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Fuelled by Chocolate…Literally.


This is how I fuelled yesterday for today’s race:















Oh wait, and a peanut butter sandwich cookie too:



Oh, add a vanilla/choc cupcake and a mini blueberry streusel loaf cake to that as well for good measure…
















These two I actually gave to my bro, who has come down from uni for the weekend! He split a bit of each with me though and after that I kinda wished I’d kept them for myself Winking smile 


They are from London’s first vegan bakeryMs Cupcake!


If you’re ever in London, you have to go here! A friend and I went yesterday, and I brought all these goodies home! IMG_0394

The PB cookie sandwich and the chocolate cupcake were AMAZING. They definitely got the ratio of frosting to cupcake perfectly for me… it was like 5:1!! So so good!


P.S. I wasn’t asked to review this place or anything. I just loved it so much I had to tell you all about it! And make you drool and want to eat cupcakes too.


This morning I woke up excited to race! I tried having a fruit smoothie this morning…still didn’t work! I always have stomach problems pre-race, and I’m trying to find SOMETHING that will stay down well! It’s never a problem for me with longer races or runs, but anything short and intense like cross country (or future track races) gives me problems. My next thing to try is plain white rice. Not fun, but it’s simple and should hopefully work! Dathan Ritzenhein has it before he races too, and he swears by it!



Maybe it will help me run a 12.56 5k like he can! Winking smile


It was such a GREAT race! My hardest one yet for sure, but so awesome! When the results are up, I will do a full recap, but I’ll tell ya now that I am through to finals! It’s down in Somerset, and I am SO THRILLED to make the team! At the start of the year I honestly never even thought I’d make it through to this race, let alone to the National finals! (<— There are two different National XC races, and now I’ll be running both!) So happy right now!


Post-race endorphins!!


Oh yeah, and it was SNOWING whilst we were racing! I went numb haha! But I did think it made me run faster in an effort to finish and be able to throw on some layers!


Oh, and I thought I’d share something one of my pastors (who is also a runner) emailed to me right before my race, and it really inspired me!



Anyway, FULL day recap to come tomorrow hopefully as soon as the results are posted! I know my place, but not knowing my time is killing me!! Patience is not one of my virtues Winking smile


Tell me about something YOU want to achieve! I will cheer you on!


What has been the best bit of your weekend so far? Race, obviously! And cupcakes of course!


Have you ever run in the snow before? Today was the first time that I’ve run whilst it was actually snowing, and tomorrow’s long run may be in the snow too! Although I don’t plan on wearing a vest and shorts this time haha!


Enjoy the rest of your weekend friends! <3

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  1. Those treats are gorgeous! You know, plain white rice just might do it for you. I’m hopeful!
    StoriesAndSweetPotatoes recently posted..Peanut Butter Goji Berry Protein Bars

  2. Yay congratulations!!! Well done on the rocking the race :)

    I’m training for the NYC Half in March and was to break 1:40.

    Best part of the weekend is this amazing quesadilla I am eating right now!
    Josie recently posted..Back on the run

  3. Glad you had a great race! And well done you!

    I WANT to achieve a sub 5 hour marathon. saying 4 hours something sounds so much better than 5 hours something even if it is just 4 hours 50 ;)

    Best bit? i ran 13 miles today!!! (my brain is still slightly high with happiness, my body is firmly glued to the sofa) at an average 10.43 pace i could get that sub 5 hour. I really don’t know how you do the pace you do. If i push myself up to 8 min/mile on the treadmill i can’t sustain that for more than a mile. I am so in awe of your paces. but then i bet your legs are twice the length of my little 5’2″ legs :)

    I ran in (frozen) snow last year, however after doing an hour long run in -5/-6 last year and despite multiple layers i still got mild hypothermia. after 30 minutes under the hand dryer at the gym i was still blue & shivering. It took me 30 minutes into my aerobics class before i took my jumper off & stopped worrying my instructor. So after that i vowed never to run in snow again.

    Take care!
    Jennyb recently posted..Half Way There!

  4. Woooohooo congrats you are awesome!!

  5. Whoo!!! Good job! :) Nationals here you come. Maybe your stomach problems are just from being nervous! I sometimes get that before a race. All those baked goods look amazing, especially the peanut butter sandwich cookie. I’m really surprised that a huge city like London has only one vegan bakery! Wow. I live in Austin Texas and I’m not sure if you know, not being from America, but it’s known as a hub for veganism, fitness, live music, and other cool things so there are tons of vegan bakeries here!
    Maria @ Beautiful Busy Bee recently posted..Two Truths and a Lie.

  6. Oh my god, that cupcake looks absolutely delicious.

    Glad you had a good race, can’t wait to see your recap!

    I did guard in the snow before! It’s cold. And wet. Props to you for pushing through!
    Katie @ Nutrition in a peanut shell recently posted..February’s goal

  7. I CANNOT WAIT FOR THE RECAP!!! All that fuel certainly did you well! I am so happy you made it to nationals…I can’t think of a more deserving person!

    PS: that pb cookie sandwich is making me drool….even though i have had pb like four times today already! LOL!
    Kaila @healthyhelperblog! recently posted..What I’m Loving This Weekend

  8. Congrads! Can’t wait to hear more about that awesome race. I totally get the stomach issues thing before a race. For me I think it’s that I get nervous and cold and just can’t finish digesting. So jealous about that awesome vegan bakery. There’s several vegan restaurants in my city that have deserts, but no actual bakery!

    I want to make varsity on my school’s track team this spring…I’ve never run track before and rarely run short distances so this is a HUGE challenge and I have to prepare myself for the fact that I might not be able to make it happen. But right now I’m hopeful.

