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WIAW: Running Recovery


Happy NOVEMBER friends! So close to my favourite time of year now!! And it’s also WIAW, so double celebrations!

Love Jenn for hosting this!!


What I Ate

I started my morning with a warming bowl of PB & J banana-cinnamon oatmeal:DSCF2148


Yesterday’s bowl was banana-cinnamon oatmeal with a crumbled apple crisp muffin on top:


Crumbled baked goods on oatmeal is seriously the best topping ever!! I’m so sad those muffins are gone though- they were definitely one of my all-time favourites!


I’ve been eating SO MUCH squash recently! I love it and all, but I hate preparing it! Totally failed at cutting it in half…



I used it to make Oh She Glowsbutternut squash mac ‘n cheese for dinner a couple of nights ago:


AMAZING! It was so delicious, and a huge hit all round! This will definitely become a staple meal I think Smile


I’ve been really bad at budgeting recently when it comes to food. I blame these packets of roasted chickpeas…


I am addicted.


The daily latte habit hasn’t been helping either. I managed to hold off my expensive addiction for so long, but as soon as they bring back the seasonal flavours, I can’t help myself! Gingerbread-Latte-15_09_10-448x600

I had gingerbread again today. Worth every penny Smile


Today when I got back from training, I went to my go-to quick dinner:


Sweet tater with almond butter and cinnamon (best combo EVER!), plus veggie sausages and peas


Followed by chocolate-chip banana bread from Mama Pea that I made yesterday:


The second slice I had slathered in crunchy PB and microwaved until warm, and I was in heaven Smile


What I Worked

Running on the track today! I love the track Smile


I always start out slow, and then build speed, which is the opposite to everyone else! They all shoot off like rockets, but burn out a bit later, and THAT is when I make my move hehe! I was on such a high after this workout! Open-mouthed smile


I have been really focusing on stretching/foam-rolling/recovery recently, and spent a good 15 minutes stretching after the workout.



With so many races and intense workouts at the moment (I am racing both Saturday AND Sunday next week!!), my body is feeling the strain more than ever before, so I am taking extra care to make sure it is recovering well. I took yesterday off, and did yoga on Sunday instead of another run, because my body was telling me to chill.


I am trying to focus on ALL aspects of recovery, from nutrition…


…to getting more sleep…



…to having ice baths…



…to wearing compression socks 24/7:DSCF2038

I swear by them- I think they work GREAT! Yes, it could totally be the placebo effect, but I believe they are really helping with my muscle recovery. I am thinking of getting a compression onesie Winking smile


What was the best thing you ate recently? Chocolate chip banana bread!


What was your last workout? 1000m track repeats!


What is your favourite way to recover? Napping on the couch whilst watching Gilmore Girls and drinking chocolate soy milk Smile


Have a great day friends! <3

28 Responses to WIAW: Running Recovery

  1. I need to get baking and try this muffin on oatmeal thing.. It sounds delicious! The best thing I ate recently was my happiness oats, and my cottage cheese snack today. OH, and the starburst in my mouth right now. My last workout was a 6.5 mile run with abs after, and my favourite way to recover.. Is reading blogs and sleeping. AKA not doing homework. Wahoo!
    Chelsea @ The Nut Butter Runner recently posted..Happy November!

  2. Gilmore Girls is a great way to recover. It’s been a while since I had a Gilmore Girls DVD marathon day, but I should do one again soon. I am still bummed that it got canceled although I’m excited that Melissa McCarthy is getting so much
    praise! Otherwise, my “best things I ate lately” are Halloween candy (chocolate!) and I did the elliptical and stairmaster this morning (meaning I recovered by getting ready for work…).
    Zo recently posted..sugar is sweet

  3. Mmm you’ve eaten some seriously yummy food!
    I love squash, I could eat it everyday :-)
    And I’m addicted to lattes too!
    I want some of that chocolate chip banana bread, want to send me some? :-)
    You’ve reminded me that I really need to get stretching again!
    Sophie @ LoveLiveAndLearn recently posted..November Goals: Looking Back and Looking Forwards

  4. A COMPRESSION ONESIE!! now that’s a piece of fashion I need right this minute! I just started wearing my compression socks again, I’m hoping they’ll help my ankle/achilles soreness a bit…we’ll see ;) As for other ways to recover, I agree with the tv + napping + something chocolate!

    Best thing I ate today….well I haven’t eaten it yet, but I bought a loaf of apple-golden-raisin-nut bread that I plan on toasting and covering with crunchy flaxseed peanut butter! Although I’m going to have to try subbing the bread for a sweet potato really soon cuz your dinner looks awesomeeee
    Kate @ Chasing It recently posted..drunk lobsters, dinner winner, and super socks…

  5. all your eats look delicious! best thing i ate recently was a big bowl of oats with a puddle of pb and a crumbled leftover halloween candy bar – it’s normal to eat candy for breakfast, right? ;)

    my favorite way to recover from running is to go to yoga and EAT! :) i <3 food.

