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WIAW: Fuelling a Vegan Athlete


Happy WIAW, thanks to the lovely Jenn!



The most common response I get from people upon hearing that not only I am I a vegan, but an athlete too, is one of shock and incredulity. I totally understand, because I remember thinking “what on earth do they EAT?!” when I first heard about veganism as a kid. When my running coach found out, he was actually worried. He is quite old-fashioned and “doesn’t understand this no-meat trend” (his words, not mine!), and asked me how can I fuel myself properly. Well let me show you! I have never had a problem, and always have TONS of energy! Open-mouthed smile

Today I had the best breakfast I have had in a long time. I can tell you now that I will have it tomorrow again for sure, and probably the day after that too! It was CCK’s Pumpkin Bread in a Bowl (photo courtesy of Chocolate Covered Katie- I blurred mine!)


Only I had mine topped with crunchy peanut butter (obviously!). I also used sultana bran cereal, which made it even MORE amazing!! LOVED IT!! Open-mouthed smile


Mid-morning, I had a PB&J Larabar.pbj-larabar

I wasn’t a huge fan of this flavour actually, which was weird because the PB&J combo is my favourite!!


Lunch. Was. Amazing. Usually, lunch is my least favourite meal of the day (breakfast is numero uno of course!) but today it was awesome!!


Two grilled WW wraps, filled with refried black beans + vegan cheese, plus broccoli on the side. I LOVE refried beans! I happily eat them straight from the can Smile


Followed by an apple dipped in The Best Nut Butter In The World:



Afternoon snack/pre-run fuel was a toasted banana-honey-PB sandwich:DSC01763


Post-run, I had my usual chocolate soy milk (unpictured), and then dinner followed soon after:


Wholewheat giant couscous (love this stuff!), haricot beans in tomato-nooch sauce, and more broccoli! I don’t think I’ve quite conveyed enough my broccoli addiction on this blog…especially garlic-roasted…mmmm… Smile


And of course, the BEST bit- dessert! DSCF1939

Katie’s Chocolate Bar Pie is definitely one of my all-time top desserts! So rich and chocolately…I love it! With vanilla Freedom ‘ice cream’ on the side:


Love the taste, don’t love the price haha! I am campaigning for them to start selling a PB flavour Smile


I find that is is perfectly possible, and easy (for me at least!) to fuel an athletic lifestyle on a vegan diet. It fuels me well for my workouts:


Aaah hills…such a love/hate relationship there! Smile with tongue out I’ve had tough running workouts two days running, so I think I’ll take the day off tomorrow, or at least have an easy day! Getting FOCUSED for some tough races coming up, including National XC Relays…bring it on I say!! Open-mouthed smile


What was the best thing you ate today? Chocolate Bar Pie and ice cream for sure!


What was your last workout? Hill sprints. My quads and hamstrings are dead.


Do you follow a “special diet” (sorry, I hate that phrase!), or have you ever tried one out? Does it work well for you? I’ve been a vegetarian since I was about 8, and a vegan now for over a year, and I’ve always felt great!


Enjoy your day! <3

43 Responses to WIAW: Fuelling a Vegan Athlete

  1. LOVE YOUR EATS!! Everything looks amazing! I love grilled wraps so much and pb banana sammies are incredible!!!
    I love the pb and j larabar!! One of my faves actually!!!
    Kaila @healthyhelperblog! recently posted..My Kind of Tuna

  2. Vegan eats are delicious! I made butternut squash mac n cheese (gluten free + vegan) tonight, and it was so good. Plus, I have leftovers for tomorrow. I eat mostly vegetarian except for occasional fish. PB & J larabars are actually one of my favs!
    Lauren recently posted..RDs and Eating Disorders

  3. All your eats look delish! I’m especially loving all the broccoli action – you’ve inspired me to have some with my lunch tomorrow. I’ve heard a lot of good things about the worthenshaws ice creams but never actually tried them, where do you get it from?

