me off running in the winter, I’m much more of a gym and home workout girl when its cold.
    Jemma @ Celery and Cupcakes recently posted..Random OOTD and what is the true cost of healthy living?

  11. There’s a reason I go to school in Florida – I’m not a fan of the cold or snow at all!! Gosh I would love to go to Italy or Maui since I’ve never been to either. I’m so jealous!
    Tara recently posted..And we danced… in Colorado!

    • You are SO LUCKY to be in Miami right now!! I’ve been to the other Hawaiian islands and they are AMAZING, and I’ve been to Italy very briefly before when I was younger and all I can say is…gelato.

  12. Hi! I’ve commented a couple times in the past before and I LOVE your blog! It just brightens my day :) (not to sound completely creepery hahaha.) I was just wondering about a few things….I had been a vegan, up until very recently, for about a year until I read some information about how a vegan diet can be really unhealthy in the long run for some people. I know this may not apply to everyone, as everyone is different, but this person http://rawfoodsos.com/for-vegans/ thinks that there is a very rare chance that a person can truly thrive on NO animal protein. I was just curious about how you felt about this….please dont’ think I’m trying to be offensive at all! I just would love any other opinions.interviews with current vegans on my quest for information lol.

    • Hi Andie!! I’m so sorry for the late reply, this comment went to my spam (probably thanks to the link in your comment) so I only just found it! Anyway, thanks so much for your kind words about my blog :)

      Don’t worry, I didn’t take any offence from the article at all, and I found it a really interesting read! I think it’s all down to whether you personally thrive on a vegan diet, and I appreciate that it’s not for everyone! I also know that things change, and I know a few people who stopped following a vegan diet because it was no longer working for them. But I’ve been a vegan now for three years I think (and I’ve been a vegetarian since I was about eight), and I’ve found no problem with it so far. I recently had a health check, and I’m not deficient in any vitamins, iron or calcium :) I don’t question my veganism, because I am currently perfectly happy with the way I feel, and as long as I’m healthy too, that’s all I need! :)

      If you have any questions, feel free to ask any time! <3

  13. I was JUST fussing to a friend about how SLOW my recent running has been in this sleet and snow… and then I read this post. “Oh… totally normal.” So now I feel better about suddenly running a full minute-per-mile slower!

    And I like running in the snow. Granted, I was born and raised in Minnesota, so I actually have maple syrup for blood, but still. Yeah, it’s snowy and wet and slow, but it makes you tough. And it’s so pretty and quiet with all the snow!

    During the week, I do my short training runs on a treadmill in the morning before work (3-5 miles) because it’s too dark to run outside safely, but once the daylight is longer, I’ll run outside again! And ALL my long runs are outside. Cold be damned. I’ll wear three pairs of pants if that’s what it takes.

    • I love this comment! Yes I think running in the snow makes everyone slower, so
      don’t worry :)

      And I’m exactly the same as you!! I do almost all my short early morning runs on the tread, but anything longer HAS to be outside or I’ll die!! :P

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