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With a Side of Cheese Please


Hey friends! Have you had a good weekend? Mine has been great! I actually spent most of today setting up a sort-of home gym!



Urgh I hate flash photography!! BLECH!


We now have a spare room, so I’ve taken it over hehe! The floor has become a permanent home for my yoga mat (which I have been slacking on recently…gotta get back to it!)


An d now I’ve got weights in there too, so I just want to add a medicine ball, a Swiss ball and a foam roller. And a treadmill when I win the lottery.


I love weekend breakfasts!! Much as I adore my oatmeal, it’s so good to have more time to make other stuff at the weekend! And I have definitely been sucked back into the pumpkin obsession. Breakfast on Saturday and Sunday was pumpkin-raisin themed!DSCF1875

Pumpkin-raisin pizzert! In the interests of full disclosure, I did not just have a small slice, I had the whole pizzert drizzled with PB, as usual Smile


And, quite obviously, it was had in PANCAKE form this morning! DSCF1907


I haven’t QUITE perfected the recipe yet, but as soon as I do, I’ll let you know! They were so yummy, especially when covered in maple syrup…



My Saturday consisted of six hours of rehearsals and then a concert! I am one cool chica I know Winking smile 


I hate my ‘playing face’. Probably the only time I ever look serious haha!


Some friends and I thought it would be a good idea to order in pizza. Yup, straight into a church…got some weird looks for that! Smile with tongue out The delivery guy looked something like this:img_717992_1359004_3


In our defence, we were very hungry…



My conversation with the Pizza People went something like this:


Me: I would like a margherita pizza please. Without cheese, with extra veggies. And a treadmill too if possible.

Pizza People: Without cheese? So, NO CHEESE?! What about light cheese?”

Me: “Nada, thank you. I am a vegan, so unless you have some Tofutti back there in the Pizza Hut kitchens, I’m good without.”

Pizza People: “What about some cheese on the side?”


Seriously, cheese on the SIDE? What, were they going to put a ball of mozzeralla on the side of my pizza?


They didn’t in the end. Shame really.


About to have a quick late-night munchie now…


PB&J rice cake sandwich (x2)


…and then off to bed! I am totally failing in my attempts to get more sleep. I am writing this at 12.30am…oh dear! Smile with tongue out


Do you ever have problems with ordering food? People never understand my weird demands.


Do you have a ‘home gym’? I’d love to have a PROPER one, with a treadmill and stuff! That would be amazing!


What is one of your current aims? TO GET MORE SLEEP!!


Hope you all have an amazing week! <3

38 Responses to With a Side of Cheese Please

  1. I’d love a home gym too! It would save so much time and money and I wouldn’t have to deal with all the creepos at the gym ;)

    Maybe when I’m rich and famous…..LOL! A girl can dream!

    And I totally feel ya on the weird requests…waiters always give me such dirty looks!
    Kaila @healthyhelperblog recently posted..S is for…….

  2. Oh my goodness, I wish I had a home gym! I feel like I would be so much more motivated if I didn’t have to catch a ride to the gym every time I felt like getting a good sweat session in! :-P
    Erika – The Teenage Taste recently posted..Creamy Grilled Corn Grits

  3. My boyfriend who is a carnivore and I went to dinner last night. We tried to get a pizza 1/2 cheese and pepperoni 1/2 not cheese, black olives and pineapple. I happened eventually but there were certainly a lot of questions and skepticism about what was happening!

  4. I WISH I have a home gym. But, I live in an apartment and my gym is right next-door to my complex so I guess I can’t be too upset. Though my dream is to buy a house and fill the living room with a high-tech treadmill PRONTO!
    Ellen @ Undercover Runner Eats recently posted..CL Interview: Dietitians Talk Vegan Nutrition

  5. My mum bought a home gym over a year ago. After 1 year of having it, and us barely using it (every day for the first week then that was about it) she sold it.

    Fast forward to now. I can’t believe I used to have a home gym and never used it!!! I would LOVE a home gym now. Always the way!

  6. CHEESE ON THE SIDE lol!!!! that has to be the most hilarious thing I’ve ever heard from a call-in order lol. That’s awesome they got you your pizza though – usually when I ask for weird things the people screw it up anyway haha!

