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Catch-Up Time!


Gooood afternoon friends! Seriously TGIF! I have been battling another virus on my laptop for most of the week…I swear I am the most technically challenged person on the planet!  But it’s finally back to normal (although without most of my work sadly!) , so I’ve got a lot to catch you guys up on!


Running has been going great! I’ve been doing more hard sessions recently, which has been fun, but tough!! Yesterday’s workout was particularly hard for me…5×600’s with a ~5 second negative split in the last half. I always find 600’s hard, and picking up the pace so much in the last 300m made it much tougher! It was even harder than usual since I was doing the workout with a 400m/800m runner! My speed was no match for hers, and she was so far ahead of me on every rep, but trying to chase her definitely pushed me!


On an endorphin high! And procrastinating my strengthening and stretching routine;)


I also managed to do the entire workout with the tag still on my shorts. Doubly stupid because I remember doing the exact same thing just a couple of months ago haha! I never learn.



I am absolutely LOVING evening sessions on the track right now. It is still quite warm, but dark, floodlit and peaceful…I love it:)



I am nervous and excited for the weekend, because I am running a new-to-me race, which I’ll talk more about tomorrow!


On the foodie front, I made some amazing new snack bars, which taste kinda like peanut butter Rice Krispy treats, but better:) Recipe to come soon!



I have rediscovered my love for pretzels. They are in the above bars, and I also love dipping them repeatedly in almond butter:


Yes, my pretzels are shaped like stars…try not to be too jealous of  my crazy life;)


I also went shopping yesterday and found a giant Lindor chocolate. It cost a tenner, and was bigger than my head! And trust me when I say that that is saying something!



Anyway I am headed back out now to enjoy the SUNSHINE! Sure, talking about the weather is boring or whatever but I am too happy about it not to mention it! I have spent most of my time recently lying on the grass studying, napping, and chilling with friends. It has been awesome!


Apologies for the scary face. I’m not used to sunshine so it makes me a little crazy.


What has been the best bit of your week? I really want to hear about YOUR week!! I’m always talking about my life, so I’d love to hear about yours! :)


Do you have anything fun planned for the weekend? I’ve got a fun church event on Saturday, and then I’m racing on Sunday!


Random (materialistic) question of the day: if you had unlimited money right now, what would you buy? Right now, I would buy a trip to Hawaii. I went in the summer and I miss it so much! Or an anti-gravity treadmill, because that sounds like the most fun thing in the world!


Have an amazing day! <3

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  1. Lol great post :), made me laugh quite a bit!!
    The sun has been great over here, too :) I just need to get out in it more.. big time!!
    Oohh those bars look awesome!! Don’t delay that recipe ;)
    Take care, Emma.
    Jade C.
    Jade C recently posted..Getting Juiced 4 2012!! Plus a quick WIAW..

  2. That giant chocolate looks great! Isn’t Lindor not vegan, though?

  3. Yumm I miss almond butter!I haven’t had it in a while. Those bars look deeelish. Um, I love your hair.
    Brittany @ GOtheXtraMile recently posted..Foodie Pen Pals – March

  4. Yummy. I don’t know what I would do with such a Delicious and giant piece of chocolate. I’ve got nothing planned for this weekend sadly. Just being boring. :P
    Hollie@lolzthatswim recently posted..Friday Stuff

  5. I’m very jealous of your pretzels! Except I have wagon wheels in my cabinet ;)
    I’d sell my soul for that Lidnt, seriously. My arm and my foot too.
    Katie @ Nutrition in a Peanut Shell recently posted..What’s in a definition?

  6. I love track workouts w/ others. Too bad I have no one to run w/ here this time of year.
    Jan recently posted..Running Toes – Daily Photo 3/29/12

  7. My week saw the completion of my 1st month in my job, my 1st pay packet & the worst/busiest/most stressful friday so far. Friday is a nightmare in GP land because everyone wants things before the weekend, and us receptionists run around even faster than normal. Didn’t stop my calves from seizing up again though :(

    My weekend hold launch weekend at the gym, so all the new Les Mills releases (pump, step & balance for me, giving attack & combat a miss this time round with my marathon only 2 weeks away) PLUS our social night out on the saturday – everytime we have new launches we hit the town too :)

    If i had unlimited money? probably just all the things i’d love to buy but just can’t afford to right now (& possibly will never really afford to) so…. new car (brand new not used), iphone, dehydrator (would love to be able to do my own fruit in small batches) oh & a house with an annex – so i could still live with/near my parents but without feeling i am still a burden to them.

    Have a good race tomorrow!

