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Girl Talk


Happy Monday friends!! How has the start of your week been? Good I hope!


I started my day with banana oatbran pudding with blueberries and homemade cinnamon raisin PB (recipe tomorrow!):


I love this breakfast because I get up, put it on straight away, then go and get ready and when I’m finished I come back and it’s done! I love it!!


The big part of my Monday included going to the sports doctor to get my bone stress injury sorted. And voila:


Pretty, huh? Smile with tongue out


The bad news: No Royal Parks half marathon in 13 days. To be honest, I knew this already, so it wasn’t a big shock, but it’s still a bit of a disappointment!


The good news: I should be able to run/walk on grass for a short time once or twice this week. Hey, I’ll take what I can get! Open-mouthed smile


So what caused all this bone stress jazz? Well I mentioned it in passing, but I’ve gotten a lot of questions about my period issues, so I thought I’d tell my story properly!


*Disclaimer*: From here on out, this post is about my period. Just a warning in case you don’t wish to read about it, and that is perfectly fine! And to all men I know, (DAD!), stop reading now please and thank you.


It all started about 2 years/18 months ago, when my period, which I’ve been having since I was 11, gradually lightened over a few months and then stopped altogether. At first, it was awesome. NO MORE GIRL TROUBLES WAHOO!! Open-mouthed smile I just figured it would come back next month. But it never did.


And here’s the thing: at this time running was not in my life. Neither was exercise or healthy food. I was about 35lbs heavier than I am now. So it is NOT because of my diet/exercise habits!




So after about a year or so of not having a period, I went to see the doctor. At this point, I was restricting a lot and exercising and losing weight, but I was at a healthy weight at the time, and regardless my period had stopped a long time before all that, so it wasn’t a cause.


First came the blood and hormone tests. All fine. Then came the ultrasounds. This was the interesting bit, not because it revealed anything specific about the period mystery, but that I actually have two wombs. I know, I’m weird! Smile with tongue out


I’m currently still having tests done to try and find out what is causing this, but the doctors have no idea! They think it MIGHT be linked to the two wombs thing, but they’re not sure. Under their advice, I’ve tried all sorts of ways to get it back (the Pill, weight gain, eating more fats, etc.) but nothing has worked.


The problem is that it is now affecting my bone density, which is why I got the bone stress injury.




Of course, because I am having bone density issues and amenorrhea, and also because I run and am a vegan, the thing I hear first with every doctor/consultant I see is ‘Female Athlete Triad’. But it is not. I do NOT have disordered eating habits at all any more, and neither did I at the time it stopped.


So basically, in my case, it is a mystery. And I hope it is resolved soon for the sake of my bones especially!


And if you are having a similar problem, my biggest piece of advice is that you see a doctor as soon as you can. I left it a year, and I shouldn’t have. The sooner you get it checked out, the better.


I hope this cleared things up a bit for those of you who were confused, and didn’t freak y’all out too much! I’ll be back tomorrow with WIAW! Open-mouthed smile


Any thoughts? Or have you ever had any problems with your period, or any bone density issues?

56 Responses to Girl Talk

  1. So sorry to hear about all your problems ! :(

    I really hope everything gets sorted out for you! I have been having issues with irregular periods, but no “problematic” cause has been found, yet.

    Hope your foot heals quickly, as well :)
    Savannah @ Sweet and Savvy recently posted..Trying New Things + Attune Cereal Testing

  2. Oh my. I’m sorry to hear about that but I hope it comes back soon. I just went off the pill a few weeks ago and I’m kind of nervous that my period will not come back (would not be surprising). We shall see though.

    I can’t wait to log onto DM and see your grass run!
    Hollie @lolzthatswim(andrun) recently posted..Fall Favourites (Aka pumpkin things)

  3. That could have been my story!! I had mine stop too, when I was at a healthy weight. I haven’t had one for 2.5 years now. I went and saw three different doctors, a gynaecologist and got the ultrasounds etc… they’re all stumped.
    I did also have a test to check how many ‘eggs’ I’ve got left in the basket, and the answer was not very many – but she said I should still be menstruating despite that (you might want to get that test?? anti-mallerian it was called.. just out of interest…)
    So I know exactly what you mean! I haven’t had any bone density issues yet, but I take calcium + vitamin D daily, and the gynaecologist put me on HRT patches to give me a “fake period”, which helps with the estrogen/bone issue. Just because it’s been so long.

