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WIAW: No Sweets?!


Happy Wednesday! Halfway through the week already?! I feel like time is flying!


This month Jenn’s WIAW is green themed! While I love to eat my greens (and I eat a LOT of them!), I rarely photograph them. I guess snapping photos of peanut butter/chocolate/cupcakes is more my thing ;) However, I do have one of these pretty much every day with my lunch:


A giant hummus-topped salad with romaine, cucumber, tomatoes, broccoli and spinach


It’s been a while since I last posted my eats, and I have built up a few new obsessions:

5th- Mon

I discovered Popchips yesterday. It is love. Well I’ve only tried this flavour but it is GOOD! The carob spread is kinda like a rich chocolate spread but without the sugar! I’m a huge fan! The bottom two are from Tesco’s new vegan-friendly range, which is great! The cheese is much better than most (and the ingredients are pretty good too…coconut oil is the second one!) and is awesome in grilled sandwiches, and the spread is good for dippage:)


The thing I am MOST obsessed with right now is this Whole Grain Carrot Cake Loaf from Oh She Glows (I made without the glaze). Angela is one of very few food bloggers whose recipes have never failed me. They are always delicious, and this was no exception!


That hasty iPhone shot does it no justice. It is the best thing in the world, and the entire loaf was demolished in less than two days. I will be making this again ASAP!


Just two days after I had lunch there, I headed back to my favourite noodle bar with a few friends. Cheap food, giant portions and EXTREMELY quick service (just two minutes after ordering!!) makes it now officially my second home. I had a tofu and vegetable stir fry noodle dish:


Gotta love that runner’s appetite when you can easily scrape your plate clean and everyone else struggles to make it halfway through their portions ;)



Running has been feeling so great lately! I am so in love with it!! Running definitely has its ups and downs though, so I’ve learned to really embrace the good times.



The day after my trials, I had another hard run on the cards:


I have never run in such wind before! It was insane! My 4k split was only 16 minutes, which was way off the time that I ran it a few weeks before! But I do love a good challenge, and this certainly was!!


After that chilling run, all I wanted was a nice warming bowl of oatmeal:


With banana Spirutein powder (got a free sample from a Health Store) and topped with crunchy PB


Later in the evening I had part two of dinner, which was enchiladas!


I am definitely buying this again, because it was delicious! I also had a side of stuffed Portabella mushrooms on the side


As I briefly mentioned a few posts ago, part of my Lenten sacrifice is that I am not eating desserts/sweets, which is why this WIAW isn’t full of the usual sugary goodness! A few of us in my church group are doing it, and the others are fasting (which is obviously not doable for me with my training!), so we’re all supporting each other. It hasn’t always been easy, because for me at least, dessert is something that I had usually more than once a DAY. I’ve been challenged on a few occasions, like when I was randomly handed cake when studying in the library…


…but it has shown me a lot of things nutrition-wise! It has shown me that I don’t have to ‘rely’ on desserts to help me get my calories in, but that I can (and should!) have a healthier, more substantial snack instead. I’m loving bowls of grain cereal as late night snacks instead of my usual sweet treats!


It has also shown me how a sweet tooth can change! I am now eating most things unsweetened, and enjoying it! I no longer feel the need to sweeten everything. Saying that, obviously my love of desserts and all things sweet is not gone, and every Sunday I look forward to being able to chow down cookies or cupcakes:)


Ms Cupcake does the best vegan  baked goods in the world!


Random side-note of the day: don’t ever ask me to boil you an egg. I had a friend around for breakfast and that is what she requested. She didn’t want it though after I offered her this:


In my defence, I’m a vegan. I don’t do eggs.


Tell me about your last awesome run/workout! I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s workout, which is a tempo run on grass! I <3 tempos!!


What is your latest food obsession? Random, but the answer is barbeque Popchips. I can see this becoming an expensive love!


