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Not Feeling Hot


I’m not feeling so hot right now. I think all those runs in the pouring rain/torrential snow finally took their toll Winking smile Buuuut even though I am going slightly crazy over the fact that I haven’t run in two days (and probably won’t be able to today either) when Nationals are next week, there are still upsides to being ill!


1. Eating endless comfort foods. Oatmeal, soup, cake, more oatmeal…


I hadn’t had proper oatmeal in a while! I used to have it every single day for breakfast, but I think I ODed a bit and went off it slightly…but now I’ve rediscovered the love!


2. Snuggling on the sofa all day with my dog and watching movies.


I realise that he is now so fluffy that he is pretty much unrecognisable as a dog, but he’s more cuddly that way:)


3. You can get other people to get your essentials for you.

















That banana fruit loaf is the most amazing thing in the whole world. And in my opinion Running Fitness is so much better than Runner’s World, and ALMOST worth the crazy price!


4. Amazing friends who make you feel better! Yesterday we hung out together (they joined me on the couch haha!) and I probably gave them my cold/flu virus, but it was such a good time!


Well, judging by your expression, maybe not for you Heather ;)


We had fajitas, and they made a vegan filling for me! It was the first time I’d ever had fajitas, and it will NOT be the last!! They were so good that I had seconds and thirds!


















5. Baking time! I almost always bake when I’m ill, because I find it so therapeutic. I made whole wheat gingerbread scones (photo from source)



I’m slightly overdosing on cold+flu products right now. They do not taste good, but I want to be back to normal ASAP!



Cross Country Nationals are in EIGHT days(!), so I definitely want to be in good health so I can get in my last few quality workouts, which is why I am really prioritising recovery! And I’m supposed to be pacing a friend to run a 21 minute 5k tomorrow morning, but right now I doubt if I can easily hold a 6.45 pace…I’ll see how I’m feeling tonight! I’ve been looking forward to it though because she has been working so hard to get to this point, so I’d love to help her achieve her goal!


What are your favourite things to do when you’re ill? Having hour-long Skype dates with family! And planning+booking holidays, which I can’t wait to tell you about!


Do you buy magazines? Which is your favourite? I usually just read running magazines in-store because I am cheap like that, but now and again I splash out! I find RW to be a bit too beginner/weight focused for me. Obviously that’s perfect for some people, but I find Running Fitness to have more training articles, and that suits me:)


Have you ever paced someone, or been paced in a race yourself? I’d love to be an official race pacer someday! That is on my bucket list because it sounds so fun!


Have an amazing Friday friends! <3

36 Responses to Not Feeling Hot

  1. I cant seem to find that Alpro Almond milk anywhere! :( My favorite things to do when I’m ill ar to relax, enjoy lots of yummy food, drink lots of tea, watch TV, read blogs and the list goes on and on.. :)
    Healthiful Balance recently posted..Couscous Spinach “Lasagna”

  2. Pacing seems to be ‘all the rage’ in terms of meeting time goals and making PRs. I’d feel a bit weird being paced though, as if I hadn’t achieved the time on my own? I’m strange like that though :P I’m pretty sure only snails would want me to pace them, and even then I’d muck it up because I have no idea how to run to a certain speed. I just have ‘fast’ or ‘slow’ mode in my head. How that translates in terms of time is in the lap of the Gods.

    So sorry you’re ill! I did wonder about that when you were out in the snow and rain so much. I get angry and annoyed when I’m ill so I don’t have ‘favourite’ things to do…other than stomp around and be a total grump.

    I like Women’s Running and Women’s Fitness, which is weird because I’m totally not a ‘female-specific’ exerciser.

    ~Jessica~ recently posted..WIAW – Vegging Out

    • I can definitely see that point, and I think that was part of the reason behind them trying to take Paula’s WR away! Still, if I was paced to run a 4 minute mile, it wouldn’t happen, so the ability has to be there too!

      Yeah turns out I have the flu, so it wasn’t caused by all that rain/snow running haha! It was stupid though and I was asking for it! I need to be more sensible and just stick it out on the treadmill if I need to.

      Hope you had a great weekend Jess! <3

  3. Aw,I am so sorry you’re ill! I hope you feel better really soon!
    When I am ill,I like to drink tea and cuddle my doggy all day long! And unless I don’t have a terrible headache,I also love to read until I fall asleep…
    Kat @ a dash of fairydust recently posted..I [cry]. I [try].

  4. Feel better! Sounds like you’re doing good resting and eating yummy, nutritious stuff. To me the best thing about being sick is once you feel better you feel AMAZING because you’ve been storing up so much energy :)
    StoriesAndSweetPotatoes recently posted..Sweet Potato Smoothie

  5. I haven’t had oatmeal for breakfast in so long. Thanks for the reminder! Do get better soon. I don’t get ill ever, so I really have no idea what to do if I do!
    Lyn @ FueledBySalad recently posted..Breakfast Milllet, Cranberry-Orange Pancakes and a hell lot of bars.

  6. Sorry you’re sick! Get well soon! I’ve never seen Running Fitness, is it a British magazine? I haven’t been eating oatmeal lately just cause I’m too lazy to cook it! You’ve never had fajitas before? Oh gosh. Now you gotta make up for lost time! Get well soon! :)
    Maria @ Beautiful Busy Bee recently posted..Super (Bowl) Sunday

    • Yeah Running Fitness is a British magazine…but I’m jealous of you guys with Running Times! I love reading their articles online!