    I also tried the pill, weight gain.. and also acupuncture, raw food, chinese herbs!! Haha… who knows… anyway just thought it would make you feel better if you knew someone was totally in the same boat!!! (it makes me feel better!)
    amy @ Turtle-speed runner recently posted..Beat the 30 minute mark! YAY!

    • Thanks for sharing girl!! We are so similar! I’ve had that anit-mallerian test too, and nada! It totally makes me feel better to know there are others in the same situation, and I hope your period comes back soon too! <3

  4. My best friend is 21 and she has never really had a normal period, she gets it like once ever 4 months and she’s SUPER active. All american at her college for bball and all.

    I’ve also heard that going on birth control can be wicked helpful.

    I hope you figure things out!!
    Caitlin recently posted..Happy 4 month to my broken skull!

  5. Hey am so sorry to hear about your bone density issues. I actually was recently diagnosed with osteoporosis (result of years of restrictive eating/ overexercising/ being at an unhealthily low weight so no mystery in my case)

    I have not had a period since I was 14 years old (I am 23 now) which is very convenient but not very healthy : ( Over the years I have occasionally managed to get to a healthy weight but probably have not stayed there long enough in order to get a period.

    It must be so frustrating for you as you are clearly at a healthy weight and eat a healthy and balanced diet. I have heard that vegetarians and vegans seem to be more susceptible to period issues as apparently the diet naturally slightly lowers oestrogen levels in the body.I am certainly not suggesting you start eating meat or adding eggs or dairy (I am vegan and def wont change my eating habits I feel too strongly about it!) but I thought that was interesting when I heard it.

    • Oh really? I haven’t heard that before about the veg/vegan diet! I’m the same as you though- I feel too passionately about it to change!

      Thanks for sharing your story with me, and I hope your period comes back too! <3

  6. well at least you have it figured out! I have period issues myself…I haven’t gotten one since I was fifteen…it started when I had an eating disorder and lost a lot of weight, I’ve been at a healthy weight for 5 years now but still no period…but I’m still most likely not eating enough. periods are very energy-balance dependent! I went on birth control once but had some pretty scary side effects, landed in the hospital, and have been too scared to continue it lol…but my dietician told me about a pill that gynecolegists can prescribe that’s kind of a “jump start” pill? I’m not sure what it is, but I definitely intend to find out! I always get some sort of injury when I increase my mileage too quickly….but to be honest I’m really hoping its not too late for me and that I can still be a decent runner!
    Kate @ Chasing It recently posted..A Building Year

  7. Thanks for hearing girl! Hope everything gets cleared up!
    Kaila @healthyhelperblog! recently posted..An Inspiring Journey

  8. i totally know how you feel. i haven’t had my period for about two years and when i went to get my bone density test, all the results came out normal. it’s so ironic that you wrote this post because i ended up getting my period this week for the first time in 2 years. i almost wanted to cry. partly because i was scared i was becoming ‘fat’ and partly because i was finally becoming healthy. so i think your period will come with time. keep your head up and thanks for sharing this post :)

  9. I am relieved that it’s not to do with your eating/exercise habits! Every time a ‘healthy’ person has something wrong, the automatic response is they aren’t eating enough or that they are exercising too much! The other day, I had a case of diorreah and my grandmother insisted it was because I eat too much broccoli!!!
    Khushboo recently posted..My Current Digs VII

  10. DEFINITELY interestinga bout the two wombs! you are pretty darn unique! my period is SO FLIPPPINg irregular… suchs butt.. i get it like weeksin a row. then i get it like 6 months later.. wtf body!?
    Carrie (Moves ‘N Munchies) recently posted..WIAT (getting out of a rut!)

  11. Thanks for sharing this! I also hope it is soon solved and you can get a proper care! I am keeping my fingers crossed for you!!
    Lenna recently posted..How I graped the weekend out

  12. Like you say convenient… but not what really what we want, and certainly not what i want. I had just got used to managing it again after being back for a couple of years after a 3 year gap (almost hospitalised due to eating disorder) but like you i am heavier now that when it stop the last time. About 28lb/14kg heavier! I really don’t understand how that works. Back then i didn’t do any exercise & now i over exercise but does that still cause it even though you are a healthy weight?
    Have you had a DEXA scan? is it just like a normal lie-on-the-bed-scan? I went to book mine and they asked me the date of my last period & i said i thought they’d stopped but could confirm this within the next week, she said ‘oh well ring & if it has stopped we’ll have a think about it’ Surely they can do the scan if you’ve stopped? Did this cause you a problem with the scan?

    sorry too many questions, i don’t know anyone else in this situation though.

