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Run Santa Run!


I had the perfect Christmas Eve morning.



Parkruns are the best! They are free weekly organised 5ks that happen all over the country, and the turnout today at my local one was a record high of over 300 people! Amazing! The last time I went (back in February) there was only about 50, so it’s been growing and growing!


It was so fun! Like my hat? Winking smile



I forgot to take a picture of my full Santa outfit, which I put on over my t-shirt and leggings, but I think there may be official event photos to come so you can see it then! This wasn’t a race, just a fun run with my bro! I didn’t even have time to warm-up beforehand, which wasn’t great considering the temps were freezing! But my suit kept me nice and (overly) toasty by the end!


Running in a Santa costume is not easy though, I can tell you that! But in my last Parkrun back in February, I ran it in 23.40. So I ran over two minutes faster and in a Santa costume too! I guess it helps when people are chanting “run Santa run!” at you! Smile with tongue out With a two mile cooldown:



Got home and refuelled with a wholewheat bagel and PB. No bagel thins here please Winking smile



As I was chowing down my bagel, the postman arrived. I didn’t even know post was delivered on Christmas Eve!



A few weeks ago, I won the lovely Shannon’s iHerb giveaway, and today my order arrived!



Peanut Flour and Iced Gingerbread Clif bars! Gingerbread is pretty much my favourite seasonal flavour, so when I saw they had this edition available on iHerb, I ordered it straight away!


They won’t be around long, that’s for sure! Open-mouthed smile


My plans for the rest of the day are cleaning, preparing food for tomorrow, eating too much cookie dough, and going to a candlelit carol service in the evening (thankfully no solos this time haha!).


MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all! I hope you have an amazing weekend with your loved ones, and I’ll be back tomorrow with a Christmas recap!



20 Responses to Run Santa Run!

  1. Woah you are speedy..more so than normal! I saw your tweet about the 5 miles in 37 minutes- impressed does not even cut it! Merry Xmas to you and your family!
    Khushboo recently posted..You know it’s the holidays when…

  2. You had an awesome run this morning! So funny you dressed up as Santa. Have a Merry Christmas Eve!
    Sarah recently posted..Merry Christmas Eve!

  3. What a fast run! You’re awesome! And that package looks like the perfect kickstart to a great Christmas :) Hope you have a wonderful Christmas with tour family!
    Alexandra recently posted..Costco Christmas+Breakfast Bake

  4. Nice run to start off the day!!! Merry Christmas! Can’t wait for your recap!!!
    Kaila @healthyhelperblog! recently posted..Things are looking up….

  5. It sounds like you had lots of fun! I wish I had a Santa run ’round here too… it would be such a laugh. ;) Enjoy your Christmas!
    Lyn @ FueledBySalad recently posted..Barefootin’ it!

  6. Happy holidays to you and your family love! Love you! Thanks for always being SO sweet! <3
    katie recently posted..Y.B.C.

  7. Yay for an awesome run this morning AND doing it in a Santa suit,hahaha! :D You’re so awesome,girl! :D
    Have a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones; I’m looking forward to your Christmas recap already! ;)

  8. Tee-hee, I love your No Bagel Thins approach ;)

    Nice run, particularly with a Santa suit – I had enough trouble with antlers on a headband…

    Have a great xmas Emma – you deserve one!

    ~Jessica~ recently posted..WIAW – What I Actually Ate On Wednesday

  9. Haha, that’s so cool you went running with a Santa suit. Very appropriate. Merry Christmas Emma, hope it’s fantastic!

    P.s.- Gingerbread Clif bar is the best of all the seasonal flavors
    Katie @ Nutrition in a peanut shell recently posted..Scottish Shortbread

  10. Fantastic run/race!! And YAY for gingerbread clif bars, those are my favorite too!! :-D Have a very merry christmas Emma!
    Kate @ Chasing It recently posted..Festive Friday Favorites!

  11. I want to do a santa run!! Perhaps for my “long” run tomorrow I will have to don a santa hat and my best red gear. If I can run as fast as you did in santa gear, maybe we’ll just have to start wearing it all the time!

    Just so you know I actually did pick up an extra peppermint clif bar for ya so I’m gonna send it your way soon :) I think I still have your address! I love the gingerbread flavor too!! Merry Christmas!!! Eat lots and lots of cookies and chocolate, because what’s christmas without the sweets!?

  12. Congratulations on the great race time!
    Have a wonderful Christmas!
    Zo recently posted..a strivingcynic cat Christmas

  13. Lolz, I would defs run faster if people were chanting “RUN SANTA RUN” at me. Good job! Have a happy Christmas and enjoy the time with your family! Congrats to your bro too, starting to run is hard! :)
    Chelsea @ The Nut Butter Runner recently posted..Happy Friday!

  14. Wow you are so speedy! :) Those gingerbread spice bars look so good (I was planning on stocking up when I was away- guess I will have to wait for another year).
    Have a lovely Christmas :)
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted..Mincemeat madness!

  15. Well done on a great run! Plus I reckon with the santa suit, you could definitely consider your time 30 seconds faster! ;)

    Merry Christmas! Enjoy the cookie (dough). :)
    Josie recently posted..Home for Christmas

  16. Great run speeeedy!!! Love your hat haha :D I hope you have a wonderful christmas girl! <3

  17. What a wonderful way to start the day. I’m sure you pulled wearing a Santa costume without a hitch. Since you always look good in that monkey costume you have :)
    Congrats on the speedy time! Merry Christmas!!
    Isabelle recently posted..Christmas Eve

  18. Awesome job in the run! :) Yay, loving all the things you got from iHerb! Peanut flour is AWESOME! I havent tried those Clif bars but I dont think they would last long around me either! :P

    Merry Christmas!
    Shannon from Healthiful Balance recently posted..Christmas In Germany

  19. merry merry christmas emma!!! hahaha…oh man, i can’t imagine running in a santa suit! :)

    so cute that u got ur bro to run and i’m so proud of him for not quitting and powering thru to the end!
    Cait the Arty Runnerchick recently posted..Here’s How the Reindeer Games Went Down…

    Kale Blossom recently posted..Night Life in Salisbury

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