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Life Updates


Update 1:

I am officially so confused!! Basically, yesterday someone left a comment for me on Formspring to let me know they had found a website with my race result from Saturday, and it’s COMPLETELY different from what I had heard! Time, placing, EVERYTHING was different!! Has anyone ever had this with races before with different sets of results? I’m going to ask my coach when I see him  next week (he wasn’t at practice today), but I don’t understand at all!! It really upset me at first, cos these results are much worse!! But I’ll wait to see what Coach says about it all Smile (P.S. If the person who Formspringed me reading this, thank you for letting me know!)


All I know is that next race (two weeks on Saturday) I will be wearing Garmy so there will be no confusion! Smile with tongue outDSCF1833

Looking good post-run Winking smile


Update 2:

I went back to see the sports doctor about my tibial bone stress.


He said that it is healing, and that I definitely should not do any more than I am doing (I’m only running twice a week during team training) and he said that I should not really be racing. I explained to him that if possible I need to run the next few races to be in with a chance of qualifying for Nationals and stuff, so he said that it should be fine as long as I treat them more like tempo runs than actual races, and hopefully it should be totally healed within the next two months! I’ll take it! Open-mouthed smile


Now onto slightly more trivial updates…


Update 3:

I have been LOVING autumnal (yes ‘autumn’ not ‘fall’ cos I’m a Brit thank you anonymous commenter! Smile with tongue out) oatmeal lately…


Apple-cinnamon oatmeal, with cashew butter stirred in Smile



Caramel-Pumpkin oatmeal! Pumpkin oatmeal with caramel pudding and a pumpkin scuffin. Baked goods as an oatmeal topping is the best thing ever!!


The scuffins by the way are from Oh She Glows (recipe found here), and I make a few minor changes (e.g. no chia seeds) but they are my all-time FAVOURITE pumpkin recipe, and one of my general favourites too!!


Update 4:

I am having the best time training with my team! I’m so glad that for the time being at least, I can still run with them twice a week! And NEWS FLASH I am no longer the slowest person yaay! Open-mouthed smile 




3 miles of warm-up/cooldown+drills, and then repeats and stuff! I was pretty frustrated by my 5.01 min/mile split! I was trying so hard to break 5 min/mile!!


NEXT TIME I will for sure!


I refuelled afterwards by crumbling a pumpkin scuffin (obsessed!) into a half empty soy yoghurt pot:


Keeping it cool and classy as always Winking smile


Update 5:

I have early morning spin class tomorrow, with my fave instructor (super-hardcore ex-military, ultra-marathoner man- he ‘mentions’ that every time haha!). And if I’m going to be able to crawl out of bed at some crazy hour, I need to get some sleep! I am NOT a super-early morning person normally! Smile with tongue out


So I’m off to get some shut-eye! And yes I will be wearing my workout clothes to bed…always classy Winking smile


Help me out here runners: have you ever had any confusion over race times? I’ve never had this before! Obviously your Garmin always says something different to the actual results, but I’ve never seen two completely different sets of official results before!


What is one thing you are aiming for in your next few workouts/runs? To break the 5 min/mile in my next set of repeats! Although next session is hills…hmmm! Smile with tongue out


How much sleep do you get on average? Ok, I’ll admit it now…currently about 6 hours. I know I know, it’s bad!! I’m working on it haha!


Have a great end to the week friends! <3

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  1. Muffin + Oats = Win. Especially when pumpkin is involved.

    One time last year I came in second and my friend came in first for the 1600, and they switched us! but it was no big deal because it wasn’t a PR for her (it was for me!) and since we’re friends competition didn’t matter. I’d be pretty upset if I were in your position though!

    I have a race tomorrow. If I could run low 19′s that would be awesome. Ideally break 19 again, but things would have to go reallly well! I just want to win as a team to be honest, though we have tight competition!
    Tara recently posted..Race Recap: SJ Open

  2. Ok…I am dying to know. Do you have that pumpkin scuffin recipe? They look fantastic :D Congrats on your running. An almost 5 minute mile. That’s at least 2x as fast as mine are right now. I started running 2 weeks ago so I guess it makes sense but WOW! Happy almost Friday!
    Lauren recently posted..Birthday Recap

  3. Hmm 11pm & i need to leave for college at 8.30am (and non of my bags are pack – laptop, college bag & gym bag as i want to try & sneak out at lunch time) yeh i should have been in bed an hour ago lol!

    i’ve been going to bed at 11pm generally recently & i’ll be up at 6.30am when parents’ alarms go off but i don’t sleep though. a good night i’ll get up 2 or 3 times, a bad night about 5 or 6 times :( Not sure how much sleep but certainly doesn’t feel like enough – thank goodness for afternoon naps!

