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A Very Lucky Monkey


I was a very lucky monkey today.



I slept in my monkey onesie (it is the most warm and comfy thing on the PLANET!), so when the postman rang early in the morning to drop off two packages for me, he got a nice surprise Winking smile



The BEST package was from my running buddy Tara at XC Foodie! I swear she’s my sister from another mister, and some day we will meet up and be real life running buddies. Anyway, our birthdays are exactly one month apart, so we sent each other (belated!) birthday packages! She sent me SO MANY AMAZING THINGS!!


Homemade Chocolate Walnut Butter(!!), Kashi  chocolate coconut bar, cinnamon roast almonds, chocolate PB Odowalla bar, Organic Food Bar in chocolatey choc chip flavour, Kashi Heart to Heart, Food Should Taste Good multigrain snacks, Justin’s Maple Almond Butter, trail mix, Annie’s Bunny Grahams in chocolate and chocolate chip, Bear Naked granola, and Clif bars in Carrot Cake and Peanut Toffee Buzz flavours!!


There were immediately some casualties whilst I was waiting for my breakfast:


My latest addiction.


The BEST bit of Tara’s package was actually the non-foodie items! She sent this book, as it is one that has inspired her so much:DSCF1661

Her awesome idea is that we share the love by passing this book around to other bloggers! So I’ll read it, then write my name in the cover under hers, and send it off to somebody! So expect this book SOON runner friends! Smile


Tara also made me a RUNNER’S SHIRT!! How cool is THAT?!


I am never taking it off. Ever. I love it too much. LOVE YOU TARA!!


The other package was some essentials I ordered from iHerb. And by essentials, I obviously mean this:


My fave nut butter. I almost cried when I finished my last jar! Smile with tongue out


Basically, this morning was just the best ever! Packages and my favourite breakfast…OIAJ!!


Vanilla Protein Oatmeal (1/2 cup oats, 1 scoop vanilla protein powder, 1 cup soy milk, 1 cup water) in a PB&Co jar topped with raspberry jam Smile


After breakfast, I headed out to enjoy the last of the sunshine (apparently regular October weather starts tomorrow here haha!)…



…and then hit the gym for a quick strength training and plyometric workout. My coach recommended plyometrics to help with running economy (you can read about it and see the workout I did here) and they are sure not easy, but they are FUN! I refuelled with some banana milk:


They were all out of chocolate milk at the health store. I would have thrown a tantrum normally but I like banana milk too and the lady promised to give me a free choc one to make up for it next time because she knows it’s my fave! WIN! Open-mouthed smile


Oh, and guess what lunch was?


Happy *belated* Pancake Sunday! Open-mouthed smile Banana pancakes with extra banana and maple syrup. Definitely glad I made it a Pancake Monday!! And thanks guys for the get well wishes- I was feeling 100% yesterday night and today wahoo!!


Do you have a book that has inspired you a lot? I’m only a few pages into Going Long, and it is already!


What are your foodie ‘essentials’? Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut, dark chocolate chips, and snack bars!


What is your favourite breakfast? OIAJ! To be specific, pudding oats in a Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Butter jar. No I do not work for Justin’s, I just love them! Smile with tongue out


Love you all! <3

42 Responses to A Very Lucky Monkey

  1. OMG cutest onesie ever! I had a penguin one once… but sadly, it didn’t come with a hood.
    chocolate-covered katie recently posted..Caramel Apple Milkshake

  2. I NEED one of those onesies. That is the best thing I have ever seen! Essentials for me are oats, Larabars, and peanut butter!
    Christina @ The Athletarian recently posted..What? No candy?!

  3. Wow your o lucky to have Tara that is so sweet … all those goodies? JEALOUS!! ;)

  4. Love Kara and love u! Xx
    Emma recently posted..The wheels on the bus

  5. WHOAA lucky monkey indeed, you hit the birthday jackpot!!! :-D and banana milk? holy cow, I want some. I wonder if they sell that at whole foods here…

    My foodie essentials = I must have oats and at LEAST 3 different varieties of nut butters at a time…also greek yogurt, cacao nibs, and most recently pumpkin and apple cider!

    That looks like an awesome book, and suprisingly it’s one I’ve never seen before! usually I read every single running book I can get my hands on – my absolute favorites are Once a Runner by John L. Parker Jr. and Running with the Buffalos by Chris Lear – I’ve read them both 5 bajillion times, and they’re a HUGE inspiration – they make me want to just run run run run run forever!!! I can def pass them on to you if you’re interested/haven’t read them :)
    Kate @ Chasing It recently posted..Starting Fresh: October Goals!

  6. Ooo I wanna read that book! My favorite running book is Born to Run. When I went to the mall the other day, there’s a new store dedicated to footie pajamas. They weren’t fancy monkey ones, but lots of colors and ones for kids and adults.
    Lauren recently posted..Apples + Maple Syrup for Everyone!