    My current goal is to get more sleep too!!! I always seem to put off going to bed, and usually not cuz I’m doing anything productive either…probably just reading blogs and going on facebook haha. FAIL!
    Kate @ Chasing It recently posted..The Good, The Bad…The Delicious…

  7. Six hours of rehearsal and performing?! I’m impressed!

    And even without cheese that pizza looks so yummy! I love pizza so very very much, haha!
    Rach recently posted..Autumn Sunshine

  8. haha, i have had the pizza problem before. Gluten free, no dairy, extra veggies. Its like whole new world to them. Oh well, at least ya tried!
    lindsay recently posted..Looking Back

  9. Flash or not; you look so pretty!
    You do have your serious face on! That’s how I look when I play too (flute though. No strings!)
    I wish they would’ve put the ball of mozzarella on the side! I do have a hard time ordering out, but because I don’t like a lot of fundamental things. Like- Mayo. No one can EVER leave the mayo off of my stuff! Or tomatoes…blech
    Katie @Nutrition In A Peanut Shell recently posted..Hiking (n.)- The object of my loathing

  10. The only time I had a lot of trouble ordering food was in Spain. No meat to them means no steak. So many times my food came out with chicken or fish on it, so I had to pick around it. Not the best option, but I made do.
    I’m so jealous of your home gym! I have an ancient treadmill in my basement. When we turn it on, it sounds like an animal is trying to claw its way in. I wish I could afford a nice new one with a TV and all!
    Tara recently posted..Q&A Part 5

  11. Every time I order pizza, sans cheese, they do the exact same thing! It’s like they think I didn’t mean to say “no cheese” and they’re doing me a favor by correcting me. It cracks me up!
    I can’t wait for you to perfect that pancake recipe! They look amazing. And I wish I had an extra room in my apartment for a home gym. That’s awesome!
    Emily recently posted..Act 1: "Sisterly Saturdays"

  12. Oh my Gosh I would be in HEAVEN if I had a treadmill at home. I definitely want a home gym when I’m older though :)
    I need to get more sleep too!! Too busy reading blogs :D

  13. I want a home gym too! I just have my yoga mat, and a few DVDs!
    Haha, the conversation with the pizza folks was fun :P I have trouble with ordering out everytime I do. I usually end up saying my highly allergic to dairy so I know they wont sneak any in there :p I remember this one chrisymas party a few years back, and i had ordered vegan a head of time. So threy gave me a salad… with ham :o And they were like “is ham meat???”. And I was like: “……”.
    Haha, I think I ended up with a plain salad ;)
    Have a lovely new week<3
    Ragnhild recently posted..16.10

  14. Yes, getting some sleep would be nice :D
    I always have problems ordering meals, being vegan seems like a tricky thing when it comes to orders :)
    Lenna recently posted..Who put the socks into my bowl?

  15. Apparently Gumtree has some good treadmills that you can get super cheap. Its one of those things that people buy and then dont really use, then sell for whatever they can get for it. I know you will use it, but go for second hand for sure :) Enjoy your home gym. Super jealous ! x
    Jenn @ Lotus and Pie recently posted..Cinnamon Pancakes

  16. Love the home gym :)
    I look forward to your pancake recipe- I tried to make pumpkin pancakes last year but the pumpkin flavour did not really come through.
    At the moment my aim is to keep raising sponsorship!
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted..Foggy running

  17. I like the social side of my gym too much, its got me out of the house & talking to people – even making friends almost! Plus if i didn’t go out to the gym i wouldn’t be going out for my 1st ever xmas do this year! (& helping to organise it too)

    Seriously? is that pizza hut’s attempt at EXTRA veggies?!

    • That is true! I do love the social side of the gym too! And I love the sound of a gym xmas do! I hope mine does one!

      Haha yes that IS Pizza Hut’s attempt at extra veggies! I think I just got a bad order though, cos to be fair it usually isn’t that bad! :P

  18. I looove chEeseless pizza, more than waiters my dining companions can’t understand why I would opt for it! My husband better be on board bc as soon as I start popping out kids, a treadmill will have to be purchased.

  19. I set up a home gym in my room! It only has a stationary bike, pilates mat, light weights & skipping rope at the moment…saving for a elliptical or treadmill!

    Can’t wait for your recipe :)
    Isabelle recently posted..Sunday Day of Rest…Well Kind of!

  20. I don’t really order food any more because I have so many ‘special’ requirements it just gets ridiculous. Bless Pizza Hut though…cheese on the side, hehe, gave me a smile at least.

    I don’t have a home gym but I do have some weights and a yoga mat. I just use the living room to do exercise DVDs…

    Aims? To get my eating under control, but that’s a permanent aim!

