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Training in the Rain


Hey friends! Happy {almost} Weekend! I am finally at the end of the crazy busy weeks, so hopefully this week should be more chill!


I have a cold. It started very mildly on Thursday, but woke up this morning to find it much worse, and I can tell you for sure that this did not help:



Correction: You’d have to be barking to TRAIN in that. (That is the front page of today’s newspaper by the way!) Yep, speedwork in that weather was fun! Smile with tongue out


I have never been so wet in my life. It was this moment all over again, except I was wearing a t-shirt and shorts this time:



Even my sports bra was soaked! When I woke up today, my cold was MUCH worse…obviously! So if you ever need advice on how to make a mild cold turn into the Spanish Influenza overnight, you know who to go to Winking smile


So I’m on a mission to destroy my cold ASAP. Starting with breakfast!


Banana oatmeal with maple-gingerbread almond butter. I made the nut butter recipe from How Sweet Eats and it is one of my favourite butters EVER! I have almost finished it single-handedly in less than 48 hours, so I may have to make it again tomorrow to satisfy my addiction…


I have been completely obsessed with wholewheat english muffins this week, and have had two for breakfast almost every day!


Yesterday’s breakfast was PB&banana one, and a Marmite and apple one too Smile


Friday night= muffin baking night. I am addicted to muffins so every Friday I bake a ton and freeze them so I can have them over the week. Dedication, I know. Anyway, I made gingerbread muffins today!


They are yummy, but a bit too gingery! I love ginger, but I was definitely a bit heavy-handed with it today! Smile with tongue out I will perfect it though and then post the recipe soon! 


This weekend is going to be AWESOME! I’m starting it with an easy run tomorrow morning, followed by a yoga class, and then Christmas shopping in the afternoon! I actually love shopping at Christmas, because I love the craziness and the Christmas music that every shop blasts out! And then on Sunday I’m travelling to spend the day with my momma’s side of the family for a Christmas party! I can’t wait!


What are your weekend plans? Is anyone NOT doing any Christmas shopping this weekend?


What’s the worst weather conditions you’ve ever run in? Yesterday’s! I was training on a hilly bank, and the strong winds+rain kept almost blowing me into a ditch haha!


What’s your favourite Christmas flavour? Mine is gingerbread, closely followed by peppermint and cinnamon!

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  1. Poop! Sorry to hear about the rain and the bug :( Hope you feel better soon! With nomtastic muffins like that, you’re sure to make a speedy recovery ;)
    Have fun Christmas shopping this weekend! My plans– study my eyes off eww haha
    Alexandra recently posted..Footie PJ’s, Puffins, and a Review

  2. A few weekends ago, I ran in freezing rain for 10 miles. It was brutal.

    I hope your cold gets better soon!!

  3. I LOVE running in the rain…I almost wish it rained a bit more here in CA! I am not Christmas shopping this weekend! I am getting lost in the woods! ;)
    I hope you feel better ASAP!!

  4. Dang girl. You are still speedy as ever in the rain! I refuse to run in the rain, I’m a wuss.
    I love cinnamon and apple always, but peppermint and eggnog are my favorite Christmas flavors. I hope you feel better!!

  5. TWINS TO THE MAXIMUS. I made gingerbread muffins too :) it was our twin telepathy! That new nut butter of yours sounds to die for. My favorite holiday flavor is a toss up between eggnog and gingerbread. I love both to be honest! I don’t usually crave peppermint, but when I do eat it I enjoy it.

    When I saw the title of this post, I started singing “I’m traaaaaaining in the rain!” like “I’m singing in the rain!” Honestly, rainy runs can be great or they can be awful! I hate being drenched, and I hate when it gives me a cold. Hope it goes away fast!!
    Tara recently posted..Ten Thursday Topics

  6. Your weekend plans sound great. I enjoy the Christmas tunes at the shops but I don’t enjoy crazy shoppers! Hopefully your cold will clear up soon.
    Cinnamon & peppermint are my fave festive flavors :)
    Isabelle recently posted..My Week At A Glance

  7. Hey there! Glad you have fun in the rain (despite the cold), it sounds like a fun workout.

    Gingerbread is my fave holiday flavour too! I like to make gingerbread men (and women…and crazy shapes) :)

    When I get back to Australia (on christmas eve no less), we are going to bake up a storm! So far planned, gingerbread men and peppermint bark.
    Josie recently posted..Running high in mexico city

  8. Hooray for Christmas shopping!! :) Sorry about your cold, those are awful! Broth soups always make me feel better. I’m going to do almost all of my Christmas shopping online this year because it’s so much less stressful. Peppermint flavored things are the best. Have you tried peppermint clif bars? Omg yum! Also peppermint ice cream is the bomb. :)
    Maria @ Beautiful Busy Bee recently posted..The start of an amazing weekend!

  9. 3 miles is my running in rain quota…! Hope u feel better soon- even I’m under the weather and am so ready to nip it in the bud!

  10. Getting out in that kind of weather? THAT’S dedication!
    Lyn @ FueledBySalad recently posted..I got to run again!

  11. Aw,hope you feel better again,soon! :(
    I am not doing Christmas shopping this weekend! Although I’d really like to,but no one wants to accompagny me and it’s no fun to go to the city alone :(
    Well,I think I have to bake some cookies instead! What a shame… :P
    Kat @ a dash of fairydust recently posted..Secret Santa wishlist & an award.

