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When Cold, Eat Ice Cream


Firstly I just want to thank you all SO MUCH for the responses I got to yesterday’s post! Although I haven’t yet had a chance to respond to all the comments, emails, etc., I have read them all and will respond to them all as soon as I can! Words can’t describe how much it means, to me, so thank you <3


It has been FREEZING here in London-town today! Ok, when I say freezing I am just exaggerating as usual, but it HAS been very cold, and in my defence I really feel the cold… I think it is even colder in my house than outside though, because the heating is broken. Great. So I have been living in leggings and warm socks.DSCF1966

I’m pretty sure that is a serious fashion faux-pas. But hey, you can’t go wrong with those socks Winking smile


The only thing that got me out of my warm, cosy bed into the deep freeze that was my room was knowing that my current favourite breakfast was just ten minutes away…


Pumpkin Bread in a Bowl, topped with crunchy PB and warmed up in the microwave. If you make this, use sultana bran cereal and thank me later Smile


I have been all about the warm foods now! Bye bye salads, hello soup and pizza tortillas…


My current favourite snack!


And nothing beats warm, freshly baked muffins Smile


These are Nicky’s Dark Chocolate Pudding Peanut Flour muffins. I am in love. With both her AND the muffins Open-mouthed smile


For my running workout in the evening, I knew it was finally time to put away the tempo shorts. Yes, I did shed a few tears. I tried running in them on Tuesday but my legs went completely numb for the entire workout…so running tights it was today!DSCF1973

Looking cool as always Winking smile I took off my scarf and hoody to run, and I was still FREEZING! I guess that spurred me on to go faster…


4 miles of approx 800m-1000m intervals+jog recoveries, and 2 miles warm-up and cool-down. I hit that sub-5 pace interval on the last repeat- I didn’t think I’d be able to do it but I pushed and focused and did it!! Open-mouthed smile I got given chocolate at the end by the coach for being the most improved wahoo!


Well scrap what I said about eating only warm foods, because ice cream can and should be eaten all year round.


One serving wasn’t great recovery food…only 0.2g protein and not very carby, so I took care of that by having about a thousand servings. Right there is why I should totally become a sports nutritionist  Winking smile


Do you prefer hot weather or cold weather? I am a hot weather person all the way. Although I run better when it’s cold…probably because my body is trying to run to Florida or something.


What are your ultimate cold weather foods? Hot oatmeal and freshly baked muffins. Ok, so I have those all year round anyway! Smile with tongue out


What job are you good at, or what job WOULD you be good at? I would be the best peanut butter taster in the world.


Have a great day friends! <3

36 Responses to When Cold, Eat Ice Cream

  1. I definitely prefer cold weather :) Wanna swap seasons?! It’s just started to warm up over here!
    P.S. Your socks are awesome.
    amy @ Turtle-speed runner recently posted..WIAW, WIWW, WIWW

  2. My house is colder than it is outside too!! We are freezing twins! LOL!
    Kaila @healthyhelperblog! recently posted..Stone Cold (WIAW)

  3. I love warmer food. It is way to cold for me already and it is what…October? It will be a terribly long winter bahaha.

  4. Mmm… I love freshly baked muffins!
    Rach recently posted..Inspired by Pinterest

  5. girl. you are crazy. sub 5 pace for 800 m?!?! I don’t think I could even do that in a race!! WAit. I haven’t. My best 800 is like 2:33. Can I please borrow your legs? With those socks on them of course, because they are awesome.
    So since you like running in hot weather, I propose you come run at University of Miami with me :) not that I’m definitely going there, but since I am also a fan of hot weather it’s a place I’m considering!
    Tara recently posted..WIAW–regarding my BUTT(er)

    • Um can I borrow YOUR legs please Miss Sub-19 5k girl?!