    ~Jessica~ recently posted..Race Recap ~ Kielder Marathon~ 3:43:51

  21. With a treadmill on the side? You’re a nut!!
    I need to try those pizzarts. How exactly are they made, with a special flour, do you need socca?
    I always worry when ordering pizza out as well. I’m not vegan but I just prefer my pizza loaded with veg without cheese. Don’t they just never ever put enough veg on????
    I would love love love a home gym. We went to the store this summer and ALMOST bought a treadmill. I was seriously in love, I couldn’t stop thinking aobut it. It loaded maps you could ACTUALLY run the terrain of like…paris or the great wall of china! Amazing thing, that.
    current aims are to get ahead in my reading so I can go traveling on the weekends!!
    Hannah@mindrunningwild recently posted..WIAW- cumulative, post picture fail style

    • Nah pizzerts can be made with any flour really! I use wholewheat spelt, but white would work too! :)

      Aaah I LOVE the look of those treadmills! I’ve drooled over ones like that!! And good luck with getting your reading done! <3

  22. Loving that pizzert combo! It sounds amazing!

    Yay for a spare room for some workouts girl!

    Happy monday! I hope you have a wonderful week!!!

    xoxo <3
    katie recently posted..10 ways { beauty } recipes

  23. thats funny with the pizza. I have had conversations with delivery people that was pretty much the same thing. You tell them that you do not want something and it seriously baffles them! I do have a home gym. I actually need to wash my yoga mat! Since i don’t remember the last time I did, I definitely think its time! :)

  24. I would love to have a home gym with a treadmill! :) Right now, all I have is a crosstrainer, a yoga mat and some weights (my parents use this stuff to).
    Your pancakes and pizzert look goooood! :)
    One of my current aims: stick to a fitness routine!
    Shannon @ Healthiful Balance recently posted..Healthy & Low Calorie Pizza for One

  25. ommgneess…..that man is my hero!! haha he looks so cool. Wait, is that really him? or an online image? :P And your pancakes look so fat and delicious :)
    Ellie@fitforthesoul recently posted..Divine Connections and Workout Murder

  26. i have the hardest time when i go out to eat! i’m sure the waiters are like, oh gosh it’s one of these sorts of people. I ask for a ton of substitutions and additions and what-not. i would be so much happier to just go back to the kitchen myself and make the food haha
    Haley @ Health Freak College Girl recently posted..my first marathon: healdsburg wine country race recap

  27. Wow – your pizza people are quite the cheese pushers, aren’t they?! Cheese on the side?! Seriously?! Wow…

    Well, I’m also waiting to win the lottery so I can get a new treadmill, too! :) I don’t have a whole lot of home exercise equipment but I’d like to get some new weights because I never do strength training and I *need* to. Pretty sure my upper body strength is in the negatives.
    Molly@hungryhungryrunner.com recently posted..The Hills Are Alive

  28. I am having a hard time ordering as well.. people think i am suuuuperpicky and watch what i eat (to maintain my figure- haha) but its really just that if I have the choice to eat what i like and what makes me feel good, why not!? I try to cook for my friends though so they get to understand what i eat and why i choose different things than they do. cheeseless pizza is still a miracle to a lot of people though! except in italy you can order pizza rosso e bianca and they have lots of choice when it comes to the toppings.
    so i am sure you will be able to find a good one when u go to venice next year! :)
    Alexia @ NamasteYoga recently posted..Detox Part 1

  29. I don’t have a home gym, but my older brother who just bought a house does! Luckily he lives right down the street so I go over there to workout now, it’s great! and right now i’m trying to aim for the same thing as you! More sleep!
    Lisa@ChocolatePBCups recently posted..Still Sore

  30. OOOOH those pancakes look so yummy!!!!

    And hahahaha I can’t believe you ordered pizza to church! That’s hilarious!

    PS I didn’t know you play the violin..I do too!
    Anna @ Food Fitness Frolicking recently posted..When Plans Change, Cheese-Fest, and Surprise Figgy Fromage

  31. Omg! I would loveee to have my own workout room! I have an elliptical, some weights, a yoga mat, and a exercise ball. Now I just need a spare room lol
    Olivia @oliviaeasts recently posted..Slip ups

  32. Love that delivery boy! i would order pizza every day if it would come by bicycle. Delivery pizza is just such a fun concept. Havent done it in years!!

    and i think you look mad cool playin that violin like you do!! so cool that you get to go on excellent summer tours w/ ur orchestra.

    I have my yoga mat where a couch would be in a boring person’s apt. Really makes all the difference to get to keave it out! I do so much more yoga, whatever i’m feelin, lately lotsa shoulder stands and warrior 3.

    hope you’re getting a good sleepin tonight so you can continue to be your best emma self and crack us all up!!
    katy sparrow recently posted..Visit to TAMU-G and a Katy fashion shoot

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