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WIAW: Granola Love


Happy Wednesday friends! It’s time for my weekly WIAW contribution!

As always, a huge hug for Jenn for hosting WIAWs! :)


Lately, almost all of my meals have been eaten on the hoof. Breakfast today was enjoyed in the car:


Banana oats in a jar with the rest of the banana on the side. I know it looks like I had a tub of PB for breakfast, but not quite! Smile with tongue out


Lunch was leftover vegan shepherd’s pie with veggies and Sabra hummus for dipping.


As soon as I’d snapped a photo, I shovelled it into a tub and ran out the door. Didn’t look quite as photogenic by the time I got round to eating it haha!


One of my favourite snacks recently has been Angela’s zucchini bread topped with peanut butter. I love it almost as much as her carrot cake loaf that I made last week, and that’s says a lot!!



My other current go-to snack is this clustery deliciousness:


That, my friends, is maple peanut butter granola.


Maple Peanut Butter Granola

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Cook Time: 6 minutes

Ingredients (Four 1/2cup servings)

  • 1 cup rolled oats/ old fashioned oatmeal
  • 1 cup spelt flakes (see note), or more oats
  • 1/4 cup drippy peanut butter (or melt in microwave until drippy)
  • 1/4 cup maple syrup
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract

note: I liked the texture adding spelt flakes gave the granola, but it works just as well with all oats


    Preheat oven to 325F/160C.

    In a medium sized bowl, mix together the oats and spelt flakes, if using.

    Add all the other ingredients and stir until well combined.

    Spread out on a baking sheet and bake for 6-8 minutes, depending on your oven. It should be golden brown around the edges, and will harden up during cooling.

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    The whole batch disappeared in two days. Don’t ask me how;)



    All that granola fuelled me up well for a lovely easy 7 miles in the SUN yesterday! Shorts and a tee for the win!


    I also did a full weights routine as well afterwards, and I will be doing that 2x a week from now on! No more slacking on the strength training for me! Strong=less injury!


    I’ll be doing a full post on my running tomorrow…I have an important topic I want to talk about! So I’ll save my usual running rambles for then! But I can tell you now about my new recovery drink! As you may know, I have always sworn by chocolate soy milk, and that has been my daily refuel choice up until now…



    Sadly, I needed to cut back on my budget big time, and my chocolate milk habit was burning a hole in my purse. Not cheap when you go through ~6 small cartons a week! So instead, I’ve turned to this:


    I chose the banana flavour instead of my usual chocolate to shake things up a bit;) It’s like a milkshake powder, and is basically pure carbs/sugar, so it’s perfect! I add it to soy milk and it gives the perfect carbs to protein ratio for optimal recovery. Plus, it tastes pretty darn good too! I’m sure I won’t be able to resist buying my beloved chocolate milk all the time, but if I can use this most days I will still save a lot of money!


    After my run yesterday, I did my usual strides on grass (I always do these on race week), and my neighbour-friend took a few good photos without me realising! He emailed me them afterwards which was a nice surprise, and this was my favourite one:


    And helloooo to my beloved fire shoes! Saucony, I love you.


    What is your current favourite snack? Granola and zucchini bread! But not together;)


    Do you have a go-to recovery drink/food? Do you have it after every time you exercise? Usually chocolate milk, but now banana Nesquik milkshake thing! I definitely have it after every workout or race, and after most easy runs too, but it depends when my next meal is really. I always have it after lifting too!


    Random: What is one thing you are looking forward to this week? Travelling down to and staying in Somerset on Friday and Saturday for English nationals #2! I’ve never been to Somerset before, but it’s sposed to be really beautiful!


    Have an amazing rest of the week! <3

    25 Responses to WIAW: Granola Love

    1. Banana Nesquik??? I grew up on the strawberry one :)
      I have a homemade protein after all my work outs. I’d much prefer to have a shake or a full meal but my gym is 40 min drive from my house so it’s kind of all I can take with me.

    2. Strength traininggggg. It’s so easy to slack on that when you’ve got running – I’m so guilty of this. Angela’s recipes always look so good. Lovely shoes! One day I want to get someone to film me running, then I can identify all the nitty gritty mistakes in my form. My recovery snack is always, ALWAYS milk. Not even chocolate milk. (It’s too sweet.)
      Lyn @ FueledBySalad recently posted..WIAW #8

    3. MMMM your granola looks and sounds delicious! definitely bookmarking the recipe.

      my current favorite snack is either a ginormous spinach/berry/protein powder smoothie or a whole wheat tortilla with almond butter. both snacks are pretty standard post-run fuel for me!
      Julianna @ Julianna Bananna recently posted..WIAW: Anxious.

    4. granola is literally dangerous. IT’S SO GOOD. Sweeet eats! I love recovery choc. milk/shakes :)
      Lily recently posted..Note to Self: Breathe

    5. I am ADDICTED to Angela’s zucchini bread! I made it for the first time a few weeks ago and several times since then. It’s the best with peanut butter!

