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WIAW: A First for Everything

Happy WIAW friends! This is a first, because for once I am actually posting this on Wednesday!

What I Ate

Another first. I skipped dinner yesterday. I got home late from training, and was completely wiped (it was a very hard session!) and lay on my bed to take a little nap…aaand woke up this morning! I KNOW this is bad, and I would never intentionally do it! Recovery nutrition is so important, especially after hard training, and no matter how tired I am, it is no excuse! So lesson learned Smile


Weirdly, even after not eating dinner, I still wasn’t hungry this morning! My appetite is WEIRD. Obviously, I still had a good breakfast!


Banana oatbran with PB&J


Lunch was totally random, but delicious!


Baked teriyaki tofu (I just marinated a block of tofu in teriyaki marinade) and hummus on toast x2 with cucumber


Followed by a banana with nut butter:


Just so you know, the optimal ratio of nut butter to banana is 10:1 Winking smile


Back to yesterday! I only had about 15 minutes between the time that I got home in the evening and the time I needed to leave for training, so I quickly microwaved some oatmeal (stovetop is so much better!) and threw some cereal on top for a quick pre-run snack:


That Nature’s Path Maple Sunrise cereal is the best cereal ever, and so darn addictive!!


Aaaand then dinner WOULD have been the shepherd’s pie I pre-made, but I just had it today instead Winking smile


Ok, I know I’ve been promising the recipe for aaages now, but you’ll just have to wait a tiny bit longer, because I don’t want to post anything that I’m not completely happy with! I’m almost there, so next week without fail, PROMISE!


What I Worked

The hardest workout I have ever done! The ‘recovery jogs’ inbetween sets became recovery crawls haha!


For an extra challenge, Coach put me with the fast group, which is why my times are faster than usual! And I was taking up at the rear of the group, a good 10 seconds behind most of the others! Smile with tongue out


And my recap of Saturday’s race is still to come! There was a mix-up with placings and stuff which is why I’ve had to wait to write about it, but I’ll be posting it soon:)


What was your last killer workout? That run. Training again tomorrow, but thankfully it’ll be less intense after that one!


Oatmeal or cereal? I’ll take oatmeal with cereal on top! If I had to choose, it would be oatmeal, but Maple Sunrise comes a very close second!


What are your Thanksgiving plans? See tomorrow’s post for a special photo… Winking smile


Anyway, HAPPY THANKSGIVING for tomorrow friends!! I hope you all have a great one!


29 Responses to WIAW: A First for Everything

  1. Have a great Thanksgiving! Happy WIAW :)
    Lauren @ What Lauren Likes recently posted..Holiday Tea and Extra Figs

  2. I have that Maple Sunrise in the cupboard, I haven’t opened it yet!
    Sara Grambusch recently posted..WIAW: Sunwarrior Revelations

  3. I woke up today and wasn’t hungry either – which is really strange, especially since I didn’t have my nighttime snack! All your eats look delicious; I’ll be having tofu for lunch too. ;)

    I agree, stove top oatmeal >>> anything else, basically! I can’t believe I used to just pour boiling water on top of it. And good job on your tough workout! Can’t wait for your race recap. :D

    I definitely prefer oatmeal to cereal – I think I ate too much sugary cereals when I was younger. Heh.
    Lyn @ FueledBySalad recently posted..Nighttime cravings

  4. What an awesome workout Emma!

    I do agree-recovery nutrition is so important. There have been a few nights that I have just PTFO at night and missed dinner though wahh
    Hollie@lolzthatswim recently posted..Hobble Gobble 10k

  5. That lunch is random, but it sounds really tasty! I tried BodyPump for the first time tonight, and that was a great but tough workout. Refueled by making two kinds of cookies – vegan cookie dough is so great because there’s no raw eggs, so you can eat it!
    Lauren recently posted..World Run Day

    • Oh yay! I haven’t done BodyPump in a while now, because it clashes with my training, but I miss it! It is definitely a good workout!

      And the best way to refuel is OBVIOUSLY with cookies! Plus the cookie dough thing is pretty much the best thing about being a vegan! :P

  6. I can’t wait for your race recap. You’re killing me!! I can’t believe you fell asleep after your workout without dinner! That’s why I bring my chocolate milk with me. I get it IMMEDIATELY after my workout for maximum recovery!