    Hope they solve you’re mystery – you could always go on ‘embarrassing bodies’ they always solve the mysteries on there & send you to the magic doctor with all the answers. So long as you don’t mind the whole of the UK knowing your intimate details of course!


    • Thanks for sharing your story! Yes, over exercise can cause it, even if you are a healthy weight, but I guess it depends on what ‘over-exercising’ is for you!

      I don’t think I’ve had a DEXA scan I’m afraid, so sorry can’t help you out with this one! And don’t worry about the Qs, I have so many too!! Haha I would NEVER go on Embarrassing Bodies though! :P

      Hope yours comes back! <3

      • wow i just read my comment back, i type/talk far too much!

        Has no-one suggested a DEXA? what with the lack of period (no matter what reason) & bone density links?

        And anyway surely the 2 wombs thing just makes you even more special. :)

  13. Thanks for sharing Emma! I really hope they`ll figure it out soon! This is no no fun for your bones :( Ill keep you in my thoughts and prayers! You are MENT to be running, so I cant understand why this is happening to you!!
    I started restricting and over-exercising when I was 14, and I think I lost my period maybe one year after that. I was quite happy about it (“im eating too little-yey”), but I was scared too. My binging was out of control, and when I reached a healthy weight (not in a healthy way though), my period came back(at 18). Its been a little weird after that, sometimes it comes every month, other times every second. But Im oki with that!
    Wish you the best<3 And im happy you are able to run on grass:)
    Ragnhild recently posted..26.09: Its The Small Things..

  14. Sorry you won’t be able to run in the half marathon. Focus on healing and getting back on track!

    I had a bone density test back in 2008 after I broke my arm for the 3rd time. Tests revealed I had Osteoporosis. Doctors never found the cause as to why I developed osteoporosis. I’ve always had regular periods up until October 2010 when my ED started. It came back once I gained the weight back early this year. But for the last few months since I’ve started training quite rigorously for cross country I haven’t had a period.
    Isabelle recently posted..I’m Sprinting Again

  15. Thanks for sharing this Emma, I don’t want to say too much about it but I really needed to read this post at the moment, so thank you very very much xx Glad you’ll be able to do a bit of running!
    Laura Agar Wilson recently posted..Monday musings: ‘detoxing’ and my Healthy Feast plan

  16. Oh no! At least you have an answer as to why the stress fracture happened, but that’s still not good news. I hope the docs get you back on track soon!
    Tiff @ Love Sweat and Beers recently posted..Go Away Mister Blister

  17. oh sweet friend. I have been in your place before. 2 ultra sounds, weird period, lots of testing. Still to this day, i am a walking petri dish! But God is using your experience to encourage others. You are encouraging others to take action, take care of healh without fear! Thats HUGE!
    Keep us posted.
    love you
    lindsay recently posted..Weekends are for Memories

  18. I empathise a lot with the period problems, and the bone density issues! I had a DEXA today and to be honest I’m scared witless that my osteopoenia is now osteoparosis because of the stress fractures I’ve had.

    I haven’t had a period in 10 years, but that’s not to do with my running (which I’ve only been doing since 2008) – it’s because I have polycycstic ovaries (what’s left of them) and ended up with a watermelon-sized tumour on one of them, which was benign but had to be removed when I was 19. It was twisted around most of my internal reproductive organs so now I have precisely 1/8 of an ovary left and very little chance of having periods anyway, but due to the tumour it’s not safe to put me on the pill or HRT. But if I have osteoparosis then I’ll have to take the risk and go on Yasmin, because I’ll be perfectly honest and say that I’d rather risk cancer than keep having multiple fractures. Life in a wheelchair would be no life at all for me.

    I wish you all the best and hope your docs can sort something out for you soon! I think the two wombs might well be contributing to this, as it’s very unusual for the pill not to stimulate periods at all.