    Jennyb recently posted..An update in photos (and words actually too)

  8. That giant truffle looks amazing! And while perhaps eating the whole thing in a sitting might give you a tummy ache, it sounds like you might have worked up quite an appetite on those 600s! (Chasing someone always helps.) :)

    Unlimited money? Some to charity, some to a retirement fund (I’d be worried the money wasn’t really unlimited), and then I’d take a year sabbatical and tour the world!
    Beth (i run like a girl) recently posted..Friday potluck

  9. First off, I’m shocked you’re wearing Adidas and not Nike ;) lol! Nah it’s a cool shirt!
    Jealous of your giant Lindor chocolate also…
    anti-gravity treadmill? I don’t even understand… but it sounds fun!
    amy @ Turtle-speed runner recently posted..Bikram Yoga Fun

  10. That lindor truffle is epic!! I need that!! I’m also beginning to love night running. When it’s hot out my friends and I sometimes pretend we’re running at practice and go make cookies at one of our houses instead, and then run later at night. It’s way more fun :)

    If I had unlimited money right now.. hmm I would definitely come visit you!!
    Tara recently posted..WIAW: Senior Trip

  11. Lindor truffles are my favorite..especially the gooey centre :)! If i had unlimited money right now, I would definitely book a cruise/or a LONG holiday and naturally pay for all those loved ones who I would want on board :)
    Khushboo Thadani recently posted..Bad habits die hard

  12. Hope your race goes well :)
    I look forward to that recipe too- pretzels and peanut butter are a great combo.
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted..Olympic fever! And questions for Matthew Pinsent!

  13. I LOVE PRETZELS AND ALMOND BUTTER!!!! I’ve been super addicted to that combo lately as well! I wish I had star-shaped pretzels though, that would make it much more fun! And I love that running is going so well for you! I’m not a fan of 600s either. Actually I’m such a long-distance girl that anything shorter than 1200 is reaaaally tough for me lol. gimme some mile repeats an I’m happy hahaha, my college coach was always like “well you suck at short distance, let’s just get you through college so you can move up to the marathon ASAP” hahaha. It’s important to push yourself through the short stuff though, it makes you fast!! And I can’t wait to hear about your race this weekend, GOOD LUCK!! :-D

    • haha we are SO twins Kate!! best snack ever. and I totally agree, I would take longer stuff ANY DAY, but since I was racing the mile this weekend, I had to do some shorter speedowork this week!

      hope you’re having an amazing weekend!! <3

  14. So I have read your entire (and I mean ENTIRE) blog in the last few days (supposed to be doing my dissertation but shh) and I have really enjoyed it! I’m not personally vegan, or even vegetarian, but I’ve been trying to get into healthy eating and running and your blog has really inspired me. I (this week) managed to run for 25 minutes without stopping and I’m itching to improve and your accomplishments are encouraging me like nothing else! So thanks for that!

    P.S. Bluewater is also a favourite hang out haunt of mine. If you ever hear an excitable shriek from the queue in Nandos then it is probably me.


    • HEY Lauren!! wow you read my entire blog?! that must’ve taken a while, and great procrastination too! I’m a pro at that ;) that’s an AWESOME running achievement, and I’m so happy to hear that my blog has inspired you! :)

      have an amazing week! see you in the queue at Nando’s soon! <3

  15. Training with a short distance teammate for speedwork will make you so much faster, so worth it! And the sun is making me sooo happy all the time this week, seriously its like it sends out positivity and mood lifters along with UV!
    I’m going out for a run and sun time and when i go shoppin i will buy pretzels!! and enough cashews to make 2 jars of your chocolate chip cookie nut butter–one for me and one to send to a bff for his birthday.

  16. Those bars that you made look crazy good! Ahhh is there a recipe for that?! Have a great rest of the weekend :)
    Lily recently posted..March Foodie Pen Pal Reveal!

  17. AHHH i seriously love pretzels. and those bars look so good, can’t wait for the recipe!

    last night i had a super fun night! my parents were going to take me out for dinner for deciding on where i’m going to college next year, but then we had the idea of getting whole foods salad bar instead. it definitely was a HUGE treat and i’d rather go there than out to dinner most of the time. we also hit up target (LOVE!) and did some shopping, and then came home and crashed on the couch with bowls of thin mint ice cream. definitely not your typical friday night but i loved it!!
    Julianna @ Julianna Bananna recently posted..My First Foodie Penpals: March

  18. Sounds like youve been busy! Those bars look so good yum and the giant Lindor!
    Lot-O-Choc recently posted..House of Dorchester Chocolate Fudge Stir Hot Chocolate

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