What is your favourite sweet treat? Chocolate chip cookies or cupcakes with a lot of frosting:)


Have an amazing day!! <3

46 Responses to WIAW: No Sweets?!

  1. I just tried these things called Popcorners. They’re popcorn chips too. Super good! I tried the White Cheddar flavor:)

  2. Oh I have a total sweet tooth. Giving up sweets for lent would be difficult!! I commend you my friend!! I also really like what you said about running. It’s definitely important to embrace the good times. I actually did my first workout today!! Luckily it wasn’t a really hard workout – in fact it was extraordinarily easy for a workout – but that’s kinda what I needed right now!!
    Tara recently posted..Not McDonald’s Shamrock Shake

    • AAAH you did your first workout?! What was it? That is SO exciting Tara!! I remember my first workout back was 4x400s on grass at tempo pace…not exactly challenging either, but likewise was just what I needed! I’m so happy to hear it went well :) I’m excited for your track season!! <3

  3. You found CAROB hazelnut butter?? Lol, what happened to the egg?! Too funny!
    StoriesAndSweetPotatoes recently posted..Chana Masala Surprise

  4. Haha that egg picture made me laugh! I’m very impressed you’ve given up sweets for lent – I fast during Ramadan but have never tried giving up one specific thing (or group of things).

    My last run was this morning’s easy 3 miler (HM on Sunday – eek!), I started while it was drizzling and ended up drenched from the rain, not cool!
    Nada (One Arab Vegan) recently posted..WIAW – Falafelovin’

  5. not running these days but i will live vicariously through you. Rock on!!!
    and i want to go to a noodle bar with you. Yum!
    lindsay recently posted..Victory in the Land of Long White Cloud

  6. LOL… how on earth did you manage to do that to an egg?! That’s crazy :)
    The enchiladas look yummo… and I also love what you said about embracing the good times. i need to remember to do that too… when they come back.
    amy @ Turtle-speed runner recently posted..Not very green at all…

  7. Oh my gosh that egg! Hahaha looks like something I would do. I’ve been dying to try popchips!
    Lily recently posted..WIAW: Random Edition

  8. Oh how funny! I remember when my brother tried boiling eggs once, yeh.. won’t be asking him again! And that wholegrain carrot cake loaf looks incredible!! :)
    Clare recently posted..WIAW #4 – A Change of Scene

  9. ‘Eyyy, it was extremely windy here today as well. Haha, gotta love the Spring weather.

    1. Went on a lovely semi-distance run today; debating whether or not to just add 20 miles to the run in my log due to the wind conditions… ;)
    2. I recently made black bean brownies for the first time ever! Actually… I usually never bake. So all-arpund first for me. Anywho, they rocked!
    3. Hm… Favorite sweet would have to be Luna Bars. Or Dark Chocolate Almond Milk, a.k.a. nectar of the gods.

    • haha I feel like adding a good few miles to account for the wind too! :P And I LOVE brownies and Luna Bars! We sadly don’t get Dark Choc Almond Milk here, but I wish we did!! I know I would love it :)

  10. When I was running today, I thought there was a hurricane coming in, too! So, my time wasn’t the best, but I just wanted to run, so I had fun! My latest food “obsession” or “craving” is banana oat bran, believe it or not… It’s SO filling, and with a ripe banana, naturally sweet. I like to add nut butters and dried fruit to it, too. Just recently I found caramel almond butter and added it this morning, amazing! SO satisfied. To be honest with you, I don’t have a favorite sweet treat… I don’t even have that much of a sweet tooth :P I get a lot of my “sugar” and sweet cravings from natural and whole foods :)

    • Yaay for a fun run!! The hurricanes just make it more challenging, right?! ;) And I LOVE banana oat bran! If you look back on my posts from the summer last year, I had it pretty much every day for months on end! LOVE it :)

  11. Also, has anybody ever told you that you resemble Paz Vega? Just an observation, throwing that out there.

  12. i gave up chocolate for 5 weeks at the start of the year and experienced the same effects- eve though I’m back to eating chocolate now, it’s no where near as much as before- my cravings for sweets as a whole has drastically reduced!

  13. OMG what did you DO to that poor egg?! I’ve never seen something like that before,hahaha! :D
    Your salad looks great,I love that you topped it with hummus… I adore that stuff as much as I adore chickpeas in general,but rarely have it. So expensive here in Germany. :(
    Kat @ a dash of fairydust recently posted..Hello again!

  14. I tried popchips for the first time last weekend! The sweet potato kind is to die for! My latest food obsession is mint chocolate chip ice cream. Every night I pour some almond milk, mint extract, chocolate chips, and ice into the blender, then into the ice cream maker, and I’m in heaven! And my sweet tooth is changing as well… I stopped using stevia (because it’s just so expensive!) and now I don’t have the desire to sweeten anything anymore. Not even oats! Crazy!