    Last workout was a 5K run yesterday and some strength training. Best thing I’ve eaten today has got to be the mushroom stroganoff on brown rice pasta I made from Choosing Raw, incredible.
    Nada (One Arab Vegan) recently posted..Vegan MoFo #12: Raw Vegan Ma’amoul Cookies

  4. ooh glad you posted this about the larbar… i was going to buy this flavor next time I saw it… but i’m so picky i was doubting it — so i’ll lay off and stick with my two loves: key lime and CCCT … soooo goood!

    Happy WIAW darling! <3 you're such a good vegan, i need to take notes on your meals! they all look SO GOOD all the flipping time! <3

  5. Yum, that chocolate pie definitely looks good. Might have to check out the recipe!!
    It’s funny how a lot of people don’t understand vegetarianism / veganism and still think that you just eat carrots and seeds and stuff. So silly…
    I’m not vegan or vegetarian, but I love a lot of the food.
    I eat meat, but I don’t really like it much these days.

    15 hill sprints… that would absolutely kill me ;P
    amy @ Turtle-speed runner recently posted..All or Nothing

  6. OOH yummoo. I have a lot of friends that are vegans and athletes and their food always looks better than what I can cook. Lunch is my least favorite meal of the day as well too.

  7. Yes, I follow a special diet. A CHOCOLATE diet :).

    Mmmmmmm chocolate…….

    That ice cream looks really fun; someday I’d love to go back to England as a vegan and see all the different products y’all can get over there. (Although I don’t think the ice cream would transport very well back to Texas. Boo.)

  8. I seriously LOVE your WIAW’s. They’re so great, and I always want to just like, come and eat everything you eat. Y’know? Best thing I ate today: post workout peanut buttery stuff. Last workout: 5 mile run + arms. Special diet: YUPP. Gluten intolerant, mildly lactose intolerant, and I’m a vegetarian. Wahooo!!
    Chelsea @ The Nut Butter Runner recently posted..A Peanutty Post! (Oatmeal recipe!!)

  9. All your eats looking amazing! When I went vegan, I got the usual “so what do you eat, that must be hard” Nope and I have a lot more energy than most people too.

    Best thing for me today was a waffle cone of so delicious mocha almond fudge..or califlower…or sweet potato fries.

  10. I feel like most vegans have a LOT more energy than some meat eaters do!! Your eats look AMAZING, seriously, I’d totally go vegan for that stuff lol! I really need that pumpkin bread in a bowl. It looks better than Thanksgiving for real!

    I don’t really eat any specific way – I’ve tried all the vegan cheeses, and things like tofu and tempeh and seitan, and they’re all really good to be honest! and clearly, PB and beans are wonderfoods – you barely even need replacements lol. Best thing I ate today was a matcha green tea smoothie (w/ greek yogurt, a banana, cacao nibs, and cereal) coupled with a ww. tortilla baked with cashew buttah :-D

    and NICE workout! the second one in a row! you are truly a beast!! :-D
    Kate @ Chasing It recently posted..MATCHA POW(D)ER!

  11. Your eats look incredible today! Loving all the nut butter action!
    chelsey @ clean eating chelsey recently posted..a package of love

  12. I admire you so much for being able to properly fuel yourself on a vegan diet!! A lot of people struggle with it, but you handle it so well. I’m jealous of the whole wheat pearl couscous – I can’t find that anywhere!
    Awesome workout – hills are a weakness of mine! My last workout was 25 mins super easy on the elliptical and 10 mins super easy on the bike. I’m not dealing well with not running.. it’s so hard, but I know you held out and you’re doing really well now, so I can too!
    Tara recently posted..Race Recap: County Open

  13. girl your eats just getting better and better! no wonder your healing so fast. Good stuff, love the beany wraps.
    lindsay recently posted..Stress Free and Strength Giveaway