    ~Jessica~ recently posted..Then and Now

  19. Oh my gosh, I AM IN THE SAME BOAT. I lost my period when I started to eat a little healthier, but I wasn’t restricting at all. When I say healthier I mean I ate an apple or lean cuisine instead of normal junk, and I was 15 lbs heavier than I am now and hardly active. Of course when my weight was super low, they blamed everything on disordered eating, but I started losing my hair over 6 years ago, before I even started eating healthy! I don’t get it! I’m really hoping it comes back since I’ve gained weight, but if it doesn’t… well I’ll feel just as lost as you do. Though I still feel that lost.
    Tara recently posted..Wanna run like me?

  20. yikes! haven’t had mine in more than a year. doctors r givin me 6 months b4 druggin me up. :(
    Mariel recently posted..Cookie dough bars

  21. I got my period in 6th grade and I had it for 3 years until April 2010, i’m really scared and I know i’m really young but I just want to get it back! I don’t want to get osteoporosis or not be able to have kids when i’m older :( I eat a lot in general and I don’t exersize eccessively, my doctor said I would get it early September but that didn’t happen.. I don’t know what to do! I also hope you’re okay!

  22. oh wow! at least you went to the doctor and youre now on track for whats wrong.
    I hope it can be fixed soon and the your foot heals.
    Cherie recently posted..Happy Birthday TO ME!

  23. Really sorry to hear that you havent had your period for so long. Your right it is no good for bone density. I lost mine when i was around 18 or 19 this was due to anorexia and i havent had it since, although ive still not reached a normal weight:( something i am working on i also have osteoperosis so the bone densisty thing really scares me. I was put on some hoemonal treatment which meant i had a period but i was in a place where i wanted to get my peruod back naturally so i knew when my body was healthy. Maybe you could speak to your doctor about it? Hope it all works out okay.

  24. Thank you for sharing your story. Sorry that you cannot run your half marathon but I’m so happy that you are still able to run a little.

  25. I am sorry to hear that there’s so much confusion about the issue and that it is impacting you negatively. I have had/do have (?) amenhorrea, but in my case, it is most certainly having to do with my diabetes. I think mine might be coming back, though, but I can’t tell yet :p….

    That’s so crazy you have two wombs! A lady in my state recently gave birth to two fraternal twins from two separate uteruses. It was big news in the papers.
    Kristen recently posted..Invisibility

    • Oh no, you must get a lot of “it’s because you exercise too much/eat too little” then too haha! I hope it does come back for you!

      And woah that stuff REALLY freaks me out! When I first found out I Googled it and there are so many crazy stories aah!!

  26. I love quick and yummy breakfasts! :)

    Aw, so sorry to hear that your period hasnt come back yet. But I must admit..it is pretty cool that you have TWO wombs! :)
    I havnt had my period in almost a year now (it’ll be a year in January I think) because of the ED I had. I dont know when they will come back or if they ever will.
    Praying for you! Hope you get you find out what the problem is! :) <3
    Shannon recently posted..Time for a Giveaway!

  27. Hmm… I saw a teen gynecologist, she gave me a couple of (expensive) pills to take and I was fine in no time! :D
    Qi Ting @ Misadventures of Fat free Baking recently posted..What I Ate on Wednesday (5) WIAW

  28. So sorry to hear you’re sidelined for your 1/2 but I guess it’s better to heal up rather than injure more!
    Errign recently posted..Brain n’ Picture Dump.

  29. Wowzers… two wombs is actually kindof cool, double the space! and yet youre still so tiny! (dont worry, im refraining to add any “hey, where does she hide it?!” silly jokes, i know im a eejit :-p)

    Bummer about the injury tho, i hope it heals quickly and you can get back on track, also good luck cracking the mysterious lack of flow (weird that you hate it when its there, but when you dont have it you actually miss it!)

    another SUPERBICAL brekkie on your part, im really letting the side down with my “quick fix overnight-oats” if only i had more tiiiime!
    clemmy recently posted..its the freakin weekend

  30. I’m convinced that the only reason I have always gotten a regular period is because I’ve been taking the Pill for so long. It’ll be scary when I go off of it for good in a few years when I start trying to have children.
    I’m at a healthy weight, but it has always been a concern of mine that my body won’t know how to regulate itself anymore after all I’ve put it through.
    Ellen @ Undercover Runner Eats recently posted..MIA