    Recently my runs have been terrible! It’s so discouraging. :( I think it’s because I’ve hardly been sleeping and that’s really taking a toll on my body. Plus I sprained my ankle last week (not running related, just being clumsy!) and had to take a week off, which has made it even harder to get back into things. But recently I’ve discovered how amazing pilates is! I’ve been doing a little every day and my body feels amazing! I think it’s going to really improve my overall strength and, hopefully, my running!
    Saranna @ The Singing Soybean recently posted..WIAW: Seasonally Confused

    • Mmmm your mint choc chip ice cream sounds AMAZING!! I wish I had an ice cream maker!!

      Oh no, I’m so sorry to hear you sprained your ankle! I did that last year and it’s such a pain! Pilates is so great for strength…I took a class once and was sore for a week! :P

      I hope you have a better week this week! <3

  15. minaazarnoush@gmail.com

    WARNING: That flavor of popchips contains milk! I made the silly decision once of eating a bag and then reading the ingredients label afterwards……..

    • Oh NO!! I had no idea…why do I assume all non-cheese flavoured chips are automatically vegan?! I should have checked too! Thank you so much for letting me know, and I will edit that post with a warning about it tonight.

      Have a great day!

  16. What did you do to that egg??!! lol Thank that caused a smile i needed this morning :)
    Jennyb recently posted..Busy Busy Busy

  17. I’ll have to look out for that stuff at tesco, sounds great! I’ve got some of those popchips to try, can’t wait!
    Laura@keepinghealthygettingstylish recently posted..WIAW–Crazy for Kale

  18. I keep meaning to make that carrot cake recipe- I have copied it into my recipe book, but not got around to it yet. I agree, her recipes are fab and always work out really well.
    That spread looks nice too- I tend to stay away from the fake things because the ingredient lists tend to me all sorts of weird things, plus I never know if they will taste nice. So thanks for that. :)
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted..Back home!

  19. Yikes. That looks like one of those 1000 year old eggs…I think they have them in China? That method of cooking would be a good way to persuade your friends to be vegan: I don’t think I’ll ever look at an egg the same way again now!

    I have to try those Tesco products! And I’ve seen that Carob spread before but I’m too scared to go anywhere near it because one jar would equal one serving for me :P

    ~Jessica~ recently posted..WIAW – WIAAW

  20. Woo looks like a day of great eats! :) hope you’re having a great week!
    Caroline recently posted..WIAW (kinda)

  21. Oh my, I’ve never seen an egg look like that!! It looks like a dragon is trying to “light” it’s way out of there!!
    Good job keeping up your sacrifice of sweets :D. I personally have gone vegan for Lent ((I really want to be vegan but my family has other ideas..)) and am really enjoying it!!
    Take care Emma,
    Jade C.
    Jade C recently posted..Late ((again!!)) WIAW and some other stuff..

    • Aaah vegan for Lent?! So exciting, and I’m so happy to hear you’re enjoying it!! Trust me, when I first became vegan, my family and friends thought I was INSANE, but they soon got used to it haha! Anyway, great job with it!

      Have an amazing weekend! <3

  22. Looks like you had a lovely day full of food! Ive had that Amy’s Enchilladas..theyre good! Not as nice as the burrito though mmm :)
    Lot-O-Choc recently posted..Dairy Milk Olympic Postcard

  23. ooh you do the “I can have what I gave up on sundays” thing – my family does too! Its definitely funny that the Sweet Tooth Runner gave up sweets – but Lent is supposed to be a big challenge and I LOVE that you’ve taken it on, and that you’re discovering new things because of it!! :-D I didn’t give anything up this year, but rather added something – every day at the end of the day I write down everything I’m thankful for about the day, and it’s really helping my attitude a lot haha!

    Oh btw per your reply to my comment yesterday, I did change my URL awhile back!! here’s the new address: http://chasingrunningdreams.blogspot.com/ and i just realized i hadn’t changed it in my signature thing either lol fail!
    Kate @ Chasing It recently posted..Teaching Myself Perspective

    • Not gonna lie, I LOVE the Sunday rule! :P And yeah, I saw the irony there too! :P We usually do both: sacrifice something and do something, so I’m running before-class prayer groups this month! I love your thankful thing! That’s SO important!!

      Oh yay, I was worried you’d stopped blogging or something! I’d better update my Reader then!

      Have an amazing weekend!! <3

  24. Looooove Popchips!
    I gave up chocolate once for Lent and I caved half way through- in my defense, I was 8. But seriously though, lots of applause and admiration for you. It’s great you’re sticking to it because of your values!