      Oooh Uni of Miami? I’m currently looking at USF (to study Athletic Training/Sports Medicine) cos their scholarship offers are pretty awesome. Just need to get straight As now easy peasy ;) I definitely think you should go there though cos then if I go to USF we’ll be neighbours!! And running competitors…uh oh I’d get my butt kicked so maybe not! :P

  6. It IS cold. I’m so not ready for winter!
    I confess to eating icecream tonight too
    Even though it’s like, 40 degrees outside.
    Katie @Nutrition In A Peanut Shell recently posted..WIAW number nine! + Pumpin’ out the muffins

  7. after my 1000kcal dessert hummus (adding sooooo much PB), I did an hour and half walking!!!
    qq:) recently posted..First WIAT

  8. Aaaaaw,love your socks! They’re just TOO cute! :D
    I prefer warm weather,too,because I am freezing so,so easily! :( At the moment,it is awfully cold here in Germany,too – so cold it is FREEZING outside WITHOUT exaggerating!
    The best food for such a weather? I don’t know,but I know I love to drink hot chai tea or coffee with a lot of milk then! ;)
    Kat @ a dash of fairydust recently posted..Give me a face!

  9. The winter is one thing I do NOT miss about London- I’m totally a hot girl (haha interpret as you please ;)! Oatmeal and comforting stews are my go-to winter foods…basically anything hot! As for a job I would be good at, i think quality control with baked goods…someone has to ensure the taste is up to mark :)!
    Khushboo recently posted..How I roll

  10. I’m one of those crazy people who really like winter. I even grew up in Chicago, where it gets below freezing for at least 2-3 months of the year! I just really love warm things in cold weather, and winter sports.
    Bring on the skiing, ice skating and hot chocolate!
    Rachel @ Eat, Learn, Discover! recently posted..Conquering Cravings

  11. Do you prefer hot weather or cold weather? I ask myself this question all the time! During the cold weather, I think: why didn’t I like it when it was hot? During the hot weather, I think: why didn’t I like it when it was cold? So… I guess… 50/50?
    Qi Ting @ Misadventures of Fat free Baking recently posted..A Guest Post @ Lactose Free Lizzie

  12. My little sweet pea<3 Your posts always puts a huge smile on my face, and I love to start my day with reading it! seriously, changes my attitude if Im feeling down!
    Yums, i want both the pumpkin oatmeal and Nickys muffins! Favorit cold-weather-foods: Thick blended soups (pumpkin is my fave), chocolate+tea or wine, buckwheat porridge and oatmeal!
    Happy weekend!

  13. Cute socks!! Just wanted to let you know I linked to your site in my most recent post. Hope you don’t mind. If it makes you uncomfortable or you think it’s creepy I can take it down, promise I won’t be offended (or at least not too offended!)

    Happy Winter! :)
    Toni recently posted..To Blog or Not To Blog — Not Even a Question!

  14. Ace work on that run! Brilliant :) I would be a great tea taster I think!
    And I run much faster in the cold, but I prefer it to be on the cool side of mild. When it gets too hot my energy goes and I overheat too quickly.
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted..WIAW- cake decorating!!

  15. i finished on ice cream & frozen yoghurt. Although i do then have a hot chocolate after to warm up ;) Bad evening so i finished on a serving of each! that was kind if dinner anyway as the pub had nothing to suit me sadly.

  16. I wish I still had the photos from my old blogs – the winter before last I ran in a leggings/sock ensemble just like that (only with shoes…obviously) and my socks were red/black Dennis the Menace stripes. I’m too cool for words, I know.

    HOT weather, please, I am praying for an Indian Winter…I am faster when it’s colder, but ice and I do NOT see eye to eye.

    Cold weather foods? Porridge, all the way.

    Hmm, what job would I be good at? Professional grump, perhaps?


  17. HAHA I went running last night and was complaining that I was FROZEN for the whole run but when I got home all I wanted was my Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia Forzen Yogurt straight from the freezer. My husband was like, WHATAREYOUDOINGCRAZYWOMAN???
    Marijke recently posted..WIAW #05

  18. Congrats Emma on breaking the sub 5 pace for intervals! Yuor speedy :)
    Isabelle recently posted..Cross Training My New BFF

  19. I will always be a beach girl. I do not like cold wether at all. And cold to me is like 50. lol. Love the socks :) super cute!