  12. Sorry you’ve got the sniffles (or the Black Death, by the sound off it)! I was out on Thursday too and the same thing happened – driving rain and hail that left marks in your skin when it hit you! Those conditions were indeed pretty bad – I’ve only had a couple of times running when hail actually hurt before.

    I am not xmas shopping! The season tends to pass me by…but I have enjoyed the Secret Santa :)

    Maria (Running Cupcake) has me HOOKED on gingerbread everything. I may just turn into the gingerbread man from Shrek…

    ~Jessica~ recently posted..Secret Santa Saturday

  13. I took the dog out lastnight and within minutes of leaving the house there was a MAHOOSIVE hailstorm!!! needless to say i headed straight home, but couldnt avoid being completely drenched in seconds!

    Im on a muffin kick too, so get that recipe up and i will DEF be making them, i love me some ginger, ultimate christmassy flavour :-)

    no xmas shopping this weekend, im feeling so lethargic all i wanna do is lounge in my pj’s reading my new xmas themed chick lit book!!!
    clemmy recently posted..baby its cold out here…

  14. hi emma :)

    running in the rain is awful. I live in fla where it’s hurricane season in the summer but I have braved the weather because I have to run! Of course there were a few days where it was just a total monsoon & you couldn’t even see in front of you. But for the most part I will run in any weather. I love holiday shopping too :) the decorations, the music, & sales :) I went shopping on black friday & it really wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Of course I wasn’t up at 4am standing in line like most people were. lol. MY face holiday flavors are peppermint, ginger bread, cinnamon, basically anything that has that warm smell :)

  15. Aww girl I am sorry about the cold! Rest up and it’ll be gone soon! The worst conditions I even had to run in were my last XC championships! I had walking pneumonia (so I shouldn’t have been running anyways :() and it was 30 degrees and snowing. Also we couldn’t wear any gear except our shorts and singlets so we were pretty much all freezing. I pretty much had to leave the race because I couldn’t breath :(
    Kaila @healthyhelperblog! recently posted..Injury Update: Thoughts from the Week

  16. Eep hope that cold goes away fast!! I love running in the rain….but freezing rain is sometimes a bit much. I ran in a thunderstorm once (in the summer so it was warm lol)…also not the smartest idea but it was definitely an epic adventure! and YES whole grain english muffins are my FAVORITE!

    The worst conditions I’ve ever had to run in (besides the thunderstorm, when I totally didn’t HAVE to run but did anyways lolll) was a long run up in Maine, when I was on my college’s XC team. It was negative 15 degrees, and there were 30-40mph winds…10 miles literally took us over 100 minutes because we couldn’t get anywhere pushing against the wind lol!
    Kate @ Chasing It recently posted..Seven Fun Things you’ve been DYING to know about Me! :-P

  17. maple-gingerbread almond butter sounds almost too good to be real. I’ll be clicking that link!
    I’m a sucker for most seasonal flavors, but gingerbread, pumpkin, and peppermint top the list…then I have some nutty/spicy “Mistletoe” blend coffee that’s really good.
    I’ve been caught walking in some bad storms, but I do most of my running indoors on a treadmill…if I ran outside I would turn back immediately if it were too cold or too wet.
    Zo recently posted..tales of the unsavvy, tire edition

  18. I think wind must be the worst to run in, I get blown all over! I’m off to check out that nut butter recipe, sounds amazing!

  19. nasty, i’m coming off of a cold too!!! ugh, i hope u feel better soon! :)

    running in the rain is fun for the first few times of the year, but then i start getting a bit sick of it…haha. but awesome fartlek and yummmy on the post run grubbage!! :)
    Cait the Arty Runnerchick recently posted..Check Me Out on RunningTimes.Com Yo…And Some Vicarious Running

  20. shame about the cold! those muffins look glorious..
    the worst conditions i’ve run in was a race up to a mast (like radio broadcasting mast) on top of this big “hill”, on dirt roads usually used for mountain biking. started at 6 or 7am and rained the whole way, and by the time we got to the top (11km) we were blue with cold (and completely wet through, obviously). and then we had to run down again… ended up just laughing hysterically. what else can you do? ;P (but i do not live in a cold country, if i did we would not have been running in that!)

  21. Your food looks SO good! Oh gosh gingerbread muffins sound beautiful :) My favourite Christmas flavour would have to be gingerbread too – well anything spiced really! Love cinnamon.. Hope you feel better soon ;)

  22. Your muffins looks so good that they look like they came from a bakery..yum!
    Jemma @ Celery and Cupcakes recently posted..Back in balance

  23. I hope that your cold goes away real soon! Colds are no fun! :( But I love your dedication to run outside even if its raining. :)

    Those muffins look awesome! Cant wait for the recipe!
    Shannon from Healthiful Balance recently posted..teapigs Review

  24. [...] tried them out for the first time on Thursday, when I almost drowned/got blown into a ditch by running through a storm…a good test of the shoes I’d say! And they held up surprisingly well! My racing flats (fire [...]

  25. I love gingerbread- my fave seasonal flavour I think. I once went out for a run and it started to hail- I had to stop and cover my eyes as I was worried they would cut my face. That was the worst I think :)
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted..Secret Santa

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