    I’m a cereal girl. I haven’t had oatmeal in a long time though. My mom eats it every day and I sort of want to give it a shot again!
    Tara recently posted..WIAW–but actually?!

    • I know, it was so bad!! Never again! I used to be so good at taking my chocolate milk with me, but I’ve been lazy and just running out the door without packing it recently! I will get back to that right now! :)

      And do it! I love oatmeal, but you were one of the people who got me back into cereal after a looong time without it! I can’t thank you enough!

      Have a great Thanksgiving!! <3

  7. Ahh, I hate it falling asleep so quickly after a long and tiring day! It’s good you owned up to though- everybody makes mistakes! I think cereal is definitely the better of the two…it requires no toppings!
    Katie @Nutrition In A Peanut Shell recently posted..WIAW

  8. yes I want that recipe! i love shephards pie. Delicious. Love the firsts! Have a great week friend.
    lindsay recently posted..WIAW- Abundance

  9. My Thanksgiving plans include sleeping and eating whatever I want because I’m having dinner with just my mom. :) I totally prefer oatmeal to normal cereal. It’s so much more filling and customizable in my opinion!
    Chelsea @ The Nut Butter Runner recently posted..Kitchen Adventures!

  10. Congratulations on your speedy times! My appetite has been weird lately, too. Last night I couldn’t even stomach my after-dinner snack- that never happens!

    Your lunch of tofu, toast and hummus sounds delicious. :)
    Emily recently posted..Catch Up? Let’s play.

  11. Okay, I want to try that cereal! Sounds too perfect! And I like your nutbutter to banana ratio. Its the only way. ;)
    Tina @ Best Body Fitness recently posted..What’s New???

  12. Intense workout. Your 800s are fast :)
    I’m with you on oatmeal over cereal. I like that a bowl of oatmeal lasts longer then cereal!
    Happy Thanksgving
    Isabelle recently posted..Zucchini & Tomato Gratin

  13. Awesome run :)! The last hard run I did was this morning- 6 miles in 55minutes and 38 seconds- a new PR for me! It’s so motivating seeing my time for a particular distance going down! I would always choose oatmeal (with cereal on top) for breakfast and cereal as a snack!
    Khushboo recently posted..Tell me I’m not alone…

  14. You are so speedy! Wow!
    I would choose porridge every time. My hardest workout this week was aerobics- the instructor always makes it hard (sort of like intervals) but I was so so sore after- she kept going “its nearly Christmas, work harder, run faster ” etc
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted..WIAW- aerobics edition

  15. I want to try the banana with butter..Its new for me I haven’t try it..
    Xander recently posted..man boobs help blog

  16. Love the look of your porridge with pb&j on top! Id choose porridge every time too, its so filling..although i do love all bran! I did a really hard workout yesterday, really pushed myself on a run i did!
    Lot-O-Choc recently posted..Artisan du Chocola Christmas Pudding Couture Box

  17. I like cereal on top of oatmeal too :) It’s fun to put different toppings on oatmeal. I like sweet & crunchy :) sweet & salty is a good combo too!

  18. LOL I’m not suprised you were able to fall asleep after that beast workout – I never have much of an appetite after hard sessions like that, they make my tummy feel all funky! That Shepherd’s Pie looks A-Ma-Zing though, I can’t wait for the recipe!

    Kate @ Chasing It recently posted..WIAW!

  19. I definitely agree with the nut butter to banana ratio. I always cut the banana in half lengthwise and spread all the nut butter inside!! It’s like a little banana sandwich with the peanut butter layer as thick as the banana layers. :) I prefer oatmeal because with it I can be more creative with flavors. I’m about to go run the turkey trot!! We’re just having a turkey, just me, my mom, dad, and sister. Happy Thanksgiving!
    Maria @ Beautiful Busy Bee recently posted..Keep calm and give thanks.

  20. Ooh, I love Nature’s Path sunrise cereal! So yummy!
    Rach recently posted..Catch up time!

  21. Glad you had a great training! :)
    As always, you eats look great! Natures Path sunrise cereal is soo yummy :)
    Shannon (Healthiful Balance) recently posted..Win a $25 iHerb Shopping Spree!

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