  31. I’m glad I read this and read all the comments because I am in the same flippin boat. I haven’t had my period in 9 months (I think it may be starting to come back though. My body is completely out of whack! For the last two months, my body acts as if I’m going to start my period (uhm, gaining 5 lbs in a week! :O ) and I’ll feel so wiped out for a few days, but I don’t actually have my period.) It’s nice to see that so many girls have this problem! I mean, I don’t mind not having a period, but I don’t want to lose bone density either! :(
    Brittany @ A Spoonful of Peanut Butter recently posted..3 days and [not] counting

  32. Sorry to hear you’re going through all that. The only reason I’ve ever had a period is from taking the pill. I tried gaining weight when I was younger and it didn’t help. My mom was the exact same way (and still is), but we’re both pretty thin. I did have tests done, but everything is normal so we’re not sure what causes it. I don’t like to take medicine for it, but at the same time there are a lot of risk factors not having one.
    Rebecca recently posted..Monday Dinner Hosting

  33. Poor you- hopefully you will get it sorted. I had really irregular ones and very heavy painful ones (I fainted when out shopping and got taken to hospital once- the only time I have been in an ambulance)- I have the pill now which has now stopped them altogether which is so much better than it was.
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted..More running less cupcaking

  34. I had to start on the pill to induce periods at all, and prior to that I had the ultrasounds and bloodwork and all that jazz. I just went off the pill and I’m curious to see what happens next…
    Kathryn @ Flopoodle recently posted..Killer Track Workout

  35. Wha?? I’ve never heard of having two wombs… crazy! Hopefully they will figure it all out, though!
    Rach recently posted..Because sometimes pancakes should be blue

  36. Thank you for sharing this Emma and for clarifying that it was not related to weight and exercising! I still don’t have my period and I know that is the reason ugh
    But the two womb thing is soo odd, I hope everything works out for the best of course! Keep us updated :)
    Tessa @ Amazing Asset recently posted..When Your Efforts Pay Off

  37. i didn’t have my period for 5 years when i was anorexic. Since i went through recovery, things are back to normal now. It’s like they’re there and regular or gone altogether! good luck – i hope your injury gets better soon!
    emma recently posted..Best oats ever!

  38. Ive had some of the same problems but mine was due to weightloss. Im hoping now that im healthy again it will come back soon. I hope everything is reseolved for you soon and you can get back to running!!!

  39. Thanks for sharing! I actually have the same problem. It started before I started exercising and such as well, so I know that’s not the cause. I went and got it checked out by a doctor. She said it was normal for some people after my ultrasound results came in. I got a little relived after that, but honestly lately I’ve been wondering if it’s not taking a toll on my bones. Please keep us updated :] I hope you’ll get things figured out soon!
    Paulina (One Smile Ahead) recently posted..Cool Beans

  40. Oh my! I guess I should take this no-period thing more seriously after what you wrote. :( I hated my period for so many years, I really liked the break when it stopped last summer!

    Best wishes for strong healthy bones and body!
    Bethany recently posted..Where I Ate What I Ate : September 23rd – 29th

  41. I am so glad you shared this! I am in a very similar boat, and after reading some of the comments it is nice to know I am not alone, but also so sad that SO many girls are dealing with this! It is so good and actually very very serious. A friend of mine, who is a dancer but totally a healthy weight and eats a lot like me too, only gets hers if she does NO exercise, like none at all for 2 weeks then it comes. It is so weird, I think it has a lot to do with the amount of body fat… like you can be eating enough/ not restricting at all or not over exercising technically, but if you do not have enough body fat periods wont come for many. I hope you can resolve it soon!!!

    • instead of adding my website I somehow pasted the address I last copied, a friends page. I am no good with computers and am using my boyfriends, so sorry! now I must seem like a stalker or promoter

      • Haha of course you don’t seem like a creeper or promoter! Hardly a promoter anyway since you didn’t leave your website! :P

        And you’re right, this has really opened my eyes too to the fact that so many people seem to be struggling with this! Yes body fat is definitely a factor, but I am personally at a healthy body fat level, so that’s not it for me either! And that’s really interesting about your dancer friend! I took a few weeks off exercising a while back to see if that would help, but it didn’t!

        Thanks for sharing! :)

  42. LOVE your blog! I found it through Peas and Crayons on Twitter! New follower and looking forward to future posts! xoxo

  43. [...] been having. For about two and a half years, I hadn’t had a period. You can read all about that in this post. Today, it CAME BACK!! I am ecstatic, because I have been increasingly worried about the effect on [...]

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