  4. So many updates! That whole time difference thing does sounds strange, but I am sure your coach will let you know whats up and it’ll work out no worries :) But wow, you are beyond fast!!! I cannot even imagine running that speed, your crazy amazing, whoaaa! Ahhh, I know you are super smart but injuries are so scary. It would be awful to push too hard to make it to Nationals only to be injured. But I know you are doing what is best and not pushing yourself too much by only running a few times a week, you rock!

  5. I pr-ed in my last XC championship race and the newspaper reported my time wrong!!! I was so upset because with my actual time I had broken a record but with the time they reported I hadn’t!! So frustrating!!!
    AND OMG!!! FIVE MINUTE MILES!!??!?!?!! That is freaking amazing!!!! I wish I could run that fast! You are an incredible athlete!!!

    Oh and I love those pumpkin scuffins too!! SO yummy!
    Kaila @healthyhelperblog! recently posted..What I (Wish I) Ate Wednesday

    • HAHA oh I didn’t run multiple 5 min miles! Those are my INTERVAL times haha! :P We did about 1000m ish, and those were my pace splits! SOMEDAY I WILL be running that pace for miles though, and so will YOU you speed demon! :)

      And that’s so frustraiting about the newspaper thing! But AMAZING that you got in the paper! How awesome! :D

  6. Mmmm…I couldn’t agree more. Baked goods+oatmeal= DELICIOUS. Those pumpkin scuffins look incredible.
    I usually get 7ish hours of sleep every night. I feel like I should get more, but it just never works out that way! I’m such a morning person though, even when I’ve gotten hardly any sleep. It’s weird!
    Enjoy your killer spin class tomorrow! Those are the best. (:
    Emily recently posted..Farm vs. Factory

  7. Take it easy girl! ;) Just think, it’s only two months. You’ll be all better in no time! Yaaay

    I like to get my solid 8 hours. I need my 8 hours, actually!
    Tiff @ Love Sweat and Beers recently posted..All Quiet on the Yoga Front

  8. I try to get about 6 hrs of sleep. But sometimes im wide awake after only a few hrs which is annoying because i love sleep! :)

  9. That’s so weird about your race times being different! Hopefully you will get that all figured out.

    I am definitely an 8 hours of sleep kinda girl! All through college I got much much less than that, but somewhere during my senior year, I realized that I function much better with 8 hours!
    Rach recently posted..Wreath Party!

  10. 5 MINUTE MILES?? MORE THAN ONE??? girl. that is beast. I don’t think I’ve ever broken 5 minutes for the mile…much less multiple times in a workout!! you are a speed demon!!!

    and omg SCUFFINS!!!!! I’m obsessed with those!! angela loves her Chia Seeds too hahah.

    That’s weird about your results. The only thing I can think of is chip time vs. clock time, but official results should be your chip time. Was it an official website of the organization that put on the race?? definitely check the source!
    Kate @ Chasing It recently posted..Ten Things Thursday

    • HAHA those were intervals, not miles!! Roughly 1000m-ish! Lol the day I’m cranking multiple 5 minute miles back to back will be pretty special! :P

      There was no chip timing at this race- all done by the clock! And no it wasn’t the actual race organisers that put up those results, but a club that attended, so maybe they’re wrong…ya I’ll definitely check the source, thank you!! <3

  11. Ahh! Caramel pumpkin oatmeal!!! Swing some this way pleaseeee! That seriously sounds like heaven.
    We say autumn here in australia too, you would never hear someone refer to the season as fall.

    Oh I bought some cashew butter yesterday, I havent tried it yet, but I think I might make the same oats as you did
    Cherie recently posted..WIAW #13

  12. Autumn!!! high five to you and Cherie! erm….5 minute miles?! FIVE MINUTE MILES!!! Oh my!! Emma…. u are so fast!! i’d puke up!!
    emma recently posted..WIAW and Kidney Bean Brownies!

  13. Oh, I get about four or five hours a sleep a day! I wish I got six!! :D You autumnul oatmeal looks delicious, autumn is the best season for getting creative with meals :)
    Lenna recently posted..A girl´s best friend

  14. I get about 7 to 8 hours of sleep a night usually which is perfect for me…i start to drag with any more or less! My current fitness goal is to run 10 miles..I’m currently on 8 :)! I am not aiming for a specific time but I would like to finish with an average pace that is under 10 min/mile!
    Khushboo recently posted..Brown Paper Bag is baaack!

  15. YAYYY for being faster!!!! gah are you getting anon slash annoying formspring commenters too!?!!? they have been floating around lately.. soooo RUDE!yikes! i feelya! i just gotup and im dead- doubt i cud do a spin class lke u!
    Carrie (Moves ‘N Munchies) recently posted..Scenes from the Weekend!

