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Flashback Friday: Hawaii


Happy Friday and weekend! Last week, my twin Tara posted a Flashback Friday post, so I thought I’d join her this week for a fun Friday post!


This past summer I went to Hawaii and San Francisco for a fornight, and it was one of the best times of my life. This week I thought I’d revisit the Hawaii part of my trip! If you want to see what I ate when I was in Hawaii, you can check out my WIAW Hawaii edition post. I loved all the food I had there!


Hawaii was unbelievably beautiful.




Beautiful, but deadly.



I braved those dangers though for sights like these though…





Running in Hawaii meant VERY early starts to avoid the crazy heat! But the mornings were so beautiful and quiet that I didn’t mind one bit Smile



The days were spent hiking…




…trying to find giant turtles…


Completely oblivious to the one about two feet away from me! Smile with tongue out


…and just generally being classic tourists:



Uncanny similarty there between myself and the statue, right? Smile with tongue out


Evenings were spent on the beach usually, watching the gorgeous sunsets.



Hula shows on the beach were awesome Smile



I LOVED beach time! I would sometimes get up early and head down to the beach when it was nice and quiet just to read in the sun! And work on my tan Winking smile


I am naturally tanned by the way (I’m half Indian!) so that’s not from laying out in the sun for two weeks straight haha!


I was so grateful for all the quality time I spent with my family. We aren’t all together very often, so when we are, it’s a blessing!


It was probably the best two weeks of my life. I’m feeling all nostalgic now…I want to go back!!


What was the best trip you’ve ever had? This one I think! But DisneyWorld was pretty awesome too…


If you could go anywhere in the world right now, where would you go? Back to Hawaii and San Francisco! Or to New York to see my family Smile


Do you tan easily? Yep,  but then I do have a slight advantage anyway haha!

15 Responses to Flashback Friday: Hawaii

  1. aHH you seriously do not know how jealous i am that a) u are naturally tan and b) you tan so easily! i got pale irish skin all year round :(

  2. Sounds like you had a great time! :D I was supposed to go Bangkok for vacation, and then the flood happened. :’( My best trip was probably one I had to London – loved it!
    Lyn @ FueledBySalad recently posted..A quick update.

  3. hawaii is paradise :) I love to tan. The sun just puts you in a much better mood :) Plus how could you be in a bad mood at the beach? lol

  4. Wow that seriously looks fantastic. I love that you go to Hawaii from across the world and I can’t even go across the country and over a little more. Eek I feel you on the heat though!
    Hollie@lolzthatswim recently posted..Turkey Trot 10k

  5. Oh wow, that just look amazing! I am looking forward to making it to Hawaii someday! :) I think Cozumel has definitely been my favorite vacation destination in recent years. And before that most definitely a gorgeous little island off the mainland of China… loved that. :)
    Rach recently posted..I Am Thankful For…

  6. Wooow,Hawaii looks so awesome! I’d like to be there right now,I’d really need some sunshine and warmth… It’s much too cold here in Germany!!
    I think the best trip I’ve ever had has been my trip to China two years ago. It was pretty impressing and I loved getting to know a culture which is completely different to mine! :)
    Kat @ a dash of fairydust recently posted..Thank[ful].

  7. I went to Thailand 3 times and one time i was in costa rica. this was awesome, too! but your pictures look amazing, so are you!!

  8. I remember being sooo jealous of this little trip of yours!! I’ve never been to Hawaii but it is one of the places I need to see before I die. Hmm perhaps I’ll have to sign up for the Maui Marathon.
    If I could go anywhere in the world right now I would go somewhere warm! That’s all that matters to me at the moment. It’s way too cold up here!
    Tara recently posted..Mystery Muffins, Manna

  9. WOW. wow. wow. Hawaii is so beautiful!! I’ve never been anywhere near it, actually…i went to the Bahamas once and that was tropical, but nowhere near as gorgeous!! And you and your family are so cute! love the statue picture especially haha.

    Hawaii is definitely on my list of places to go! If I could go anywhere in the world right now, I’d pick one of my top three (I have a “places I want to travel” list…I actually wrote it hahaha): Australia, New Zealand, or South Africa. The best part is that in those countries it’s SUMMER right now, so I could escape the cold! I’m looking out my window at all this frost on my car….fun stuff haha.
    Kate @ Chasing It recently posted..Well, I did say I was thankful for FOOD after all…

  10. Hawaii looks are gorgeous.

    wow- I am so jealous of your tan! I am super white and don’t really tan. I do however have runners tan: where you can see the marks of your singlet and shorts. I kind of like that though weirdly. :)
    Josie recently posted..Thanksgiving for a non-american

  11. When I was a kid I tanned easily, but as I got older I was more prone to burning (no idea why that changes…).
    I would love to see Hawaii…and Alaska. One of these days..
    Zo recently posted..a little sprucing up here, a little updating there, and blog anniversary pt. 1

  12. Now I really want to go to Hawaii – jealous, it looks stunning! Glad you guys had a good time. :)
    Living, Learning, Eating recently posted..Giveaway!

  13. I’ve always wanted to go to Hawaii !! It looks so beautiful there, and the water is gorgeous :)

  14. I would love to go to Hawaii sometime, it looks beautiful! :) Oh, and I loved your WIAW Hawaii edition post!

    I wish I was naturally tan! I’m so pale during the winter! :P
    Shannon (Healthiful Balance) recently posted..Honey Cake Recipe

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