  14. People ALWAYS ask me how I’m able to get enough nutrients on a vegan diet, especially with being really active, but I’ve never had a problem!
    As always, all of your food looks delicious! Especially your breakfast…mmmm…
    The best thing I ate today was definitely the vegan oatmeal-cinnamon muffins that I made. They turned out amazing and I haven’t been able to stop eating them all day!
    Emily recently posted.."The Thinks You Can Think"

  15. Love your thoughts on how to fuel as a vegan athlete :) Everything looks delicious!
    Jen recently posted..WIAW in the Future

  16. oh wow… the dessert looks amazing!! and with ice cream??!! *drool*
    The best thing I ate today would have to be my breakfast!! Nutella crepes!! chocolate for breakfast = best thing ever!

    I was a vegetarian for 5 years but unfortunately I wasn’t eating well. I wasn’t getting my nutrients and became terrible sick:( It was either medications or proper nutrition but I still rarely eat meat! I try get my protein from my beloved nut butters!! :D
    Vien @ We Dare Food recently posted..Aix Cafe Creperie Salon, CBD & WIAW 2

  17. Yey, I love you Emma! You are such an amazing role model! And I KNOW it is possible to fuel up right as a vegan, as long as we listen to our bodies and gives it what it needs!
    Everything you ate looks good! I havent had refried beans in forever! Now I totally crave it ;)
    Happy WIAW <3

  18. I have been vegan since circa 15 years old, I am a creture of stereotype :D
    That vanilla dessert looks tasty :) But tasty things have often unappealing prices :)
    Lenna recently posted..Shocking Tuesday!

  19. I am loving the look of that lunch- those wraps look delicious! Best thing I ate yesterday (only morning here) was probably an apple tart with hazelnut cinnamon ice cream! Best thing I drank? Hmm I’m thinking berry sangria ;)!
    Khushboo recently posted..How to get rich QUICK

  20. Loves it!
    Jenn @ Lotus and Pie recently posted..I love my leopard print

  21. I think it is our culture as there are some cultures where people are naturally veggie/vegan- it is just in the UK people like “meat and potatoes” (I dont really like either!).I have been veggie properly since I was about 15 I think- so 15 years! But before then I just refused to eat meat! I think there is such a huge variety of foods out there that it is not a problem- only when eating out really.
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted..Belated budget challenge

  22. The Freedom ice cream is pricey? Where are you buying it from? I’ve found it at Waitrose on sale for £2, down from £3, which I don’t find too expensive… Booja-Booja ice cream is much more expensive, but they do have more flavours. Worthenshaws isn’t bad though :)

  23. Spending this month as a vegan has really been enlightening as to what people’s preconceived notions and misconceptions are about the diet, and about what sort of foods vegans eat and how we, as a culture, depend on certain foods we “think” are the only ways to get certain nutrients, like protein or calcium. (Can you tell I just watched “Forks Over Knives”?)

    Anyways, your food looks delicious, and has continued to fuel a random need to purchase lots of cans of refried beans…something I have never craved before!
    Sarah @ The Smart Kitchen recently posted..Even as a Vegan

  24. Everything should come in PB flavour. Especially yogurt. Soya pb flavour? hm…well on second thought perhaps not.
    I’ve always been impressed with how well you fuel yourself and with such love for the food and your body. It’s really quite inspiring.
    I love broccoli as well. Can eat a whole head of it for sure. In one sitting.
    refried beans are indeed quite delectable. I like the chunky ones so I can get a whole bean every now and again.
    Hannah@mindrunningwild recently posted..WIAW- Original Title Here

  25. Yummy! Vegan or not, those eats look good to me!
    Tiff @ Love Sweat and Beers recently posted..WIAW: Vegan Edition

  26. Yum your eats are awesome!!! I have never tried Justin’s nut butter. I need to!!! It looks deeelish :D

  27. wow I didn’t realize you had been a vegetarian from such a young age.
    You eats look delicious :) Especially your breakfast!
    Isabelle recently posted..Breakfast Love

