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WIAW: Pizza and Pringles


Hey guys! As usual, I am posting my WIAW a little early, because I’m out Wednesday night, so these are my Tuesday eats!

If you don’t know what What I Ate Wednesday is, check out Jenn’s blog to find out more!


For the first time in ages, my weekday morning did not begin with my usual PB+banana on a wholewheat muffin and a chopped apple, but instead, with this:


Almost the exact same thing. PB banana bread with almond butter and chopped apple with cinnamon. I had another plate of this to follow, but with a pear instead of the apple:)


Lunch was polenta and scrambled tofu (both sprinkled with chilli powder because I like things spicy!) and tomatoes on the side.


I used to have polenta so much…I’ve missed it! And now, as usual, I’m sure I’ll become obsessed with it again and eat nothing but it for the next month.


Afternoon snackage included a ton of fruit, some cereal, and many PB&J rice cake sandwiches.


They are so so good. I even tried a triple-decker one, but that was a little too big! Smile with tongue out


One of my friends from church is going away to volunteer in Ecuador for four months, so we threw a little going away party for her. I’m going to miss her like crazy, but I know that four months will fly by! So we had a really healthy dinner to celebrate:


Cheeseless vegetable supreme pizza for moi! And lots of Pringles to follow:) We all gave up dessert as part of our Lent sacrifice, so it was all about the Pringles and pretzels tonight!


The host’s dad is a runner, which I quickly discovered upon entering their bathroom!


This was only half of the medals…there must have been well over 100! They were all over the wall, mainly marathon and ULTRA-marathon ones! Amazing!! This is what my wall is going to look like in the future I hope!


Training-wise, I ran yesterday with no pain!! I am a huge believer now in trying to be pro-active with injuries, and to me this just proves that it works! Resting, foam-rolling, PT, massages, and RICE all in the last few days = happy legs!


My PT (and sports masseuse!) told me not to run today though after yesterday’s massage to allow for full recovery. I also wasn’t allowed to drink caffeine today which was almost as tough as not running!! BUT tomorrow I have a good session planned, so I’m excited for that!


I’ll be back tomorrow night with a fun post about one of my favourite things…and no it’s not running! ;)


What was the best thing you’ve eaten recently? Delivery pizza. I love pizza.


Do you have a large medal collection? Where do you keep them? I’ve hung up all my medals and race numbers on my bedroom wall, and the collection is slowly growing!


Random Q: When is your next race? I have a trial this weekend to get into a race, but my next big race is the Nationals one down in Somerset! That’s a couple of weeks away yet, so the small break is nice! :)


Have an amazing day friends! <3


42 Responses to WIAW: Pizza and Pringles

  1. Look at all those medals! I’m so glad you’re feeling better. But no caffeine?? I would have broken that rule.
    StoriesAndSweetPotatoes recently posted..Curried Deviled Eggs

  2. How does pizza taste without cheese? Is it yummy? Just wondering because I have never had it!

  3. I am eating roasted vegetables from WF right now – its pretty much rocking my world.
    chelsey @ clean eating chelsey recently posted..back to the basics: nutritional yeast

  4. Haha, I love the idea of hanging the medals in the toilet! So unique…
    I also would have broken the caffeine rule.. mmmm caffeine.

    Chilli goes with EVERYTHING, but I don’t know if I could have sprinkled it on as thick as you did!! Wow… fire in your mouth :)
    amy @ Turtle-speed runner recently posted..Back to reality!

  5. NO PAIN!!! YAYAYAY that’s awesome! The eats look gooooooooooood! Have a good rest of the week!
    Lily recently posted..Foodie Pen Pals Reveal!

  6. That pb banana bread sounds delicious!!! Is it homemade?! And those metals are SO impressive! WOW…ultra marathons are like the ultimate test of awesomeness! You’re gonna have a room full of trophies like that one day for sure!!
    Kaila @healthyhelperblog! recently posted..WIAW: Photo Dump Edition

  7. Glad youre feeling better!! :)
    No caffeine + no running = a nightmare in my book! Hang in there girl!
    Ps. Looks like you had a Tuesday of great eats!
    Caroline recently posted..GOALS!

  8. I loooove cheese but there’s something about cheeseless pizza which totally works for me! I had a seafood paella filled with shrimp, calimari and salmon for lunch yesterday…I know you’re vegan but I can’t help and say that salmon tastes just heavenly!
    Khushboo Thadani recently posted..HIIT or miss?

  9. Mmm, what a brilliant WIAW. One of your finest to date, I feel.

    What’s the theory behind no caffeine? That would be a tough one for me, for sure. But if it would help my running then perhaps I should cut down more…hurrah for no injury pain!

    I would love that pizza – was it from Pizza Express? I wish I could find some good vegan pizza, particularly if it was gluten free.

    I have a medal pinboard and a race number pinboard – the latter is getting rather overcrowded. My next race is meant to be the Spen 20 in early March, but I don’t hold out much hope that I’m going to make it, and if I do my time is going to suck, sadly.

    ~Jessica~ recently posted..Protein Pow(d)er?