  7. That looks like the best package ever! :D Oh and the iHerb order does too. I need a regular sized jar of the hazelnut chocolate butter. Bars are definitely one of my foodie essentials too :] I can’t pick a favorite breakfast though! I love hot oats, overnight oats, OIAJ, and I’m recently starting to get into pancakes. I love the monkey onesie by the way! You’re too cute :D
    Paulina (One Smile Ahead) recently posted..The Pumpkin Witch Is Back!

  8. you are SO funny in your monkey onesie thing, only you could rock that! LOVE it! I need a Hello Kitty thing like that to wear, haha!

    What a awesome package! How sweet of her!!
    katie recently posted..Shoe { Sweep }

  9. tara’s package looks freakin’ amazing!!! lucky girl you are :) my foodie essentials are nut butter, tortillas and frozen bananas [random, but they make the BEST smoothies!]

  10. yessss i’m so happy you got it!!! It got there way faster than I expected. Probably because I lied and said there was only books and a shirt in there… hehehe. I’m so glad you like it!!! I read going long three times last year. I love it!
    Foodie essentials = Bars! I live off of them during the cross country season. They’re so handy and so delicious!
    Tara recently posted..Miles and Muffins

    • YAAAY I LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT SO MUCH LOVE YOU THANK YOU SO MUCH YOU ARE DA BESTEST!!! If I didn’t have to wear my team’s racing singlet on Saturday I would TOTALLY wear your shirt!! Also your homemade nut butter is the best thing EVER!! I was just eating it outta the jar today! :P You HAVE to sell it cos you will become a billionaire!!!

      I know my package will take forever sadly…it took my last one THREE MONTHS to get to the person!! Things have speeded up a bit now apparently, so HOPEFULLY it won’t be too long!! And there is something in there that will make us twinsies and you will LOVE IT! :D

      <3 <3 <3

  11. I’m sorta kinda obsessed with your monkey suit. I will move to London just to buy it!

    I have to say my favorite is banana waffles, with fresh maple syrup :)
    Katie @Nutrition In A Peanut Shell recently posted..Did you realize your food is orange?

  12. What an AMAZING birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I am very jealous of your monkey onesie. A tad too cute! :)

  13. Ah, this post made me smile so much :D Its 5 in the morning, and you made my start to the day fun and positive- thanks soo using that one in the future ;)
    Looove your food swap, its filled with so many good thing! And iherb<3 It is my best friend! I order from it several times a week, and when I recive their package Im beyond happy!
    One food essential of mine is chocolate- I get nervous if I know I dont have it around :( And also, I need my fridge to be loaded with veggies so i can make a good lunch/dinner!
    Ragnhild recently posted..03.10: Happy Monday

  14. Banana milk / pancakes and monkey pjs…next thing you know you will be swinging from trees :) My fav breakfast is greek yog with fruit and cereal mixed in YUM!!

  15. Aww what a great morning! Nothing like getting fun snail mail packages :)

    Food essential: almond butter. I eat it on everything, from oatmeal to apples to spoons.

  16. I love your monkey onsie! my nickname use to be ape and my best friends was monkey! ahh good memories.. where did you find it??? and your chocolate hazelnut butter looks soo good, have you tried making that kind yourself?
    also, just to help get the word out there http://www.facebook.com/pages/Boston-or-Bust/167859753297612?v=app_4949752878
    if anyone reading this can atleast just go and like this facebook page that would be awesome! the more people that see the more chance i have of getting someone to donate even the smallest amount. I qualified for the boston marathon barely by 2 minutes back in june while running my first marathon.. now after being accepted i have to find a way to pay for all the expenses… and that is tough as a college student :)

    • I liked your page! That is SO AWESOME about you running Boston!! It’s a dream of mine to run a marathon and qualify someday :)

      And thank you!!! Haha ‘ape’ is a funny nickname!! It’s from a store here in the UK called Primark, but I don’t think you get that in the States…? Anyway, it’s my fave item of clothing in the WORLD! :D

  17. Best package ever- those bunnies are highly addictive, especially the cinnamon flavor! Try them on top of your oats- you’ll thank me later :)! Any breakfast which involve banana and peanut butter makes me happy! My current obsession is overnight oats (the yogurt kind) made with banana, cinnamon, apple, chias, raisins…and then topped with granola, peanut butter, flaked almonds, strawberry fruit preserves and choc chips if I’m feeling wild ;)!
    Khushboo recently posted..You just know

  18. HAHA, you cheeky monkey. im loving that suit, too cool for school!

    i got some of those choc bunnies when i was in the US and holy YUMS they are good. i got a mix of the choc and vanilla ones and literally COULD NOT KEEP MY HAND OUT THE BOX! :-p

    they are like the orgran ones but WAAAAY cuter (is it just me or is it quite hard to identify the animals on the orgran ones?! i tried, i guessed… i gave up, every single one looks like a baby seal to me!!)
    clemmy recently posted..how to (subtly) get changed in a park

  19. STOP! you have a monkey onesie? okay we are officially best friends now.
    i just ordered from iherb! i soo excitedd!! WHAT A FAB PACKAGE TOO!!!
    Carrie (Moves ‘N Munchies) recently posted..Back into Gear Workout!