  28. Mmm everything here looks really delicious – I could easily go vegan to eat like this all the time! :-P
    Your snacks look particularly good!
    That chocolate hazelnut butter looks amazing :-)
    Well I’ve only had breakfast and a snack so far today but it’s got to be the toasted whole wheat english muffin topped with apricot jam that I had for breakfast!
    Sophie @ LoveLiveAndLearn recently posted..A New Day

  29. All your eats look so good! I love chocolate soy milk! :D I dont like the word “diet” either..
    I dont really follow a special diet, but I try to eat healthy. I’ve been cutting out cows milk and yogurt for a few days now because my tummy doesnt like it :(
    Shannon @ Healthiful Balance recently posted..Sweet & Savory

  30. All of your eats look amazing especially that dessert..yum!
    Jemma @ Celery and Cupcakes recently posted..WIAW…Feeling Snacky!

  31. Love your eats! And want some of that ‘ice cream’…
    I’m not vegan or even really vegetarian – but I prefer plant-based foods for fuel! I find that I have ‘cleaner energy’ and feel less weighed down when eating plants, especially before and after workouts and such.
    Rachel @ Eat, Learn, Discover! recently posted..Blog Lovin’

  32. Everything looks so good! I really need to try that pumpkin bread in a bowl sometime!
    Lauren recently posted..WIAW, Product Review, and Recipe!

  33. I love that you show how a vegan diet can work for athletes—I’m not vegan myself, but as an RD-in-training, I get a lot of questions about veganism and sports nutrition.

    The best thing I’ve eaten so far today was oats with flax, a plum, and sunflower seed butter. It was the perfect fuel for a kick-ass hot yoga class I took this morning. It was the perfect way to start this rainy day.
    Jess recently posted..Gross

  34. Everything looks yummy…especially the couscous!!
    Fran@ Broken Cookies Don’t Count recently posted..A Wedding In Two Parts-Part 2…WIAW!!

  35. Loving the oats, pumpkin is going to be a big feature for me this weekend! Our chocolate pie now has me eating my way through some Lindt! :)
    Michelle@Peachy Palate recently posted..An Apple a Day

  36. I so wish I was reading blogs when I knew the only vegans I’ve met in real life. There would have been a lot of link forwarding! They were the types that give vegans a bad name. The dad of the family always looked so sick I honestly wouldn’t have been surprised if he dropped down dead in front of me. God know what they were eating but it wasn’t doing them any good.

  37. your eats look fabulous! i really want to try that justin’s hazelnut butter, never have! i hope you have a great rest of your wiaw!!

  38. I totally have a special diet,ive cut out all grains, and ive never felt better! and that whole thing about having to eat carbs to be an athlete is not true. im a competitive figure skater and skate around 4 hours a day, and ive got tons of energy…..

  39. Your lunch was similar to what I’m making for dinner so now I’m excited lol.
    I love seeing vegan diets full of real food and lots of it!
    Happy WIAW!
    Sara Grambusch recently posted..WIAW: Cranberry Season Is Here!

  40. Your food looks amazing, especially the pie! Is your coach still worried about you? I bet you eat better than most of the other girls on your team, vegan or not! The best thing I ate today was some chocolate chip cookies I made. I’ve been a vegan since I was 14.
    Rebecca recently posted..First Post

  41. WOW! PB & J lara bars?!!!! Where have I been?!! Pumpkin is screaming to me right now–some many recipes!

    Great hill workout Emma–you are getting so strong!
    Jess @ Blonde Ponytail recently posted..Halloween Arrived Early Here

  42. Dang, I think vegans fuel better than carnivores! Great eats :)
    Katie @Nutrition In A Peanut Shell recently posted..WIAW number nine! + Pumpin’ out the muffins

  43. isn’t justins choco hazelnut butter the best?! i love it :)
    Haley @ Health Freak College Girl recently posted..redemption

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