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Sampling Pro


The highlight of my weekend by a long way:



A full recap to come once the pics+results are up, but for a little bit of added suspense, I will leave my race talk with this panicked Tweet from yesterday…


p.s. sorry for being a tease! :P


My last session before the race was on Thursday evening. It was a race sharpening workout of 300’s and 200’s to prime us for Sunday! All my 300s and 200s were new PRs for me, so that was a good sign!

All of us Brits have been hearing non-stop recently about England’s drought, but after a rainy week and that hour’s session out in the pouring rain, I no longer believe it is true. Good thing I love a rainy run!


Totally drenched. And a very classy bathroom shot ;)

I warmed up afterwards with a mug of hot chocolate, and some dark chocolate for dipping :)



On Friday, a teammate and I headed to the London Marathon expo!


I am quite the photographer


I absolutely love the expo. The atmosphere is so awesome! So many excited, happy runners! We wrote on the famous wall, and the other messages were so inspiring! I spent a good 10 minutes reading them before being dragged away!



But obviously, the best part of the expo was the samples and free stuff. Okay, the runner’s goody bag this year wasn’t as good as last year’s (can of lager and some rice anyone?), but the expo samples more than made up for it! The Clif/Luna bar table was my home. I successfully managed to consume about a bars worth of each flavour in tiny cut-up samples.


I am a pro at it. Yes, I am a shameless cheapskate ;)


I hit up Whole Foods/Whole Paycheck for dinner (which literally cost me half of my food budget for a week!), but there was vegan cupcake sampling which made me the happiest person in the world!!


Surprisingly, banana walnut > chocolate ! I am usually a chocolate girl through and through!


They also had a delicious new range of cakes that I was so tempted by, but having already spent more money on dinner than I have on clothes in the past month, I passed up. I have dreamed about them ever since though, so I know it won’t be long until I cave.



My Saturday was spent with the fam celebrating my grandma’s 90th birthday! We went out to eat and I was carb-loading for my 5k (so important obviously ;) ) so I had three courses, the best of which was obviously dessert!


mango, blackcurrant (my favourite!) and pear sorbet. all so delicious!!


race recap to come tomorrow!



What was the best part of YOUR weekend? Did anyone else race?


Have you ever been to a race expo before? How big was it? I’ve been to two, a small half mary one, and the London Marathon one, which is HUGE!


Hope you all had a great weekend! <3

16 Responses to Sampling Pro

  1. The race expo sounds fun! I love getting free samples and swag bags from those type of events! And that sorbet looks amazing! I love those flavors!!!!
    Kaila @healthyhelperblog! recently posted..They see me vloggin’

  2. Oh my gosh I walked back and forth in front of the sample booth for clif bars at the Philadelphia Marathon. Who can pass up free clif bars?! I can’t wait to hear how you did!!!
    Tara recently posted..Highlights of Spring Break

  3. Congratulations on medaling! :) Can’t wait for the recap. Ugghh I’m in a drought too, and whenever the weatherman says it’ll rain it usually just stays hot and sunny. That expo looks fun! gf peanut butter white chocolate blondie bites? omg yes!!! Happy birthday to your Grandma. Can’t wait to see how fast your race was. Have a great week. :D
    Maria @ Beautiful Busy Bee recently posted..Why I took a five week break

  4. Emma your too adorable i just love reading your blog!

  5. I love race expos, I am a queen at stocking up on free stuff. I mean how can you resist? Lately though race expos have been less than stellar. The last one I went to about three weeks ago for the DC half marathon barely had anything to give away. I did get a pack of sports beans which I love!

  6. “Whole Paycheck” ahahahah SO TRUE. so, so true. :-P looks like you got your $$s worth of samples though! and I can’t wait to hear how you did at the race!! I’m guessing you ran the 13.1? that’d be epic if you did the full…..gah you need to tell us ASAP!!

  7. Ahhh can’t wait to read your race recap! I watched the marathon intently… SO exciting! :D

  8. Clif bar weren’t at the Brighton Expo this year :(

    I found Rock Tape Uk though :) they taped me up last year so i went to them again & bought a roll while i was there.

    I’m so excited for the recap, especially as i know which emma you were in the race now ;) Well done!!!
    Jennyb recently posted..Brighton Marathon 2012

  9. That expo sounds so cool! I love free samples,hehe… Clif & Luna bars are pretty awesome indeed!
    Anyhow,can’t wait for your race recap! Congrats in advance,I know you’ve done great! ;)
    Kat @ a dash of fairydust recently posted..[Simply] WIAW #3.

  10. ah, I’m jealous! Now I really want to run a race that has an expo, I love sampling :-) whenever they have samples out at grocery stores or markets I always take at least two or three…
    Rachel @ Eat, Learn, Discover! recently posted..Re-Thinking My Image

  11. Samples are actually the best thing in the world. Don’t they just make everything better?! And you’re killin’ me with the race recaps! Haha I can’t wait to read about it though :)
    Lily recently posted..Crunchmaster Crackers Giveaway

  12. I LOOVE free samples. I actually just love anything free. Free samples of Clifbar…sigh me up!
    I can’t wait to read your race recap!
    Katie @ Nutrition in a Peanut Shell recently posted..Onion Bagels

  13. Gotta love a freebie :) The only expo I have ever been to was the Stockholm one, but it was on the morning of the race and there were no freebies (boo)- for the size of the race it was pretty small really.
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted..Back to square one with running

  14. an obvious CONGRATS…can’t wait to read the full det’s!! :) i’ve never been to a huge expo like that before, i think they’d prolly end up having to put me in some kind of expo jail for abusing the free samples at the cupcake counter. ;)
    Cait the Arty Runnerchick recently posted..Comment on A Big Arty Runnerchick Announcement: The Start of the Get Chicking Movement by Cait

  15. Love samples like that!! Looks like you had a great weekend at the expo.
    Lot-O-Choc recently posted..Daniel Jones Milk Chocolate Bars

  16. [...] you know when I said I’d have my recap up tomorrow, I really meant two days later, right? I’ve actually  been waiting for the official timings [...]

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