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Fourteen Years


Just in case you didn’t know because I haven’t mentioned it enough times on the blog already, Les Miserables is my all time favourite musical. I was lucky enough to play in the orchestra in a production of it a few months back, and it was one of the highlights of my year:) It feels like I’ve been waiting for the movie to come out FOREVER but it finally came out yesterday in the UK! I saw it today and was blown away! I am definitely going to watch it again soon it is THAT GOOD. And I’m not usually a big movie person because I hate sitting still for 3 hours, but I didn’t find that a problem with this film!

les mis main


I only cried about a thousand times in the movie;) It was AMAZING and if Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway don’t get their Oscars for their outstanding performances, then I will not be happy!! Who knew Jackman could sing?!


Yesterday was my best friend Gabby’s 18th birthday! We have been best friends since we were four and practically grew up in each other’s houses. We became best friends in our first day of reception (I liked her hair and decided we would be besties…as you do…!) and we used to live on the same street, so practically every night was a sleepover at the other’s house. It’s amazing how much we’ve been through together: family deaths, alcoholic parents, depression, hospital stays…the list is endless! But we’ve stuck together and pulled each other through all of it. Fourteen years in Picstitch:



We started our night by heading to our favourite restaurant- Ping Pong on London’s Southbank- where we ate out on the heated terrace. It’s a dim sum restaurant, and the food is delicious! We ordered the mixed vegetables and rice, the spinach and mushroom dumplings, and the vegetable spring rolls (not pictured).



We stayed in a lovely 4* hotel near London Bridge for the night (we found a great deal online!). The bed was so comfy that I never wanted to leave it and the shower was probably bigger than my bedroom.



We had such a fun time…HAPPY BIRTHDAY Gabs!!
















Today’s run was beyond cold. For some stupid reason I looked up the weather as I do before every run, and then decided to go with a crop top and shorts despite the forecast. I blame the lack of sleep for that genius decision. My limbs were completely numb by the time I got home!



And it looks like tomorrow morning’s long run will be in the snow, so I’ll try to be sensible this time and not end up getting frostbite or anything;) Saying that, last year it was snowing before and during a major cross country race I did, and we still raced in our vests and shorts. The worst part was that the race was delayed by 10 minutes, so we were all standing on the start line shivering! I guess it made us run faster though ;)



What is the most extreme weather you’ve ever run/raced in? A hailstorm interrupted one of our training sessions on the track last year, and it got so bad that we all had to run inside to take cover!


Have you seen Les Miserables? What movies are coming our that you are looking forward to seeing? I can’t WAIT to Gatsby comes out…it’s one of my all-time favourite books!


Have a great weekend friends! <3

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  1. Ahhh!! Les Miserables was sooo good!! I have never, not once in my life, cried during a movie or show, but I cried 3 times during Les Mis! I even knew what to expect because I grew up with the show (big bro was gavroche in national tour). Sigh… Happy Birthday to your friend!! Thats incredible how long you’ve known eachother :) The most insane weather Ive ever run in has nothing on what your dealing with right now! Of course, I live in cali so there isn’t much ‘insane’ weather anyway haha! It was during the California International Marathon (i did the relay) and it rained an inch during the four hours of the race, plus it was super windy haha!!
    Lacey @ Life Hands You Limes recently posted..Sometimes I question my sanity…

  2. I’m kind of OBSESSED with les mis now. I didn’t like the show on stage but it is well suited for a movie. Having the grand scenery makes it that much better and it was much easier to understand. I loved Marius :) Happy Birthday to your bestie!! Love the pics. It looks like you guys have a great time together! Good luck with the cold runs! Meanwhile I’ll be getting used to the hot ones once again… but I’m not complaining!!

  3. I’m really glad you are back blogging a bit. Can you tell I missed your blogs? Am I creepy? Okay. Looks like you and your bffer had a great birthday celebration!
    Hollie@lolzthatswim recently posted..Training for Arctic Tundra Running

  4. I can’t say I’ve ever run in really extreme weather but the first time that it started raining on one of my runs I panicked because I thought I’d get electrocuted from my iPod :$
    Picky Nicky recently posted..Vegan Bean Burgers

  5. I’m so excited for les mis! I’ve just finished reading the book which took ages and can’t wait to see the film now! Most extreme weather I’ve run in I guess would be extreme rain where I had to actually ring my shorts out 3 times during the run I was so wet! Or hail, that’s never fun either. I’m really looking forward to Licoln coming out at the cinema too.
    Lauren (@poweredbypb) recently posted..Best Body Bootcamp Week 1 Recap

  6. Yes I got caught in a hailstorm once- so painful- I had to stop and cover my eyes as it hurt so muh!
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted..Popchips + pushing myself

  7. I have been hearing about Les Mis for SO LONG now, but have yet to see it! Jealous!
    14 YEARS?! WOW! Happy belated Birthday to your bff!
    The most extreme weather I’ve ran in was High School Track practice my freshman year when it was in mid March, 30 degrees Fahrenheit, and hailing golf balls (not literally, I swear).
    I can’t wait to see The Great Gatsby, either! I was so mad when I heard it was delayed from coming out last month!
    I can not WAIT to see Warm Bodies. February 1st = 16 days :)
    Alex recently posted..WTF….and CRUNCHY COOKIE BUTTER!

  8. Wow! You’re hardcore! I’ve been a wimp lately since its been cold and have been doing workouts indoors, and its not even as cold here! Ah well, I’ll try again tomorrow lol.

    Btw, could you post the recipe for your vegan caramel torte that you pictured in your last post? It sounds sooo good. :)

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