  16. Was it chip time vs gun time or something like that? Don’t they do the actual placings on gun time, but then the “normal” peeps get the chip time as the more accurate one? Not sure but maybe it is that?
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted..How exercise changes my opinion of my body

  17. Hope you get the confusion with your race times cleared up, that’s really odd! I usually try and get 7 hours sleep, its my magic number! I’m more trying to focus on my strength training right now so I’m hoping that next week to increase my reps and then the week after to increase my weights! Hope you have a lovely weekend :-)

  18. How strange…I’ve never had that happen to me before! It’s unlikely to be gun vs. chip time in a race of that distance, I think. Very odd!

    I have weird sleeping patterns – when I’m on the manic side it’ll be literally a week of nothing at all. Then when I’m lethargic, depressed, ill or on medication (haven’t been for a long time!) I can sleep for 11 hours and still feel totally wiped out, and more exhausted than when I get 0 hours.

    P.S AUTUMN rocks. I love the AUTUMNAL weather. Haha, I refuse to say ‘fall’ too ;)
    ~Jessica~ recently posted..Marathon Themes

  19. Apple and cinnamon this combo is my fave in yogurts and oatmeal!
    You’ve made such an enormous progress with your running…yay!!
    6hrs sleep hmm I get about this amount or less sometimes :(
    Isabelle recently posted..How I’ve Changed

  20. That stinks! I’ve never had that happen but I don’t wear a watch. I only sleep 6 hours a night too!!! It really isn’t something to be proud of, I know, but I’m too busy to sleep 9 hours or whatever the recommended amount is.
    Maria @ Beautiful Busy Bee recently posted..Some polls for autumn

  21. Hey Emma!

    What do you mean by “a chance of qualifying for Nationals”?! What race is it that you would be doing/distance are you hoping for?

    • There are two National XC races I hope to be doing- the National Relays in November (although I don’t know if we’re entering this one) and the actual National XC Championships which are in February. I’m not sure exactly how I have to qualify, but my coach keeps mentioning it offhand! :P

      • Ah OK! I’m not too sure what the National Relays in November are as there were the Road Relays today in Birmingham There is a X country race end of november in Liverpool which includes qualification for euro u23 and then for the national xc champs you have several qualifying races before the nationals in February!

        Good luck with it all!! :D

        • Oooh did you do the road relays today?! I can’t race on the roads yet with my injury :( Ohmygosh are you going to go for the Euro u23?! That would be AMAZING!! Good luck to YOU! :D

          • I did but went horribly :( didn’t recover properly after HM and just suffered!
            You are doing incredibly well Emma with your running and you should be SO proud of youself for everything you have achieved already!
            Hopefully we will bump into each other at a race soon! Hope you are enjoying pancake Sunday and are having a lovely weekend!! xx

          • I bet you were GREAT as always!! I would love to be just HALF as amazing as you someday, so thank you! :) And yes I bet we will run into each other (hopefully not literally haha!) at some point!! :D

  22. I get between 6-7 hours at the moment because I like to get to the gym super early, but hate going to bed at 9pm or something. I need to figure this out though as I get grumpy with too little sleep. :-)
    Jemma @ Celery and Cupcakes recently posted..New strength workout routine

  23. Your oatmeal always looks delicious! :)
    I usually (try) to get about 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night. :)
    Shannon @ Healthiful Balance recently posted..Ask Away!

  24. 5.01 min/mile?!??!?! dang girl :)
    Haley @ Health Freak College Girl recently posted..college by the numbers

  25. haha your’e so funny. I’m so glad your running group is going well. I know how excited you were to join!! What a great experience for you indeed.
    I’ve been enjoying pudding oats so much lately, thanks to you. Chocolate this morning was sure delish but I have my eye on caramel.
    I just had that soya yogurt!! I can eat it by the pot, it’s so good!! mmmm
    Hannah@mindrunningwild recently posted..WIAW- cumulative, post picture fail style

  26. Oh that’s annoying about your time, sorry I can’t offer any advice :-(
    I really hope your tibial bone stress gets sorted quickly!
    Apple and cinnamon is one of my absolute favourite flavour combinations so that oatmeal looks right up my street :-)
    Glad running is going well, I’m quite pleased with my training at the moment, I actually got back on the crosstrainer yesterday for the first time in months!
    Sophie @ LoveLiveAndLearn recently posted..Think Twice Thursday

  27. [...] friends!! Had a good Friday? Thanks for all the advice and stuff on yesterday’s post! The race was actually NOT chip timed (it was totally by the clock), so it couldn’t have been [...]

  28. I would love to go to France or spain, and I sing but instruments were a challenge to start :P p.s love your blog it is one of my favorites :)

  29. The Italians will love the monkeys ,)
    Greetings from Belgium!
    Girl on the Run recently posted..Zoek de fout!

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