      I’m looking forward to having the day off tomorrow to relax, run, and catch up on some much-needed voila practicing! My music has been sadly neglected recently. Time to make up for that!

      I hope you’re having a great week!
      Saranna @ The Singing Soybean recently posted..WIAW: Running for My Oats + a PB&J Milkshake in a Jar!

    6. Nesquik takes me back to childhood- LOVE the stuff! Next time try the strawberry flavor, that was my favorite! My favorite snack is Greek yogurt with berries and almonds- can’t get enough!
      Khushboo recently posted..Setting a weight-training routine

    7. I have nesquick powder (chocolate) as then you can mix it with whatever milk you have- also lovely warmed up as hot chocolate :)
      That granola looks fab too, thanks for the recipe.
      Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted..Spring?

    8. I haven’t had nesquick since I was little! Reminds me of sickly sweet strawberry milkshakes yum! My fave snack right now has to be banana and nut butter!
      Laura@keepinghealthygettingstylish recently posted..Good Hemp Chocolate Gym Shake review and GIVEAWAY!

    9. That granola sounds delicious!!! Actually every thing you posted looks great! And banana flavored soy milk is SO good! Just a question: what exactly are striders?!
      Kaila @healthyhelperblog! recently posted..WIAW: From A to Z

    10. I love that photo of you! It almost looks posed. :-)
      Alaina recently posted..A to Z

    11. Love the simplicity of your granola recipe!
      Claire @ Live and Love to Eat recently posted..Fajita Fiesta (WIAW)

    12. Those shoes are AWESOME! I love bright colored shoes… unfortunately I have to get a 2E in shoes so they don’t make as fun colors :(

      I either have nuun or some chocolate milk after my long runs! Yum.

      This week I’m looking forward to the weekend. I have a 10k on the schedule and 8 miles in addition. My first marathon is about 6 weeks away. YIKES.
      Karla @ myhighonlife recently posted..I promise I’m alive!

    13. I’m new to your blog and found you on Jenn’s website. Love all of your eats and drinks. I also absolutely love the chocolate drink but only buy it on very rare occasions, since they can be quite expensive. My mom treats me to the 1L packs when I’m home though ;)
      Just thought I’d let you know that I really like your blog and I’ll be back for sure :)
      Antonia @ healthinspirations recently posted..WIAW

    14. Favourite snack at the moment is probably a green smoothie or a couple of medjool dates. I pretty much always have a smoothie after working out, especially after lifting. That granola looks amazing!
      Lauren (@poweredbypb) recently posted..Foodie Blog Swap

    15. I love Lara bars after running! Especially peanut butter cookie flavor. Haha that’s the weirdest way I’ve ever seen hummus spelled. That granola looks very tasty. I’m so jealous of how poised you look while running! Happy WIAW. :)
      Maria @ Beautiful Busy Bee recently posted..WIAW Spring Break Edition

    16. Oooh, I love granola, that sounds awesome. What a great running pic of you! I need to find a talented neighbor like that. :)
      Laura recently posted..Grumpy wiaw

    17. if there were this banana esquik here in germany, too id definetly mix it with choclate :D

    18. I’m loving hummus with everything at the mo. Really like the sound of your granola.
      Jemma @ Celery and Cupcakes recently posted..WIAW…Favourite foods

    19. I’ve never had any Nesquick flavor except for the original chocolate one,but we have a similar powder called “Kaba” here in Germany and I used to love the vanilla flavor when I was a child! :D
      That granola sounds seriously yummy,I love maple syrup and PB! Definitely on y to-try-list for when I finally stocked up un peanut butter again… withdrawaaaal!
      Kat @ a dash of fairydust recently posted..Reasons to say goodbye Part I – Bad habits.

    20. I used to LIVE off of Nesquik. The strawberry flavor is so good, I’ve never seen banana!
      Katie @ Nutrition in a Peanut Shell recently posted..WIAW- A to Z

    21. Oooh when I was a kid I used to LIVE on Nesquik! Except strawberry because I’ve never seen banana. I feel like I need to make it a personal mission to find it.
      Katie @ Nutrition in a Peanut Shell recently posted..WIAW- A to Z

    22. Oh my gosh that granola. I’m missing PB so much (gave it up for lent) and I’ve only slipped 3 times… it’s not easy!! Maple and PB sounds so good right now though. I love that combo on toast!!

      Banana milk sounds like an awesome refuel!! I’d love to try adding cocoa powder to that for banana chocolate milk. That would be EPIC!
      Tara recently posted..What I’ve Am Loving Wednesday!

    23. A banana nesquik – I guess I am missing a lot of stuff! Ill definitely need to try this! And by the way, you look great!
      Cindy recently posted..Buy Cheap YouTube Views

    24. I haven’t had much luck with Angela’s recipes (though she always makes them look so good!) but that zucchini bread looks delicious. Maybe I’ll give it another try…
      Living, Learning, Eating recently posted..(Not) Reese’s Dip

    25. [...] flavour ), and I brought chocolate almond milk, grapes and homemade peanut butter maple granola (delicious recipe from Sweet Tooth Runner) for [...]

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