  20. I love the cold!! Then again I live in Texas so the cold is actually just a slight chill to most people. But at cross country practice (early in the AM) for the last few days it’s been cold enough to wear my amazing pink striped running tights!! :) My ultimate cold weather food is chicken noodle soup. I would be totally an amazing cake decorater!! I made a school spirit cake last night which I am very proud of.
    Maria @ Beautiful Busy Bee recently posted..Working for very distant rewards

  21. you have the best socks ever AND eat soup out of a scooby doo mug, I knew I liked you for a reason! :-P

    and CONGRATS ON THE WORKOUT PACE!!!! OMG OMG OMG THAT’S SO EPIC!!!!!!!!!! I hope you did a victory lap after that, seriously that’s INCREDIBLE! I suppose I should look out for you at the olympics in a few years, really.

    I actually crave ice cream MORE when it’s cold outside…I dunno why. On the plus side, it doesn’t melt as fast! And you know what, I did my sports nutrition homework the other night while feasting on ice cream and muffins so…cheers :)

    oh here’s a quote you will like too:

    “Without ice cream there would be darkness and chaos” – Don Kardong (1976 olympic marathon, 4th place, he should’ve eaten it like you do, then he would’ve medaled!)
    Kate @ Chasing It recently posted..Guest Post: Chasing It While Stuck

    • I love my Scooby Doo mug! My Powerpuff Girls one comes a close second though ;)

      Haha you are SO SWEET!! I was too exhausted to do a victory lap though, so I did a Victory Collapse instead :P And it is YOU I will be looking out for in the olympics!! I know that you will qualify for the OT cos you are amazing :)

      And I love that quote. I need a shirt that says that.

  22. I prefer warm weather, but I enjoy the first month of chilly weather too. And you’re right, not much beats warm, fresh muffins!
    Tiff recently posted..Giveaway Friday: Part Two

  23. Sweet mercy! You are FAST! :) maybe its the socks yeah? :)
    Jenn @ Lotus and Pie recently posted..Do it! Exercise Challenge – BodyRock.Tv

  24. I prefer warm weather, but not too warm where it’s muggy and your feel disgusting everytime you step outside. I do like chilly weather too, but in the winter here in SK, Canada, we get a week or 2 of -45C, you pretty much freeze your eyeballs out everytime you step outside, so that’s not fun either. But I rather cold weather foods, like soups, and casseroles, hot drinks etc.! Looking forward to all those dishes coming soon :)

  25. Love you PacMan ghost socks! So cute! I love soups and warm pasta dishes when the weather gets cold. I also break out my crock pot – which I love. It makes meal-prep sooooo easy!
    Molly@hungryhungryrunner.com recently posted..Salted Caramel Love from NC

  26. I’m loving your funky socks- so not a fashion faux pas. :)
    Jemma @ Celery and Cupcakes recently posted..Unnecessary necessities

  27. Sub 5 min mi?? You are my HERO!!!! Can we be peanut butter testers together? I’d be so down for that job. A girl can dream ;D Oatmeal is my favorite food when it’s cold and coffee and soup! I like the cooler weather because it’s HOT all year round in Florida!

  28. I prefer cold weather and cold food. Especially in the evenings on cold nights, if I eat too much hot food, like soup, I overheat for realssss. I like oatmeal though, and whole wheat pasta :)
    Errign recently posted..Awesome.

  29. Those muffins look so good! I definitely agree on eating ice cream when its cold!
    Lauren recently posted..WIAW, Product Review, and Recipe!

  30. Your socks are so cute! I had similar ones from Topshop a while ago.
    Winter soups and stews are my favourite. Oh and tea, I drink a lot more herbal tea when it’s cold, Yogi is the best <3
    Nada (One Arab Vegan) recently posted..Vegan MoFo #14: Fruity Falafel Burgers

  31. Best socks ever!!! Those are so cute!
    Jen@FoodFamilyFitness recently posted..Hunger

  32. Seriously in love with your socks. I’m such a hot weather person that I can wear a jacket inside when it’s 70+ degrees. When I’m cold, I eat oatmeal. Nonstop. For every meal. It’s funny, because I go to college in a place where it snows all winter.. But at least that means the heat is always on. :)
    Chelsea @ The Nut Butter Runner recently posted..Five Friday Faves

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