  6. You know I’m big on recovery!! Though I prefer vanilla milk over chocolate milk and a big cup of coffee in my ice bath :) I’ve also been eating squash like it’s going out of style. Delicata squash is one of my new faves, but kabocha has my heart still! The best thing I ate today… a vanilla oreo pumpkin spice muffin for sure!
    Tara recently posted..When you were young

  7. I’ve never tried putting a muffin or any kind of sweet bread on my oatmeal, but it keeps popping up so it must be good – any flavor combos that you recommend? That banana bread looks so delicious!
    Kelli recently posted..Make Me Smile: Halloween Edition 10/31

  8. I love all the baking and cooking you always do!! Your meals always look so fantastic! I neeed to try that b-nut squash mac and cheese!! OMG it looks SO creamy and delicious!!!
    Kaila @healthyhelperblog recently posted..WI(link loved)W

  9. PB&J Oatmeal? Oh my, that just sounds perfect. Your mac ‘n cheese looks amazing too! Actually, everything you ate looks amazing!
    Lauren recently posted..WIAW Round 3 and LARABAR Review

  10. All of your food always looks so amazing! Particularly the butternut squash mac n’ cheese. I’ve had that recipe bookmarked forever but haven’t gotten around to making it. I need to asap! And I also am dying to get my hands on some of those chickpea snacks- they sound amazing.
    Recovering from workouts through nutrition is so important and, frankly, is overlooked all too often. Thank you for always reminding us how crucial it is to fuel our bodies properly!
    Emily recently posted..Halloween Weekend Part 2: The Scary Edition

  11. Damn girl you are getting faster by the day- I am chuffed when I run 4 miles in 36 minutes…it’s all relative, eh! Well done :)! My last workout was yesterday’s recovery session on the elliptical followed by stretching–> active recovery after my 10-miler on Monday. I am still in shock that I can finally say I’ve run double digits!
    Khushboo recently posted..Done & dusted

  12. That pace a mile sounds crazy to me! But then i’m not built for speed running although my pace since the brighton marathon in april & can now actually manage to make it to 8 min/mile albeit not for very long ;) I did 2011 in 5 hours 27mins but i’d certainly like under 5 hrs which i’m hopeful for now i have the shin splints reasonably under control & have at least found a physio who can treat it if i need again.

    Fav eats? Meh, nothing has really inspired me lately sadly.
    Last Workout? TRX workshop last night – don’t ache as much as i feel i should.
    Recovery? Well day off would be spent on the sofa with the TV on & my laptop next to me reading blogs.

    Happy Wednesday! Its down hill to the weekend from now Yay!

    • Well running 26.2 miles is amazing to me, and I admire you endlessly for that! And I am all too familiar with the dreaded shin splints, so I hope yours heal up fast! :) And a TRX workshop sounds INTENSE! I am impressed you aren’t aching- I sure would be! :P

      Have a great day Jenny! <3

      • The best thing that helps my legs is deep (into the muscle) acupuncture just to relieve the tension when it gets too bad.

        TRX ache kicked in today. Feel like i’ve been punched in the stomach today – but its all good – means there is hope for a flat tummy by the xmas do!

  13. I like your track workout. I wish I could run that but I’m injured! Two races back to back!! Take care of yourself and rest up. Nice to see you taking all the necessary precautions for the recovery process :)

    Great wiaw eats especially that sweet potato!
    Isabelle recently posted..Variety Is The Spice Of Life

  14. I haven’t tried those chickpeas yet- can you get them in the supermarkets?
    Jemma @ Celery and Cupcakes recently posted..I *HEART* October

  15. Awesome eats! And don’t worry… I’m awful at cutting squash too! :)

  16. I went though a sweet potato phase! I ate like 4 a day for a month! definitely with peanut butter and cinnamon. so good! sometimes I like them really crispy. but others just fluffy. :)

  17. Your oatmeal looks so good! I agree, crumbled muffins as a oatmeal topping is awesome!
    Hope your body can rest up well for the races next week! :)
    Shannon @ Healthiful Balance recently posted..Breakfast for Lunch

  18. My last workout was a short AM run before the rain comes! My favorite recovery from a LONG run is an ice bath followed by some foam rolling or if I’m lucky I’ll have someone rub my legs out :)
    Karla recently posted..New Month–New Goals! Helllo NOVEMBER!

  19. I love your recovery-strategy! Lots of yummy foods, sleep and yoga! I have been dreaming about that mac and cheese ever since I saw it on oh she glows- it looks so delicious! And also mama peas bread looks wonderful! Shes the best mommy (besides mine ;) ) ever!! :D
    My last workout was yesterday morning: a 65 minuts treadmill run. And now Im soon out for my yoga class! Need some streching and rest today!
    Ragnhild recently posted..02.11: WIAW 24

  20. A lot of people putting PB on their oatmeal today. I’ll have to try it!
    Fran@ Broken Cookies Don’t Count recently posted..Did I Really Eat That?…WIAW!!

  21. OMG I love the look of your oatmeal! Mine usually looks a bit broken but I figure its going to be even more broken where its going.. nom nom nom

    I need to get some compression socks.. They look super warm as well… and we both know whats coming to London right now.. THE COLD!! Ewwwww.. :)
    Jenn @ Lotus and Pie recently posted..My go to recipe for Protein Pancakes

  22. I love GG! I watch it all the time when I’m home (and even Sky + it when I have to miss an episode…that’s really sad actually!)

    Your oats look so good and creamy! All your eats look delicious! :-)

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