    Oh and that egg….ew. I say it with love though!
    Katie @ Nutrition in a peanut shell recently posted..WIAW- Jumping on the hlb bandwagon

  25. That egg. OH my. lol. Too funny. I’m a terrible cook so I can’t really say anything. Your food looks awesome per usual tough.
    Hollie@lolzthatswim recently posted..Tests, papers and mud

  26. i’m sooo happy that ur running is rocking a big positive streak…like u said, enjoy the ups and savor them, then remember then any time things get tough because they turn around and will get good again too! :)

    please gimme a chocolate cupcake NOW!! :)
    Cait the Arty Runnerchick recently posted..Comment on The Salty and Sweet of Running: Follow Your Taste Buds and Get Both by Cait

  27. lol at your eg, my last workout was a 30 mile cycle ride, one lap was 17.9 miles an hour, am speedy in my new bike!!! that carrot cake loaf looks amazing.

  28. The noodle bar place looks so good! That bowl of noodles looks so delicious. Also, I love popchips! Glad you are enjoying them! :)
    Rach recently posted..Nieces and Nephews!

  29. Greatest workouts as of late have been 3-4 sub 8 minute miles in row- a big accomplishment for me!

    Latest food obsession: Whole Foods Peanut Butter Balls or Chocolate and Peanut Butter Puffins with Strawberries and Almond Milk. Heaven.

    Favorite sweet treat…don’t make me choose! Maybe vegan carrot cake or anything peanut butter/chocolate.

    I applaud you for giving up sweets- it’s tough! I look back at this week and realize I had oatmeal or pancakes (always sweet things in my book) for breakfast, lunch, and dinner like 4 days out of 5! I need to get back into salads and vegetables and just non-sweet things in general.

    • AMAZING workout Gabby!! That is speedy!! :)

      I’m jealous of your food obsession!! I’m sure that if I could get my hands on those they would be MY obsessions too! :P And trust me, I often have oatmeal or pancakes multiple times a day…they’re just too good to have only once haha!

      Have an amazing weekend <3

  30. thanks for linking to angela’s carrot cake, I am so in the mood for that! and you’re so right, any posted OSG recipe is bomb-diggity!
    i had a great elliptical/strength training sesh before going to school yesterday. i watched Sesame Street whilst ellipticalling.
    i am a sandwich-lover this week–nut butters, jams, cream cheez and me are just gettin aloooonnng. they are sweet and substantial at za same time! no utensil needed. coziness and comfort of bread. what am i saying, i do not need to explain the goodness of sandwiches, but i haven’t gone on a sandwich kick in a while and have reminded myself of their goodness.
    wish i could join you at your new 2nd home noodle place. “no fun-size idiocy!” haha

  31. hi Emma, I read your blog and love it as a fellow Londoner I always feel left out with so many American blogs, I love reading yours and seeing things from Tescos!
    I just wanted to ask about using Spirutein, are you ok with the bee pollen? I’ve looked at it in shops before but it isn’t vegan. I don’t want to criticise, just wondered if you’d noticed/mind.

    • Hey Hannah!!

      Aww I’m happy you are a fellow Londoner and like my blog! :)

      Thank you for telling me, but I actually don’t mind consuming bee products! I answered this on my Q&A page, but in summary I am not a vegan for the label (I call myself ‘mostly’ vegan), but for my personal beliefs. So for example I don’t mind eating bee products, but I only use non animal-tested products. So I hope that sort of answered your question!

      Have an amazing weekend! <3

      • i popped over and had a read, totally respect your choices.
        But it really bugs me how so many products present themselves as “healthy” “whole food” and “vegetarian” and then I get lazy and don’t scrutinise the ingredients and end up eating something that I didn’t actually want to.
        You have a good one too, hope you enjoyed the sun yest :) I did!

  32. BBQ popchips are so good! I haven’t tried any other flavors either cause the only one they have at costco is the bbq. Hahah runner’s appetite, story of my life! Yesterday I had a meet that was practically hurricane conditions- rain and craaaazy wind, only cold! Hurray for hurricanes in… March? Oh my gosh I didn’t know they had Amy’s in the UK but those enchiladas are very good. I used to eat them every Friday for my pre-football game meal (I’m in a marching band). Have a great weekend! :)
    Maria @ Beautiful Busy Bee recently posted..Fancy recipes + Runway-inspired sets

  33. [...] zucchini bread topped with peanut butter. I love it almost as much as her carrot cake loaf that I made last week, and that’s says a [...]

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