  10. I hope my medal collection is that big on day! I want to have enough to dedicate a whole room to it. If not… then I’ll combine that with a home gym because it’s so motivating to see!! I’m glad your calves are feeling better :) Though I would be suffering without the caffeine – perhaps more than I suffer without running!!
    Tara recently posted..My Big Fat Greek Yogurt

  11. that medal collection is EPIC!! Hey, what better way to decorate your bathroom right?! :-P I have all my race bibs and medals up in my bedroom, but hopefully someday there will be enough for me to have a little room for them lol. And mmmmmm delivery pizza – I can’t say I order in pizza all that often, but it just REALLY hits the spot sometimes! And you gave up dessert? WOW I’m impressed!! :-) Also so glad your gastroc is cooperating with you! :-D

  12. Is is sad that I recognise some of those medals?? At the moment mine are hanging on a door handle, but I would like a medal hanger or something.
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted..Chocolate

  13. Tasty looking food. Great job on sticking to your Lent promise and those medals are supper inspiring!

  14. That bathroom is seriously inspiring. Props to your friend’s dad! Can’t wait for your post tomorrow.
    Lyn @ FueledBySalad recently posted..WIAW #6 + bar reviews.

  15. I have to ask: how do you make your polenta?! I’ve been dying to try it!

  16. Oh my god, the breakfast plate looks absolutely delicious!
    And oh my god, that bathroom. Woah.. How inspirational!
    Katie @ Nutrition in a peanut shell recently posted..What I Ate Wednesday- Au Revior February!

  17. That bathroom is crazy! I love the looks of that tofu and polenta lunch. Yum yum
    Jen @ Whittle My Middle recently posted..Weekday Munchies

  18. I didn’t know you could order cheeseless pizza. I don’t know why that should surprise me…or why I never thought it was possible, but there ya go. ;)
    Sarah @ The Smart Kitchen recently posted..Three Times The Quinoa

  19. So glad you’re feeling better,Emma! :D
    Your breakfast looks so delicious; can you believe I’ve never ever had banana bread in my life yet?! You really make me want to try it though!
    Kat @ a dash of fairydust recently posted..Alive.

  20. I LOVE polenta, but for some reason I haven’t had it in forever! Seeing your picture makes me want to pick some up next time I’m at the grocery store!
    Jessica recently posted..WIAW: A Day In Reverse

  21. I’m going vegan for March, so it’s nice to get some ideas. I love polenta, too! Wowsers, that’s a lot of medals… I only have a handful and haven’t thought about how to display them. Maybe someday!
    Laura recently posted..MOVED!

  22. You should check out Allied Medal Displays! (http://www.medalhangers.com/) I got one for my dad for Christmas and really want one for myself.

  23. I love peanut butter and jelly on rice cakes!
    Fran@ Broken Cookies Don’t Count recently posted..WIAW~Veggie Stock Up!

  24. Just added you to my Blogroll :)
    Jade C recently posted..WIAW – this is fun!!

  25. PB and jelly on rice cakes…it has been too long!

  26. Love the look of the rice cake pb + j sandwich..ill have to try it!! Also great that youre running pain free!!
    Lot-O-Choc recently posted..Galaxy Hot Chocolate + Competition!

  27. I like those rice cake sandwiches :). I like to have rice cakes with peanut butter and either raisins or sliced bananas on top. I am also, obsessed with pizza.
    Lindsay recently posted..What I’ve been loving lately

  28. Yay I’m so glad you ran without pain!

    I’m really intrigued by your lunch, I’ve never had scrambled tofu or polenta before. I’m so jealous of your pizza, it sounds delicious – no delivery pizza for me for the next month and a bit!

    Best thing I’ve eaten recently? The whole of my dinner on Friday at Jamie’s Italian, absolutely delicious :-)
    Sophie @ LoveLiveAndLearn recently posted..Just Keep Trying!

    • You’ve never had scrambled tofu or polenta before?! Girl you are missing OUT haha! I love them both! :) And I’ve seen Jamie’s Italian around, and always been tempted! I’ll definitely have to give it a try now! Have a great day! <3

  29. Best thing I ate this week… yesterday I had some AMAZING risotto from this little french restaurant near by. SO good!
    Liz @ iheartvegetables recently posted..What I Ate [Over the Weekend] Wednesday

  30. I am loving the delivery pizza! I love pizza too, haven’t had it since valentines day when the boyfriend and i made homemade heart-shaped pizzas!
    I had the BEST cupcake yesterday…lemon with a buttercream vanilla frosting, it was vegan (you could have eaten it!) and it made my day a zillion times better :)
    I LOVE my marathon finisher medals the most, they are so big and so pretty…I hang my medals too!
    My next race is march 25th…if I can run, eeeek! :)
    I hope you’ve been having a great week!
    Lizzy recently posted..Reflections from the week the “always running” girl sits…

    • Awww homemade heart-shaped pizzas?! SO CUTE!! I wanna come join you guys haha! ESPECIALLY if there’s vegan cupcakes on offer!! Lemon is one of my faves…so jealous!!

      Aaah I’m thinking of you chica and sending you all my healing powers! How’s your ankle doing?! <3

  31. Love cheese-less pizza! So nice to see that other people order it without. So nice to ‘meet’ you through WIAW. :)
    Kimberly (Badger Girl) recently posted..WIAW: No Use Crying Over Spilled Smoothie

  32. looks like so much fun that pizza party! i had a slice of kamut crust pizza for lunch yesterday- was great but toppe w cheese which i havent had in ages.
    Alexia recently posted..The Detox Cookbook Review

  33. What a great day of eats! I havent tried polenta before, but will keep my eye out for it at my local grocery store. :)

    Wow! Thats one awesome bathroom wall! :D
    Healthiful Balance recently posted..Customizable Protein Cookies

  34. Holy smokes! That medal collection is awesome! :)
    Abby @ Abz ‘n’ Oats recently posted..almost smooth (live fit day 4)

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