  20. I cannot believe you slept in that monkey suit- you must have been boiling!And the poor postman! :)
    What an awesome package though, and what a fab idea about the book. I loved Born to Run when I read that- there were some amazing stories about people taking up running to be inspired by.
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted..Raising sponsorship

  21. Shannon @ Healthiful Balance

    Aw! Tara is so sweet! :) Lots of awesome goodies! You are indeed one lucky monkey!! ;)
    Your pancakes look delicious!!! :)

    Some of my foodie essentials are cereal, Greek yogurt, raspberries and Peanut butter :)
    I have so many favorite breakfasts, I don’t think I could decide on just one! :)
    Shannon @ Healthiful Balance recently posted..Who Says?

  22. Love the onesie! I dont have one, but clearly need to have one after seeing yours :)
    Jenn recently posted..I used to be all about strawberry jam…

  23. Annie’s Bunny Grahams are SO good! I’m glad to see they come in mini bags now, because having a whole box can be dangerous :p

    and totally love your monkey suit! I have a bunny onesie that comes in handy here in the Winter :)
    Kristin recently posted..Fancy seeing you here, October

  24. You are indeed one very luck monkey!

    I don’t think I’ve tried any of those amazing goodies, but I’m sure they would be on my wishlist of things I’ll order when I am suddenly a millionaire :P

    Peanut flour is my essential!

    Glad the sickness bug has gone away :)

    ~Jessica~ recently posted..Squashed Hopes and Shattered Dreams

  25. LOVE that onesie! Haha it is SO cute!!
    What a great foodie care package, such great things in there! My essentials are definitely nut butter and my favorite breakfast is OIAJ for sure :) Girl, I am jealous of your hair, it is so long and gorgeous!

  26. What a great package! I think my essentials have to be nut butters, peanut flour, sun warrior and apples, and of course my fave breakie is green monsters!
    Laura@keepinghealthygettingstylish recently posted..Turning a corner: September review and October goals

  27. So glad you feel better now!! :D You’re definitely the cutest monkey girl EVER! :P
    And your package looks awesome,I’m jealous!
    My essentials are tomatoes (aaah,I’ve got a severe tomatoe-addiction!),nut butters and cottage cheese… I could’t survive one day without tomatoes!
    Kat @ a dash of fairydust recently posted..Sunny Sunday.

  28. You look sooo cute in that monkey costume!!! :D
    Qi Ting @ Misadventures of Fat free Baking recently posted..What I Ate On Wednesday (6) WIAW and an update

  29. Awe what a great idea! You too are crazy similar. Glad you could have such a fun package exchange. Um PS: Where did you get that monkey suit and can I have one too?
    Hollie @lolzthatswim(andrun) recently posted..Breast Cancer Awareness 4 Miler

  30. Gosh those packages look AHMAZING!! So jealy girl!

    And I think my fave breakfast changes every week! I am always finding new combos to add into my rotation!!!
    Kaila @healthyhelperblog! recently posted..Not Your Average Teen

  31. Wow! What an awesome package!!! I think my essentials would have to be fruit, nut butters, oats, green smoothies and rice cakes.
    Jemma @ Celery and Cupcakes recently posted..Under the weather…

  32. Funky monkey onesie birthday twinnie. hehe I bet you brightened his day anyway! What a wonderful package, everything looks so exciting and so cute with the tshirt too :) Plyos are a killer aren’t they, I always feel like my butt may just fall off after them! My essentials would probably be eggs, peanut butter and greek yogurt..oh and chocolate chips

  33. Lucky you what a nice haul of delicious food :)
    Foodie essentials: oats,muesli,yogurt,frozen berries
    Isabelle recently posted..October Wishlist

  34. Aww, you make such a great monkey Emma! And Annie’s chocolate graham bunnies are SO good, glad they’ve hopped into your life! Gorgeous OIAJ and yay for JUSTIN’s!! I am on my first jar of his Honey PB and LOVE IT. Annie and Justin should get married and make lil nut butter bunnies. AHAH

    “Dishwasher–One man’s quest to dishwash in all 50 states” was a great, inspiring read for me!

    A foodie ESSENTIAL of mine is pink Himalayan sea salt! I carry it around to take my jars of oats, raw veggies, rice cakes, etc to a whole ‘notha altitude!!

    And my fav breakfast is ezekiel cereal, soy milk, and Liberte yogurt

    katy sparrow recently posted..Feelin invigorated!!

  35. Will you please, please, please send us at Justin’s a photo of you in the monkey onesie with our Chocolate Hazelnut Butter. Or better yet, enter our Facebook competition to win $500 and be featured on our website.
    I absolutely adore that onesie

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