      Haha yeah, I didn’t have the best childhood…I mean, I’d never even had nut butter before I started blogging! :P

  7. Wow I hope you feel better girl. I can certainly relate to having injuries and sickness and not being able to run! You will make it through and be so much stronger! I can’t wait to see how you do :)
    Hollie@lolzthatswim recently posted..Getting Over an Injury Mentally

  8. Where are you all finding that Almond milk?? I’ve searched all my local stores without success :(

    Clif Bar had amazing pacers for the Brighton Marathon last year. I’d have never made it in under 5 hr 30 (by 3 mins) without her. Tagging onto her group when i was struggling was the best thing i did at mile 20 :)
    Jennyb recently posted..Building up to a Saturday long run

    • Sainsburys! Look in the long-life milk section :)

      I definitely agree that sticking with someone helps a LOT! In races when I’m struggling I find tagging someone really helps too!

      • i had tried sainsburys but i found it about an hour after posting that comment in tescos! It was the last one on the shelf, so i picked it up fast! And then yesterday i saw the hazelnut version in Waitrose for £1 so picked one of those up too! loving the almond milk will certainly start having that regularly :)
        Jennyb recently posted..Building up to a Saturday long run

  9. I went through the same with oatmeal but we’re back in business now- can’t wait for OIAJ this weekend! Wishing you a speedy recovery! Yummy food, tea, good television and blogs are my sick-day essentials!
    Khushboo recently posted..Eating healthy across borders

  10. Aww feel better hun! Being sick is awful! I have mostly been doing all those same things these past few days though too! Surgery is NOT fun!

    Just think though…the more you rest and recover the more ass you’ll be able to kick at nationals!!!!! :)
    Kaila @healthyhelperblog! recently posted..Better than Expected

  11. American Runner’s World is the same way. I like it for the stories though. I turn to running times for training advice!

    I do a lot of pacing for my team. A lot of times I’m using a race as a workout while they are racing it, and my tempo is their race pace so it works out that I can talk a little and cheer them on to a PR!

    You’re gonna do awesome at nationals. You did all the training and running or not running now isn’t going to change that!!
    Tara recently posted..My Valentine, The Treadmill

    • Oh RW definitely wins on the story front!! Which is why I loved that book so much! :)

      I can’t believe you’re the team pacer…you are so amazing!! I am very middle/back of the pack in my team haha! They are very lucky to have you!

      And thank you!! I’m trying to remember that! <3

  12. Feel better soon! And welcome to the wonderful world of fajitas! Yum!! I also like to cuddle with my dogs when I’m sick and watch endless episodes of Law and Order. Good luck with your upcoming race!
    Toni @ Not Yet A Mommy recently posted..Treating Yourself Right – A Valentine’s Moment of Weakness

  13. Feel better Emma! I’m proud of you for giving your body time to fight back illness, I find it soooo hard for me to take a day off when I don’t feel well. I LOVE baking! It really is medicine for the soul. :)

  14. I hope you feel better soon! (Maybe the non-running will give your legs EXTRA time to store up energy for the big day?) :)
    Beth (i run like a girl) recently posted..Two, two giveaways! (and a review)

  15. Oh my gosh your dog is so unbelievably cute!! Oatmeal is such a comfort food! The picture has me craving a bowl right now! Feel better soon :)

  16. Aw, feel better!
    Oatmeal and good magazines are a necessity when I’m sick. And those fajitas look so yummy! How sweet that they made them vegan friendly for you. (:
    Emily recently posted..WIAW #15: The Veggie-Monster Addition

  17. feel better soon!! being sick is the worst, but i’m glad u have peeps to take care of u AND awesome food and reading material..hehe.

    rest up like crazy and pamper urself to u’re feeling better as soon as possible…i’m excited for ur big race! :)
    Cait the Arty Runnerchick recently posted..Comment on What Kind of Runner Are You? Trails, Tracks, Treadmills and Roads…Oh, My! (Part I) by Cait

  18. I agree Runner’s World talks too much about losing weight and stuff! It gets a bit annoying… but we don’t really get any others in Aus unless you want to pay $10+ for an imported magazine, which is a bit over the top!! (A lot of the time I splash out anyway though…) ;)
    Get better sooN!
    amy @ Turtle-speed runner recently posted..Random Things

  19. aww I am so sorry you have the FLU bug :(
    drink lots and lots of delicious liquids! I know you will be feeling better in no time!
    being a pacer is definitely a bucket list item :)
    I hope you still having a great weekend regardless of being under the weather!

  20. Aw, sorry you’re not feeling too well Emma! It looks like you’re taken care of though :)
    Feel better! xx
    Katie @ Nutrition in a peanut shell recently posted..Thursday things

  21. Oh no Emma! I’m so sorry you feel ill at the moment just a week before nationals…! Hope you feel better super soon! Mind you I think it’s great that you did an upsides to being ill post over the downsides :) Great attitude girl! :) No doubt I’m sure you’ll be feeling 100% on top of the world by the time Nationals roll around :) I wish we had running fitness here! :O
    Rach recently posted..Morning workouts vs. Afternoon workouts

  22. sorry your feeling ill, I hate getting colds. I tend to use the gym when its nasty outside. hope ou feel better soon..

  23. Banana Soreen? I need that in my life right now!
    Sorry to hear you’re feeling rough at the moment- I hope it passes quickly and you’ll be back to full health in no time at all!
    Marijke recently posted..Lessons from 2012

  24. Oh no! I hope you feel better soon!! I wouldn’t be too concerned though, sometimes the extra rest will just make you feel better when you get back out there. You’re definitely doing the right thing by allowing your body to rest! Keep listening to your body & GET WELL SOON!
    Lily recently posted..BREAK!

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