    This weekend was actually the first time in a month I HAVEN’T had to do my long run in snow! I have these “rubber tires” that go on my shoes that have metal spikes in the bottom to help me get traction in the snow, though. They’re a lifesaver!

  9. CONGRATS on making it through to finals!!!! I had no doubt you would :) and I can’t wait for the recap!!! Seriously you have fueled with the food of champions too – I love things like mini-loaves and scones pre-race :-D

  10. WAYTOGO EMMA!!!!! incredible! The pic of the hill you posted on twitter was ginormous ohmygah. congrats congrats congrats! today i enjoyed getting to work on a tough homework with my friends today..it was so much better to agonize over the right formulas and calculations togetha!
    katy sparrow recently posted..PIE

  11. Wow those treats look phenomenal- and clearly they are the fuel of champions :)! Way to go on your race! I just finished week 2 of Body For Life, so am definitely hoping to come out of week 12 stronger and with more defined muscles!
    Khushboo recently posted..Friday Favorite: Sunwarrior

  12. Congratulations Emma! You’re amazing! I knew you could make it to finals. Those baked goods look so delicious. I want to run a full marathon, but every time I try to train for one I get injured! And it never snows here in Texas, but I’ve always wondered what it would be like to run in the snow.
    Rebecca recently posted..Yes I Can!

  13. Emma,you are so,so,SO amazing! I thought about you yesterday all day long until you replied to my tweet and sent you all my strength and luck and willpower – so happy it worked! ;)
    Kat @ a dash of fairydust recently posted..I Like It Jar[red] & Something to keep going.

  14. woot woot!! way to go girl!! u’ve come so far from those days of being stuck only on the bike…so proud of u and keep it up!! :)

    haha…the white rice trick…i know if it’s working for dathan it’s gotta be on track. ;)
    Cait the Arty Runnerchick recently posted..Warning: Injured Runners May Bite

  15. Those cupcakes look tasty! The perfect race fuel. Can’t wait to read your recap.

  16. Congratulations! That is so awesome that you rocked your race like that.
    And there’s no doubt in my mind that the cookie sandwich and cupcake helped! They look absolutely delicious. (:
    Emily recently posted..Frantic Filming Frenzy

  17. That is how I’ve been fueling lately, not gonna lie!! I’ve been eating chocolate like crazy! Girl if you ever come visit me, we have a ton of vegan bakeries in the city and we will make sure to hit all of ‘em.

    and for the most important part of this post: CONGRATS!!!! I had no doubt in my mind that you would make it though. You’re too awesome not to!! I can’t wait for the recap!!
    Tara recently posted..Nothing to do, Nowhere to go!

  18. Oh my gosh that peanut butter cookie looks SO good! It’d be fun to try to make a home version of it.

    I have stomach issues too. So far the only food I can eat before a quick run is a sliced up banana in a bowl with a small handful of cheerios and a spoonful of peanut butter.

    I love running in the snow! It makes it almost like a game trying to figure out where the ice is and how not to slow down too much while maintaining balance.

    Congrats on the race :) looking forward to the recap!!
    Kelli recently posted..Chili Fest

  19. I swear chocolate and sweets make you faster! Not gonna lie, I’ve been eating dark chocolate before I workout, mmmm. Congrats on the race! That’s aweeesome! Hmm, well I am trying to run 5k, I know it may not seem like a lot but I had to take a 3-4 month break from physical activity due to health problems, so I lost my endurance and speed:/ Slowly working my way back up!

  20. I can’t wait to hear about the race. I’m hopeing to run my first 5k this year. Maybe the end of April, but I’m still not sure yet. Your treats like good. It sounds like the bakery has found a new customer. :)

  21. Hey Emma!
    Congrats on making through to the finals! That’s amazing news! You’ve come so far since you’ve started running – total inspiration :) I emailed you a few days ago and thanks for your wonderful reply! I’ve now started up my own blog now yay! hehe and pretty sure my run today was fuelled by chocolate too :P I’m busting to hear the results from your race :O National finals whaaattt so stoked for you!

  22. Congratulations for making it :)
    And those cakes all look so delicious :)
    I have never run while it was snowing, but I was caught in hail once which was horrible and very painful.
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted..Belated snow day

  23. AHH congrats!! That’s so exciting! Can’t even imagine running in the snow with only a tank top on…I get cold even thinking about that. Can’t wait to read the rest of the recap!
    Lily recently posted..Superbowl Sunday, A Recipe, and Global Warming

  24. Wow congrats! You’re so talented at running! I’m glad you seem to have found your thing. :) I can’t wait for the race recap.. Also, those cupcakes look DELISH. So jealous that you get to fuel up with that, haha. Sorry about your stomach issues though :(
    Chelsea @ The Nut Butter Runner recently posted..Monday Runday 2

  25. Wow that bakery looks amazing! I’ve been keeping an eye out for vegan bakeries in my area (I’m not vegan completely, but trying to find vegan alternatives when possible), but it’s not easy! Oh well, I guess it’s just another reason to visit London ASAP :)
    Toni @ Not Yet A Mommy recently posted..Health From A Wealth of Information For All

  26. Those sweets look AMAZING!
    Jessica recently posted..Dear Cesar Millan

  27. Wow those cupcakes and that PB sandwich look awesome!! Perfect running fuel ;)
    Shannon from Healthiful Balance recently posted..ChocoRite Protein Powder Review

  28. [...] refreshed after a good week running-wise, sleeping-wise, and nutrition-wise (well, excluding Friday’s cupcake-fest hehe!). The night before, I had my favourite pre-race [...]

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